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Reclaiming Authenticity, July 16, 2021

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Transforming Dimensions of Silence

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Transforming Dimensions of Silence

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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dr. James hauke<br>well good afternoon everybody wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity finding one's courage to reclaim that which has always been in you very excited to be with you here today every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific time and every other time in between each and every week these broadcast are dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health well I am dr. James how can if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about Today Show invite you to visit the website it's so cleaning authenticity www. DDS reclaiming authentic<br>and if you like to be part of the show and invite you to call in at that number is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and he's broadcast podcast it now in case you want to go back and listen again or you go back into the archives and listen to previous shows and I just wanted to say at the top of this hour or this one of the thank you for your support and would like to say that the you now have an opportunity to continue your support in different ways by becoming a monthly subscriber now unlike other radio spots with a subscription is not required to listen to my talk shows but it is greatly appreciated so you can just go right on to the website and you'll see the information there about talk show subscriptions and choose any amount you feel,<br>giving out again I thank you for that very very much well for those who do I like to say that just a little bit of a background about myself that I'm a firm believer that all of us come into this world already equipped and graced with everything we need for this life in terms of our giftedness or in terms of our skills or our talents and strengths are character traits some so forth personality however as we go along in life and perhaps due to some unpleasant experiences we may tend to hide or giftedness or we may push that giftedness or skills way down so that others cannot see it you know because perhaps we were told we would never amount to anything growing up or<br>perhaps when we had expressed our talents or a giftedness those talents or were exploited for some reason or whatever other voice we heard her telling us that there's nothing special to us at any rate we do not realize our giftedness and we have to go through life functioning from a place of woundedness instead of a place of healing and wholeness and uniqueness or a chariot Oz there is so much more to us than what we have becomes so far and this is what reclaiming authenticity is all about having the courage to reclaim that which has always been in you or as Anthony De Mello what's it the spiritual Quest is a journey without distance you travel from where you are right now to where you have always<br>Ben from ignorance to recognition for all you do is see for the first time what you have always been looking at who ever heard of a path that brings you to yourself or a method that makes you what you have always been spirituality after all is only a matter of becoming what you really are and I would also add on to that who you really are and I comes from the book of the hearts of the enlightened by Anthony De Mello<br>well how is your heart today I hope your heart is well I hope you are well and I pray that if you are struggling today that you would find the rest in the comfort and the piece that you need<br> well welcome to Today Show I'm going to be talking about the the Alchemy of authenticity and this particular show is going to be focusing on transforming dimensions of Silence yes transforming dimensions of silence and just again to Enlighten the people who are Tuning In For the First Time The Alchemy of authenticity in school we may have learned in chemistry class that physical Alchemy was and is concerned about altering and transforming chemical properties within solid matter such as changing lead to Gold but spiritual Alchemy is concerned with freeing our vast spiritual cells which often times are hindered within us by the unrefined parts of ourselves in other words<br> our fears take over or are limited personal beliefs or we might struggle with self-loathing or or something else but it did that prevents us from discovering who we fully are but also realizing that there is so much much more to us so spiritual Alchemy is vastly more multifaceted its fluid its ongoing it's this continuation of the purification of our hearts much in the same way Smith will turn up the heat the hopper that contains a raw mineral or metal has increased the dross or the impurities come to the surface only to be skimmed off making the metal pure than what it was before and then this process is repeated over and over again and again until the middle reaches<br> that's finest Purity that it can be<br> well we too are going through a process of a spiritual Alchemy of authenticity that is a call and then urging to move into higher dimensions of our authentic selves because let's be honest here for a second how often does it feel like the heat is being turned up through past and current events throughout the world you know if they're in there for when going through this process of a spiritual awakening sooner or later we are confronted with the fact that there seems to be so much more to ourselves than the reality that we are living in and then that which we've grown accustomed