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Reclaiming Authenticity, June 10, 2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Garanimals: Tag! You're It!

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Title: Garanimals: Tag! You're It!

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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and now with over 25 years of experience.
all right well hey good afternoon everybody wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity helping you find your courage to reclaim that which has always always been in you very excited to be with you here today and every Friday at this time 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time if you've been listening to me for a while now on each and every week these broadcast focus on the integration of our spirituality and our mental health and it's all place within the context of ourselves and others and God or the Divine I am dr. James how can if you would like more information about me or leave me your comments about Today show I invite you to visit the website it's reclaiming authenticity or one word
and if you would like to be part of the show and just invite you to call in its toll free it's 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and just in case you can't spend the whole hour with me if you have to break away at the middle of it or so forth you know these broadcasts or podcast in case you want to go back and listen again or you couldn't go back into the archives and listen to previous shows that you may have missed or ones that pique your interest so for those who knew that who are new to the program I just want to thank you for joining me today this is a very special 100th broadcast and the beginning of my third year with BBs and as always as I've mentioned she know I've talked about subjects that integrate spirituality with our mental health issues things that I believe
nicely together
and I always like to begin these broadcast by explaining I just a little bit about myself but I don't so I can explain how reclaiming authenticity came to be because first of all I'd like to say that the reclaiming authenticity actually grew out of two deep-seated beliefs Within Me and the first is that I truly believe that the very best place to look for answers to our problems or issues is to First Look within ourselves you know too many people are too many times we had stopped looking in all the wrong places for solutions to our problems or we tend to blame others for our mistakes or troubles or even how our lives have turned out but we never bother looking with it you know that that seems to be a just I don't very much unnerving for a lot of people to ask the very tough
questions of themselves because well we don't know what kind of answer we're going to get and so if we don't ask the question we don't have to worry about it but that doesn't do us any good because we're still kind of spinning around wheels and making our same mistakes over and over and over again but when we return the shall we say a spiritual microscope back in on ourselves and we begin to ask questions we realize that again we are not bad people we just make that decision there is good in everybody it's just what are we allowing to come in and cover over you know the good stuff that's in us the very best of are the things that we came into this world with you know the gifts and The Graces cayenne and you know I place myself within that camp because For the Longest Time
I never thought I had any good in me you know even as a little kid like you know I thought there's no way I could find the answers you know to My Life by looking within but little did I realize that once I started looking within my own heart and not only shall we say face-to-face with my relational issues and what it would take to forgive and be grateful with and love myself but also I learned how forgiveness and gratitude and love healed others and how it healed relationship so this wasn't is actually the first thing that reclaiming authenticity is all about
and second aspect that shaped reclaiming authenticity all right. Just alluded to it is that I also firmly believe that all of us come into this world already equipped and graced with everything we need in this life in terms of our gift the desk or in terms of our skills in our talents or our strength and character traits and so forth and yet as we go along in life and maybe being in the wrong place at the wrong time and then due to some other unpleasant experiences we may feel as though we need to hide our giftedness you know we kind of shirt back from that or we don't want others to see our talents or our strengths because we fear
that those things are going to be exploited and so forth that's why we push our gifted this way down so that others cannot see it or maybe we've struggled all our lives you know just being told that well you're never really going to amount to anything or you know maybe that this is as good as it's going to get or whatever other voice we heard telling us that there is nothing special to us well at any rate we do not realize our giftedness when we do these things and we go through life functioning from a place of wind in Ennis or a place of victimization instead of that place of healing and wholeness and strength and really embracing who we are our uniqueness or are the Chad toss
and this is why I I place this whole integration of mental health and spirituality in relationships because when you think about it we often receive our deepest physical emotional psychological and even spiritual wounds in and through relationships and yet here's the irony we can also discover our greatest healing strength peace forgiveness and love through healthier relationships and these relationships just might be within our own families or our co-workers they might even be within a friend group
