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Reclaiming Authenticity, August 5, 2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of After Death Communication

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Title: The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of After Death Communication

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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Trey well hey good afternoon everybody wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity reclaiming that which has always been in you so happy to be with you here today every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard Time if you would like more information about me or if you want me to leave your leave me your comments about Today Show just invite you to visit the website it's reclaiming authenticity if you would like to call in and be part of the show that they always enjoy it when people call it that number is 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 now
play first time I just want to say welcome you know welcome aboard and everything and just wanted to share it before we actually get to today show these broadcasts always focus on the integration of spirituality and mental health within the context of our relationships cuz you know apart from popular belief we are not Island unto ourselves okay so what did John Donne wrote long long time ago just simply not sure we are not Islands but we must be in relationships and they could be personal relationships is could be professional relationships but we are social beings and so we will be in relationships so this you know focus on how do we integrate our road spirituality and our own mental health within our relationships and that's relationship that we have with our sales
because certainly we engage in a lot of self-talk and relationships we have with others you know the interpersonal relationships and just social cues and social interactions and so forth and certainly our relationship with God or the Divine well it is my great pleasure to be with you here today and I hope that wherever you are in the world today that you are safe and that you your peace just rest in your heart just wanted to say from yes said that these broadcasts are also podcast I guess you want to go back and listen again or just in case you your missus show or you cannot stay the whole time yeah this hour with me so just go on the website again and just click on the archives section well welcome to August here we are August 5th and if nobody welcome to the August let me be the first one just to say welcome here we are and you know for
growing up August was always like a transitional month you know we still have lots of summertime and so forth but yeah transitions in our thoughts were moving to go back to school shopping or you know we had the preseason football as we just had the Hall of Fame game last night so we're kind of gearing up for the new season and of course if you talk to any team out there right now the pros everybody looks good but everybody looks good on paper but we shall see as the things get started so that's was a whole host of other things that people are just gearing up to in fact that people who love the season of autumn you'll be happy to know that the pumpkin spice materials are out in full force you can get pumpkin spice anything these days and the store shelves are well-stocked so if you can't wait for September
August around I mean October you can get all those supplies right now in August to say just a little bit about how I came up with reclaiming authenticity this was something that had developed in me overtime and this really is a germinated with a lot of beliefs that I have but a personal beliefs and so from the outset that all of us coming to the world already equipped and graced with everything that we need for in this life in terms of our skills or talents strengths character traits are giftedness so on and so forth and unfortunate as we go along in life than a very very young age and due to some unpleasant experiences we met
but we need to hide those skills or talents are those strikes you know or we feel like we need to push those things way down so that others cannot see it because her house for one reason or another we were ridiculed or having a particular gift or what's the person found out something about us that we were really good at they were jealous and that if it missing us speak and exploited and turned against us or something or maybe you might have experienced the belief that you would never amount to anything or whatever other voice you heard telling you that there was really nothing special to you and that's simply not the case but at any rate we do not realize our giftedness and then when we allow those things to come in and actually steal what we already have but we already come into the world with nothing
fruitless functioning from that place of emotional woundedness instead of a place of healing and wholeness and a chanta that uniqueness that this at everybody who have your own uniqueness I have my own uniqueness and so forth and yet there is so much more to us than what we have become so far and this is what reclaiming authenticity is all about having that curved finding that courage to reclaim that which has always been in you from the very beginning
and echoing the sentiment one of my teachers Joseph brought up in a recently published work entitled becoming medicine Pathways of initiation into living spirituality she wrote the way you become a medicine is your practice who you are because you are already medicine no one gives it to you you are already in it
and you know what gift to yourself and the world and two other realize that you were already medicine that you already have everything you need
our job then it's just have to work out work work on clearing out everything that gets in the way of that medicine in terms of our unresolved emotional wounded that's or the pain that we've suffered in Life or perhaps we never resolve the losses in our life or maybe it's a matter of forgiving what's been done to us or even asking for forgiveness cuz of things I said or done to others
along with that forgiveness there is this sense of gratitude in our lives
how grateful I am I for who I am and everything that has that I have experienced that has really been a teacher to point out the growth that I have it as well as how much growth I need to continue Discovery okay and speaking of Discovery Night round that whatever we have that combination very strong forgiveness and we're working through those who have hurt us in and we were able to forgive and so much as well as just generating a beautiful sense of gratitude how that really opens up our hearts like a rose opening up in full bloom really you know that's wonderful set of the Rose can be smelled to all people around it
you're really opens up our hearts to be able to love deeply than we could have possibly even imagine so what a gift to yourself in the world when you already realize you are Tennison Brothers going to be taking your calls in a little while after break cuz I really want to hear from you better not ever been say contact by loved one after they passed this could be a dream this would be efficient if you suck me where you heard their voices calling out to you
or perhaps you were out of your own business walking along one day and you smelled their perfume or their fellow and nobody else was a wrench