to<br> but still we may find ourselves struggling with how we are triggered again and again by certain events in the world and yet at the same time having a more intentional progression in our spirituality and finding that courage deep within ourselves to let go of those non-life giving perceptions and experiences we let go of those things in order to embrace more of our higher Dimension more of our authentic selves and a desire to live exclusively from a heart space of pure light and unconditional love<br> so let's talk about this subject that most people are uncomfortable with that is silence it's kind of ironic you know because depending on the the kind of day you're having or being too many people can't wait to get home and decompress the can't wait can't wait to get home and they can just relax kick their shoes off with the feet up just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet we've all been there we all have days where we just don't want to think anymore we just don't want to feel anymore we just liked I just need silence and although were craving some peace and quiet it's not exactly the same thing as being in silence<br> and this is what I mean by that you would think that quiet and silence are the same thing but not quite<br> because whenever we think about quiet or you know quietude we may tend to think that it is just simply the absence of noise so the absence of sound or at least stifling that noise that surround us we will even have noise cancelling earphones and earbuds for a soundproof rooms and so forth but these are helpful in eliminating background sound which allows us if you work from home you can be on conference calls and so forth without any distractions or to listen to music more fully without interference and if you don't have a pair of these earphones I have two highly recommend that you just add that to your list of things to get<br> so that's quiet but silence on the other hand is is different you know if we want to put it into the context of a spiritual or meditative sense silence is intentionally entering into a state of inner peace and tranquility<br> it's more than just quieting our minds by dismissing all of those check list of things that we have to do and entering into silence is more intentional because we seek to communicate with God on a soul level a dimension where words are not necessary let alone able to follow you've heard me say this before but one of my favorite stories about Mother Teresa was when she was asked what did she say to God whenever she prays and she replied well I don't say anything okay what do you do well I listen<br> alright well then what does God say to you and she replied he doesn't say anything to me he also listens<br> and truly that's entering into silence on that so level that is that soul to soul expression that soul to soul communication and this is when we discover that our human language is actually a hindrance to listening to the very Cry of our soul<br> because you see we can be in prayer but if our minds are racing a mile a minute we're not in silence and this is often the place where many people long to be and they struggle to achieve that they struggle to get there<br> now I'll be the first one to admit that it wouldn't be hard to Interchange words like quiet and silence you know and did three in and throughout society and I did a little checking earlier this week because I've often heard it said that there is sound in silence maybe because I'm nostalgic and I remember the Simon and Garfunkel Song The Sound of Silence but you know what actually does silence have a sound well depends on who you ask you know there are many interpretations out there for sound or us of sound in silence I should say and according to dr. Seth Horwitz of brown university is in truly quiet areas you can even hear the sound of air molecules vibrating inside your ear canals or the fluid in your ears themselves<br> caring and if you've ever been to the beach you know that the few hold a seashell up to your ear and you got that sound of you. Sounds like the ocean roaring or the waves crashing that's what he's pointing to its these these molecules that are just reverberating through our ears and bouncing off our our eardrums or get out of the air molecules vibrating inside are your canals or at even if we have fluid in the ears themselves but it's often fun to find out one large cell shell and hold it up to our ears and just listen as if we are right there with the ocean and this is something that I often share with the kids so I cancel this time of the year who love to go to the beach<br> and they come back and of course they have to share with me all the shells that they found on the beach and what else they did and so for it and sooner or later we usually end up talking about I'm so what was it like to be at the beach and they often tell me it was very relaxing they had a great time they went in the water that got sunburned or whatever else were they ate out at way too much pizza whatever it is but now that they're back home they miss it and there's a little bit of depression going on because in about another 6 weeks or so 5 weeks school will be back in session and so summer is just flying by here but if they happen to have a large shell like I tell them that you don't hurry up and go get it and you know they let you know just hold it up to your ear and of course they say you know<br> sounds like I'm listening to the waves crashing all over again is if I'm at the beach and I just say that's right it does sound like that so the next time you missed the beach hold that show up to your ears and listen to the sound that you really enjoy<br> well other people who consider silence and quiet