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SOS, November 20, 2020

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Guest, Linzi Levinson, Masterful Coach

SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters and guest Linzi Levinson

Linzi Levinson Masterful Coach, extraordinaire is my guest! Navigating COVID fatigue. How to date during COVID? How to connect? Do we have sex, zoom or just sext? How can we navigate these holidays during these crazy times? 

Headlined Show, SOS November 20, 2020

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Linzi Levinson Masterful Coach, extraordinaire is my guest! Navigating COVID fatigue. How to date during COVID? How to connect? Do we have sex, zoom or just sext? How can we navigate these holidays during these crazy times? 


SOS with Jennifer Elizabeth masters



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go back come back come back loving me.
But now I know
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I'm going to bed
hello welcome to SOS I'm your host Jennifer Elizabeth Masters thank you for joining me tonight I am so glad you're here tonight I have a very special guest joining me Lindsey Levinson and Lindsey and I were together about 7 years ago doing shows here on PBS and voice America and I am absolutely delighted to be introducing Lindsay tonight she is one hell of a dynamic woman she is the founder of spin CEO of quality for life coaching she practices complex and comprehensive life coaching she has certified extra teeth as a relationship coach and is a sexuality educator career coach Integrative Health coach as well as working with c-suite Executives on business
Prodigy Lindsay became dedicated to lgbtq Holly back in 2006 and getting her master's degree in counseling psychology at John F Kennedy the thesis subject matter she selected was sexual orientation and the title of Lindsay's thesis in 2006 was Awakening to sexual orientation the true story of one transcend transgenders Journey when they explored lgbtq poly in-depth and she is well known in her feel
and Lindsey lived her first career as a high-level corporate exec in the high-tech World in Silicon Valley and she was known there for strategic Brilliance and we get a chance to hear more about her Brilliance tonight strategic Insight is one of Lindsay's unique gifts some people say she is prophetic I will agree with that Lindsey makes one thing clear strategy is not a business thing it is a life thing Lindsay studies the complete life of the human she needs even though the human that walks in the door with a specific issue or problem she uses strategy and leverage mixed with psychology and Lindsay had so much to say on this that she actually found it and authored a one of psychology's newest theoretical orientations called
psychological architecture and that is trademarked the fact that Lindsay is developing Visionary and real-time theories in Psychology is just one of the many distinctive qualities that cause Lindsey to be awarded the Diplomat in her field and that landed her a front page and 9 page spread in women of Distinction magazine and why why she has been going strong for 4 years selected as the top 20 mental health practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area
so you can check her out on the ww.w top 20 and that's the number 20 top 20 psychology board / sand - Francisco and you can learn more about her psych architectures there now she has so many honors and certifications and one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about will be asking her more about this she also had the opportunity and was asked to be the ambassador site technology or exclusive 24 Hour Fitness coach in Silicon Valley and even embedded into psychology coaching apps that have been showcased in apple showrooms Lindsay is actually on the app teaching and she's developed the specific relationship relational coaching technique that's being offered
on this Apple app Lindsay got her Master's in transpersonal psychology from John F Kennedy and Waldens Ph.D program for specialization was organizational psychology I'm telling you she's Dynamic she is a certified relation specialist through the American Psychological Association was awarded their highest honor as a diplomat status by the APA also instructions institution at Pepperdine law Lindsay earned the certification in mediation Lindsay is licensed as a franchise broker a certified business consultant legal Advocate and dedicated sexuality educator advocating an enlightening growth and equality for the lgbtq Holly community
and one of Lindsay shows is right here on PBS straight up sex talk Lindsey is globally syndicated and can be found on multiple stations and all of those can be found to the URL links by looking up that top 20 site and you can also hear her on voice America variety Illuminating now Lindsay's life secrets
holy cow this woman is amazing now beyond that you can also hear her she's featured monthly on am 970 conversations with Joan broadcast with Joan Herman and now like I said I've known Lindsey for 7 years we have a magical chemistry which can be heard on the radio shows and when I was one of these Gaston straight up sex talk weed we spoke about quite a few things orgasm for life was was the book that had just come out at the time and we took that subject matter to town and with Lindsay it has been effortlessly so thank you for joining me tonight and welcome Lindsay Levinson