or maybe you can see what you've been contacted by your loved ones through technology pork me up like when the phone rings once and you go to pick it up and it says he's on the other rat but you get this very strong sense that your loved ones just reached out
and some people have been contacted by a loved one either through pets or other indigenous animals that I know is that I know that's why but one is close to me as a decent happened often times they don't make sense but that's okay because it means something to you and that's the important part and you know over the years and then course decades and decades Society has been increasingly open the people sharing more and more of these experiences as well as searching for people in forums in which they can share the store gets safely
but there's there is a wonderful website such a website devoted to providing that safe place for people to share their after-death communication stories that's the after-death communication Research Foundation and their website is Org website you'll see it it just opens up and just a very beautiful website in the Ender's many resources do you want to do a little research in this area or eat some more books on the subject and so for it as well as there is just testimony about your testimony says stories that people have shared about how their loved ones have reached out to them well today taking a look at the psychological emotional and spiritual benefits of a
spell if you were with me last week that you'll remember that died together broadcast by sharing with you how I became involved with after death station this wasn't something that I was taught in school this isn't something that I just simply
you know like where do you learn the stuff if I share with you how I became involved in the early in my career as a patient of mental health practitioner in an astral professional became involved with replacement Council it since I grew up myself experienced a lot in my life and death and dying was nothing you could make it stick to be when I was just getting in around funeral homes and different Services Memorial services and so for it that was just something that I felt very comfortable sitting and talking with family members and loved ones that just what they experienced than the struggles with their faith is coming to terms with
you know I was just trying to make sense of their loss and like I said the number of losses that I had experienced it in my life I certainly I to certainly needed to work through all of this is their personal level and yet there was nothing new to me about that I was very familiar with it what was new to me it's the way people share their stories about their loved ones showing up about the details of dreams or visions but rather I noticed how these appearances make them feet
and that this is a wonderful wave of peach had these stories in a very peaceful manner kind of a matter of fact that have happened but in a way in which they do their loved one was all right safe and hope
and they would say things you know just very confident that my grandmother showed up the other night in my dreams and told me that I was going to be okay or there were times when people would say that walking last night and I smelled my father's pallone and I could swear he was walking right side
in all honesty I thought no power after documentation works let me know I don't know if our loved one fill up at Epcot on the shoulder and say. Is it okay if I just pop down there for a little bit. Just five minutes just five minutes and I promise I'll be right back I won't take long. Thank you you're the best I don't know how it works so I don't know if people need to get in I just know that people all over the world experience
you do just be reached out to buy their love but and but I'd rather it's always been kind of medication that is very peaceful a kind of communication that brings about some level of reconciliation you know to one degree or another and it really helps facilitate person working through their the person you know their pain and work through you have big issues like I said with forgiveness and gratitude and love
washes that we have in our life or always in the context of relationships
we cannot avoid
spell after death Communications come in the text of the relationship that we had with the mud like you asked
it's me I was told a story by a teenage girl who's the grandmother would show up every night at 7 p.m. right on the dot just told me that I should be in her family's finish basement doing her homework after supper and asked 77 times
oh I said
well was at the time when your grandmother passed I think so find the girl she died at the hospital so I wasn't really allowed to go see her I think that's why she shows up every night
does it bother you I kind of like it it's just they're saying hi and well better keep that. I know I don't need to do that and of course I had to raise another question or what do you mean by that and she said to me cuz it's broken in fact it never
and that both that I knew that she knew exactly what after death communication was
it's a chime any other time during the day but right at 7:00 but she would check for watch on her phone something that mantel clock with chime seven times and it's allowed us to go deep with her breech and to really get in there and so she definitely missed Grandma but it allowed us to engage in the conversation then conversations about what she truly pissed about her grandmother or how special her grandmother was to her and if her grandmother ask Donny on any work and stuff if she has any trinkets or pick Max up her grandmother us to hang on to you to be reminded up and send in pictures of her grandmother and so far it was really just a nice way to help this girl just normalize her feelings as well as like she said kind of like the idea
my grandmother was just saying hi and so I don't know what she's told anybody else about this I thought she felt comfortable enough to share this story with me and Other Stories like this was just sharing these experiences that happened to or not like that or you're doing something that would just bring it about it just these things happen
installing back and just realizing that just happened also how late is having an effect on its really helps it helps us spiritually helps a psychologically really helps us with our grief as well as in really enhances our relationship
you know when a loved one passed is there is a natural argenis to what the stay connected to our love now a way back decades and decades and decades ago I went earlier bereavement studies there was a strong advice for us that we just needed to get over our losses just as quickly as possible and get rid of donate on one with our lives start reconnecting with other people and a lot of people took that advice to Heart a problem without advice was that it didn't really help people breathe
and it said it it only taught us to well hurry up and stuffed his feelings and memories of the relationship to stuff them deep down inside and put those pictures away and don't think about it you'll get over it faster but it only made matters worse when it came working through our Greek cuz it totally ignore the fact that we will always be connected to our loved one
reconnect with them as we are reminded of their birthdays or weddings or holidays
when is the curler very very normal and healthy Forks have memories that are not so great or very painful and it reminds us that grief is a process and it does take time just like forgiveness is a process and it does take time.
