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Reclaiming Authenticity, May 6, 2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Silent No More, Celebrating Feminine Energy in All Things

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Title: Silent No More, Celebrating Feminine Energy in All Things

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James Howard
okay well good afternoon everybody wherever you are and the world in and through the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity finding one's courage to reclaim that which has always been in you very happy to be with you here today each and every Friday at 3 p.m. and if you're on the west coast that would be 12 noon so we should every week these broadcasts are dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health all placed within the context of our relationships relationships that we have with ourselves others and God or the Divine I am dr. James how can if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about today show you to visit the website if it's reclaiming
Tissa T all one word they're so www.bts reclaiming authenticity number is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and I will be taking your calls after the break and just in case you're unable to stay with me for the full hour these broadcasts are podcast it now and in case you want to go back and listen again or you can go back even into the archives and listen to previous shows and so all I just also wanted to thank everybody for their support over the past coming up on 2 years now and would like to say that to you now have the opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber now subscription is not required to listen to these talk shows but it is
greatly appreciated so again always you would need to do is just go on cam reclaiming off and right there on the opening page you will see a banner where you can click on subscriptions and then choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving and so I just wanted to say again thank you for your continued support and invite you to I want you to tune into a special 100 episode Broadcast coming on Friday June 10th same time 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in Pacific Standard Time right here on BBS station one and my 100th episode but it's also going to Mark the beginning of my
third-year broadcasting with BBs radio at my my my how time flies and what will make this broadcast extra special is that I would like you to pick the topic for me to discuss on the air that day anything you would like to hear or talk about related to the integration of mental health and our spirituality drop me a few lines again just go on the website and you'll see a place down at the bottom where you can just leave me your email address and you know just a few words or a few lines about what it is that you would like to hear on that particular show so again mark your calendar Friday June 10th 5 weeks from today well at the beginning of these broadcast I always like to share just a little bit with new audience members where I'm coming from in terms of what is real
time in Austin Tissa T it basically comes from a deep-seated belief in myself that all of us coming to this world already equipped and grace us with everything we need for this life in terms of our skills or talents are giftedness or strengths are character traits and so forth and how we live out our gift The Nest is it in through various relationships and these things we may not even be aware of our giftedness or skills or talents because they may be lying dormant because in all actuality you know you see it doesn't matter who we are or where we were born or into what family we were placed ours is a world that is filled with ra indeed we are social beings who often spend our lives trying to make sense of this world in which we live by trying to find our place in the world
now as social beings it's often within this context of relationships that we have experienced tremendous pain and suffering that we have been hurt very very much and I could be from over acts of betrayal and and cruelty that somebody has inflicted against us or vice versa to Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time and as a result many people still continue to Bear the scars of the physical psychological emotional and spiritual woundedness and here is what I like to call the irony of life that it is how often do we receive our deepest physical emotional psychological even spiritual wounds in relationships
but the tragedy is that how often do we go along in life and perhaps due to some unpleasant experiences we hide that giftedness as I said or we we push our passions down we push away or skills or we just ignore you know our uniqueness we push all that way down so that we and others cannot see all because we were told that we would never amount to anything or that with me would never measure up to another person's standards or whatever other voice we heard telling us that there's this really nothing special about us and yet here's the irony we can discover our greatest healing our strength or Pace forgiveness love through healthier relationships so on one hand we often receive the wounds through unhealthy relationships but therein lies
our greatest healing when we find healthier relationships and these relationships just might be within our own families they could be with our co-workers know they could be among friends however because we're in relationship with others you know once we are transformed and are transforming we also transform others on one degree or let me do this through our presence or through a Grace working in our lives and our understanding of perhaps where another person is coming from and being able to see how they have been wounded and how they are been acting out or lashing out because of their wits and they don't they have yet to realize their giftedness as well