thank you oh my god hot either play that over and over and Stone thank you so much for a new S I said I think you walk on water
I think anyone who heard that might or they think that somebody is got us both scams but thank you for saying all that now you know how I feel about you you have done some amazing things and one of the things I I'd like to look at a little bit and if you could speak a little bit about how did you get from corporate to coaching how did you make that transition what was it that caused you to change
yeah corporate was awesome and loved being in the high-tech World certainly Silicon Valley on but tragedy struck and it actually struck multiple times in a way that was on the spiritual person I'm a lot more spiritual now but there were three times as big things and to all of them had a common denominator that was the darkness the light Life Death pain and suffering verses healing and wellness you know so I was in reaction to three things over. Of approximately 18 months and and then I just kind of had the humor with the folks at the big guy upstairs and said okay so this is what I'm supposed to be doing things about death and life and healing verses suffering and so I can even
reaction versus a proactive life so I changed my career to do that proactively to help other people find the light switch to help other people not suffer. I would make my life about that because it appears that's what it was about
well the fact that you listened and you paid attention and you made that shift instead of waiting for something else like this guy to fall because that's typically what happens if we don't pay attention when the signs appear the next sign becomes even
worse right so I'm glad I'm glad you made the shift and I left Corporate America to I understand why you would want to do so now you became a therapist but you're doing coaching and as someone who has done both what is it that you like about coaching versus therapy
yeah that's a great question and something I'm passionate about which is because again at anywhere that you become a therapist it's not easy to California is specifically not easy and do what you do all the things to do that and to open up private practice build that clients help but in doing that I my attention went right to the things that did not fit me and why did it do that it's because it was not I was not able to help people heal with particular rules Show an example is I don't ever think of session that goes 50 minutes 5-0 I don't ever think that's healthy that's that's a true belief I think that's actually something that I realized to even when I was an intern I changed it to two hours which had a lot of controversy in the place I was doing
but that you know you're not supposed to disclose anything as a therapist but I think that that's actually very healing to help your client understand if you might have gone through something for taking a medication or something like that you had to use it at your discretion appliances would you have any advice as a therapist you're supposed to say you have the answers you know they're not I don't have any so that's not true and I realize more and more and more that the way that the governed board would like to govern me was not the way I wanted to practice and so I shifted to actually remove the therapy title and get credentials in areas I wanted to specialize and ultimately have a comprehensive coaching practice
I really like the way that right off the bat from the beginning that you stood up for what you believed in and
taking this is why I love you so much it's because I'm a real break her too but I don't like the way that you adopted this to our strategy session so so maybe you don't call it a strategy session what did you see in that go into 2 hours versus the 50 minutes not to mention you just get warmed up in these sessions over so what is it about the 2-hour session that your clients like
yeah I mean the first the first answer I have because I wasn't intern and I was at an agency and it was a private practice model so we were you know we did have our own clientele that I was there with other people and then a couple folks that were are supervising that was once a week can we had consult but I'm bringing this up because it was what about the 50 minutes and it's what you said yes it's a wounding for someone to bring up their stuff and then they're trying to get warm or maybe they bring it up right away there is not enough time for none of them to say everything it's wounding to have somebody stay in the middle of them crying I'm so sorry I'm I'm going to have to cut you off you're going to have to go now so that's a very nice thing to say and
I change the 50 minutes to 60 which means I gave up my 10 minutes in between my clients while I was an intern and ends of the Naga controversy the. I could never be 50 like never was 60 was not good either so I'm just trying to say I was crying I felt bad it just wasn't working so 2 hours is the minimum to this day somebody begs me to give me money to do one hour sessions I will not do it ever just cuz I can't deliver a quality service but you hours and somebody can talk for a little while or I don't need to make a piece if they don't want if they don't want to say much and I need to talk to Old Time Candy something hurt and something said I can be sure they leave safely and I am needing to be sure they leave safely I don't want anyone leaving with ensuring that for the week that would be ridiculous and not professional... I designed it
