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Spectrum Radio Network, July 5, 2011

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Jason Gregory - Way of the Weirdo
Jason Gregory joined the show and spoke about his new book “Way of the Weirdo”. Jason was a writer in the alternative conspiracy movement and decided to go on a trip to the east with his wife. During his travels he went through some tough experiences that guided him to look within, Jason realized that there are so many factions of what the alternative community calls “Truth” that he felt the need to write something to draw all those factions together.

 In 2 years Jason traveled to 14 countries. The people he met allowed Jason to redefine who he was as a human being relating to other humans, during long treks through the Himalaya’s Jason had time to look within and release veils of self identifications and drill down to the real self without labels. Jason decided to write a book about his reflections while traveling.

“Way of the Weirdo” is a book set out in a journey style atmosphere where you the reader need to make a choice in the search of your own existence. Unlike other books Way of the Weirdo goes into the true root cause of all our problems here on Earth, while uncovering what the symptoms of that disease are. 

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