but you know what you do you know since we are healing and seeing ourselves differently we will inevitably see others differently ever going to treat one another differently but first we have to work on ourselves you know that forgiveness kindness and compassion and so forth begin with how we treat ourselves because whenever we're more compassionate with ourselves that really opens our eyes and our hearts then to become more passionate with others and when we are more forgiving with ourselves and more understanding well then we can be more forgiving with others and when were able to live in gratitude with ourselves for everything that has brought us to this very moment we then discover how this opens our hearts to see and live in gratitude with others
transformation as I always say each and every week first and foremost begins with us and so this is what reclaiming authenticity is all about reclaiming that which has always been in you or as Richard Rohr puts it your true self is who you are and always have been in God a great surprise and irony is that you or who you think you are has nothing to do with his original creation or its demise
it's sort of disempowering and utterly empowering at the same time isn't it all you can do is nurture in
well welcome to Today Show it is entitled silent no more celebrating feminine energy in all things
well this coming Sunday as you are well aware at least hopefully you are well aware that this Sunday is Mother's Day and if you're like me and perhaps the rest of the world your thoughts are focused on the women in Our Lives who have not only given birth to us but also whether or not you know regardless of whether or not they were related to us women who have nurtured us in their own way or maybe they taught us life lessons you know whether it be formally in school or informally out of school you know maybe you had a favorite neighbor lady who was just very kind to you or just one whom you felt very close to or women who have been instrumental in some way by shaping us into the men and women we are today
and you know for the past couple of weeks or not if not sooner we have been I would say you know bombarded with all kinds of advertisements for Mother's Day that just constantly hits of us you know it's like don't forget mom you know make sure you go get her a gift and and these advertisements you know course could be anything from flowers that jewelry cards dinner reservations whatever I actually talked with the father and his young son and they were at a loss as to what to get Mom for Mother's Day this year and I go well or do you have to really get her something she can unwrap how about getting her an adventure gift or an experience and so we talked some more and they actually came up with the idea that you know maybe it's time to take Mom on a hot air balloon ride and
and I came up with this idea all himself and I said well are you sure that Mom isn't afraid of heights and the dad just said she'll be fine like okay I hope she likes it because that's one for the books and that is one had she will definitely remember so if you're still trying to come up with some ideas for Mother's Day you know use your creativity and think outside the box a little bit and do something that you haven't done before so it's interesting despite this constant Awareness on Mother's Day coming up it's surprising that few people actually know about the origins of Mother's Day which actually took place back in the early 1900s
and that's a story just go if it all started by a woman named Anna Jarvis and Anna led a campaign for an official holiday which you know I was honoring all mothers in 1905 and that was the year or her own mother died and the first larger-scale celebration of the holiday and I started in 1908 when Jarvis held a public memorial for her mother in her home town of Grafton West Virginia
and the reason she did this because Anna's mother played an important role uniting women for good causes and her mother's name and Reavis Jarvis actually cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the field during Civil War and its aftermath she organized a mother is Friendship Day which really have the goal of just a foster reconciliation between between former Union and Confederate soldiers by having them come together and they were to bring their mothers with them not should I kind of like that so she not only Foster this friendship and Reconciliation between the soldiers but also families in general and how often have we heard that you know the Civil War was characterized as a House Divided you know where you just have brothers on either
side of the issue then. Just how that divided household some families the holiday officially recognized and it was celebrated him recently and more and more states surround the United States it just started to really get some traction and then and finally in 1914 then President Woodrow Wilson he signed a proclamation making Mother's Day an official holiday which was to take place the Second Sunday of May which is again is still celebrated today and however and here's some you talk about irony in the first few years of the holidays official existence and a Jarvis observed you know that florists and Candy makers and cardmakers and even Charities would use Mother's Day as a way to make an extra
is this really upset her you know the commercialization of Mother's Day according to Anna Jarvis defeated the whole point of a holiday that was supposed to be about celebrating the personal individual connection between a mother and her children and even you know many churches and other organizations are preparing for record attendance has by mothers and their families and I've actually talked to a few my mother's this week and you know just asking like what do you want for Mother's Day and what you what's your ideal Mother's Day celebration and a lot of them said I just want peace and quiet I just wait to be able to put my feet up and you know take it easy but I really want my family to come with me to church or come with me to synagogue or or you know or another organization that that she belongs to that just means so much to her and that makes sense because