But as I said before there is also an aspect of reconciliation with this after death communication even though we didn't have the best relationship with with our loved one when we have experienced some people have reported that their loved ones asked for forgiveness or their loved one just reported you know I'm so sorry that this happened or something and creates a nice reconciliation between Survivor at the one that passed
and you know I think what the one of the first things that really needs to be cleaned up there. But I should say for many people don't quite understand the patient but I just it's flat-out refuse it or even fear is just beginning with just a simple understanding of what it's
so after the communication is just it's not trying to make contact with our love or going to the place of your death and calling out hello are you there
just medication is also not us breaking out a Ouija board or contacting our loved ones to get his message out about the next big purchase like to buy this now we're asking for help making a decision about whether or not it's the right time for us to get married or some other big decision coming up
and after this communication is also not about attending a seance that is to make contact with the other side to see if Heaven is for Real it's just it's none of the above is is that our loved ones reach out to us at random
a universal
that's safer for everyone regardless of differences in culture or language like I said people all over the world has these experiences an after-death communication is also spontaneous and that they're random they can occur at any time whether we are awake or asleep though some people you know have very very Vivid dream where people have the time after that communication occurs when we are simply minding our own business and you know what I've discovered is that after death Communications are also multiple more than one over their life such as they have a drink later on they might have a vision or they might have a dream and then you're the voice of their loved ones or whatever it might be so it's very common for people to experience just multiple maybe two three different
sex Raptor death communication that I just keep the people talk about their spirits and on What occasion well last week I shared that I had had shown might be searched at the after-death communication at the international near-death experience Virginia Beach way way back and asked for and I help people experienced I loved ones would show up and dreams and all of our loved ones something different and after-death communication that showed up in a g
I knew it was real that you received the message because they woke up and heard their little hearts pounding ass or something you couldn't convince some other watch you know some people have visions like I said that perhaps it only lasted a few seconds and then the loved one was gone but people would swear that they reckon to that person and they would also hear their loved ones calling out you know some people sense their loved ones presents through let's lay down and dance animals that show up at random you know perhaps was a favourite your love is something I shared last week the pastor's wife has a sturdy wood married Us in his wife she loved Cardinals and when she had passed
does it matter what time of the year bunch of parts would show up for me and if it was if I was saying hello you get on you to just want to say hi love you and that's just a wonderful sense of peace and comfort
some people experience you know a few medication and threw up like maybe a peacock Red Deer or a snake or a cougar or something like that
what's your voice nobody was there but they knew
and something cents above one's presence through smelling their cologne or perfume
people more than one after death Community often has more routes Airline
and that's like listen to people share their after-death communication story about loved ones I really became interested in how this affected the person in terms of working through their loss and grief what kind of effect did it have on it
I didn't think they were going crazy it's just I don't know what to do with it but I have this incredible sense of Peace but I don't know what to do with we would you talk to ask questions of welded these encounters help them make sense of their Lots maybe there weren't some larger purpose experience itself people chase I want about experiences help people who didn't claim necessarily A Faith what's this the evidence that proves that there was a heaven and the way for a loved one to have lunch
did the person who experienced the after-death communication need that extra assurance that their loved one is okay if there was a loved one was forgiven why doesn't everybody who experiences the loss of a loved one medication at one time or another
therein lies the psychological emotional and spiritual benefits of these experiences
regardless of when a loved one dies and no one is ever fully and we see the impending death still.