might interpret silence as that moment when something is left unsaid because words themselves are so unnecessary you know just so you hit that realization in a conversation where it's like I have no I don't have anything else to say<br> and so we pause I made it could you could even cause a gap in a conversation when the silence itself replaces the words and I'm sure you've been in Gatherings were you do in in a meeting or something where there's just a lot of talking going on or even at a party a lot of talking going on and then there's this<br> there's this pause where everybody seems to stop talking all at once<br> an interesting Lee enough fuel you do just check this out for yourselves but that occurs about every 7 minutes where it's just everything is said and then all of a sudden<br> there's a part okay it's just an interesting phenomena so every 7 minutes so go ahead and check that out for yourself and and let me know your thoughts about that it's just quite interesting silence can also be an indicator of very powerful empathy and when we are really tuning into how another person is feeling about what they're saying we're listening more to let's say the tone of their voice and the speed of their words than the actual words as if there's an awareness of the pain and suffering another is that so deep but words cannot simply express it adequately<br> so in one sense you can say that Silence has sound but more accurately Silence has vibration it's a vibration that not only be heard by our ears and then interpreted in our minds but it's also felt deep with it and it's this characteristic of Silence that requires no words attract if we force words it'll just spoil the entire experience<br> but Justice we have this capacity for language we also have the same capacity for vibration and this is why we need to realize that when we choose the words we say they to carry with them not only the sound but also the energy<br> you know with our words and our energy we have the power to heal where the power to wound we have the power to lift somebody's day or we have the power to declare are you on Pinellas to them hopefully we don't crush them either<br> well nice fun summer movie to watch is mr. Holland's Opus and you've ever seen it you know where I'm going with this it's you know if you recall that mr. Holland he was a music teacher just loved music in general he love the blues and yeah I had a son who was born without his sense of hearing and he struggled with this all the time and he just said he could never get around the irony of a music teacher having a son who was hearing impaired but as his son grew up he loved to work on older cars he's just a very gifted mechanic and he found and use the mechanics stethoscope to listen to the engines vibration and he would be able to feel if the engine was running smoothly or if something in the engine was misfiring or<br> whatever the problem was is very gifted at doing this and the underlying very subtle message in the movie was that human beings can be attuned to higher and higher vibrations that connect us with higher parts of ourselves and when mr. Holland understood how his son connected through the power of vibration he put on a high school concert in which the sounds of his orchestra with his band were hooked up to Bright Lights so that every note every drumbeat even the clash of the symbols resignate admitted with exploding flashes of colorful lights I mean is truly astonishing to watch it was a powerful point in the movie and it just was very much breakthrough when it came to<br> adjust the power of vibration the power of sound the power of of Silence<br> and we can feel sound we can feel silence because after a sound is produced that that vibration continues we can even listen to our own heartbeat through a stethoscope but more importantly we can also feel the vibration of our hearts<br> and whatever we experience in our relationships forgiveness and are able to then release negative energy and pain that we've been hanging on to those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us we tune into those higher frequencies or vibrations as it were me think of it also in terms of using using the tuning fork by striking the prawns and thereby releasing a perfect pitch wave pattern<br> and then adjusting the sound of an instrument so that the two vibrations are in sync<br> and some piano tuner some you do musicians are extremely gifted in this area where all they have to do is just listen carefully and they had this perfect pitch where they can just tune an instrument and then there's matches the vibration that they're able to hear in their in their minds<br> so going back to the spiritual components of Silence even scripture reminds us of the importance of entering into silence you know every day either through a prayer or meditation so that we can benefit from that vibration or that Attunement and vibration indeed takes us into another level of awareness about this is is what the gurus in the Swami's in a Yogi's taught that in order to find God you must first know how to enter into silence and this is something that I just saw such a stark contrast when I was in India that that people from the West had a hard time just entering into silence because we think silence is the absence of something it's the absence of sound is the absence of God's voice it's the absence of whatever it<br> that we were expecting but the other hand<br> India teaches us and those who are comfortable with silence that silence we can discover many things we can actually hear exactly what we need to understand and to be open and two to be allowed to be transformed by that silence<br> but also many ancient and contemporary practitioners