but you know whenever we transform we also transform others by our presence race and understanding my people may not know what it is it's different about us but they know that something's different they know that some form of trans transformation has taken place on Sunday free or some level within us as our healing takes place at first forgiveness kindness compassion has to begin with how we treat ourselves because there's no coming back to the relationships the two go hand in hand because whenever we are compassionate with ourselves we that can be more compassionate with others and whenever we are more forgiving with ourselves and more patient with ourselves we that can be more forgiving and patient without it
and when were able to live in gratitude with ourselves at just simply to be grateful and thankful for everything in our lives we then discover how this really opens up our hearts to live and see and to be in gratitude with others so first and foremost this transformation begins with us and it just radiates out so today this June 10th just so happens to be a very special 100th broadcast episode which focuses on spirit animals do the critters in our lives that show up at just the right place just the right time to help us and teach us something about ourselves perhaps when we least expect it but yet we need it the most so before I begin today's broadcast I just wanted to give a shout out to the southern Ute Indian tribe in Southwest Colorado hey guys how are
you doing out there I was out there over a week ago on my own spiritual ceremony a little vacation you're catching up with old friends and making new friends and I have to say that I was treated exceptionally well the southern Ute people to Pueblo people are very friendly and inviting and made me feel right at home and it just so happened as other things I was doing was also out there at a time during their annual bear dance bear yeah that's right the bear dance which which is held every spring as a social dance for it also can be described as a lady's Choice dance and this is where at the beginning of every round of the dance the ladies would go select the man as their partner for that projector round and would dance together for as
what I experienced one day was just more like line dancing men on one side women on the other and we just danced back and forth is very rhythmic of the Youth Fair thing as a relates to a timer that goes somewhere back in the fifteenth century when 2nd brothers were out hunting in the mountains and when it became tired of course they lay down to rest and one of the brothers just kind of woke up and noticed a bear standing upright facing a tree and this bear seem to be moving and dancing and making a noise while climbing the tree and then it turned around and began to scratch its back against the tree and I'm sure we've all seen this work maybe if you have stucco walls at home you've done this many times and yes it does feel good so you know the one
this was fascinated by this and he just watched the bear do this for the longest time the other brother well he woke up and then he just went on Hunting while the other brother just continue to observe the bear and the bear actually taught the young man to do the same dance and also taught him a song that went with the dam and told the young man to return to his people and teach them the dance and the songs of the bear and the songs sporting to Legends show respect for the spirit of the bear and respect to the bear spirit and in doing so it makes a person strong
so every year after a long winter everybody ready to be outside the barracks you know they coming from hibernation and the bear dance was one way in which the people could release their tensions from being cooped up all winter and I just got a little stir crazy after while I was like I'll be out it's beautiful weather and as I said that the men and the women as they entered the Corral would wear some sort of plumes which at the end of the fourth and final day they would leave on a cedar tree at the East entrance of the Corral and as the Utes say that leaving a plume on the tree was to leave your troubles behind at the Start Your Life Anew
and I like that and I Venture the dance but then you leave totally different refresh renewed ready to continue living life but with a renewed perspective and this year the bear dance just so happen to fall on Memorial Day weekend and like I said I had a ball it's a special Dancewear by everyone gathered in a very large Corral women on one side and on the other and when the signal is given the women would walk across the Chorale and choose their Partners to participate in the line dance and it was great fun I really enjoyed it and they're very patient with me as the world's best dancer but I picked up fairly easy after a while but you know reflected on being there at the bear dance I remember just how many Native Americans and other
indigenous people incorporate animals into their own spiritual ceremonies and their light I mean there is there's animals such as the bear the Tiger The Lion the whale the fish the turtle the Frog snake Eagle Hawk Raven Crow and so far just to name a few of the animal kingdom it's just that and each animal is and was honored for its particular spirit and Winston strength rather characteristics that the people would learn from and eventually integrate into their lives and as the Customs go with in ceremonies people would often wear a safe feathers or claws or or bones it whatever it might be
sport or the spur representing the animals that they connect with and that the other times people would often Place pictures of you no specific animals in their home to remind themselves of the special connection the animal has with them
