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Spectrum Radio Network, 19/04/2011

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 Dr. Nick Begich - HAARP Mind Control & Weather Manipulation
Nick Begich Joined us today to talk about how he 1st got involved in HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) research. In the early days of HAARP not to many people were aware of what HAARP was, Nick along with Jeane Manning were instrumental in gathering over 300 source documents for his book “Angels Don't Play this HAARP”. Nick told us what HAARP can do in regards to taking out incoming missiles, or creating an EMP type effect taking out all electronics in a large area, which would include collateral damage.

Nick went on to talk about weather manipulation capacities of HAARP as well as a triggering of earthquakes over the horizon or the ability to dissipate tornados or even increase the size of a tornado. Nick spoke about eco-terrorism and the ability to attack other countries with geo-physical warfare and take no blame as well as make money by helping that country to rebuild.

Nick then spoke about the technologies of Mind Control and how far the research has come from the days of Jose Delgado and his research into the “Physics of Mind Control”. Nick spoke about the impact of these technologies on public health as well as the ability to entrain minds and control emotional traits.

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