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Reclaiming Authenticity, May 28, 2021

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Manifesting positive transformations by listening to the heart, what we think we manifest

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Manifesting positive transformations by listening to the heart, what we think we manifest

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James house<br>well hello hello everybody good afternoon to one and all wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity finding the courage to reclaim that which has always been in you every Friday I am excited to spend this time with you every Friday like I said 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time and every time in between or elsewhere and each and every week these broadcast that I do really focus on the integration of our spirituality and our mental health all within the context of our relationships the relationships that we have with ourselves and others in God or the divine<br>I am dr. James hauke and if you would like to have more information about me to read up on me a little bit or to leave me your comments about Today show I invite you to visit the website that address is ww.w. Maybe yes radio. Calm reclaiming authenticity saw one word so backslash reclaiming authenticity and just in case you're not able to spend the entire hour with me this afternoon or you can get off you want to just go back and listen to these broadcast again they are and you can go back through again on the website and go back into the archives and listen to previous shows any anytime now if you would like to call in and be a part of Today show I invite you to call the toll-free line 888<br>6276008 that's 888-627-6008 and give me your insights and thoughts and comments observations your experiences on today's subject manifesting positive Transformations by listening to the heart or another words what we think we manifest try and we don't necessarily think with our minds alone if you are new to the program say welcome aboard and I just like to share it all with with new listeners just a little bit about myself my background and say that I am indeed just a very sincere belief that all of us come into this world already equipped and graced with everything that we need for in this life especially in terms of our giftedness or are sky<br>our talents are strengths are character traits you know the very very best parts of ourselves because sometimes we need to be reminded of these things we tend to forget that the very best parts of ourselves are just waiting to come out or we had we think that we know everything there is to know about ourselves and like well you ain't seen nothing yet but it's unfortunate because of the work that I do in counseling others and as a counseling educator and so forth. I'm sorry I just hear and see that that's you know just in humanity in general you know as we go along in life and due to some unpleasant experiences we may tend to hide our giftedness and we do so out of fear and I we we fear that we're not going to be understood or are we fear we're going to be ridiculed or shamed or we fear humiliation and all that negative<br>aspects or that negative perspective of we really have nothing to offer ourselves let alone anybody else<br> or there are sometimes we go through life and just due to some unpleasant experiences being in the wrong place at the wrong time we become limited psychologically and physically emotionally and spiritually and or you know that makes us one of recoiled and hide that giftedness our talents and our skills because of how they were exploited or you know we want to let you know I act like right now I don't see it I don't really have that kind of gift I don't have that skill it but we know deep inside that we do but we hide that from others again out of that fear or perhaps growing up we were told that we would never amount to anything or whatever other voice we heard telling us that there is nothing special to us and we bought into that and we engaged with that and we just embraced it<br> and then just going through life that just how that message was reinforced but actually that's a distorted template over our perceptions of who we are or what we have or the very best parts of ourselves that distorted template just clouded vision of who we truly are and again we decided to Place Mall in the world but as Marianne Williamson reminds us that when we do play small when we you know diminish the thing the very best parts of ourselves it doesn't do anybody any good<br> hey bud when you come into the fullness of who we are and fully embrace our giftedness those are indeed the gifts and Graces that everybody benefits from because they are life-giving<br> and at any rate but you know once we are wounded in those wounds get reinforced and so forth we have to go through life you know from that wounded perspective or we where you slide constantly into victimization are we just we play the victim card instead of coming from a place of healing and wholeness and embracing our uniqueness or nice word hatch and toss same thing and the whole reason why I place this integration of spirituality and mental health in relationships because when you think about it we often do receive our deepest physical emotional psychological even spiritual wounds in and through relationships<br> cuz we are relational beings came and just think about the wounds. Do you have encounter just being in relationships with other people whether they are within your own family or maybe they be co-workers or employers or another context and yet we can also discover our greatest healing our strength peace forgiveness and love through healthier relationships<br> these relationships like I said just might be within our own families or our co-workers and friends but we can always hold out hope for transformation and we can always transform and be transformed through just how we are with ourselves and we can transform others by our presents are Grace and our understanding but first and foremost forgiveness in the kindness and compassion that we long to seek