And the finality of witnessing them take their last breath to the four of our hearts and our minds we joined them in that about a shared Humanity
repair business to Bassett and we are we are there
is smoke weed like to think you had a chance to say everything we ever wanted to say to a nice person but how often to stay at some point later struggle with some aspect of our relationship with them
years later when something will just trigger and then
at the time I thought of that for a long time why
there's also times when the death of a loved one comes without warning and we don't have time to say goodbye or making me feel as though we don't have any closure with them and and this one reaching out to us after defecation and be also the means by which we coming forgiveness to be the means by which we find peace in Britain could be the means by which we find assurance that everything is going to be okay
Kirby said regarding finding healing from the emotional one
there's still the common misunderstanding that once we have assimilated our losses we've had to go back to the way things were before that you know our original emotional or spiritual state of psychological State return to the way things were
constantly shake the Changed by our love
have experienced the loss our outlook on life is forever altered by the grief that we drink
if it's true this is because our assumptions about life and the world which we live at Albert challenge if not shot
say to my friend from save myself I had no idea something like this would ever going to happen it's not supposed to happen this way it's not speaking of this person is not supposed to die before me
should we ask them to routine switch Define article existence and the loved ones it's built
experiences see ourselves and others and or the same as we watch it
because we are now holding to the task of trying to make sense out of new circumstances in life mode
send now what to do or how can I make sense of life where do I start sell for
I got
instead of assimilating our losses into everyday life integrate them many people resist This Feeling by continuing to live in a prison of bitterness which is reinforced by the know your patterns of emotional abuse sexual abuse physical abuse low self-esteem feelings of unworthiness for Chelsea strife and so on
and instead of looking for the potential being made better by our offices we often allow bitterness to harden our hearts and keep others out all the while cementing anguish and pain
is for us to discover the courage courage to redefine ourselves in light of our question is this full of simulation processes whole the gration process something real you want help from others
I've learned that after-death communication can be experienced at any time because you know it really doesn't depend on us but rather depends on what is needed
but I would really love to hear your heart on these so again if you want to call in the number is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the brake pads were listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke be back with you in 1 minute
okay welcome back my name is dr. James how come you are listening to reclaiming authenticity well earlier in the show I was talking about the I am still talking about the psychological emotional and spiritual benefits of after-death communication and I shared before the break that you know regardless of when a loved one dies we're never ever fully ready to say goodbye in fact will argue for more time and then we start to bargain and we like well if I can get another day can I get another week and if I can get another week with this person can I get another month and if I can get another month how about do I get another holiday
and while I'm out of this like you to get another holiday how about that we also get another year together for whatever it might be until we're never ever ready to say goodbye and even if our loved one is struggling with more of a like a slow Progressive illness like say I cancer or one of you know something like that I kind of illness and we see their impending death we're still not ready to say goodbye as much as we prepare it's still hits us the moment they take their last breath and that's normal there's nothing wrong with you there's nothing wrong with me when that happens it because we are there witnessing that last breath
and whatever you know that we are apart of that you know the finality of witnessing you know our loved one take their last breath it really brings you know death and dying right to the Forefront of our hearts and our minds and the dimension you know what those times we like to think we had a chance to say everything we ever wanted to say to that person and we hope that they had the chance to say everything to us but how often do we at some point later struggle with some aspect of our relationship with them or thing that we might say I should have said that store I wasn't thinking at the time and I really wanted to tell them
whatever it is I guess there's also times when we don't have that opportunity to say goodbye you know when the death of a loved one comes without warning and we just do not have the time and we feel as though we don't have any closure with them and then in this sense when a loved one reaches out to us through an after-death communication that can be the means by which we find that forgiveness peace and assurance that everything is going to be okay
yeah and the same is also true regarding you know Finding healing from the emotional wounds of loss and grief and yet as I mentioned before the break and there's still this common misunderstanding out there that once we've experienced The Loft well we can just hurry up and go back you know get things taken care of and just returned to the way life was before the loss in fact I'm sure there's many many many companies out there and their bereavement policies that say you know we generously give our employees three days
for if you know immediate love 13 days you're still coming to terms with just what the heck happened you know maybe 5 days okay but I guarantee you even after 5 days you're back at your desk for your back doing the job you're not fully back
you're just not there and that's okay
how we look at my life has forever been changed cuz we're constantly changed and shaped by our losses cuz once we've experienced that lost our outlook on life is is altered by that grief the shock of it all. What do I do questions and so forth and the reason for this is because through their loss so you know perhaps this is the first time in our lives and in which our assumptions about life has been shattered you know this isn't supposed to happen we are supposed to live happily ever after or whatever other assumptions we have about life and this is how we live our lives we live our lives you know through many many assumptions I want the death of a loved one occurs