I think that's it a beautiful saying that you're very caring about your clients and it shows can you speak a little bit about the award that you got in 2015 from the women of Distinction magazine
you know the biggest thing that I did a lot of research and so I think the front cover had something about the fact that I did tell upside-down thinking which is something I said we're done I say no I am don't don't ever take that away four of us many things do you know I just swear I celebrate whatever these schools are I had to find that was homeless and they saw me and Sami and Sami and we had a gold not only that they would actually buy
and they did in that client wanted to cook me a meal like break bread in their home in San Francisco and and I went and that's no big deal I've done so many things like that I'm just trying to say it's always in my mind that a therapist would never never be allowed to drive if it needs a person got that home but it only like the celebration moment was the person who journeyed them and and witnessed it would break bread in their celebration until I did that you know an insult things like that were what women of Distinction and they were interested there I had a client was going to jail and he knew he was going for a month
I worked with him in a right before but I mean we had strategies I was helping him understand I want you to stay alive it would be easy for you to sabotage or so so don't do that don't you stay out of jail for so you can handle being in jail and those are just interesting and he said I will you come and see me in 26
but I said yeah do you want me to definitely I think I need it that's the way you don't need it but I would love to visit and we were all in line and his only can have one visitor her weakness of his mom was there but she wasn't going to visit him cuz I was the one who was his mom I adore his mother but she always wore clothes kind of like a Gymboree like a grown up with you is sort of like would wear
I was in like a really nice blouse that was sleeveless it wasn't sexy you know it's just a sleeveless can I still fly
and women in Weimar and she sure can I just really think parts were hanging out and stuff and it's like a really care about any of that it's just I meant I mention it because the guard
when it seemed like current like all these women that all their parts you know I mean like tight t-shirts with things nobody got called on anything you know is it wasn't sure and he said that you can't go in after you're not cover it out your arms and I knew Jack would be waiting for me you know and so we took 60 seconds and him his mom and I ran the bathroom and Trey to church again I mean it was like a Gymboree with little ladies and a little collar like a baby and it was like a little bit. Traded shirt and I went and saw Jake and one of the first things you said was
is that my mom shirt to do and they are coming on Earth and I feel privileged and honored that I got to do I get to do these crazy things
well I'm sure your clients appreciate it and and it makes you real and approachable as speaking of approachable I know that you are a mom and how old are your children now
oh gosh you're going to make me do the age thing my kids are 2731
but if you coach your kids
so I'm
me like 24/7 so I would say the way I worried that it might kids do receive my coaching I mean I'm just I feel like I have wisdom and Enlightenment as do we all we all do have that and them I just my kids will know that I've always had a word since they're little like I felt sometimes call it my instincts and I'll come to me and I need it like we have things we would do a chance but we all know that I've called it the knowing so like the know it so it looks nice in my belly I've called it this all their life I have been knowing and so it's not something I'm trying to say or brag or shout out
so I don't really put a lot of question marks I had tons of questions and let the most serious human on the planet I want to ask everything about everything but what I feel and say quite often I just have confidence that the little on the rear side like it's a knowing that goes into the future I know that's why you said in the beginning my prophetic tell me things about things so yeah like my kids don't you know they're not against listening there a loves to hear a thing as they respect any kind of Enlightenment that I want to share that which I loved it helped all of us are really talking to each other so it's awesome
and they're more grounded as a result right because of who you are and who are you Lindsay
I'm around because I know that's for sure and they are very both of them are so grounded and they're both my kids but seriously just put them in a really well-rounded good humans so I definitely are my inspiration for sure who am I
Joyful Joyful the category who am I to tell me what you want to know if you were you were to say you are you no matter where you are or who you're with right I said not just you who are you
yeah in a in a