of meditation these days often use chanting of sacred sounds to help them being sync with higher vibration such as chatting you have a sacred sound of home and back in the 90s I remember how science was no tempting to get on board with all of this to that too when people chant the vibration of sound is felt through one's vocal cords and and when people will feel that it clears and opens up sinuses they also discover that chanting own has cardiovascular benefits it is it reduces Stress and Anxiety it really relaxes your body and brings down the blood pressure to normal level and it just upsets the heartbeat<br> into more of a regular rhythm<br> so the more we are entombed with silence the more we are in tune with the say sacred sounds in the presence of God the more we experience what sardello calls this empathic resonance it's the residents of our soul coming into the residents with the soul of God and I love the way she puts that because he says that what we discover and being more fully connected to the soul of God then is that we are also more connected to the things that bring us great joy as well as also being connected to things that are disturbing and caused Great suffering<br> but still we embrace all to be an extension of God's grace and God's presence and healing for people who are looking and listening for God's presence and Grace and he there Lots<br> in other words we embrace all things in order to create a space for transformation to occur in older people<br> and as transforming people you know. Just want to say hello just a quick word of caution here that we simply cannot act like we can pick and choose you know when and where and why and even how God will use us in always say God you do use me to do this in such or allow me to do this and such and then when God start working behind the scenes shall we say and we're like wait a minute wait a minute I didn't really ask for that I love you be more specific we can't exactly dictate the god down to the very last teeth to be crossed in the eye to be dotted we have to allow a room for God to work you know it reminds me of that movie I was Under the Tuscan Sun where I think was Diane Lane's character she's simply started to dictate to God at the beginning of the movie<br> how she wanted her life to turn out where she wanted to live you know she wanted to own her own home she wanted to be filled with children her children her own children to be filled with family music and so forth but as the movie went on one by one her so-called expectations started to evaporate they started to disappear she found out that she could not bear children she started to feel disconnected from her family and I just again but one thing after another just started to disappear from her life and she thought that you know what am I doing wrong here am I in the right place is this the right time and so forth but as the movie went on and toward the end of the movie she received everything that she asked for in fact her home was filled with children and she had family members<br> where's or people she considered family living with her who had children and there was great music enjoy and dancing and there was just a lot of love in her home and she just realized that there's more than one way God can answer our prayers but still as transform people into being transformed ourselves we just simply cannot you know dictate or pick and choose where when why and how God will use us but instead since we expect that that God is more than able to understand and embrace all aspects of Our Lives then should we not be willing to be you known and be the same for ourselves and others so in other words let's say if we want to be used by God as healers it shouldn't come as a surprise that we're going to be placed in circumstances where we're going to run into<br> and sorrow and suffering or if we want God to grant us that ancient wisdom it should come as no surprise that we're going to be placed in situations where people are let's say impulsive or lack insight and if we want God to use us as peacemakers then also it should be no surprise that we will be placed in times of War chaos and death in fact to work for peace we might have to expose ourselves to very non-peaceful situations and so the same is true that if we want to become more and more authentic then we find ourselves the times being exposed to buy say more inauthentic people in situations<br> But ultimately the question for us then is when we listen for God what are we here<br> do we do all the talking<br> or do we listen<br> is God listening and are we entering into those moments from a soul to soul relationship with God and contemplation meditation helps us reclaim our authentic selves as the silence awakens the deepest desires of our soul and before I fully understood the value of contemplation I get out of work was probably like the majority of people and just use silence as not only the absence of noise but also the absence of God and to be quite honest I knew that silence was there I just I knew it was there but I didn't know how to enter it I didn't know how to listen for God in the silence and might my mind my ego just simply couldn't comprehend how God can communicate when I hear nothing<br> in fact in some ways I was like you know David and Psalm 130 out of the depths I cry to you oh Lord Oh Lord hear my voice but your ears be attentive to the cry for Mercy if you are Lord kept a record of sins Lord who could stand but with you there is forgiveness so that we can with reverence serve you<br> and although most people are uncomfortable with silence were convinced themselves that God might be uninterested in their circumstances silence is actually where we connect