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Cosmic LOVE, March 3, 2018

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Saint Germain Update
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Guest, David Christopher Lewis

Show Guest:
Messenger for Saint Germain, 
David Christopher Lewis,

Saint Germain on the Ascension Process Now

I was not expecting a message from Saint Germain
for this March 3, 2018 Cosmic LOVE Show.

But two hours before the show Saturday evening
- broadcast live on BBS Radio to 63 countries -
   I was told that Saint Germain would answer some
questions about the 'Ascension Process' that is
  accelerating for the Family of Mankind on Earth.

Back-story: Two hours before the show,
David responded to an earlier invitation
 that he was able to do the interview, but
I was working on a show on the ‘Secret
Space Program’ (SSP), as reported at
 the Conscious Life Expo a week earlier
where David was a featured speaker.

So I told David about this when he called
 and explained how SSP insiders are now
warning of galactic photon belt energies
 that are rapidly morphing energy grids of
the Earth... and human consciousness.

David's response was a message from
 St. Germain regarding ascent dynamics
 which I'm thrilled to share with listeners.

For Conscious Evolution Revelation
with Cosmic LOVE,
~ Christopher

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Cosmic LOVE

'Dr. Christopher' pioneered quantum medicine in 1991 and is publisher of the Heartcom Network, culturing Net reality in our global village with quantum science as it relates to the Golden Rule-Law Language of LOVE in "form" (spiritual geometry) and "frequency" (heart coherence).
As the producer and host of Cosmic LOVE since 2007, Christopher has interviewed numerous guests ranging from Lynne McTaggart and Dan Winter to Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement. Recent years have focused on galactic alignment and 0-point phenomena as relates to thinning of the quantum 'veil' and the emergence of Net reality with Effective Sensory Perception and a more enlightened social conscience in our interactive global social networks. 

This year's theme for the Cosmic Love Show is '2023 Mainstream Awakening'


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