not only certainly in schools this week children have made pards or they've grown little carnations are Marigolds to be given to their mothers on Sunday but also churches are preparing for the surges in attendance with the likes of what was seen on Easter or Christmas Eve and it's a really a big to-do in churches there will be flowers Galore given out to mothers on their corsages and things like that as well as the grandmother's and they'll be marigolds and carnations adoring children to roadside vendors the shop selling bouquets and orchids for those who need to be reminded to pick up you flowers for Mother's that you know you're in there in your lives here so don't forget Ma
but you know despite the the Wonder the Splendor and joy demonstrated by many in celebrating Mother's Day Mother's Day for many many women and men
I become a constant reminder of painful experiences
you see just as there is a surge in church attendance on Mother's Day lot of women to avoid going to church that day it is just too painful to sit through the hems and the scripture readings and the sermons and just all the wonderful well-deserved you know events planned for Mother's Day it's it's too painful for some women to sit through and this is because you know for many their biological mothers didn't really have the capacity themselves for nurturing their children let alone providing a safe home for them to grow up in
because many children faced harsh dishes disciplines and Shane as they experience that's a generational traumas that were being lived out over and over again in the coming down from you know great-great-great grandmother's right great-grandmother's great-grandmother is grandmother's Mother's and so forth it was just coming down and it was, that could not be stopped I just horrific horrific experiences there is also women and men who want to be mothers and fathers you know they want to be grandma's and grandpa's who want to have children and grandchildren but for one reason or another have experienced miscarriages
or they've experienced stillbirths or they've experienced other medical issues where maybe they've even lost children to diseases or illnesses or even random accidents that have really exacerbated their pain and grief each year on Mother's Day so a lot of mixed emotions go on on Mother's Day and for me Mother's Day has always been about that I just want to describe it as like an emotional mixture of Celebration gratitude and forgiveness as I believe Mother's Day ought to be more inclusive and honor all women at any age
so with that being said I wanted to share with you during this broadcast I came across the Christian prayer that they said came across it years ago that I have never found a better one since that really captures the celebration gratitude and honor for all women and it's just simply entitled a prayer for mothers
dance like this
for mothers who have given us life and love that we may show them reverence and love we pray to the Lord for mothers who have lost a child through death at their faith may give them hope and their family and friends support and consoled them
we pray to the Lord
for women do without children of their own who like mothers have nurtured and cared for us
we pray to the Lord
for mothers who have been unable to be a source of strength who have not responded to their children and have not sustain their families we pray to the Lord
loving God as a mother gives life and nourishment to our children so you watch over your people bless these women that they may be strengthened as mothers and let to be example of their faith and Love Shine forth grant that we their sons and daughters they honor them and always with a spirit of profound respect a man
play said I've never found a more inclusive prayer that really captures just how I approach Mother's Day you know I think it's
very wise to look at it is certainly a time of Celebration to remember the origins of just why we celebrate Mother's Day but also to keep in mind in the head that sensitivity that's not all women and men are going to have that celebratory attitude on Mother's Day just because of the painful reminders of either having lost children in one way or another but still but let us continue with the hope that we have because interesting Lee enough life finds a way life finds a way and the generations continue but knowing that let us also work to heal the generational trauma that many women carry with them whether they know it or not
suffering and pain and misery no longer have the those things just no longer have the power over women when they realize the power that they have always possessed from the beginning and that's their voice
it's interesting down through the centuries upon centuries upon centuries women have always been forced into silence and they've been forced into silence through intimidation or coercion or violence done to them and you know the thought was well if we take them away and we take away their voice than you have taken away their power but I tell you what when women find their voice and they find their power luck out and get out of their way for they will no longer be silent because their power is in The Voice
what a my favorite philosopher theologians Dorothy Soleil she had a quote that that is always stayed with me the very first time that I heard it and you know she's talking about pain and suffering and she goes suffering that cannot be given a voice cannot be taken away
