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Spectrum Radio Network, 19/07/2011

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Michael Cremo - Human History & The Forbidden Archeologist
Michael Cremo joined the show and spoke about what got him interested in Human Origins, his father was an intelligence officer in the USAF and as a child Michael traveled a great deal with his family. Michael was exposed to allot of different cultures. While living in Germany Michael met fellow students who had traveled to India and was fascinated by their stories of Guru’s and Eastern teachers, Michael started doing research on Indian teachings and studied the Krishna outlook. Michael began to study the ancient Sanskrit writings, specifically the Puranas and found information on the extreme age of humans existing on earth.

Michael studied the original published early reports from Archeologists, Geologists and Paleontologists and was surprised to find evidence that humans like us have been present on Earth for Millions and Millions of years.
Michael also spoke about the knowledge filter that exists in the academic world and how the information in the original scientific literature has been filtered out of the high school & University textbooks. Michael then wrote a book called Forbidden Archeology to address this problem.

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