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Reclaiming Authenticity, August 12, 2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Resiliency of the Rose

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Title: Resiliency of the Rose

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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and now with over 25 years of experience dr. James house
all right hey hey everybody out there good afternoon to one and all and wherever you are in the world at this time whenever you are listening to this program welcome to reclaiming authenticity reclaiming that which has always been in you I am dr. James haug and if as always you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about Today Show visit our website it's a reclaiming authenticity that's all one word they're so www.bts reclaiming authenticity and if you are like to be part of the show live and we're not In Living Color today but over the radio that you to call the toll-free number 888-627-6008 that's 888 6276
008 I hope everybody had a splendid week since the last time that we talked I know I certainly have just want to share with this audience that you know over the weekend my wife and I became first-time grandparents so we are certainly pleased as I was sharing with our engineer that the you know my wife and I are on cloud nine plus and it is so exciting it is just so you know what is filled with joy and I've been ready to be grandparents for some time and we just were there now and it's just like I said just an exciting exciting time that awaits Us South category of grandparents so I will I'll keep you posted on how things unfold you know they go on but so far so good
North anticipating you know today and all these broadcast always focus on the integration of spirituality and mental health and I place this integration within the context of our relationships relationships with ourselves others and God or the Divine it is certainly my great pleasure to be with you here today for those you need the program to share a little bit about myself that I would like to say that I just had very strong beliefs that all of us coming in this world already equipped and graced with everything we need in this life for in terms of the skills that we have or are giftedness our talents are strengths are character traits all the very very best parts of ourselves in fact even more than that exactly who we are. Sometimes we go along in life and maybe we're just in the wrong place
at the wrong time or for one reason or another we may tend to hide our giftedness or we push our giftedness or skills way down so that others cannot see it you don't exploit those things or maybe we don't even realize what has yet to be explored in us what are those gifts what are those talents of those skills and those strengths said just have been lying dormant still lie dormant within us and we've never been able to I'll put it this way never been able to ask the right kind of questions or where to begin looking because every time we we start looking you know it's it's typical of humanity for us to look without you do look outside of ourselves for those things that really we brought into this world and you know the last place you know to look is within cuz we think well it has to be more complicated than that we have to go on some Journey
we have to go on some search in order to find what we think we are missing and we end up getting just playing out the old Wizard of Oz movie again that once we get to the store once we get to that place you know we're told that we didn't really need to make that Journey because what we are looking for was within us all along but still making the outward Journey still has its benefits bringing us to that realization that you know what we seek has been unfolding and it just needs to come up and come out so whatever we don't realize our giftedness or our skills are lying dormant or a certain character traits are just lying dormant we often end up going through our life functioning from a place of frustration or place of woundedness or a place of I don't know how to get Beyond whatever you know the prom
so we run into time and time again we keep making the same mistakes we don't learn from our own past and but once we realize our giftedness and our skills and our talents and personality traits and we realized that we have tremendous tremendous gifts line within that helps us to be able to heal all those issues that have kept those gifts down for so long I'm okay and we no longer go through life functioning from that place of woundedness but now we go through life in a place of from or I should say from healing holness and that uniqueness that everybody has its I can toss is that you need if it's that in this mess if your name is John it's your John Ness or if your name is Mary it's your Mary desk and so on and so forth whatever your name is it's you're this Ness
it's totally unique to you just like a thumbprint everybody has that uniqueness and everybody has a thumbprint but no two are alike and you have that unique this thing this sentiment one of my teachers Joseph Raphael beautiful painted arrow in a recently published work entitled becoming medicine Pathways of initiation into living spirituality he writes the way you become a medicine person is you practice who you are because you're already medicine
no one gives it to you you are already it
and what a gift to yourself and to the world whatever we realized you know we are already medicine for others or we already have these gifts for others and we just have to work out your work on clearing out everything that gets in the way of that medicine that you need this in terms of our unresolved emotional psychological spiritual and physical wounded this sex ed and there's so much more to us than what we have become so far and this is exactly what reclaiming authenticity this show is all about helping you find the courage to reclaim that which has always been in heel
taking your calls in the second half of the show today and I encourage you to call me with a show because I would like to get you know how you feel or your thoughts on today subjects the resiliency of the Rose the resiliency of the roads so you are so glad please do call him always enjoy talking to listeners you know which one I always say what that's my favorite begin with one of my favorite shows about this whole idea of the integration and process of spiritual growth and mental health