and when you think about that that is true you know I am so this is my kind of picked up with Dorothy sole was talking about and it's like you know what this is true because even even if women are killed even if men are killed you have not silence them because you cannot silence the Cry of the stall now there is a voice in the soul that could never be silenced but still the old adage is well if we just can really silence people then we've overcome them and it's like that's not true you know you may think you're going to silence people but it's not the case and you know what even is a group of women New York their voices are taking away through intimidation course in violence or even death others do stand-up others do find their voice others are empowered and so you know again when women find their voice they will no longer
be silent but you know as a caterer and a clinician and even as a pastoral professional I'm often very saddened by the women I said with who believe that when it comes to addressing their physical psychological emotional and spiritual problems that they consider themselves powerless and without their voice
abscess as a result of never feeling valued or maybe they've never been allowed to use their voice or maybe they don't even know what their voice sounds like and admittedly many people are unable to perceive their insights and strength as if they cannot see themselves capable of healing let alone achieving anything meaningful with their lives
say most of the time and we're all guilty of this people are content from time to time to live for brief moments of joy and celebration and we be kind of Mark off these days with the transitional Milestone so if I say you know baptisms or son or a daughter is getting married and then of course there's a celebration of birthdays and graduations promotions retirements and it goes on and on and on but furthermore when it comes through wrestling with life's questions many people are often overwhelmed not only by the concept that the answer is they often seek why within themselves almost as if I never looked there before because I've been told there's nothing good in me
but there is that the answers they seek do lie within themselves and also the belief that in our freedom peace joy and unconditional love are not you know too good to be true but they are there to be embraced to be now the source of empowerment to be lived out to be transformational the greatest effect hearing the cries of others you know and that hearing people who are discovering you know their voices you know that that kind of effect has on us not only comes from getting in touch with our own Souls voice but also awakens us to hear the cries of those who have no voice today
now there is a sound that we say in silence
there's always existed in society a pattern of disenfranchising the say the weak and the wounded you know people who have been labeled as unlovable Untouchable and therefore they're unreachable
let me know for some disenfranchisement was due to their disease or illness you know for others it was due to their poverty still Brothers it was due to their gender or their race or religion or politics or social class and many in society preferred such people you know not to be seen let alone we don't want to hear from them either
but yet just as the cries from our ancestors and those who have been victims of crimes against humanity can never be silenced
so to the cries of the disenfranchised are often heard above the din of everyday life even today
he said their cries are not only heard deep within the soul but also their pain can be given a voice through those who speak for them and guarantee you
those voices today are coming from women but I really like to hear your heart on the subject so if you would like to call in and let's get a discussion going on this the number is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke be back with you in 1 minute
Play Welcome Back I am dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity now I just wanted to remind you like I did at the beginning of this broadcast invite you to tune into a special 100 episode Broadcast coming on Friday June 10th at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in Pacific Standard Time right here on station one and as I said earlier it's not only going to be my 100th episode but it's also going to Mark the beginning of my third year broadcasting with BBs radio and what will make this broadcast extra special is that I would like you the listening audience to pick the topic for me to discuss on the air that day anything that you would like to hear or talk about related to mental health and spirituality
I just dropped me a few lines at www.bts reclaiming authenticity made we have five weeks to go at least I believe it's 5 weeks 5 weeks so earlier in the show I was talking about how despite the Wonder and Splendor and enjoy demonstrate demonstrated by many in celebrating Mother's Day Mother's Day for many women and men have become a constant reminder of painful experiences okay so the origins again of Mother's Day very great very Noble very honorable just not everybody has those experiences
you know for example me out for many their biological mother is just simply didn't have the capacity for a nurturing them you know or even let alone providing a safe home for them to grow up in or many children faced harsh disciplines and shame as they experience these generational trauma is that just couldn't be healed and their mother has just been grandmothers and great-grandmothers were just not strong enough to be able to stop and so they were lived out over and over again and again from one generation to another and this is something that I like to share with the younger women and then course the younger Med and even the kids that teenagers that when we identify that something is coming down or having come down the generations at something in the family where there is just a tremendous amount of pain and suffering and