in relationships has to begin with how we treat ourselves because whatever we're compassionate with ourselves we then can be more compassionate with others<br> and then when we are you no more forgiving of ourselves we then can be more forgiving with others<br> and when we are able to live in gratitude with ourselves in that deep deep gratitude we then discover how this opens our hearts to see and to live in gratitude with others it becomes a tangible attribute becomes a tangible thing<br> the transformation begins with us but it's also meant for the betterment of others<br> well welcome to the last Friday of or in the month of May I should say and here we are coming into Memorial Day weekend and I once read a years ago that the Memorial Day Weekend kind of kicks it off and get out for the summer outings and picnics and things like that even though Summers near not till next month but you know the excitement we are Beyond may be where you are today the weather is cooperating maybe it's not but as excited as I read that article it's also one of the deadliest holidays out there in terms of holidays and it's interesting when you compare that to Fourth of July 4th of July week and that's when you see a spike in the number of people who visit the emergency room because for some unknown reason alcohol and fireworks don't mix but people still engaged<br> so anyway there's a spike in emergency room visits but with Memorial Day weekend and you know it often turns out to be one of the deadliest for people who are traveling and it's unfortunate so I just want to say from the outset Please be aware of your surroundings please be careful you'll eventually get there no need to speed because you've been worried all day weekend is very special to many many people as we remember and honor those who have been killed in the line of duty and I kind of brought in this myself I kind of brought in the definition of those who have died in the line of duty to not just include our servicemen and women by all means absolutely but also First Responders police officers anybody who is part of a rescue team whatever that is the people who unlike the rest of us who want to turn our heads and not look at tragedies there are people who don't have that luxury<br> they do the job because they know how important it is and they do so in the line of danger and they come face-to-face with a lot of experiences that put their lives at risk so just in Courage you to take some time this weekend and just honor and express your gratitude to those who have ultimately given their lives in service to others in this respect. Just honor them in your own way<br> well how many of you have ever heard of the expression you are what you eat<br> I'm sure all of us have you know if this is something we'll be reminded of I'm sure since we're coming into Memorial Day Weekend okay but regardless of you know this expression you are what you eat have you ever heard of another expression you are what you think<br> you are what you think it may not be as popular as you are what you eat but you know one of the most amazing gifts that that God has given us is the own our minds the human mind the ability to learn and to thank choose and to reason is the essence of what makes us human and I remember was back in the 90s that was the 90s were coined the decade of the brain and a lot of studies were coming out a lot of research was being done on the brain in terms of its resiliency and then with the events of 9/11 September 11th 2001 and the massive historical trauma that has that imposed on many of the people we started to also understand how the brain handles trauma as well as intergenerational trauma and so forth<br> thanks but you know as well getting back to the the understanding of the brain it does get hard bility to learn to think and to choose and to Ruiz Foods make us human and and while the ability to think makes us human it actually goes much much deeper than this<br> if you were a lover of History you know that Rene Descartes who lived in the early to mid 1600 he was the first one to write about this concept of emotions in his famous quotation I think therefore I am and it really clarified his focus on the importance of cognition of The Human Experience what do we think about things how we perceive things how do we reflect and so forth but again everybody was asking the question looking like well who are we you know how can we like break it down and the cart was the first one to say well let's see if I eliminate all things but I can truly say In This Moment is I think and therefore I am<br> and that was the catch phrase that just stays with us even up to this day so his work is with you was very influential even up to how it's taught in today's classrooms and psychology in the world of psychology the cart is most known for his concept of dualism and his writing helped usher in the age of reasoning now the age of reasoning was slowly gaining traction at the wasn't thinking at all. Loan not until the 17th. But the carts understanding of I think therefore I am pushed out a little bit further and so the carts theory of dualism suggested that there are two Realms of existence is said first is this Physical Realm in which the environment and the things around us exist and he called this the of the realm of<br> matter and energy and instead of Consultants of his day the age of reasoning picked up on this and just you know said that this realm can be researched and it is quite scientific because it operates in a very prescribed methodical mechanical way<br> and the other realm he says is mental and it is transcendent to this physical environment but it cannot be measured<br> thanks though I tend to disagree with that one because there is more than one way to measure the Transcendent now there's more than one way to measure the spiritual effects you know that that that occurs in individuals again all through relationships and our relationship with God and the or the Divine and then so there are ways to measure spiritual effects other than using my say the standard height weight length whatever okay then we can clearly know how a person has been transformed