with that living presence of God and we do not enter into silence just for the sake of ridding ourselves of whatever sounds of the day we want to escape and you know truth be told many people would see this as a welcomed relief but on the contrary we purposefully enter into the Silence with God in order to experience this and empathetic residents more clearly<br> well I would really love to hear your heart on this subject of sound and vibration and silence so if you would like to call in invite you to do so that number is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> okay welcome back dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity again just like to say you know I'm here every Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time and every time in between now and next week she'll going to be continuing with the theme of the Alchemy of authenticity come up with another way of looking at how do we transform into higher dimensions and perhaps even take a look at how does this exactly show up and US physically you know because we are connected you know Body Mind spirit and I'm out of our motions and so forth and the whenever a transformation occurs in our lives be it all you know small or even with the slightest transformation it's going to show up in other<br> areas of our lives, like a ripple effect so and just invite you to tune in Next Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the past year and just like to say and remind you that you have an opportunity to do more of this to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber and all in all you do not need a monthly subscription to listen to my talk shows but it is greatly appreciated so again just invite you to go on the website and you'll see us subscription link there and choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart<br> well earlier in the broadcast I was talking about how we crave quiet you know but we can be uncomfortable with silence you has just kind of ironically thinking you know if we get one we have the other but it's not exactly the case but in the sense we must not only be comfortable with silence but we also have to be comfortable in silence and silence does carry sound and with that sound there is a vibration you know it and there's more to silence Stan just let's say waiting to talk or waiting our turn to before we say something and then in counseling therapy in my experience is that mean when a client is silo it's often first understood as displaying some form of the sea in a resistance of like not wanting to talk as an act of defiance but this is<br> always the case if there's one lesson I've learned over the years it's that suffering and silence often go hand-in-hand and this is another way to understand that vibration of Silence especially when a person or a group of people are forced into silence and believe that they have no voice but how do we reach beyond what people are sharing with us and we reach Beyond you know the story is that they share that we reach beyond that into the silences that perhaps they hide<br> and we can do this by listening for not only what is not being said but also things that they cannot say<br> you know and then just being comfortable with silence we can hold the space for another person's story to emerge and this is something you cannot rush you people I mean we in general Humanity or are just born storytellers that sweet that's something we'd love to do and ask about the ancient of times you know this was how information was just handed down before we put it in the press and be a pen and paper and so forth you know people are very gifted and I believe it's the the the ancient Griot's in Africa I mean this was their job in life they had one thing to do and they took it very seriously but they were kind of the walking encyclopedias of knowledge and history for their people are they were trained at a very early age just to be able to not just spit back your dates and times and<br> old stories and so forth but they remembered the context in which their ancestors had lived and they remember the context of which lessons were taught and so forth and a lot of times you know the we find healing in our own lives through the power of stories but again how you tell your story is just as important as when you tell your story or to whom you tell your story because even though we choose specific words to communicate what we want others to hear we also choose what not to say<br> so listen for what is being said listen for what is not being said and then take it one step deeper and listen perhaps to what people cannot speak to what they have yet to form but they have yet to discover or or what they might be comfortable with but you'll because even giving a voice to suffering is liberating there is healing in that and this is why AA meetings are so powerful or NA meetings and you know that because of that group camaraderie when one person stands up and says hello my name is and I'm an alcoholic<br> and there's Acceptance in that and for somebody to hear themselves say those words for the first time it's very freeing it is it's almost as if it takes the burden off of their hearts and shoulders and the more they tell their stories the more they're used to hearing themselves and transformation can occur just the way that we tell stories but let's take this truth a little bit deeper now let's contemplate xiaowei The Silence of water if you've ever noticed that your water can almost be called the epitome of Silence because water only makes a sound when it's moving against another surface or a such as when you know it's like say water is being poured into a glass or when<br> are we swallow it or water is running over