it does assumptions just go out the window and we can really end up struggling with yeah but I thought things were going to be different
to acknowledge that we're never going to see ourselves and others in the world the same as once we once did because we're now trying to make sense out of new circumstances and light of where have we been before
and is really really a struggle to stay away from the bitterness or allowing bitterness to start to creep in because baby we didn't have a great relationship with that love one or maybe you know now we have to really face you know the family patterns of abuse or we really have to come to terms with our low self-esteem or codependency or contempt or jealousy whatever it might be
and so we really need to do you know to work through some pretty heavy-duty issues when a loved one dies and and now what do I do
there was one time and probably decades ago when I was pastoring a inner city church and I had to go probably about a week before this this event happened I facilitated a funeral of a little girl who had died with you or if it's a an aids-related illness I believe she had pneumonia. Her mother was was hiv-positive herself and you know how she contracted it you really couldn't pinpoint one thing or one area so her daughter was born in you know already being hiv-positive and I just quickly progressed and the girl was only about 9 her name was Megan and
at the funeral itself you know standing room only place was packed and this was at a funeral parlor and
there was not a dry eye cuz nobody wants to see that small casket up front not even funeral directors and I got to say just a little side thought here and Funeral Directors out there you'll appreciate this but they all three know directors are strange Bunch they just have because of what they did you know do day in and day out because of their careers what they do and they just have a little they see the world a little bit different kind of have like a warped sense of humor and so forth and so I got to know Matthew Funeral Directors over overtime and so forth and they always had a joke or you know something amusing story to share but not this time
play said nobody wanted to see that child's casket upfront and so there was no no smiles a lot of Tears lot of pain you to see on people's faces a lot of hopelessness and just the tragedy that had really rocked her family and Community of Faith and so I shared in the message that when a child dies we not only grieve the past but we also grieve the future because none of us would know now what kind of life cuz she wanted to live as she got older you know whether or not she would want to remain single or what you want to get married and have kids or what kind of career would she do you know just a simple questions what do you want to be when you grow up and just how that really has like I said Rock The Community of Faith but we all got through it and it took me about three days
self to recover from that cuz like I said it was just it was rough I just heard a lot of lot of stories at the luncheon and I got nobody was cracking jokes or anything I was just very very solemn well about a week later I get this phone call from her grandfather and it was from his hospital room at a local hospital and I'm thinking to myself up great this man just buried his granddaughter and now he got some sort of terminal illness news or whatever it ends so he's like in a doctor how you you have to come see me today you please make time I need to talk to you and I just said well oh okay I see you this afternoon and so I did and not knowing what to expect I just walked in his room and just said you know you know how you doing and he was sitting up in his bed and he had this
worried puzzled look on his face you know not in distress but he's just like I just turned out of luck and he told me to sit down and he said now I'm going to tell you something but I swear to God do not tell me I'm crazy and I said well okay yeah I'm on my way to call you crazy anyway but I promise not to do that so bad what what's going on
and he was saying you know the night before about 3 in the morning he was he just woke up and sat straight up in bed and at the edge of his bed was making and she was dressed in like this white issue yellow whitish nightgown and she looked healthy and she look old and she just turned her head to one side and gave you know smiled real big gave a little wave with her hand and then all the sudden she was gone and just as quickly as she appeared poof she was gone and he said now am I going crazy and I said I thought you told me not to say that to you I said but now I don't think you're going crazy but I do think Megan gave you a tremendous gift
also what do you mean by that go well
your last memory of her was when she was in her casket
and that was a tough thing to see you know she really need a wasted away and it was it was just very very difficult but what you saw her you know that morning early early morning she was healthy strong smiling
and she just wait to you
maybe she was just telling you that she's okay now that she's healed but she's happy and maybe just maybe she's telling you I'll wait for you I'll see you again
cuz you're my grandfather
and when I said that
of course he got choked up and he cried and he never realized that
she loved him so much that she would do that for him but she just showed up and just waved and I must say hello and goodbye but will say hello again someday
now knowing the family like I did this is years and years ago nobody else shared a story like that in fact I don't think anybody else in the family receive that after-death communication the way he did
it doesn't make people better less than you do worse than you were special because they have the after-death communication or not it just means that again it's what's needed in the moment
for her grandfather was really struggling with her death he took it very hard because like I said when we grieve the death of a child we grieve the future
we have so many more questions about what would she be when she grew up and so forth
but he had this incredible piece that came over him after we talked a lot more about why she showed up at that time for him
and so he just never realized that perhaps she she was giving you a gift
and that's what I think most people take away from there after death Communications whether it's a vision whether it's a dream whether they smell cologne or perfume or they see an animal that reminds them of their loved one or they just know that they know that they know their loved one is right beside them there's this incredible amount of Peace credible amount of assurance reassurance that I'm okay
I'm here.