just for the sake of today you know that seems to be coming down on the woman's side of the family and and one mother after another just continues to pass on just very painful painful experiences from mother to daughter mother to daughter and so forth and when the children I said with her or the teenager I said we're at than even the adult children who struggle with okay this just came down through the women in my family just came down from the say my great-great grandmother and my great-grandmother my grandmother and my mother and now I'm sitting here with you and you know I have to make sense of this and why do I have to be here why can't these women be here you know healing and apologizing and so forth and sooner or later the conversation or I should say the question comes back
around to these adult children or teenagers that you know let's look at it a different way you know for as much as we have admired our mothers and grandmothers and so forth maybe they simply weren't strong enough to be able to stop some things and so the cycle continued after one generation after another but perhaps you're at you're sitting here in therapy and wanting to get to the bottom of this and wanting to heal this well that tells me that perhaps you're the strongest one in the family
to not only heal the past but also heal yourself in the present as well as healing those in the future even the ones who have yet to be born to start healing is complete these patterns these behaviors the cruelty or whatever whatever the situation is that's just very toxic will no longer be passed on you know that children who have yet to be born will be born into healthier circumstances were to healthier family environments so I was turning around that okay you are the transformational for the transitional generation the one who is saying I can heal the family I'm strong enough to do this
and as that is healing the relationships are going to be different because the one who is being healed is becoming different so and I always like the reaction of the kids who like under 10 between 10 and 6 when they when they finally understand this they get this look on their face like you know
does that mean I'm not the problem
and I forget a big smile on my face cuz I can't help it because I know they they're finally getting it and I say look you never were the problem you never were the problem you're just acting or reacting from all of this but you're the one who can help heal this and with that little bit of empowerment they sit up straight and get a big smile on her face and they're like okay yeah alright let's do this in so I have to slow him down but okay it's not take time but let's stay focused and let's really look at what can be done in the family in the end what kind of a role that you're going to play but first of all this talk about you how's it been affecting you and so starting with the purse right in front of me starting with their healing and letting it go out from there like a starburst
and you know as I said it's so you know even with the painful reminders of you know what what my Mother's Day brings up in people it out for women who and men who want to be mothers and fathers were even a grandmother's you know first time grandmothers are Grandpa's Grandpa's want to have children but for one reason or another my grieving you know the miscarriage is that they've had in life the stillbirths or some other medical issues and I just made it haven't made it possible to have children or even though I've lost children to disease or illness even random accidents this really ratches it up the pain and grief each year on Mother's Day
so as I shared it to be getting the first half of that the broadcast for me Mother's Day has always been about like I would I would say this emotional mixture of Celebration gratitude and forgiveness as I believe Mother's Day ought to be more inclusive and honor all women at any age and interesting enough I've had the honor of working with generations of women who have been made the Carrie heartbreaking emotional psychological physiological even spiritual walk in silence
and there are many many many times when women who live today carry these burdens from generations and generations Ago by the way they were raised or you know and or even the trauma that's been handed down even in their DNA and yet there is tremendous healing for women who once they find their voices they transform and they transform others
so for me I believe the impact of healing energy generation of trauma can best be understood as I mentioned as a starburst K that goes just goes out in all directions, like the sparklers that children like on the 4th of July which don't blank because the 4th of July will be here before you know it but you know as as one person heels from trauma the energy itself radiates out in all directions and time and dimensions all relationships regardless of time and space are transformed they're all touched the raw changed
and this is how interconnected we are its human beings and the world in which we live may just just imagine how a single negative thought carries enough destructive energy to affect hundreds if not thousands of people each day
now imagine that same potential a single positive thought has
it carries such tremendous energy
well there was a 15 year old high school girl that I was counseling who is really struggling with severe depression and I'll just make up a name here
her name was Kayla and she went from being a straight-A student to getting C's in the course of a semester and as Kayla started experimenting experimenting sorry with various drugs her friends and family noticed significant behavioral changes in her she became more irritable more hostile and then definitely uninterested in normal teenage activities and so she was diagnosed with major depression and assessed for suicide ideation and was prescribed an antidepressant medication which she took very faithfully and now instead of treating her individually Kayla agreed to family therapy that included her mother and her grandmother