by understanding shifts that occur in their perceptions and thoughts and behaviors but it's all through the quality of their relationships<br> and sooner or later A change is going to show up and where it shows up first and foremost is how we treat ourselves and how we treat others now true it doesn't follow the standard well how long is that or what does that way or what does that look like or we get over how tall is that or or you know it's just that scientific standards the tools are all wrong for measuring it because it's more about a quality shift in the perceptions thoughts and behaviors and then they'd leave the enhancement of quality of relationships which allows people to walk away from something that doesn't make sense in order to they strongly believe to take on something better. They want to go and serve others in some capacity and<br> we're always fascinated by those stories where people seem to walk away from you know million dollar careers in order to get their hands dirty so to speak and to to serve the underdeveloped to serve those who have not had the luxury of food or the luxury of certain kinds of energy and so forth that's in there more of developing countries or underdeveloped countries<br> great carts dualism allow for this separation of Sciences and the non-physical realm which was important in his day because it allows scientists to conduct the research without fear of being considered Heretics by religion<br> and all we have to do is invite Copernicus and Galileo to weigh in on that one and I kind of forget who who came first I think it was pretty cats that lived in the 1500 and both Copernicus and Galileo were considered Heretics and they were both persecuted by the religious groups of their birthday but that's for another shell okay and it still let's go back to this questionnaire this there is another dimension to consider when we hear this expression you are what you think there's a passage in scripture actually comes from the wisdom writings in the Old Testament Proverbs that says as a person thinks in their heart so he or she is<br> as a person thinks in their heart so he or she is<br> and we hear that and we read that in right away we want to say that the writer got it backwards so it shouldn't be that what we think in our minds so are we<br> well not quite cuz I think there's a very good reason why the passage is stated the way that it is and you know this is kind of leads us to you do go a little bit deeper and say there's something about this verse that cannot be overlooked because who we are on the inside and what we say on the outside sometimes don't always line up<br> do you know what society would would call this person somebody who says they have particular vas a moral beliefs but behaves in a way that those beliefs are not sincere<br> this is actually where the word hypocrite comes from its you know hypocrite is a Greek word hypocrite has which means an actor or a stage player and literally it translated it's an interpreter from underneath which reflects that understanding from you know ancient Greece that the actors were masks and the actors spoke from underneath those masks<br> so what's going on now you know most of us have been taught in school that the heart is just constantly responding to her say order sent by the brain informed of neurological impulses and sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart<br> can I put something that we haven't been taught in school but it's it's the research is that's coming out it's just fascinating the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart these heart signals have a significant effect on brain functioning you know influencing emotional processing as well as the you say the higher cognitive faculties such as our attention span or perceptions memory and even problem solving critical thinking and so forth but in other words not only does the heart respond to the brain but the brain continually responds to the heart<br> so indeed our thoughts become a reflection of who we really are<br> Jenny but going back to this as a person thinks in their heart so they are you know we we see in this verse that person you know who might be saying one thing with their mouths but they're in their heart they're in a completely different place and whatever we find ourselves in this was such a conundrum which one do we believe<br> do we believe what's in our minds our brain or do we believe what's in our hearts<br> well some people do one or the other of the thoughts and inclinations of the heart really shaped the reality of of who we are you know they shape our thinking which ultimately shapes our actions<br> that's why when you think about what matters it's it's forming the basis of who you will become<br> however we're also encouraged to have our hearts and Minds being sync with one another you know this is something that I see it in many clients that some people are either all in their emotions and they just have a hard time you know going up to their their head because you know just the rational reasoning they don't want to do they don't trust it and vice-versa some people are all in there you know cognitions all in their head and they don't trust their emotions and so being able to bring that down into the heart is just something that's totally foreign to them<br> say about this understanding you know that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart actually has become very prominent you're all due to the findings from the researchers from the heart math Institute and you can look them up online it's I think it's just hard math or something like that and yeah through their research they say that it has that times that during stress and negative emotions this is when the heart rhythm pattern is erratic and disordered and the corresponding pattern of neural signals traveling from the heart to the brain and actually inhibits higher cognitive functions you know such as attention perception memory problem solving and so forth and I'll hearts and put to the brain during stressful or negative emotions also has<br> sound effect on the brain's emotional processes actually serving to reinforce