in a quiet sort of why I'm not even allowed humans like I have conviction that's allowed in the world I'm I'm not creative in a way that people can see a lot like I don't think I'm good at things that you would be good at if you said you were creative person people would want to see what you've done and I don't have those things to show I but but my mind is always 24/7 24/7 it's got too many tracks are all working they you know so yeah I can for myself as I would like in the creative thinking it's actually happening in my head but but anybody can ask me anything about anything and I am not just you know I'm not just making stuff up by I really am cancel things and I can sometimes. On my ass and it's usually pretty helpful
but I am a Scientist known for pulling out of my ass why why did they say yes I have always been analytical and yes that's the truth perfect example when I was little like my parent I would have to go to a birthday party and I would say no and then you can't go is why not cuz I said so and I would say that no you said that doesn't answer that for me what would be the reasons I wouldn't go, I would literally make my parents
you know they didn't know what to do my parents are really smart but that's simple not complex in that way and so they would say enough already just go to the party you know so that's later in my life now when I'm if I was with somebody or in a relationship or a date or if I did something and somebody said or you're doing that cuz you're a coach and I know why you're doing that you know you're a therapist or your coach I'd say no like I finally the coach cuz I've been doing this all my life I finally get paid to just be in my skin like that's all I do and I do it all day long and I never really can stop so I'm just me and you know lucky to be able to do that for a living
yeah that's great that me to maybe that's that I know the mutual admiration Society here Lindsay
what I wanted to do is shift a little bit and and talk about what's going on in the world I just heard from my son whose girlfriend just tested positive with Kobe Burger went to work knowing that's that people in her household had fevers and so she put her co-workers at risk and now my son's girlfriend has has been tested positive for
add beans for dating during coated
wow that I do have a lot of clear ideas and strategies and that's a stumper on The Dating one but I am a believer and clear communication as wanton beginning with yourself deciding for yourself what you want to do and then of course it depends if you're living with family members or if you really are starting to see someone if you're telling each other but then who's in your house and his in my house I mean so it's such an awkward subject people are so awkward about it and it almost feels like asking about an STD or something you know it's like is anyone at your house was anyone come in today will did your roommate run any errands you a question and it feels like we're kind of making
because you have to keep asking and we might they might say I didn't do anything I just went to take the dog for a walk I stopped at 7-Eleven picked up a couple items I got to pick up the mail are we here wait you want to come but actually is the first I didn't do anything but I take it in the correct that person is able if you went in 7-Eleven then that means you went somewhere where you wearing your mouth but you don't have far to go but but they're in your head and then they feel like your torso shirts an unfortunate situation that judgment is built into this whole thing it doesn't it's not necessarily and it just feels that way it sounds that way when you get off those questions or you have to ask them so I think dating is very difficult and invaded you do it on text do you do it on Zoom
do you plan to see someone in person and how do you choose when you know what are you what do you think I mean you're all about relationships are all about coaching you have your own experiences what do you think I know how my family feels about it you know I got a text from my son are you staying safe are you staying at home because they want they want me to stay alive and and so what I would say about that is that we have to be smart and and there are lots of people because I I have plenty of people that I communicate with all across the country and the world actually and there are people they haven't had a date since this whole thing began and those that do
dates when they you know maybe there's roommates and and there are situations like that my daughter lives in and a house with you know there's there's
344 for 5 people in the household and everybody's going to work in different places
so when when that's happening then then dating somebody that could be in a household like that could be risky
for sure and how do you even Analyze That
what union is interesting I watched Rachel Maddow I don't own a television anymore but I did do a little bit of research before the show and Rachel maddow's partner got covered and she was basically pleading to anyone who would hear her you know you you might not get it but the one that you love could so if you travel now like people are cancelling traveling plans for the holidays because when you travel somewhere else if you're on an airplane you don't know who you're going to be sitting next to you or who's going to be in the cabin with you I mean this is another subject so so there you know this is a thing if you have if there's someone that you're dating and they're traveling you could be at risk and and the risk could be great
