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Sons of Liberty Radio, July 9, 2024

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Sons of Liberty Radio
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Who Told You That

Sons of Liberty radio with Bradlee Dean

Title: Who Told You That

Sons of Liberty Radio

SONS of LIBERTY Radio with Bradlee Dean
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Bradlee Dean


Tired of hearing all of the gloom and doom and talking around the issues? Equip yourself with the truth that is protecting our liberty for generations to come. Get your daily dose of news and history the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear.

He is educating and equipping America with the knowledge of what our nation was truly founded upon – As President Andrew Jackson rightly proclaimed, “The Bible is the Rock upon which our republic rests.”

As Bradlee has stated many times across the nation, "America, there would not be a left if the right was doing the right thing all of the time, we still have the freedom to do the right thing, and the right time to do the right thing is right now!" 1John 3:18

Bradlee's guest appearances have been with: 

  • Mike Adams
  • Michael Horn Show 
  • Jim Watkins Show 
  • Dr. Carol Lieberman 
  • Alan Nathan Show 
  • Clay Parker 
  • JD Report 
  • David Knight show 
  • Cancel This Catching
  • Firenews 
  • Alexx Newmann-The New American
  • The Blue Water Healthy Living 
  • The Power Hour
  • Dr. Alan Keyes
  • The Hagman Report
  • John B. Wells show
  • Dr. D. James Kennedy-Dr. Jerry Newcomb
  • The Prophecy Brothers
  • Rick Wiles TruNews
  • Washington Post
  • Mike Spaulding Show
  • Fox News
  • The Weekly Standard
  • Huffington Post
  • The New York Times
  • CNN
  • Yahoo
  • ESPN Playbook Rick Godley 
  • Dove Television (Skype) Perry Atkinson (x8)
  • Rusty Humphries Show, Nationally Syndicated Radio Network (4x)
  • American Family Association's Radio Program (3x)
  • The Hill Radio with Rick Godley
  • The Bill Martinez Show (5x)
  • The Steve Deace Show (5x)
  • Mancow Muller
  • Dr. Gina Loudon Show (x2)
  • Jan Mickelson in the Morning (WHO Radio, Iowa) (4x)
  • The Conservative Commando (NJ, PA)
  • The Bottom Line Show (CA) (2x)
  • The Mark Larson Show (CA)
  • Glen Pav "Riding the Right"
  • The Blaze TV
  • Carmen Russel Sluchery "Voice of Russia"
  • Lisa Marie Macci "The Justice Hour"
  • AM Inspiration with Pete O'Shea
  • Politichicks
  • Linda Sills "Right from the Left Coast"
  • The Michael Berry Show
  • The Right Side with Armstrong Williams
  • The Frank Beckmann Show (2x)
  • Your Defending Fathers, MI (2x)
  • Breaking News Journal
  • Bob Crittenden - Meeting House (2x)
  • Morning Drive with Doug Kellett (5x)
  • Wall Street Shuffle with Dan Cofall
  • Jiggy Jaguar (3x)
  • Focus Today with Perry Atkinson (4x)
  • John Wallace Radio
  • News With Views with Ronn Allen
  • Truth that Transforms with Jerry Newcombe (4x)
  • Watchman on the Wall with Noah Hutchings
  • The Brenner Brief
  • Preservative Talk Radio with David Allen
  • On Point Broadcasting, Laurie Bartlett
  • The Morning Show with Bob Langstaff
  • Inside Track with Emil and Tom
  • Buy Back America with Tim Aalders
  • Uncommon Sense Show with John and Dave
  • Chuck Morse Speaks
  • The Gallo Radio Show (MS)
  • Sam Sorbo - Flashpoint Live (2x)
  • Steve Davis - WELD FM
  • Bobby Gunther Walsh (2x)
  • The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin (3x)
  • Stan Solomon - Talk to Solomon (2x)
  • Lou Vickery - Lou in the Morning (2x)
  • Freedom Roundtable with Sam Bushman
  • Midwatch with the Rev
  • Ed Tyll Show
  • Freedom's Voice
  • Steve Noble (5x)
  • The Andrea Tantaros Show
  • Take with Charles Butler (3x)
  • The Open Line with Mark Hahn
  • Christian Worldview Today
  • Clemens Report
  • Nutrimedical Report - Dr. Bill Deagle (3x)
  • American Adversaries with Christopher Hart
  • Radio Liberty with Stan Monteith (30x)
  • Right Side with Keith and John Michael
  • Eric Strauss Show with Fatback Nation
  • SRN News - Journalist Michael Carl
  • The Price of Business - Houston, TX
  • Morning Magazine with Manny Haley
  • The Manning Show with Jim Garrow
  • Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show ( (3x)
  • Trunews with Dr. David Berman
  • The Real Side with Joe Messina (8x)
  • Sovereign Minds with Lynda Kent
  • A Call to Rights with Steve Kates (x2)
  • The Don Smith Show
  • Jason W. Hoyt Show
  • American Family Radio with Tim Wildmon
  • The Kevin Jackson Show
  • Charles Butler (x3)
  • Revelation Ready with Dan Duvall
  • Breaking the Oathbreakers with Paul Rogers
  • The Liberty Brothers with James White and Jason Tatenhove
  • AM Savannah with Bill Edwards
  • The Lanny James Show with Lanny James
  • The Edge TV with Daniel Ott
  • The Jim "Howie" Mandel Jr. Radio Show
  • Conservative Report Radio with Wild Bill McKubby
  • Opinions with Mark Hahn
  • Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser
  • Liberty Round Table Sam Bushman
  • The Edge Daniel Ott
  • Conservative Commando Jennifer Meadows
  • The Power Hour with Joyce Riley
  • Afternoon Drive with Tony Whitnack KNZR 
  • Linda Porter WSHO Sonshine New Orleans
  • Lonnie Poindexter Radio Show
  • American Family Association
  • Before it's News 
  • One on One
  • Coach Dave 
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