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Shema Yisrael, June 4, 2019

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Shema Yisrael
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The implications of the first commandment given at Mount Sinai

Shema Yisrael with Dr Y'Shua Yisrael



Dr. Y’shua Yisrael

Accepting the yoke of the Kingdom of heaven implies a comprehensive grasp of the implications of the first commandment given at Mount Sinai in Exodus 20:2. When the first mitzvah is accepted, and the sovereignty of God’s Oneness is proclaimed (Deuteronomy 6:4) a sequence of primal spiritual letters that reverberate with the universe are released. The words, “Shema Yisrael Hashem Eloheinu Hashem Echad” initiate a heavenly reverberation of spiritual light that proclaims God kingship eternally. In addition, the words: Ve-a-hav-ta eit Adonai e-lo-he-cha b-chol le-va-ve-cah, u-ve-chol naf-she-cha, u-ve chol me-o-de cha” elevates the level of the heart, and repeated recitation conditions the nervous system to experience ecstatic conductivity, the nervous system maintains the all-time awareness of God consciousness.

This is the prophetic final redemption when the dormant seed of Abraham will be in-gathered. The lost sheep of the House of Israel are being awakened and summoned to the House of the LORD. The Mashiach is coming! Therefore, ten men from every nation and tongue will seek out and gravitate to the Yahadut. (Zachariah 8:23).

The remaining broadcast reviews of the proliferation of Black Hebrew groups in the United States. There is a strong conviction in the African American population of having Israelite ancestry. Throughout my childhood and during my travels in the developing world I have encountered this remnant of Israel. Her in America F.S. Cherry begin his outreach to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel in 1880 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He encouraged Black people to investigate their history to discover their spiritual heritage. In 1896 William Crowdy established a Hebrew congregation in Lawrence Kansas. 1899 a Moorish Zionist Temple in Brooklyn New York. There was an exponential increase in the number of Black American that identified with The YAHADUT following world war I. During the great migration of Blacks from rural areas of the deep south in 1900’s Arnold Josiah Ford founded the congregation, Beth B’nai Abraham in New York. 1918 Wentworth Arthur Matthews founded “The commandment Keepers” and became one of the leading Rabbis in Harlem. Branches of the commandment keepers sprang up in cities Philadelphia, Pittsburg, New Jersey. In 1967 Ben Ammi and his follower migrated to the Holy Land to the city of Dimona where they currently live in an African Hebrew kibbutz. There are groups of Hebrews in Ethiopia that I visited recently, in Ghana and other parts of Africa. This is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy; a glorious moment in time.

Shema Yisrael

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SHEMA YISRAEL is a broadcast conceived to awaken, call, and gather the lost Sheep of the House of Israel to their rightful place around the throne of God. The word Shema in the Hebrew language means to “hear”. The word Shema is taken from the Torah the book of Deuteronomy, chapter six, verse four (6:4.). The Almighty God informs Moses that He is the One and only absolute, unique, indivisible sovereignty to whom Israel must subordinate every aspect of their personalities. He commands his chosen Nation to hear this most important commandment, “Hear O Israel Ha Shem is our God, Ha Shem is the One and only”. During the North Atlantic slave trade, a significant number of Hebrew Israelites were included in the millions of slaves that were taken from Africa. This Broadcast is conceived to awaken, call, and resurrect the lost sheep of the Children of Israel, lost in the North American exile.

Dr. Y’shua Yisrael is a retired Doctor of audiology. He has made several trips to the Holy Land and has traveled extensively through both the northern and southern regions of Israel. His most recent trip was to the holy Kabbalist City of Tzfat in northern Galilee during the Hanukkah season 2018. It was in the Holy City of Tzfat that he was inspired to initiate this plan of action to spiritually in-gather the sons and daughters of Israel. This is the propitious historical moment; the redemptive period is at hands! It is always darkest before the dawn, and today is no exception. This is a call to righteousness and the end of the long cycle of death and dying which are the fruits of evil. SHEMA means to hear, yes hear the Beautiful plans designed for your walk on the beautiful pathway to Zion. You, Oh House of Israel are called to live in synchrony with that intelligence that administers the creation; it is your birthright! It is your destiny to live at the pinnacle of God consciousness established in that One-ness which is existence itself. Shema Yisrael is the call to redemption for you O House of Israel, the coming of the Mashiach is at hand!

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