well once upon a time a spiritual master was walking along with one of his students and they were discussing spirituality and this young student was troubled because as many students are from time to time he became impatient with what he perceived as his lack of spiritual progress he just became very discontented he just became very agitated and so forth so you in his mind he believed he ought to be further along in his path for the truth in his search for the truth now he studied hard and he did everything his teacher asked him to do
but he still felt as though he should be further along
at one point in their walk the master and a student came to a beautiful garden of roses just dissed the explosion of color Reds and yellows and white and pink and it's just very beautiful and the master smiled as he pointed out the numerous colors and fragrances of the Roses each in their various stages of development the student however didn't fully understand what the Masters was in this lesson because my teachers tell me every moment in our lives is a teachable moment for us
so anyway the master saw that his student wasn't understanding this lesson so he went over and he picked the rose that was just in the early stages of its bloom
he handed the rose to a student and he asked him to open it and the student looked very curiously at the Rose and then back to his teacher who was just you know like Grim over his face but then he proceeded to use his two fingers to gently push open the rose
well to his surprise the rose started to fall apart and didn't resemble any of the other beautiful roses in full bloom in fact when the student was done many pedals had fallen to the ground and the rose was ruined but the master gently smiled as he took the rows back from his student and he a very tenderly explained that you know one cannot force roses to bloom because they bloom in their own time and some day he too will bloom in God's time and God's grace and even though roses are still in their buds and have yet to bloom there still roses because they are connected to their Roots they're anchored firmly in the ground and they receive all their water and nourishment from the Sun and the soil
of course when roses have opened and in their full bloom that fragrance is enjoyed by all because they reached a point of maturity
while the student finally understood the lesson and realize that basically his role was to continue his faithful integration of his knowledge is personal experiences and his studies and he was also to continue his search for his giftedness or that hatch a toss is dismissed as well as to develop his skills
but most importantly was him to stay anchored to his roots not words to his faith in his spiritual Foundation am I trusting in God's grace and God's time he too would blossom
you know if we're honest with ourselves how often do we get caught up in the well let's hurry up and Bloom stage and we forget all about the budding stage
but that's you know we're growing
Air Force baseball to integrating our spiritual practices in our experiences and all along with our daily awareness of Truth and God's grace transformation is inevitable
well anybody out there a fan of the TV series Grey's Anatomy it was on you know it's just a pretty cool show and there's just a lot of powerful insights that come from the main character Meredith and there's actually have to go back and watch this there is a great quote that she says I believe it's some back in season 6 episode 12 where by Meredith talks about her perspective as a surgeon in the healing process of her patients and she says
and surgery the healing process begins with a cut an incision the tearing of Flesh
we have to damage the healthy flesh in order to expose the unhealthy it feels cruel and against common sense but it works you risk exposure for the sake of healing but when it's over once the incision has been closed you wait and you wait and hope that your patient will continue healing
well as a mental health therapist I also see this kind of impatience and clients who went to hurry up and get through counseling you know it's just it's kind of interesting nobody really wants to talk about things that are disturbing and I guess that I thought I'd I totally get that you know because after all they just want to feel better we just want to feel better so let's hurry up and do that I completely understand this and yet many times I have to reassure them that their psychological emotional and spiritual healing can be rushed because they're healing must be complete
and that's what's really going to make them feel better
sometimes things will get worse before things get better sometimes they need to explore just a lot of horrific things in their life in order to find the healing that is also there whatever the situation is
that that kind of healing cannot be rushed because they're healing must be complete
but still some people believe that they're doing something wrong they're not quite doing it the right way because they don't see the changes fast enough
and it's true many of us just want to feel better and as quickly as possible but truth be told healing takes time
forgiveness takes time integration takes time and transformation takes time
track many times a person's spiritual growth occurs as they're engaged in as I put it a none learning learning stage and this is what I mean by that people will need to unlearn assumptions about how the world or God should work for them you know if I do this in such then God will do this or you know God will God will do this if I if I am just faithful enough
and we can come to the world or we go through life I should say with many assumptions about the how how the world works or should work and we love God and watch out as well
and also you know people will need to unlearn other habits or other behaviors that have let them down very unhealthy mental emotional or spiritual paths in other words reframing a lot of assumptions or just cognitive distortions of well if I see it this way then it must be true or if something bad happens to me that's just going to keep happening because after all I deserve it well that's a kind of stinkin Thinkin that needs to go but it could becomes very habitual at times because we just keep repeating it over and over again and we don't realize how toxic that kind of thinking can become to us so unlearning those kinds of habits or assumptions in those behaviors for some people they're going to need to let go of the roles that they took on that have created certain dysfunctions in in their family