the emotional experience of stress<br> can I have this you know certainly when were under a lot of stress this will you know begin to take its toll on our immune system and So Clear Lake being negative negative negative all the time with our thoughts weakens the physical body and its ability to fight off bacteria or the ability to fight off let's say the common cold or something like that but it also limits our ability to think clearly and to remember or to learn or reason or make effective decisions and this also helps explain why we met often act impulsively and it were unwise me or Ashley when we're under stress because we react out of our sympathetic nervous system it's that fighter flight you know where were just in survival mode and we're not thinking rationally but after<br> threat or danger is past we then shift over into the parasympathetic nervous system where were able to calm down and that's when we can reflect that's when we can think clearly and so forth<br> but let me ask you one other question as we're going to take this notion of the heart communicating with the mind or the brain how many times have you walked by somebody and felt a certain negative vibe or you're sitting there people who are let's say just very happy just dicks recipe happy and you feel a certain lift in your emotions<br> okay that is very common so I'm sure we all have well-rounded McCready from the heart mouth heart math Institute he's done studies on this and he writes that the heart like the brain generates a powerful electromagnetic field and energy field which could be measured several feet away from a person's body or we might call them at night when they called out the art and it can be actually felt between two individuals in close proximity<br> Jay and and I mean it's it's not just what's going on with the other person but they're the same thing could be true with us I mean without realizing it are cardio electric electromagnetic field or energy field gives off that kind of information when we are angry and fearful or depressed or experiencing some other negative emotion as well when we have empathy or compassion gratitude or love or when we experience something positive<br> are they always you know that the age-old saying is that dogs can smell fear and then like well that's true because we are giving off that kind of energy where we are afraid we might be terrified or whatever but again dolls can also smell empathy compassion gratitude and love<br> that's why you just watch dogs around other people and immediately there if they get close they start wagging that tail okay they are like little barometers when it comes to you know human emotions or are human energy field<br> but you know this this Vibe this energy field goes even deeper now it's just amazing it just keeps going and going and going because in another study from the the heart math Institute it was a study entitled The Heart brain synchronization between mother and baby I think it came out some around like 2008-2009 the researchers there they studied the energetic heart brain interactions as they called it that occur between a mother and her infant<br> and the researchers were able to show that mother is brain waves synchronized to that of her baby's heartbeat and otherwise it appears that when the the mother placed her attention on the baby that she became more sensitive to the very subtle electromagnetic signals generated by the infant's heart. It's just it's just fascinating you know how this is why you looking at things from my say a human development standpoint the first two years and even prior to that but the especially the first two years of of a child's life that bonding that trust that at the end of all those on your positive attachment is so crucial<br> because how we bonded with our caregiver for caregivers or or how we've attached with our caregivers certainly determines how we form relationships as we get older is there a sense of trust there or is there a sense of mistrust you know how comfortable are we being around others<br> babies are another another group that really sensitive to what's going on around them because it's all based on touch and they you know what we feel we all went through this too when we were that age you know what we feel or have felt back then stays with us you know in other words we know when we felt safe we know we knew actually who was holding us and when it didn't feel comfortable to be held for one reason or another so does that fascinating research just coming out of the heart math Institute like I said you can look them up on the on the internet just there doing three very solid solid work well I would really love to hear your heart on these matters so far so again if you'd like to call in the number is 888-627-6008<br> 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I am your host dr. James house I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> all right hey welcome back I'm dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity again I just want to share a word about next week show next Friday at 3 Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific time next week actually highlights for me a special one year anniversary episode that I have been on the air Inlet doing these broadcast I have to say that that year flew by and I just want to thank all of you for following along with me this past year and I'll be sharing some news more next week and the website and so forth about how you can continue supporting this program for opportunities to subscribe but I want to get more information into your hands so stay tuned well at any rate next week June 4th I said that that special one year anniversary episode I'll be starting off my second year with BBs radio by how many more conversations you know<br> pertaining to the integration of our mental health and our experiences within third fourth and fifth dimensions of spirituality and some of these topics are going to include you know how and why were triggered by certain events in the world what do we actually sense in our soul are we sense in our spirit when having a more intentional progression in our spirituality