well I was more about this I was reminded of just something that I really enjoyed back in the day as a small boy
there used to be on line of clothing called Garanimals and then you're stuck in your head if you know what I'm talking about having whole idea was to make it easier for parents to buy clothes for their children simply by matching outfits by matching the animal knows of marketing and styling genius and it certainly made shopping for clothes and much easier we all you had to do was the find two of the same animals to ensure the clothing with match and even the kids would get it on it as they combed the clothing Isles no trying to match giraffe pants with giraffe tops were matching what's a bear shirts with pants that had the same Bear Tag or an elephant tag that match sweaters and pants
well would you believe that the concept of random can actually provide us with a deeper understanding of how we are matched with a particular spirit animal in our lives it's true I'm not. I'm not crazy you're at it's it's it's certainly true that follow me on this okay I'm some spiritual we begin to notice how certain animals show up in our lives right and I'm sure this has happened to each and every one of them okay and I'm not talking about particular dogs or cats are not so much the domesticated animals but let saying you know some indigenous animals or animals that we don't see too often all of a sudden begin to show up in a sometimes they appear in dreams or other times they might appear and the strangest ways or no come across our path or something and when they do it's
how much does if they say do is tag you're it and other words they get our attention because they are somehow matched with our spiritual energy and characteristics and vice-versa were matched with them and when this matching occurs it's really time for us to take seriously what we need to learn about these animals and how they teach us about our spiritual selves
and we can certainly Begin by just simply making note of you know our circumstances or situations in our lives and why a particular animal is showing up at that time mean why now why am I suddenly seeing zebras or why am I suddenly seeing you no bear or or deer or whatever it might be what's going on in my life
we can ask ourselves so you know what struggles and I have it or where do I feel stuck in my life right now I said these are all healthy question so we can ask for ourselves and as we pay attention to our spirit animal we can't note its characteristics and how this understanding can also awakened similar gifts and traits within us okay remember we're coming back to reclaiming authenticity now that we come into this world already gifted and graced and then with skills and talents and so forth A lot of times there's those gifts and talents and skills and so forth often lie dormant within us so they are ready to come up until we are ready for them to come up and certainly with the presence of a spirit animal we can not only understand its own characteristics and what makes you know let's say if they could
animal unique but it's understanding can also awakened similar gifts within us K and specific animals that show up in our lives and also remind us of our Inner Strength or remind us of resiliency that we have yet to tap into or encourage us not to make hasty decisions but instead the slow down and be very methodical in our lives
one of my teachers always reminds me to be like a turtle or to slow down and be aware of what's around you and if she says that you miss so much just by being around but it's time to be a turtle take it slow and I know people who work with their spirit animals for Spiritual protection against a a lion or a cheetah will show up in their dreams that's very Vivid and you don't maybe it's God's way of you know this animal is for your protection so what do you need to learn about its protection how does it protect itself and let's say everyday life or the strength of that particular animal and how can we take on that strength
oh and on and by the way it's not crazy to talk to your spirit animal we have examples after examples after examples of people speaking to animals and I'm not just talking about Doctor Dolittle here but we do have many many examples of how the people have noted you know how they have spoken to the animal animal has spoken to them because you know what the FDA you shows up in your life they've already started talking to you or talk crazy to talk to your animals because when they show up they've already started to talk to you they talked to your spirit they talked to your heart they get your attention and so forth and it's up to us simply listen to pay attention and to a lap and to be aware
and yes teachers are everywhere even in the most unlikely places through the most unlikely circumstances and unlike all great teachers know you know I'd like all great teachers their presence always extends Beyond time and space there's really no limit because of the wisdom that comes forth in the teaching and this is especially true and relevant when specific animal show up at the right time and the right place in order to teach us something about ourselves a lesson that we have yet to learn or something that we have not even comprehend it yet or perhaps that you know that it's time and that were ready to strike out on a new path in life were to go in a different direction or so for whatever whatever the message
well what fascinates Humanity regarding watching and tracking indigenous and domestic animals and there is humanity is just fascinated with them are you go on YouTube for your face then we're Facebook and there are hundreds and hundreds of pictures of captions with animals of all species it's like we never get tired of looking at monkeys never get tired of looking at elephant or a cure rex or whatever whatever it might be