not just so it's a cold I mean some people are really seriously ill and and you're lucky if you had Cogan and it's been slight symptoms but it's not always that way for people so I I would say you know we have to weigh the risks and who are we going to be seeing after we date somebody
are we going to put our parents at risk our grandparents address Gore children
now I see you're a single mom and I was speaking to someone last night she's dating she's got four children so when she dates she comes home and
you know she could pick something up and her kids could get it so we have to really way how how badly do we want to date or can we wait
put it aside and stay safe and you're right it is kind of like a and it's kind of like an STD
yeah the stigma it right I mean because it's like if we put these in a category they would never be together like obanon okay if anyone's fault he's trying to get anyone sick but the stigma but it's just the same thing I am trying to clear people clear their name and they're trying to see if you're trying to clear someone doesn't mean you're better than them cuz you're clearing them like and soothing and then they ask you why what did you do it just doesn't feel good to do this and that's why I'm saying the whole point that I stand again I do stand for this communication I believe in that wholeheartedly they have to I stand against stigma very large etiquette stop the stigma nothing should be stigmatized is the harm and other than we need to stop other by thinking the things
stick everyone in the box but but I am being an empath and saying this is a really hard thing I might advocate for communication but it doesn't make it feel good it's not a good feeling to have to do it even with your own family you know I was talking with my own kids about seeing my parents for Thanksgiving and so there was stress in a talk with my kids cuz they were certain things they were saying that were following certain rules I also wanted to follow the rules are following I was kind of advocating a little about my parents were mid-to-late eighties and sang I want to keep them safe but also don't want them not to see family for months and months and months like I want them to have quality of life
if they want it I want them to get a vote for sure I move it yet but will still wear masks and we'll still do this but my kids again and I are very we're going to be around the world because we do these hard talk and we do them well and we Face them anyway so it was tension but we did it and we talked through it and we all agreed to do it and then we did that just that my daughter called my folks gave them that vote of would you like this would you like that we're not saying total yes or no but what would you like if you could have your way and surprisingly my mom opted out of all of it she first offense for a little and then I panicked and called back and said I think and my dad is having some sort of surgical thing at the end of December so she's overly concerned and I got that but to keep him wallet
your each level of tension each generation each choice and it may change again as of now we were declined it doesn't hurt our feelings at all but we just have to take cans everyone doing the best they can for each person without taking each person to right away to have a good quality of blood while they're still on the planet does that make sense not to this this situation with my son's girlfriend so here she is a single mom with two kids
and this co-worker went went and this is the thing that we have to guard against if if someone has a fever in your home you don't go out into the world where you could possibly infect who knows how many people you get when you come to contact with in the grocery store
yeah sure if people in your household have a fever you have to stay quarantine you know cuz of fever
is likely to be covid-19 even just go out to get tested you're putting people at risk for sure person of the gavel but these have been rolled out many months ago I just email people are kind of doing their own choices on these now but but if there's a fight me know what I mean is it a doctor ruled on them through the months yes absolutely it's somebody if you've been near someone who has a fever or you've been here someone who has Kobe Anthony has your supposed to even if you have no symptoms not be around people for 14 days might not never really changed as what we were told it just doesn't it isn't necessarily the behavior so I feel for the girlfriend I'm sorry that happened that's the answer that means that she can't see anybody for for the holidays for Thanksgiving
so they're still in lieu of in lieu of meeting people face-to-face and I mean there is a if you want to date someone let's just got back into the date thing because it's the question here is well there's you know there's couples that are that are married and living together and you know of course they're going to go about their lives and you know they're leaving the house home and coming back then you know they've got their Dynamic they're dealing with so there's there's that but single people that live alone I really feel like hardest for them
because they're still isolated in and can't be out with friends and and I know the Millennials were having the toughest time that's what was happening in Florida on the beach is an elsewhere California to
