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Spectrum Radio Network, January 10, 2012

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Tracy R. Twyman - Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge

Tracy Twyman joined the show and spoke about her new research project and book Money grows on the tree of knowledge. Tracy told us about her interest in the occult at an early age and how she realised how prominent people in history have been influenced by the occult. Tracy said she then started a magazine called dagobert's revenge talking about exploring the idea of “Da Vinci Code”.

Tracy spoke about the occult symbology that exists in religious rites as well as Crowley’s work. We then spoke about Joseph Campbell and his series on Mythology as well as Carl Jung and his books.

Tracy went into great detail about the history of money and how the Templers used a system of Chits (later became Cheques) for travelers so they did not have to carry amounts of coins from place to place.

She told us about the evolution of the monetary system from ancient times to today.

It was a fascinating discussion I would highly recommend getting Tracy’s new book.

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