you know it and sometimes if there's an addiction in the family you know the different members of the family will take on different roles just in order to survive that okay nothing wrong because they survived it however you have to let that go you're not the role in which you you play doubt you are still who you are and you know what was the cost of having to let's say push down your giftedness in order to survive chaos and a family
except you know others will need to unlearn self-sabotaging behaviors you know based on relationship with moons that have been suffered in the past that have never been healed but I've been brought into other personal and professional relationships so to unlearn you know I'm sabotaging myself here and relearning just healthier ways to you know perceived relationships and not to think of the old ways of welife it's always been this way for me I can't imagine anything out well we can but again it's the sun learning learning process
and yet all the while people are unlearning these and other unhealthy aspects they're also going to need to relearn and reclaim those life-giving aspects of themselves you know hello reclining authenticity because if there's one thing I wish for you to take away from this program today just this program is that the more faithful we are to life-giving mental emotional physical and spiritual integration sooner or later as I said before life-giving transformation will occur so in other words the deeper the integration the process that's involved and so forth the more Life Giving transformation will occur
and I'm not just a surface kind of transformation like wow this is great. But if you don't even last for a week or two on talking life-giving transformation in which your life will never ever be the same and that you are so transformed but you can't even imagine going back to the way things used to be or going back to the way you used to think that kind of transformation and you know I can't greet him for any kind of spiritual integration is the element of Hope especially when it comes to making sense of Our Lives
there's a great quote by Thomas Merton out there what's a Trappist monk he's no longer living but just wrote wonderful books not the one that I have is a seven-story mountain and others but anyway, smart and he really captures the Essence of Hope that is needed along a spiritual journey and this one just happens to be entitled seize the day and he writes I have no idea where I'm going I do not see the road ahead of me I cannot know for certain where it will end nor do I really know myself
and the fact that I think I am following your will doesn't mean that I'm actually doing so
but I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you
and I hope I have that desire and all that I'm doing I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire
and I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road though I may not know nothing about it
therefore I will trust you always though I may seem lost in the shadow of death I will not fear because you are ever with me and you will never leave me to face my perils alone
and I got that comes from his writings seize the day and that's by Thomas Merton just it's a writing which many people can identify with because you know even though we might have things planned out in our lives sometimes we have no idea where this is going to lead and we just don't know but having that reassurance and assurance that the desire to be pleasing to God the desire to be on the spiritual journey please God so here is that he doesn't need to see where his life will go because that's not where his hope lies
but rather his hope lies squarely in the relationship that he has with God in the universe
but I believe that the desire to please you doesn't fact please you and I hope I have that desire and all that I am doing I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire
and that is hope I mean I'd love that section
yeah there's a saying out there that we can live about 30 days without food and we can go about three weeks without water and we can go about 30 minutes or so without oxygen
but we simply cannot live 3 seconds without hope
and yes Hope is that powerful
hope is that transformative in us and through us
but the true lesson is that we need to examine what we place our hope in
cuz you know if there was ever a group of people who exemplify Hope on a daily practical basis it's people who Farm people who plant think about maybe this relates to your own backyard garden and all the people who plant or people who farmed they till the soil they remove the rocks and other obstacles that would simply just get in the way of having a healthy crop then they plant the seed and covered back up with soil and you know all of this is done by faith in the hopes that with the water the sun Nature's fertilizer that seed will produce a wonderful crop or a beautiful flower
everybody needs hope it's just part of us something engraved in us from birth and this is actually how we see the world
but what we hoping and in what we hope for can either bring us misery or it brings us peace
can't you see many people are taught that material things will bring happiness and contentment let's face it with material things we all need food we all need clothes shelter security achievements goals on the list can go on and on and on but I sit with a lot of people who buy out all outward appearances have it all together but inside their miserable
and it's true money doesn't necessarily buy you happiness and it certainly doesn't quell some of the storms that rage within us it might take the edge off for a little bit but that's not where true happiness lies because again people have never bothered to search within they have never bothered to ask the tough questions of them self cuz everything else is well let's go find this for happiness and they always look outside of themselves but whenever you start looking within when we start asking tough questions of ourselves and we hold ourselves accountable and we would say stay the course of our faith in the integration of spirituality and mental health and so forth transformation is going to occur