and at the first meeting I sky can really set the ground rules for this kind of therapy explaining that we were there together not to place blame on anybody want to help Kayla get better just feel better now to get an accurate history of the family I just simply started drawing a genogram which G is just the kind of a visual representation of just a multi-generational family tree okay that really looks at the relationships among family members and I was able to draw this on a fairly large on a dry erase board that I had in my office and asked the names of cousins and aunts and uncles and significant family events filled the board I explained how this emotional and behavioral patterns are not own a mirrored in one generation to others but also how
these emotional and behavioral patterns are handed down through the generations
so immediately the metaphorical. Started to connect for Kayla and her mother as when it was time for Kayla's grandmother to fill in some details they watched her and listen to her very carefully because grandma and she had some stories
and grandmas and explained how she was raised by her mother and her grandmother and what it was like growing up in her day she shared how men and women were treated differently and live with different social and religious expectations and why jobs were scarce at times she also shared why so-and-so in the family had extramarital Affairs and so-and-so who struggled with excessive drinking and even the reason why I certainly family member had to move away
well all of a sudden there were now five generations in that room with us as it appeared that the ground rules for therapy gave Kayla's grandmother permission to talk about the family secrets you know interesting Lee even though and then every now that I should say that I I noticed how Kayla's body which went from sitting with her head in her hands to carefully listening to her grandmother's stories
I could see in Kayla's eyes that she was now starting to understand that now she was not crazy she was not lazy she was not ugly she was not stupid or any other negative beliefs that she told herself well as you know we talked over the next few weeks that the genogram that was being drawn to pick the generations of socio-economic struggles and alcohol dependence and family attitudes around guilt and shame and grandmas one big secret
her abortion at age 19
see through her tears Grandma confessed that she had been carrying the guilt and shame of her abortion for decades the fact every now and then she said that she could hear her babies cry in her dreams that she was so wracked with guilt but nobody knew in the family and although abortion was illegal back in her day Grandma said that she had the abortion anyway in order to spare her family Shane at the time of having a child out of wedlock
and she also started the share how you know she wanted to tell her husband many times but still feared being shunned
immediately Chilla burst into tears as she to confess that before last semester she became pregnant and she had an abortion
and she too could not bear shaming the family with this unplanned pregnancy since they had so many high hopes for her when all it wants the emotional floodgates were opened as three generations of women sat there in front of me and sobbed in each other's arms
the relief from carrying these secrets was obvious in both grandmother and granddaughter
and although Kayla's mother had no idea of the secrets she to realize that for Generations you know who did not believe in airing their dirty laundry suffering in silence is a horrible burden to bear
so in the weeks that followed Kayla her mother and her grandmother continued to me on a weekly basis continue to talk through generational struggles and unspoken lessons that characterized their family
and Kayla and her grandmother even wrote letters of forgiveness to the children that they had a board it and Grandma also brought in some old photos which added flesh-and-blood than the square of forgive me I forgive you thank you and I love you continue to empower these women so not only Shield Generations long since passed but also to they imparted their hopes and dreams for Generations yet to be born
you see there's a completeness that I believe humanity is waking up to but it just hasn't fully grasped yet
when women heal from their wounds and they find and they use their voice they transform Humanity by ironically helping men become better men
and when men find their healing and transformation they not only become better man but they also Empower women to become better women
because we all have the masculine feminine energy
I just imagine what Mother's Days would look like if we honored not just the role of mothers in the fingers in our lives
honored and celebrated the feminine energy in all things and in all people
why you put me talk about my trips to India and India's is always holding a special place in my heart just because of the wonderful ways that I have been touched through the people and the way you know hopefully I have touched them there is one place that's no matter how many times I go back to Indy and there's always something new I would like to see I always return to a place called that sell you a gram in friend oven and it's Parham shaktipeeth you know that's all your g means a mother's love and it's a it's a non-profit non-governmental an independent organization that has been tirelessly working you know since he was like 1992 that it was it originated and it just looked at and really embraced
the marginalized members of society and the prioritized children and women the vulnerable of the vulnerable and it's mitigated other socioeconomic inequalities that just started so prevalent in India even today and really just impeding its growth as a whole now this collective experience in this Insight with diverse perspectives of the founders have been the foundation of the belief that the welfare and empowerment of children and women especially those who belong to the marginalized communities
are critical for bridging those disparities in society and just alleviating poverty and they've also been a source of just this holistic approach to development and in creating the shall we sail stream work necessary to just meet the goal of this organization