rocks or crashing against the shore when the waves create when you do the wind creates the waves<br> and yet when it is still this inaudible Silence of water communicate how it's filled with life and that gives life to all who depend upon it it is very very powerful element indium has much to teach us<br> well you for those who have been listening to their program for some time now you know that I'm a movie buff and I love my movies that's where we often get the great life lessons and I'm a big believer and movie therapy for clients and so forth but another great movie that communicates just the power of water is a movie that came out in 2013 as some title the Cherokee word for water which it followed the work that led Wilma mankiller to become the first contemporary female chief of the Cherokee Nation and I I highly recommend it at the Cherokee word for water but there's also another great exercise you know the next time you your drink water okay that I was from a glass or plastic bottle or something just to stop and meditate on it scared<br> Mystics of light and sound that it makes it holds the light it holds sound contemplate how the molecular structure of water guy let's go back to chemistry class here H2O it gives life to our human breath O2 and CO2 as we breathe in we breathe but that molecular structure of water H2O gives life to oxygen and also cleanses the body from carbon dioxide<br> and let's consider how you know as it says in the Book of Genesis where God breathed life into humanity and and where we feel you're the breath matter and movement of God in our lives so to take this understanding you again one step further as we swallow water let's enter into the Silence of gratitude for its life-giving properties your water is one of those elements that we can easily take for granted you know we just simply can I mean let's look at but just be simply honest with ourselves but let us also deeply connect with how the essence of water helps us discover our inner voice so that we could be a voice for those who have no water let alone who are unable to speak<br> and this was a phenomena that again author your boss Chibitalia understood all too well she did some research and eventually wrote a book The Other Side of Silence which she had wrote about 50 years later the people of India and Pakistan still grieve the partition of 1947 and she also noticed that when she interviewed people about how life change for them when that partition was declared men and women not only told their stories differently but she also noticed how the women had more shall we say the periods of silence and their stories<br> at one point in her books she writes that the you know if not she just noticed that she started to talk to the women but if their husbands or Sons were around the the husbands and Sons would take over the interview and kind of making the women lapse into a sort of a silence just kind of Fading Into the background and she noted that this was not uncommon because many oral histories that have written about the difficulty of speaking to and speaking with women of learning to listen differently often listening to save the kitten nuances or I would she would say is the half said thing<br> and then she would just came away from those interviews just marveling that it was the silence which was sometimes more eloquent than the speech or the words themselves<br> I want of the aspects I'm discovering is that a tuning to higher dimensions of spirituality and and who we are Awakening to who we are and being getting used to that and walking get it every day and so forth that we indeed hear God and the universe more clearly<br> and yet again here's a here's some more irony living daily in higher Dimensions also awakens us to higher levels of Silence<br> you notes Bentley as we become aware we also accept and allow ourselves to be carried by the grace of God in those silences<br> well I'm sure that you all have heard or perhaps you'll even read the poem Footprints in the Sand it's it's a poem where the authorship is disputed depending on who you talk to a lot of people claim that they wrote it first but it is a poem nonetheless based on Christian beliefs and describes a person's dream one night in which he or she was walking on the beach with God and as they are walking along which is analogous analogous of a person's various experiences and throughout life they leave two sets of footprints in the sand and suddenly the two sets of footprints become one especially at the lowest and most hopeless moments of that person's life for what they consider to be hopeless<br> and when the person looks back and they only see one set of footprints you know they start to question God believing that won't why did you leave me and I'll be able to see one set of footprints at the lowest times of my life where did you go and your God gives the explanation you during your times of trial and suffering and pain when you only see one set of footprints it was then that I carried you<br> and perhaps if we could enter into that higher dimension of Silence<br> we just might also awakened to the lesson that silence doesn't automatically mean the absence of God<br> but perhaps you know Sundance is calling us to really resonate with the calling to become an answer to prayer for others and how many times are we called into it's time for me to carry you it's time for you to allow me to help you and and who knows we just never know when we could be an answer to somebody's prayer<br> and that's a go through life and depending on our experiences in our lives we we start to question what used to be true for us you know and then that's not necessarily a bad thing you know I see you know I've had a