as well as how then do we find that courage once and for all to let go of the non-life giving perceptions and experiences that we've had in order to take on more of our authentic selves so invite you to tune in Next Friday afternoon and listen to the Alchemy of our authenticity<br> well earlier in the show I've been talking about how most of us have been taught in school that the heart is constantly responding to the scene of the orders shall we say sent by the brain and the form of neurological impulses okay so good example of this would be lets say we smell the flower which is picked up by you and the Brain the foulness in the hippocampus which in turn said signals throughout the rest of our body to respond or to react according to a previous memory of flowers we look at its shape we look at the color we we smell it and so forth if it makes a noise when we you know what happened to get out either drop it let's say inadvertently or the stem brakes or something like that we take all that in through our senses<br> and yet<br> what goes on more is perhaps the heart is sending more signals to the brain at that time then the brain is sending to the heart my God this is the uniform the heart math Institute again fascinating and these these Hearts signals have a significant effect on brain function and improve influencing you know the emotional processes as well as you know the higher cognitive faculties such as our problem solving skills are critical thinking skills or our perception and short term long term memory and so forth so in other words not only does the heart respond to the brain but the brain continuously responds to the heart<br> and as I mentioned before the break or a troll in the crabby from the heart math Institute has done you a lot of studying this area and really focused on how the heart like the brain generates this powerful electromagnetic field where an energy field and this is something that can be measured several feet away from a person and can actually be seen it with two people who are standing close to each other and this is something that we also give off as well whenever were angry or fearful or depressed or you're experiencing some other kind of negative emotion as well as you know empathy and compassion and gratitude or love or whenever we experience something positive<br> can I thought that the one of the things that I have just been totally fascinated with us than the more and more that I read and and you'll go through the research on the heart math Institute is that you know through these studies there's also evidence to suggest that our social interaction has the potential to affect all relationships okay but especially to our ancestors through our soul connection<br> and I guess my ears perked up when I when I said that or my heart did a little pitter-patter because it's like if you've been listening to these shows all along you know I am all about Entergy healing intergenerational trauma and and what does that look like and how do we do that because I also believe that we have with those who have come before us as well as having a blood so connection to those who will come after us<br> and and healing intergenerational trauma calls for us to to deal with both ourselves and others in a compassionate Manner and it doesn't matter if we never met our ancestors or we have no idea who lived a thousand years ago or whatever it's it's not that at all you know then the again if you've been listening all this time you know that one of my my favorite object lessons is if we just prick our fingers and we look at our blood yet there they are you know they're at they are already with us as far as the DNA that has been handed down as a funeral in the positive traits and not-so-good DNA or if you don't know if it's good or bad but some things that we have to deal with as well as you do not just genetically but also what's been taught headed down to Haverly what is changed what is kind of like landed in our laps<br> okay but the ancestral let's say our ancestral wounds back to the generations who also suffered Horrors and Injustice has it's it's not really a matter of placing blame at their feet whether they are distant or more reason for what they passed down to us because it's true soul is accountable for their lifetime here on Earth and yet the purpose in listening to our ancestors is to first and foremost acknowledge this blood and soul connection we have with them<br> and when were able to do so we not only honor their lives but we also find ourselves sowing the seeds of compassion and understanding and peace in every and all things<br> but this listening to our ancestors do we listen with our minds our brains or can we listen with our hearts and souls<br> because our ancestors may not have been psychologically or physically or emotionally or spiritually strong enough to heal and transform their trauma but we are<br> and I can say that with all reassurance because I get I tend to believe that our ancestors looked to us now because we are the ones who can transform family trauma because we're aware of it<br> have a nice time shared before that whenever I introduce this subject to kids are teenagers you know they they've never heard this before because they're often looked at as the problem in the family you know they're often looked as though the black sheep of the family or you know if you can just get your act together and you know a lot of conversations I have with parents is you know first of all don't blame the child may be the child's just reacting to something else going on in the family we don't know yet but let's take a look at that time but when I explained to the child or the teenager that they are actually the strongest one in the entire family line to be able to not only heal this trauma but also to keep it from going forward<br> they sit up they pay attention they got a big smile on her face because perhaps for the first time in their life they feel empowered they feel like I'm not the problem I'm actually the solution that was like yeah you've never consider that before and they do it's like okay let's let's go to work let's get this done and then you know