and on the last year there was a popular documentary that was entitled my octopus teacher it was on Netflix I don't know if you seen it or not but it's very interesting documentary just to say the least now I'm not going to share everything about the store but no one really touched me was the way this professional photographer who just so happen to love scuba diving you know he lived in South Africa and he would dive down and low and behold he kept saying the octopus. Just a very beautiful creature and it was a female octopus and he just you know developed an understanding with the octopus and every time he would dive down he would see her you know he'd spend his free time searching for her or watching her and studying the way in which you search for food or
she protected herself and struggled for you know it just everyday survival is a time she was quite vulnerable
an interesting Lee enough the more he wrote about it reflected on this octopuses characteristics the more he started to reflect and understand himself and his relationships and eventually this understanding brought a deep sense of personal healing for him
you know I'm going to get in you if you haven't seen it like I do recommend that you you watch it is fascinating the transformation that occurred in this gentleman just by being a part of the life of this octopus will have you ever stopped to consider just how much animals are a part of our lives and we have dogs we have cats we have lizards we have guinea pigs ferrets and so forth and fish all that you know but to really consider just how much or how interconnected we are with the Animal Kingdom from the four-legged kids to the Wingate ones to fish and other creatures who make their home in the sky or on the earth Revo under the Earth those at the live in the lakes and streams and bazin oceans
at the end of the world has much to teach us you know if we are willing to be aware of them and you know when where why and how they show up
and it's it's also interesting that scripture throughout the you know the Bible there are many many examples of how God has used and spoken through animals in order to convey spiritual truths the people and one of my favorite passages found in Psalm 91 and this is where the millier passages like that God says that that God will raise you up on the wings of eagles and he will bear you on the breath of dawn make you shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of God's hand
well I don't know if you've ever heard of spirit animals or it doesn't matter even if you believe in them they're called Spirit Animals because they often speak to us in the higher Realms of spirit
my spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual that very similar to a saint or an angel but not exactly the same thing and so if you're looking for a good book that describes how animals interact with Humanity on a spiritual level I would have two highly recommend animal speak by Teddy an animal speak by Teddy Andrews very thorough just compiling a thing as there are sections of the book that are dedicated to the insect world or the birds are snakes and other and fibia samples and of course memes
and in some indigenous cultures animal totems are symbols are very specific kinds of energy than that of being manifested and aligned with our own lights and the characteristics and activities of these totems real much about our innate strengths and abilities and how it comes through spirit animals and total points you know if you remember additional smoke inside in Alaska and in other locations the totem poles actually tell the story of a people weren't ripe you know it tells the stories and legends and history and culture
and these polls are often depict family status in the community and their Origins and Supernatural experiences territories marriages
and a totem pole is actually a complete family history created to last you know into eternity and totem poles were always placed facing the water so those who you know visiting a community would know which families live there and Native American Circle certain animals carried with them the air of sophistication and mystery and spiritual are for example the Buffalo is extremely significant for the Lakota Native American and actually when we understand the Buffalo in Buffalo has a lot of features about the storms that we face in life
as a characteristic of the Buffalo is that whereas most animals run from storms in off of storms coming especially cows gone run you know horses run away from the storm the Buffalo instead puts his head down and walks toward the storms
so when we study the characteristics of animals we develop a sense of kinship with them and we realize how interdependent we are with them and we too can put our heads down and face the store and not the fear this because there is courage that there is strength in the buffalos heart and strength are heart
and it also in the Lakota tradition a story of The White Buffalo Calf won't let you know once a beautiful woman dressed in a white buffalo Spirit appeared at the brought the sacred pipe which you showed how all things are connected with interconnected such as her father was sacred path and she taught them not only how to pray but also know how to receive abundance and she taught them that they didn't need to struggle on the Ritz is it in order to survive if their action was always joined with right rare
well I would really love to hear your heart on the matter of the spirit of an evil spirit animals and I would really love for you to share your story with me and your animal spirit store I so if you would like to call in that number again is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke and I'll be back with you in 1 minute