okay it's it's common knowledge and India are that the benefits of a nation's growth have not reached out to vast sections of society and wherever you see a society struggling you know just ask yourself this question how are you treating the marginalized how are you treating the vulnerable of the vulnerable
say that the march of the lies members in fact form of sizable part of India's total population and unless they're not unless they are in the mainstream economy the growth of that nation is going to remain lopsided and then unsustainable
and so it's really you know what that's all your G I was doing is just really changing the landscape of India and so when I would go there and all the other times that I would go there still marveling at how successful this organization is and how sustainable this organization is because it starts with the concept of a mother's love and the concept is beautiful and I'm kind of hoping that it would catch on throughout the rest of the world because I guess what it weren't so they have the support of a better word Apartments would be probably the best way to describe it and you know they don't turn anybody away you know but the children who are either dropped off at the entrance of that saw your gram or
reborn babies are dropped off for even women who have no other place to go regardless of age they're taking it and apartments there's enough for maybe five children you know all about the same age and that's where they live that's where they are how stand on each apartment has a mother and Aunt and a grandmother you know three different age-related roles that the women play but these are all you know the women have such good Hearts to be able to give back in to nurture and the support these children and so yes they are cared for if they are you know if they are given shelter they are housed their clothes they are fed they are educated they have complete medical benefits and lo and behold it does wonders
for the children so and again if they are there from the time they arrived to 18 19 years old and so forth and then they they either age out or they were going to be married or they even are you know certainly qualify to go into college if that's what they said choose but the interesting thing is as I said this is certainly changing the landscape over there the socio-economic landscape of India because you are an empowering women
you're you're sending out this message that it is it is a truth that women
they have such great qualities regardless of whether or not they are the biological mothers they nurtured they pray for they sustain they make sure the other children have clean clothes to wear good food to eat and so forth and I can just tell that it's working just not only the the energy the great energy and the the toothy Smiles that greet me every time I go over there and as well as just a gratitude in the eyes of the mothers and aunts and grandmothers because they have a place to stay they have clean clothes they have good food to eat and so forth and they give back and I tell you what people it's works
That's The Power of transformation when we honor what is in and within each and every person we don't see people as a burden we don't see people as a mistake we don't see people as well we don't really know what to do with you
nobody is turned away and when they recognize and we recognize the value dignity and worth in each and every person as a soul
the rest Falls in line for lack of a better phrase the rest is provided for and it's such a connection to be loved to be cared for and so forth that it's really strengthens our blesses the children as they get older and they are prepared then to leave that's why your Gram and obtain jobs are go on for college and then get that either better-paying jobs and so forth and as I said it's really transforming the socio-economic landscape and the status of women over there
so celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday and however you would like to do that but let us keep in mind that everybody's different you know we have fun memories of let's say our mothers or neighbors you know our teachers or whoever took the time to nurture us along the way whether or not they were related to us but there's also many men and women who longed to be biological mothers themselves or who are just simply unable to be the nurturing kind of mother that was called upon I was called for so again let me just finish this broadcast but I just seen this prayer we're sharing his prayers with you one more time that's just a prayer for mothers and if you'd like a copy of this to shoot me an e-mail ask for it I'll be glad to the send you a copy so a prayer for mothers
for mothers who have given us life and love that we may show them reverence and love we pray to the Lord
for mothers who have lost a child through death that their faith may give them hope and that their family and friends support and consoled them we pray to the Lord
for women do without children of their own who like mothers have nurtured and cared for us we pray to the Lord
for mothers who have been unable to be a source of strength who have not responded to their children and have not sustain their families we pray to the Lord
loving God as a mother gives life and nourishment to her children so you watch over your people bless these women that they may be strengthened as mothers and let the example of their faith and Love Shine 4th and Grant that we their sons and daughters May honor them always with a spirit of profound respect a man
you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity and thank you for spending this hour with me please leave me your thoughts about this this particular show in a style that you like to have those copy of this prayer let me know that as well and until next week may you be safe may you behave yourselves and may God hold each and every one of us in the palm of God's hand take care bye bye
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