just listening to the stories and let's go let's go back through let's say or what his other genealogy sites that you do to try to get like the historical times in which your ancestors lived also have a conversation with Grandma Grandpa or depending on how young the child is maybe their great-grandmother or great-grandfather you know because when you get into the grandparents they also come with the memories of two and three generations so we could have<br> stories and just an understanding of what was coming down through the family you know what 6 7 maybe even eight generations of that understanding<br> and like I said I I believe that you know they may not have been strong enough for maybe they had to do what they had to do you again going back in healing energy racial trauma is not about finding fault it's about finding what can be healed what can be transformed because those who have yet to be born who we always have this blood soul connection with<br> they're depending on that<br> perhaps they would look back on the times which we lived in just say thank you I see something that was coming down through the generations and all the sudden it disappeared it healed where to go it doesn't really matter where it when it's just that Generations are not having to deal with it so regardless of how we try to make sense of the intergenerational trauma phenomena our ancestors do speak to us you know that the more we come into our own awareness of Soul Consciousness the more fully we can embrace our truth that we have everything that we need to transform negative and harmful energies of dysfunctional systems by our actions that stand on Truth understanding compassion forgiveness gratitude and love<br> and these traits are no longer to be treated as mere buzzword smoking and less a certain educational or political or even religious venues but rather once we develop and integrate an anchor these positive characteristics in our lives they become powerful forces that transmute others from their hidden voice pain and suffering into liberated Souls no longer bound by traumatic experiences<br> I did ours is an experiential relationship with God and therefore that urges us to embrace others as they have and will continue to experience life<br> and therefore in seeking to heal from our own intergenerational wounds I believe we have the first recognized and remove these you know these distorted template so they've been delayed over you don't have our perceptions you know them so they say something like from society's mirror in order to do so for the rest of humanity and we have to call you no negativity for what it is and then look at these distortions and just how they have just kept people and very wounded painful places for centuries and centuries and centuries<br> well as I said the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart that does having a significant effect on how the brain functions but let's take this understanding a little bit deeper by taking a closer look at how thoughts really manifest themselves in our lives positive and negative okay well emotions as I said a couple weeks ago we often believe that our emotions are the enemy you know people who are uncomfortable with sharing emotions are experiencing their emotions they just like nah nah nah nah nah nah nah and I will either want to run from them or hide them or we've been told in some way shape or form not to trust our emotions<br> you know and I usually save you know I see that very clearly when it comes to helping people overcome addictions is that you know we need understand first and foremost that you know in addictions and addictions recovery that people either want to feel something or they want us to feel nothing and this is where the addiction comes in you know they might be so shut down emotionally that they can't feel unless something artificial is in their system or<br> perhaps they've gone through something horrific and traumatic and they just don't want to feel that<br> and so having that artificial substance or whatever the addiction is in order to quell that in order to not feel that even for just a moment<br> is worth it<br> however it did really keeps us from labeling our emotions you know you know positive but for some reason you know we need to heal from those negative emotions we need to heal from that trauma because it's the addictions again it is clouding all that whether we want to feel something or you want to feel nothing<br> and get out in cases of likes a depression or anxiety you know again let's call it for what it is and what it does to us you know where either pulled into our path because of a previous psychological emotional physical even spiritual wounds and as a result We Fear being wounded again in the future so we're either pulled into the past or where we're constantly being pulled into the future but either way these extremes keep us from being fully present<br> with ourselves and the course with others<br> and it's true I heard our thoughts manifest various things for us<br> these thoughts do not solely come from the mind they also come from our hearts<br> when The Head and the Heart the heart and the head are constantly talking to each other but how many times do we catch her cells often wanting to stay in one or the other<br> do you think about me really do we allow ourselves to trust ourselves to sync the two together<br> do we<br> I must have time our minds are just racing all over the place you know even when we engage in meditation you know because like well I need more meditation in my life I need to find peace I just need the quiet Myself And yet when we engage in that we find that our minds are just jumping all over the place<br> and this is something that the Buddhist refer to this phenomenon as the monkey mind always busy always going here they're always looking around and this huge fear of missing out that is just hanging over our heads and as a result of this monkey mind it's nearly impossible to slow down and enjoy just being present<br> got it in addition just all the negativity that comes at us from any given moment any given day any given week and they've any given month