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Illuminating Now!, April 30, 2014

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Relationships can be saved. It is easier than you think.
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with Guest, Louie Bernstein

In the next hour, Specialist, and MFT Therapist, Louis (Louie) Bernstein will explain some of the moving pieces in relationship, some of the belief systems that have us stuck, and he will also enlighten us on specific actions and behaviors that can allow us to make choices that support what we really want; he will offer clarity as to ways to allow relationship its’ fair chance to survive. He uses the most practical and updated Psychological Orientations and Couples Theories to navigate couples to joy and fulfillment. He is writing a book called “How to Grow Your Great Relationship,”, which was inspired by the fundamentals of Nature and developed from his own personal experience in this area.

Guest, Louie Bernstein

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Louie Bernstein
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Louie Bernstein is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in Couples and Relationship Counseling. Using an integrative and holistic approach, he draws from the best of the relationship and psychological philosophies, including: Object-Relations theory, Harville Hendrix’ Imago Therapy and Dr. John Gottman’s Couples research in assisting individuals and couples in creating healthy, supportive and fulfilling relationships. Personally inspired by the miracle and perfection of nature’s hand in guiding the growth of a living system such as an abundant fruit tree, Louie has developed a unique approach to show couples how to “grow their own great relationship” by aligning with and embracing those same growing principles that Nature uses in growing that great fruit tree from tiny seed to full fruition. By learning how to keep our intimate relationship well nourished with “sunshine, water, nutrients and care”, we can grow that great relationship in which we feel completely Alive, Loved, and Fulfilled.

Illuminating Now!

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I am a visionary. I am a thought-leader whose ideas have yet to be heard, but someone who can help others change their life overnight. Many of my ideas and visions can be put into practical application immediately, and in some cases this results in individual lives and relationships being saved and inspired to reach potential. Relationships, wellness, parenting, divorce, depression, intimacy, sexuality, authenticity and mental health as a whole are all subjects that I can offer enlightenment on. I can provide seamless and invigorating solutions, as well as customizable strategies.

The brain is stimulating and has all the power to make us better or keep us well. Neuroscience is continuing to reveal the direct correlation between the mind, the body and the brain and the effects on the immune system when we are not living with congruency. I am a strong advocate to teach and evangelize the subliminal power, and the power of taking actions and making choices in total consciousness.

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