conversation with somebody or earlier this week then which they know is it okay to question God is it okay to give me a raise such questions and to get frustrated with God and it's like well let's look at the context and you know what is obviously a person had these expectations of how she thought God we would act and answer prayer and stuff like that and she was just growing more and more you know irritated and frustrated and so forth and I said you know really I don't think there is any question or any amount of our frustration in which we can either stump God or exhaust the patience of God or something like that because I kind of think that God sees the bigger picture and I am truly grateful<br> for this you know God sees you know beginning middle of the end and then and way more than what you and I see and God's patience with us is enough to be thankful for it just with that cuz if I didn't have patience we're all in trouble okay I'll just I'll just say that out loud but we're so grateful for that you know because God puts Our Lives into a context you know we don't see as much as God sees and so forth and so you know perhaps ever since childhood we we have a certain way in which we see ourselves or how we see others or have you gone or how we see the World At Large and whenever we go through an experience that sooner or later is going to shake up or shatter those assumptions you know that innocence in our lives<br> we feel as though nothing makes sense anymore we don't have a sense of or seem to have a sense of our bearings let alone knowing which way is up at times<br> and it's going to be a very unnerving state or place to find ourselves in especially when we feel like all of what we know and have known starting to crumble and it says it's starting to evaporate and we can become so unsure of not only ourselves but also whether or not if all that we see is all that there is<br> and yet<br> yo we can weather the storms<br> and we can also discover through those times of silences that there's something greater than ourselves that which is tugging at our soul call it that stronger nudge from God or more intense dimensional energy or even a hunger that resonates deep within by compelling us to go and search to discover the vastness of who we truly are<br> as we go on this journey we're going to discover that there's things that we need to identify let go of and transform<br> in order to embrace you know hire more intense dimensions in in in other words you are rising above all the negative mental emotional physical spiritual triggers that keep us from experiencing the fullness of unconditional love<br> and this phenomenon is at the heart of a multi-dimensional understanding of spirituality<br> well in the Oglala Lakota tradition. He lived born late 80s and died I believe like just before 1990 I was with 1988-1989 taught that in order to become that is one through whom the great spirit could work in and through to heal others a person must first become like a hollow bone<br> and then Frank fools Crow believe that people are not the seat transformation for the room power and honor but instead to be transformed into this hollow bone or this pipeline that connects God and the people<br> and this process of becoming a hollow bone actually begins when people ask God to okay get rid of everything in myself anything that would impede any way any doubt questions selfishness or reluctance on my part and as a result the psycho spiritually transform people would then need to see themselves as unobstructed conduits through whom God could work to bless others in other words we become transformed in order that the people might live<br> so this hollowbone is a powerful symbol for emptying ourselves of everything that hinders and impedes the life of God's spirit in our lives and the guy let's go back to biology class you know when we think about bones you have bones do provide our bodies with not only a physical fright but also within themselves contain marrow this this flexible tissue that is responsible for producing blood and supporting our immune system but in understanding this concept of becoming a hollow bone we must first acknowledge our need to metaphorically speaking dying to ourselves<br> and ironically a hollow bone is both dead and that it doesn't contain any blood or marrow and yet at the same time<br> it is alive because it is the spirit of God flowing freely in and threw us for the benefit of others and this act is not a one-time event but rather it's an ongoing process of examining and Let It Go of ourselves in order to take hold something better for the sake of humanity<br> God is speaking to us all the time I'm not the first one that came up with that I rely on that and I am so gracious that God does but the question I keep asking myself is what's keeping me from hearing God's voice<br> and through contemplation we not only need to stop you know our mind's chatter but also open our hearts regarding how we see and listen for God especially in the silence<br> Eye Doctor James how kind you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity thank you for spending this time with me I really enjoy it leave me your comments in on the website that so replay mean off intensity and be with you again next Friday at the 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific time and but until then may everybody be safe and by all means behave yourselves okay you take care and God bless<br> or just leave a thousand comments or product to buy a book by dr. hope it's all there just wander on over to reclaiming authenticity. Calm and we'll see you next Friday at noon Pacific Time on PBS radio TV<br>

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