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Relevant Talk, June 24, 2021

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Relevant Talk
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with Athalia Monae and guest Alexis Artin

Relevant Talk with Athalia Monae and guest Alexis Artin

Guest, Alexis Artin

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Alexis Artin
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Top Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Embodiment Expert, Speaker and Author
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As seen on Fox, NBC, Thrive Global, Entertainment Tonight, and more, Alexis Artin is a leading success coach, international speaker, writer, trained in NLP, and a master embodiment teacher—fully immersed in the DeMartini Method.

She has spent the past two decades propelling people towards their personal and professional best. Alexis is a woman transforming women. She not only asks them tough questions that drill down to the root, but she empowers them with proven information, so they can confidently make new choices that dissolve the mind matrix of illusions constructed around their lives.

After working with many A-list celebrities across the board in television and film, Alexis transitioned her passion and skillset for fostering potential and obtaining results in the world of self-development and transformation. She worked side-by-side with many of the most revered thought leaders bringing personal growth to the global stage and was the driving force behind expanding one of the largest and most respected female empowerment companies, which inspired her to channel her expertise into creating a coaching practice serving clients across the globe.

Alexis teaches others to embrace their knowing; connecting mind, body, heart, and soul. Her powerful coaching gives her clients true and lasting transformation from the inside out. An ICF-certified professional coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Alexis is also co-founder of
FreeBody™ Practice and a hypnotherapist.

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Relevant Talk

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Conversations to encourage, inspire, uplift, and inform!

I always find that great conversations, laughter, learning, and positivity are some of my biggest “pick me ups”.

This show is for anyone who’s looking for encouragement, inspiration, and upliftment, which the host and guests will provide. The conversations will span across many different topics that will hopefully make a positive change in someone’s life by providing information that will assist in someone’s healing process, information that will take you to the next level professionally or personally, provide that “aha” moment, clarity or simply just a much-needed positive outlet.

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