hey welcome back dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity while earlier in the broadcast I was talking about how on a spiritual level we begin to notice how certain animal show up in our lives and sometimes they appear in dreams other times they appear in the strangest ways and when they do it's almost as if they say to us tag you're it I get our attention I say hello you know or whatever whatever that the message is and this might be for the very first time that we become aware of their presents and in our lives and I kind of like the blank. I believe that you know when they get our attention because they're somehow matched with our spiritual energy and characteristics and vice-versa I've had mine
give American friends explained to me that you know when your spirit animal appears that you can have more than one and what they're actually saying is if they really want to work with us so it behooves us to really pay attention to their energy their characteristics their trade than what we can learn from them and how it can relate to our lives and when this matching occurs it's really time to take seriously what we need to learn about these animals and then what they actually don't do teach us about our spiritual selves and we can certainly make note
of any circumstances or situations in our lives and why a particular animal is showing up at that time you know another words like why now am I seeing a lion and why he is a lion showing up in my dreams yeah we could ask ourselves what struggles am I having or where do I feel stuck in my life right now that the lion might be speaking what can I learn from The Lion and so forth and as we pay attention to our spirit animal we could note its characteristics and this can certainly increase our understanding and can awaken similar gifts and traits within us
and specific animals show up in our lives at certain times to perhaps remind us of our Inner Strength or resiliency or encourage us not to make hasty decisions but instead to slow down and some animals show up evening for our spiritual protection now I will just out here very quickly that there are online tests and quizzes that you can take to you know find your spirit animal and I were whether or not you might have a spiritual animal I don't recommend these online tests and quizzes because there are more subjective more affirming ways to see if spirit animal wants to connect with you
and what are the things we can ask is you know have we taken notice as to which animals were drawn to it which ones that seem to connect with us which ones do we always want to see or which ones are we are always fascinated with them and what animals are often drawn to us
not for me there were three distinct times when spirit animal showed up all with unique message that revealed something deeper Within Myself and taking note of their characteristics and traits I would often find different ways to integrate their uniqueness into my life and it started when I was a young boy I was always drawn to pandas another Bear right I love their fur and you know the black and white coloring I was just fascinated by them yeah they were cute and cuddly and so far but just still fascinated by them so I collected books and posters and anything that reminded me of pandas I even think I had a stuffed panda get out of stuffed animal but I just fascinated with pandas love pandas grown-up and one of the things that I have learned from the Panthers if they're gentle strength and
slow progress and the panda does possess a gentle strength but it moves forward slowly and then eventually gets to where it's going it possesses you know just great determination and a will to succeed and perhaps is a panda showing up in your life you know the panda is there to support you to achieve your goals and encourages you to endure regardless of how difficult the situation might seem to you and it certainly fit my life growing up you know the struggles and so forth constantly reminded of keep going it's worth it hang in there you'll get there keep moving forward the the panda also teaches us the importance of being comfortable and secure which requires you know an abundance of what it needs and then you knowing
certainly we want to feel secure in our lives we wanted feel relaxed about the future but the panda also tends to save its energy and that's why it moves very slowly and perhaps you know the panda teaches us like don't rush into things take your time think it's real and I do in this way we will know be reassured that God will making the right decisions or ignore the right action and the panda is certainly adaptable you know these the Bears are carnivores and they've adapted to Almost 100% plant diet and I just do to the habitat they live in and again maybe the pandas is teaching people that you know you have the gift of adaptability and Fitch near to that you need to adapt to circumstances and the environment that you are and so then you couldn't not just survive but you can also Thrive towards your goals
well the second time in my life been which animals spirit animals really became noticeable to me was when I stepped on a ground nest of bees yellow jackets and I did this twice twice in two weeks. Mowing grass by the amount of business and all the sudden Crunch and here they come and the first time I was stung over 30 times the second time I was stung over 20 sometimes and the first time I was done from that many times I didn't really know what to do I just finally got them all off of me and everything I just kind of stood there because I knew my family history but you see my mother was allergic to bees and she would go into anaphylactic shock and eventually she needed to carry two epipens with her so I just kind of stood there you know just not knowing what to do just
waiting to see what would happen
and nothing death