any given year certainly effects are removed now it makes us unhappy or angry or Restless or anxious it hampers our ability to concentrate it has a a negative impact on our behavior and it interferes with our ability to have positive interactions with others<br> and as I said we already know that that that kind of negativity and stress weakened the immune system<br> but yet we continue to ruminate on the past thinking that if we can go jumping to mr. Whoopi's time machine go back there with your Mister Peabody we can go back into the past and that we will be better off you know if we could just simply change the past would be better off in the present and then therefore we wouldn't have to worry about the future<br> but that's not possible<br> however<br> when we Engage The Heart<br> we ground we find Stillness we can find peace we get out of that monkey mine and by doing so our hearts send signals to our minds to rethink so to speak<br> and the transform<br> when we were to do this was with great consistency gauging the heart first<br> we no longer wish to find peace we no longer wish to find Grace we no longer wish to have loved or to find love but rather we become peace we become Grace we become love<br> and and talk about changing the use of the vibe we give off<br> this the sense of being this generates a powerful positive energy field and a very vibrant are<br> and other people can pick up on this even before we speak<br> therefore we don't have to worry about where we're going to say it any given situations we can just simply be that we can't allow ourselves to be fully present with whatever the situation requires<br> but our negativity bias as another person had put it that means that we spent too much time ruminating over those minor frustrations you know it just could be you know a week or sitting at a traffic jam or maybe we had a disagreement with a loved one and we ignore the many chances to to experience that the Wonder the grace and simply living in gratitude throughout the day<br> how much do we miss<br> just by being caught up in negativity<br> and I know what perhaps some people are saying out there they might believe that this way no sounds too good to be true it's so idealistic it's not possible in this lifetime to achieve<br> but the fact is we have everything we need to be able to live authentically by simply incorporating for statements into our lives everyday<br> Ira byock would call these things saying the four things that matter the most<br> I call it finding our true selves through being in right relationships either way transformation occurs<br> saying the four things that matter the most<br> forgive me for<br> I forgive you for<br> thank you for<br> I love you because<br> you want to change the mind and stop manifesting negativity in your life focus on forgiveness gratitude and love and bring them into your heart<br> with ourselves first and then with others<br> but seeing these things is not a matter of the Mind instead it's saying these things take us directly into our hearts<br> and we can find tremendous tremendous healing<br> forgive me<br> I forgive you<br> thank you<br> I love you<br> the greatest effect hearing the cries from our ancestors has on us not only comes from getting in touch with our own Souls voice and how we live in forgiveness with ourselves gratitude with ourselves and love of ourselves but also awakens us to hear the cries of those who have no voice today<br> who forgives them<br> who shows them gratitude who loves them<br> raw beautiful souls made in the image of God full of inherent value dignity and worth but yeah we may struggle to accept this truth because our attention is often diverted to focus solely on outward appearances and behaviors and before you know it negative negative negative starts to come in<br> we all live with some degree of awareness or ignorance of our soul Consciousness navigate glimpses of it but we never attain the full extent because the physical emotional psychological issues that we're dealing with a thin cloud or a vision of who we truly are<br> diseases and illnesses do afflict Us in the body we do feel physical and emotional psychological even spiritual pain with so much intensity at times that we believe going to break us into<br> and at times our lungs might struggle to take a breath or hunger and disease has caused our stomach and intestines and bones and muscles and blood to scream in agony<br> these experiences might make us question whether or not we are the soul who God has created<br> I got this disillusion lies not in the suffering and pain and Agony we experienced the rather it's in our perception that there's nothing more to us then<br> just an emotional election and intellectual and physical body<br> no indeed physical and emotional pain and suffering can temporarily drown out the Cry of the soul but our soul is never silenced at once the soul has found its voice look out it'll never be silenced again<br> the truth is that the greatest strengths of who we are at our souls lies in our ability to transform and transcend the physical and emotional psychological limitations for as much as history has shown us though for Richard crimes of humanity and what people have done to themselves and vice-versa there are just as many stories out there of humanity Rising above such tragedies to heal and reclaim the salt<br> so are we ready to do the work<br> well if we are then let us continue to listen to our hearts and manifest positive Life Giving experiences that lift each other up to reach the heights of our authentic selves<br> Eye Doctor James hauke invite you to tune in Next Friday 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific time for that special one year anniversary show but until that time have a good weekend enjoy Memorial Day and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice has express your gratitude and and and love for them please please be careful take care and God bless<br> some comments or product to buy a book by it's all there just to calm and we'll see you next Friday at noon Pacific Time on PBS radio TV<br>

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