so we have to we have to find ways maybe to entertain ourselves and be happier with our with ourselves what do you think
I think that even even earlier in the year when there wasn't real I know that I would say to my kid just I'm in general sing it was never going to be easy choices now it's regarded mask and who used to be in Social and all that but I was always saying cuz you know you guys are young and amazing and I don't really care what is this there will be some solution is you know I wouldn't have ever dreamed a Sundeck seen would be out in the same year but I was even if it was a year or two I would say it is a nightmare I'm not going to pretend it is not easy for me either like
but I was saying cuz I'm but you have to look at it in the lifespan you have to you've got up too much people did go to war for four years or something for 8 years let you know Alexa. Invest you got it we just have to act like you cuz you've made your life Grace again I feel my kids are a couple of folks you've done really well with the years they've had to like I'm staying in a year ahead of your kind of hang on hang on now there's two companies it's out there's three more about to follow this is like not just Anthony falchi this is Bill Gates this is really detailed about exactly what's happening which refrigerator which temperature where it's rolling out who's going to get it it doesn't matter if one person has transitioned out of office or not it doesn't matter
everyone's talking anyway so I'm just here to tell people
it's here
we will see changes by Spring some changes like the elderly will have something better to think about by Spring by June we all will see some change at least one is not many but one change mark my words so be a better thing happening for somebody all of us in June and we are on Bill Gates and that she say we get our Thanksgiving be anything we want in 21 if that's really being told to us by the people who have always told us the truth goes to jail and they actually gave enough data for me who is it crazy scientific research your mind and person who does the scientific research after I hear something
now we're really down to the home stretch now like addressing about dating for these holidays or dating for the next three months I'm just saying find a way to use intimate language find a way to express sexy things or deep things or exciting things things that create adrenaline rush or the person you're talking to talk about what you're excited to do what you wish you could just talk about these things that you wish for in life but don't ruin it is coming to you and by 2021 you're going to have any winter and then if all you want to would ruin that just try not to people try not to because we've waited this long we could all pull this off we lie well
so that's my message if anybody cared not that anyone tried but if anyone does
I think it's good advice I would go one step further and say this is a time for us to go inward to turn inward and do the work that maybe still needs to be done you know if it's clearing out past trauma or healing from old relationships that maybe you still feel resentful over you know there's lots of books that you could read there's a great coaches like you and I out there Lindsey that people could go to and get assistance so that they can overcome these think I mean while we have the time
Now's the Time to do it and I really feel like this December that you know the energy on the on the planet is speaking up and that
you know we're all here for a reason we're in this in this together this is not something that one person is going through we're all going through it and and so how could we always you know as a community yours humans raised the planet energy by doing our own personal work growing
dealing with the things that we haven't
yeah I think that I love that I love that and I think that even if we wanted to these are just so one of my greatest Specialties and greatest passions which I really wanted to stay in the reason you'd ever be good at something as you really are passionate about it like inside your body in your buns in your veins in your bloodstream which so for me the subliminal subliminal did you get the death of your brain neuropsychology neuro Psycho ending in ology right you're healthy only because of what's happening in your subliminal mind and can you live a good life if your bring stuff to Consciousness otherwise sabotaged my point is that
one thing that I even if we wanted to do work even if we all been thinking that since March and April and May like well we have the virus as long as we know we're trapped as we know we can't go out and even the Jeep work we're trying to do if not actually being too effective for folks and I mean and I haven't actually gone for decades is hard to do any kind of stuff work and get to work on other things cuz you're still watching to see if anyone has brought the key to the jail cell yet like you don't think you're going to be let out so you're focused on claustrophobia and