and so it was just like okay I guess I didn't inherit that from her so but then the second week after I thought it was all good and I got stung again you know 20 sometimes and look like okay what's going on here what do I need to pay attention to and interesting Lee enough in many Native American religious Traditions bees are representative of Life rebirth and transformation men should not be able to fly you know if you are not there. They're just designed all wrong era dynamically and from a spiritual perspective the speaks to you know what are our limitations and how do we move past them successfully
and there was a movie oh gosh decades and decades ago I'm going to say back in the 80s maybe early early 90s and it's entitled and the Bumblebee flies anyway it's taking this notion that the wings of the Bumblebee again aerodynamically should not be able to support the weight of the bees body but it does it almost defies the odds so that was the whole premise of the movie I like how in your life can you defy the odds when an all-out word appearances
yeah you shouldn't be able to do that this but you do and say you can and so when it becomes to you as a spirit animal guide no maybe it's time to take a little inventory regarding responsibilities and you know maybe you're over-extended or you perhaps become apathetic and bees don't really tolerate Extreme Ways they like to find another energy somewhere in the middle but getting back to you have the wingspan and they you know the lack of aerodynamics of the Bee Gees can carry three hundred times their weight and they never establish a shirt back from their duties to contribute to the community but yet they also have time to stop and smell the roses right
being so I can also demonstrate accomplishing things that are just go Way Beyond logic and all your hard work means nothing if you don't get to enjoy the rewards so stop and smell the roses that were likewise when life begins to stagnate so does your spirit so what's keeping you grounded what what are you thinking that you're limited that you that you cannot do and so bees also fit a very specific role in nature you know I'm just pollinating other plants and and this is necessary for the ongoing life of many crops if we didn't have bees forget it and it also delivers humans with wax and honey and you know giving babies the additional symbolic value of how they provide and actually you know just taking a page out of History Einstein believed so
broccoli and bees in the importance of bees to the ecosystem that I think he made a prediction at one point I want to say that if he's disappeared humans would not survive more than four years after that
well the last story about who are Maya spirit animals that showed up actually involve the Buzzard or the turkey vulture and yeah we've we've seen these birds along highways or back roads were they seem to be devouring something that has already died in picking off be no meat from carcasses and so forth and we just don't pay it any attention but years ago when my daughter was quite young and dumb I was inside a house and she was outside and she comes running in she can Steven come on out here and I need you to look you know come out to the front yard and all these trees because these birds are out there and you know you hear this racket they're making a bunch of noise and and so we go out there and I'm looking up at all these vultures that were in our trees
then they were just sitting there and they were just making noise you know talking to each other or maybe talking to us who knows but all of a sudden they swooped down and they flew over our heads and it was so close that we could hear and feel the swoosh from their powerful wings and interesting way they didn't just fly away they just went from the trees in the front yard to the trees in the backyard and then eventually they went on their way but is almost of the site did you see us you paying attention now and so forth so of course I had to you know do a little research on the union of the characteristics of the turkey vultures or the buzzards and quite fascinating creature because within the Mayan culture vultures are considered symbols of cleanliness
and that means really can you imagine what the world would look like without the vultures I mean what would happen to dead animals because you see the vulture is kind of like the garbage collector of the wild and
you know you and and it's just something I was just very fascinating and just how the the turkey vulture or the Buzzard teaches us the importance of keeping our environment clean always because they can devour things that would kill us you know we couldn't feed on you know three-day four-day five day old carcass is it and you know we'd botulism in all that we just couldn't do it but it doesn't phase the Buzzard of the turkey vulture. Just like yeah no problem we'll take care of this will keep the environment clean or the Eco culture that you know clean and they just their stomachs can handle it and so forth they have like I said they have no trouble with that so they they have a very vital role in in our lives and yeah just keeping the the ecosystem clean and again if you want to look at this at a spiritual level you know and also speaks about tree
information you going to going from that Witch Is Dead to that which gives life you know things that are the dead actually keep the turkey vulture a turkey Buzzard alive well. You got me talking about talking about the spirit animals I'm going to share one more with you this is my last time to India about two years ago and high up on the mountains are she was headed toward the a Malia's and since you have to take as you are high up in the mountains and the air is quite thin and so forth but I was there with my my guide and we're just driving to like the bass part of it to where I would you know walk with him then on on a pack to go up to the higher elevations
