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Spectrum Radio Network, August 16, 2011

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
 Mike Bara - The Choice - Conscious Thought & Physics
Mike Bara joined the show and spoke about his new book “The Choice”. Mike began speaking about how he has always been interested in the strange and unusual and how he eventually heard Richard Hoagland on the Art Bell show and then wrote some articles for Richard and went on to co-write a book with Richard called “Dark Mission”.

Mike spoke about the hyperdimensional aspect of the universe and how everything spins which intern pulls energy into the universe from higher spatial dimensions.

Mike has been interested in the Mayan perspective of 2012 and has puts forth his interpretation that 2012 is not so much about a specific time but more about a global decision on how to steer the future of Humanity. We all have the choice collectively move the human race into directions that are closer to freedom than dictatorship.

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