Your last memory of me doesn't have to be of sickness and illness it doesn't have to be of your what you saw me wasting away and so forth
that was then this is now and what a gift it is for them to share that with us and for those who have yet to experience an after-death communication perhaps it's
something that they don't necessarily need at the moment perhaps they're okay perhaps they're finding other ways to assimilate or integrate you know they're lost's that they experienced of their loved one
that's true we have a lot of rebuilding to have our faith and philosophical assumptions that really have been challenged by loss and grief and you know it just it's something that we could never imagine what happened to us
where do we go from here and I imagine that macon's grandfather he had not all the answers to that what do I do kind of questions but he certainly had the peace and perhaps even the courage to say you know what
I can keep going and I'll see her again someday she's waiting for me so whenever that time is
well it's certainly interesting do you know the stories that we share when a loved one dies I tried to explain it to kids themselves just by you know it looks like we're stuck at our sons you know it and I said what your thumbprint and you know if I have a bank or something of the like let's make some fun prints here and you know the kids night start to compare thumbprint sound like when there's no to that are like everybody has a different thumbprint and it's true that whenever we experienced the loss of a loved one no two people are going to grieve the same way but everybody will eventually grieve the death of a loved one but how do we say goodbye to them or how do they say goodbye to us
and the children and young people are very forthcoming and in sharing their stories with how their loved ones have reach back out to them and there is like no big deal Grandma shows up every night at 7 x 7 x is Samantha that has never work cuz it's broken you know and I just I know it's her you know sometimes my grandpa you know just shows up and just you know you're going to be okay kid I love you and that's all they need and they just like I said they haven't grown up to the point where are they now start to think it's weird or try to filter out those experiences but they often run into situations when I go to share these stories with adults that you know either they're supported or they feel like you know they just have to grew a second head and then they're looked at kind of funny but I think it's generation that's certainly up and coming as well as
Generations that have yet to be born there going to be more in touch with this because I'm finding that there is certainly a hunger out there to share these stories had to be parts of and to know that they have already come into this world with all the medicine they need because they are medicine
they just need us older folks to point that out to them
that's easier for us to point it out to them when we ourselves discovered that we to our medicine
and working through the the painful experiences in our lives and then working through unforgiveness or bitterness and finding that piece finding that gratitude you just really opens up those gifts even more and so we can continue being the gift as you know the gift perhaps was given to us by a loved one who shows up at man who has died and says I'm going to be okay you're going to be okay or I forgive you or whatever the message is we can continue being that gift to not only ourselves but to every person we run into cuz we are social beings we live in and through relationships
until the production medication that's really something just to listen to a person story than just listen to the way the healing is already starting to take place emotionally psychologically even spiritually and just you know normalizing feelings and talking about forgiveness and walking through gratitude and that's why I was looking at the barriers of what keeps us from wanting to forget what keeps us from living in gratitude so they're not going crazy
I do really really helps also families and other to say faith communities to give permission to talk about these stories because our loved ones are ever close to us and I'll just buy it you know we prick our fingers and we see our blood there they are
there they are right in the DNA and we have this blood so connection with them that perhaps the after-death communication is reminding us up to say you know what not even in death are we going to be separated because we are connected
dr. James hauke and thank you for spending this hour with me thank you for listening to reclaiming authenticity it again to be with me next Friday 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in Pacific Standard time and we'll have another broadcast up and ready to go and you're listening to this at a later time you know thank you for accessing this podcast and just invite you to share these podcasts with the with others or if somebody who is struggling with an after-death communication you can have them shoot me an e-mail or you can shoot me an e-mail drop me a line about this particular broadcast I guarantee you that I will get back to you so until next week everybody be careful be safe and may God Hold Us in the palm of God's hands take care
it's all there just to calm and we'll see you next Friday at noon on CBS Radio TV

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