so I love what you just said and I really wanted to just add yes Now's the Time there is a vaccine there's two there's $3 for this other coming everyone looking now get get ready so make yourself beautiful inside now you really do have a reason. Might as well do that we are really are all going to get out and go and be with each other and create new realities realize your potential like take a step up from wherever you've been or wherever you are or wherever you wished you could go this is our chance one more round of 30 or 60 days is do I really like that idea a lot
well we can also we can step up our physical form eat better exercise more I'm I'm doing more exercise living in Colorado then I get in California even with the colder weather so I'm finding myself spending much more time exercise exercise can be a meditation
I usually do mantras while I'm walking or
doing my my exercise is so you know what this is this is the time I mean where is global transformation that's happening this is not just covid-19 thing else is happening covid-19
can you make the choices that allow you and neighbor to be okay can you sacrifice things you must including maybe you're on vanity light can you put them on when you are beautiful can you put a mask on when you don't feel beautiful can you even go out you can you stay in a hue and I'm not saying anyone is not in the population was supposed to be removed I'm not saying that at all I'm saying it's Biblical times we really are the fires the crazy every category on the planet has something that has adrenaline brewing in it and then it's shifting and it's creating Global change and so it's a difficult times
we all realize the power and energy we have if you've moved into good energy what would that do to shift into good things come out of it
you mention Karma and and
do something different anyway
I was trying to put together something that sounded funny but that was all I could come up with was that I'm sure that we're done here we can come up with something better good for you nothing like testing out that with my friend I just got a little twist of morbid but also funny what is karma but cause and effect right it's cause and effect
is that what it is
well it's so if you do something nice for someone you're putting good energy into your karma bank and and good will come back to you
yesterday I think I meant was to you I was in a park yesterday with my daughter we were walking around this Lake and as I came to this gazebo this is wild this young man was listening to rap music that was extremely disrespectful
and I gave him a dirty look because it was disrespectful to women
and it was just it was horrible language
and he knows who are you I said we're humans
and then he threatens you said well I have a gun I'll shoot you and so I just think you know there's so many crazy things happening people are being pushed and prodded and shoved and squeezed and you know not being able to do the kids aren't able to play on playgrounds that kids aren't University students aren't able to go to school that most of them are on zoom in not even on campus I mean there's so many things that are happening dinner
so unusual right now there's going to be an impact that's the cause and the effect you know we're all being pushed and prodded so we can step up to the highest truth about our being we can meditate we can we can exercise we can do mantras there's a lot of things we can do to stand a high vibration what other suggestions do you have
mean to me and I'm not I'm not denying what your definition of karma is that all that when you're saying that to me like so anything with Karma includes intention and and I do think it's been it's been a mix of intention energy and ramification or Circle back from the universe in the end it doesn't then it could be but Hannibal for is is intention and action but intentions first I have clients that comes to me and they feel terrible and and they're in for a long time they might come to me and I felt bad for five years about a DUI they got it come to me because there's something now but no matter what I try to help get clarity did you do that on purpose did you hurt that person and some people do so we got to work with that but it's but if they didn't then we immediately I want to begin cleansing
sabotage your own brain thinking that you're a horrible person if it wasn't intentional so but I'm also saying proactively what we can do is set intention shut good intention if it's just for yourself and set an intention maybe you will just do a prayer in a day maybe you will meditate maybe I'll just change the channel to watch a little bit of the new even though you try not to watch it because it's so hard to watch maybe you'll go out and smile with any of a mess. But I often pull down my mouth for one second when somebody says something powerful that I can do my math for second smile
maybe I shouldn't be doing that not something I do but everyone has to choose a stain that they're doing or one or two or three in their own home in their in their neighborhood in a community in the world you know maybe I'll make one phone call maybe I'll answer one thing on the online you know but what can you intentionally do that says good energy energy does a bat vibration across the world whether you the world is working on a frequency and energy is is what's making the whole thing text so if you just attend something good in your brain and take an action based on a good thing you're thinking you don't even know how powerful that actually is but if we all were doing that a little bit in a day that's my recommendation
