Relevant Talk, May 13, 2021

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae
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Relevant Talk
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with Athalia Monae and guest Lakeita Carrell

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae and guest Lakeita Carrell

Guest, Lakeita W. Carrell

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Lakeita W. Carrell
Laketia W. Carrell
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Therapist and Author
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 LaKetia Carrell is the CEO of Parents TrainUp, founding president

of the Institute of Personal and Professional Development, and a licensed

counselor with over 25 years of therapeutic experience.  She is the

administrator of an online Facebook parenting group, Parent of Teens

Empowerment Group, and blogger Laketia has developed a

parenting assessment,, and is a Familial

stabilization expert. She has received rave reviews for her work on the

3ABN television program Pumped Up Parents. She gives workshops to both lay

and professional organizations. She is committed to strengthening and

building families.

LaKetia works with children, adults, families, churches, organizations, and

corporations and is proficient in dealing with issues such as ADHD, OCD,

depression, sexual abuse, and more. LaKetia has also written many published

articles and her book, Becoming.

Relevant Talk

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae
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Athalia Monae

Conversations to encourage, inspire, uplift and inform!

I always find that great conversations, laughter, learning and positivity is some of my biggest “pick me ups”.

This show is for anyone who’s looking for encouragement, inspiration and upliftment, which the host and guests will provide. The conversations will span across many different topics that will hopefully make a positive change in someone’s life by providing information that will assist in someone’s healing process, information that will take you to the next level professionally or personally, provide that “a ha” moment, clarity or simply just a much-needed positive outlet.

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