and we are just driving along and this is daylight in k and a mountain leopard actually jumped in front of the van that's my guide was driving and just stopped and looked at us
and and just looked at me and I look back at this leper just fascinated is just a beautiful beautiful creature beautiful fur wonderful spots I made it just a beautiful beautiful cat for lack of a better word thanks and this lasted for about 30 seconds and then all the sudden it was gone it just bounced off down off the road down you know back down the side of the mountain and we didn't see it again and it was just fascinating the guide was probably more shocked about this than I was because he says you know the width of the leopards they do not come out during daylight they that's when they sleep but they hunt at night and they've been known to attack you know you meant so you have to be really careful about this but the fact of the leopard came out during the daylight and just you know stairs unless he took that
Samantha it's like this is rare something's going on here this is he's never seen anything like that before and so I went and thought about this reflected on it and did some homework and and so forth and realize that a leopard is very much of a hunter a leopard is one who protects a leper has great vision a strong sense of smell and so forth and just a very powerful characteristics as well as being able to look up in high altitudes is just a dab swell to different circumstances in life and so in reflecting upon this I just realized it again then part of my own spiritual transformation of just you know perhaps the leper just popped in to say hello and for me to be reminded that you know these things
gifts lie within myself as well so very grateful for another only the leopard but also the bees the panda bears and the turkey vultures and of course I've had others like I said I've had a great time out in the southern Ute tribe of Southwestern Colorado and learned quite a bit about the bear the bear dance and so forth so I'm certainly grateful for the bear
weather has many many many examples that I can come up with and just that I've been written about how Humanity has interacted with animals you know what I'm not talking about just dr. Dolittle that's that's a story okay but legitimate stories in which people are interacted with animals and they seem to have this connection with the animals and perhaps you know your dog or your cat you know is going to have or does have I should say a special connection with you that I always say that whenever people go you know like they know we're going to go get a dog or we're going to go get a cat that's interesting as they describe an experience just how often the dog or the cat chooses them you know it's not the other way around like what we walked in and we we saw this beautiful
beautiful dog and she was very friendly and you know just came up to us and it's like well are you sure that may perhaps she didn't choose you instead of you choosing her and you know get them to think just how they interact with their their animals and how many animals interact with them and and speaking of dogs and cats the dog can sense when we come home at the end of the day you have a gets used to hearing our car the sound of our car or the noise our door makes when we only shut the door and so forth
so and my fascinating thing is my dogs can tell just what kind of day I had the kind of day my wife had even before we get in the door and just by opening the door and how we open the door you know our dogs can can really pick up on know you had a good day or things didn't go as planned today did it and that's how many times have your animals just kind of grown up next to you snuggled with you I mean of course the dog is a pack animal much Like the Wolf but you know that they sent so much they interact with us on different levels you know and you know how many times I've had people share with me stories of five after they needed to put down their dog for one reason or another when sickness illness or just old age and how the dog
would show up again in dreams just to say you know a hello or just to reinforce the idea that they still have a connection you know with their owners so just encourage you to pay attention to the animals in and around your lives and you know they have much to teach us about not only who they are or their characteristics and so far but they have a lot to teach us about ourselves you know we have a lot to learn about ourselves to and spirit animal can certainly make that happen and it is just they show up with very specific intentions and like I said they I believe very strongly that they are spirit animals are matched with us for some reason these things just don't occur out of the blue or at random. There are some very specific circumstances because of the timing and the situations in our lives
so well if you never done so before I keep a dream journal by your bed make note of these dreams just write them down don't wait till the morning cuz you won't remember your dreams but even if it's gibberish just jot down very quickly you know what the dream was about and so forth okay so again I just want to encourage you to just pay attention to the Animal Kingdom we are so interested interdependent on on one another and we had that kind of connection with them so I dr. James hauke and you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity so I join me next week for another live broadcast 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time right here on CBS station one and in the meantime behave yourselves
have fun but be careful and may God Hold Us in the palm of God's hand till we talk with one another see each other again take care bye bye
comments by a book by dr. hope it's all there, and we'll see you next on PBS radio TV

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