I like that I like that is so I'll just tell you what I do when I go to the grocery store I try to not do it very often but when I do I will approach the cashier and I will tell them hello how are you doing and how's your day and I'm smiling under my mask and I usually make some sort of joke about you know when my face is covered I feel much less intelligent and I usually talk to the cashier while we are going to the process of checking out
because they're human and they deserve our respect how often have we gone through a check out her you know bought gas at at 7-Eleven or some place in and barely looked at the person who served us
I think we all need to make eye contact and appreciate the people that are helping us that are there risk-taking I mean cashier's or are taking a big risk every day and they're having to wear a mask 8 hours to protect us
that's huge huge a great and I can we can do that will really show respect anyone doing anything making a conscious Choice even if they have two for the money they're still out there and have something to eat here for us Saturday for not doing their job so I agree that's that's awesome that's awesome just to be you know bring something to life conversation that human kindness think that you're intentionally doing that is awesome
compassion and appreciation I think our are two things that we need to be really focused on right now when people get upset that somebody's not wearing their mask properly or things that are happening in there still a lot of other things happening in the world but finding compassion and appreciation for one another will go a long way
I agree I agree it's not that easy to do and I hope I hope this show and I know you have a following such that's great and so those are great that you say those things because just hearing oh think twice to be judgmental or to say why or how come take a second and think you know what either way or just stop and look inward think I don't really know I'm not in their shoes I think I could do this better for myself or I have anxiety because of that so I think I probably need to work on this for me so I don't care about is hanging too low
you can work out yourself it's the only place the power actually it is is it in you
cuz the trigger is within you coming to the end of the hour and I at the end of my show I always do a little segment on it's all bulshit and I'd like to I'd like to just ask you to join me in this Lindsay about
therapy or covid-19
authenticity what what can you say about any of these subjects that we talked about you can pick one where's the bullshit what was the bullshit that you can see
okay you know what she seems like too much for me fast and so sure it is it's not necessarily anything maybe that you said but it's just kind of like when you asked me why 2 hours and I started but why not 15 minutes was harmful so
what I feel tonight is the amazingness of you and me we didn't know prep for the show we did not prepare we never prepared relief brother show this is amazing how I feel when I talk with you and I I feel like a zillion people listening right so I don't really care I believe you but I really don't care I feel like we can change and I feel you and I really are in 6 and effortless and that's so cool and and I'm also is bullshit that we don't make ourselves more available weather is on a station for your station or my station or we don't do it for us people when I realize how easy this is and how much fun and I think it does help I think I don't know positive but it's a good thing to do
I think I do in my life that probably aren't as good so this is a good thing
this is my vocation I I do a couple of things that I do just because
without any expectation of any return and I think that when we are always focused on what am I going to get that
we're not coming from our heart and in my case I I say I think it's better to give than to receive but when we do give we do you know so it's so there's there's always blessed in there somewhere but as far as bullshit ice ice thank that it's bullshit that it's taken us how many years to get back together again Lindsey Stokes so I am so delighted that that you agreed to be on my show tonight and thank you so much you've given me so much over the years and had me on so many of your shows so I think the biggest bulshit is that it's taken me this long to get you on my show so thank you so much Lindsey for being here with us tonight how can people contact you can you say your website or more time please
shark ww.w so the name is quality for life coaching but all together quality for life coaching. Calm and on that website is my phone number and so they can look there or top 20 with the number top 20 psychology and slash fan - Francisco. They look at the talk show me listings but just Lindsay Levinson will get you all that my name is l i n z as in zebra I so it is Google you find all the good stuff thank you Jen so much for having me awesome thanks for being here and thank you all for joining us tonight if you learned anything in the last nine months it is that life is precious you are precious
our loved ones are so precious and important to us life is a gift and it flashes by way too fast so don't take your life or loved ones for granted I love you I love you stay safe good night everyone

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