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Responder Resilience, November 8, 2023

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Responder Resilience
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Guest, MaKenzie Tiegs, Podcast Host of Raw Thoughts Podcast and Former Paramedic

Guest, MaKenzie Tiegs, Podcast Host of Raw Thoughts Podcast and Former Paramedic

Headlined Show, Responder Resilience November 8, 2023

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Join us on Responder Resilience Podcast as we dive deep into the challenging experiences of first responders. Our guest, MaKenzie Tiegs of Raw Thoughts Podcast fearlessly explores what being RAW means, and shares her genuine willingness to delve into raw and sensitive topics. We also gain insights into MaKenzie's paramedic background and the current state of EMS recruitment and retention. Don't miss out on these eye-opening discussions! 

In a new installment of Resilience Toolbox, we speak with Rick Binder, CEO of Phase International on how to avoid the top three mistakes for patient handling and most common sources of injuries for emergency care providers.​​

Guest, MaKenzie Tiegs

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MaKenzie Tiegs
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Podcast Host | Former Paramedic
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MaKenzie, the host of Raw Thoughts Podcast, possesses a remarkable ability to delve into sensitive topics by engaging with individuals who have firsthand experiences in various challenging areas. Her podcast specializes in offering a platform to first responders facing frontline struggles, women dealing with postpartum depression, individuals living with Bipolar disorder, Veterans who have survived suicide attempts, and others who have navigated life through daunting challenges.

With an exceptional level of compassion, MaKenzie creates a safe and nurturing space for each guest to openly share their life experiences. She encourages vulnerability, allowing these individuals to share their stories with the world, fostering a sense of commonality among all listeners. Throughout these heartfelt discussions, she skillfully intertwines her own life experiences, forging genuine connections with her guests.

Responder Resilience

Step into the world of real-life heroes with RESPONDER RESILIENCE, an insightful podcast that sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of firefighters, EMTs, dispatchers, and law enforcement professionals. Hear firsthand accounts from our community's finest as they discuss critical issues on the job and share their experiences with hosts Lt. David Dachinger (ret.), Bonnie Rumilly LCSW/EMT and Dr. Stacy Raymond. Explore topics of mental and physical wellness with emergency services thought leaders, and get ready to be inspired and gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and resilience of our responders.
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