after let go we have to let go of many many things in terms of forgiveness and so far have you ever watch the rose bush during a storm
you know we've had some pretty interesting at least where I live on the east coast pretty interesting powerful storms high winds thunder lightning pounding rain from time to time
and we have a rose bush out in the back and just taking a look at that during a storm you know the branches are swaying back and forth by the wind and a pedals are being Stripped Away by the pounding rain and when and as the storm continues it doesn't look like the rosebush is going to survive because after the storm has passed it looks so pitiful and gnarly you know pedals are flying everywhere they're all in the ground and it just added doesn't just looks pitiful but you know but neat the surface deep within the Earth
the rose bush is alive and well because it is firmly anchored it is firmly rooted and life is continuing even in the dead of winter when all the flowers in the fruit tree seem to die there still life going on Underground
and by God's grace again we see that the Deschutes will come up again in the spring and will bud and Blossom Barrett's fruits and fragrance for everybody to enjoy
the life of any plant or flower is in its roots the healthier the soil the stronger the roots the more life continues
have you ever tried to tear out the roots of a rose bush all I have to say is good luck with that one because those roots go down about 3 ft and they spread out to about 3 ft tall around and this is why they can weather the most severe forms of precipitation and they will come back year after year because they have strong roots
the same is true with us we could be pounded by life and we can go through life's storms and so forth but if we had that strong root if we are connected you're deeply deeply connected in our relationships with ourselves and others with god of the Divine we too will come back because we have strong ribs
I really love to hear your your heart and your thoughts on this matter so again if you'd like to call in the number is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming off Interstate and I'm your host dr. James hauke I'll be back with you in 1 minute
welcome back I'm talk to James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity invite you that you know you may or may not be able to spend the whole hour with me today but again these shows are podcast so all you need to do just go on to the website ww.w. B b s radio. Calm reclaiming authenticity and just click on the archives and you can go back in and you can listen to any show that you may have missed or he needs me to catch up or even if you want to listen to this show again you know you're able to do that so I'm very pleased when I happens in and then feel free to leave me your comments about today show or other shows that you have listen to again just by visiting that website and then you'll see the link to leave me an email message
what started off the the broadcast today with a story about how a young student on the path to spiritual enlightenment tried to force open a budding Rose he tried to force it open to bloom but you can say buddy that he wanted to hurry up and force his own spiritual growth and how often you know do we want to be in a hurry or we run this like hurry up Society because we believe we're not growing fast enough in our faith or our spirituality or whatever but it's not about how fast we grow but rather how strong our roots are
cuz when we have strong spiritual roots and are faithful to this process of integration of of Truth in our own experiences and knowledge and so forth
transformation and growth will occur
even in the budding stage we're still growing and if we're faithful to integrating our spiritual practices and experiences along with our daily awareness of Truth and God's grace transformation I guarantee you it is inevitable it's going to take place and I also see this in mental health that whenever a person suffers from a traumatic incidents were a tremendous loss of some kind they often sit and wonder how am I going to be able to put these pieces of my life back together again
how do I start where do I start now what's my life going to look like and will I ever feel alive once again
now whenever I hear this I don't get down on one knee and sing a verse from Little Orphan Annie you know the sun'll come out tomorrow down
I just sit with the person and we join in this
Humanity the struggle to make sense out of losses that shared Human Experience of if this happened to me will I ever be able to put pieces of my life back together again
how do I start where would I start what's my life going to look like
and will I ever feel alive again
these are questions that all you know all humans all Humanity have to answer
because we don't get out of this world without experiencing loss or disappointment or suffering than one degree or another I'm not pessimistic it's just because we're human sooner or later we're going to suffer but because we're also human sooner or later we have great potential to learn we have great potential to heal we have great potential than to be stronger than ever before
or shall I say stronger in between the cracks of a Brokenness which left us looking at the pieces and wondering how these offset
Physical psychological and emotional and spiritual healing is not a pie-in-the-sky Pollyanna way of looking at life
but instead it's a promise that's following every storm in our lives the sun does come out again
Shilling will occur you know to one degree or another and we're going to find our life and strength because our spiritual roots are anchored you know two relationships that are Eternal not temporal
well even though we are still in the midst of Summer and say a few people get married in August summer is often the time when many couples want to get married in the month of June and love is certainly in the air you know the most requested scripture reading and you know marriage ceremonies or commitment ceremonies is often taken from the book of 1st Corinthians 13 and the Bible and you know it's just something well-known and perhaps you've heard of it and it says that love is patient love is kind it doesn't Envy it doesn't post it's not proud it doesn't dishonor others it's not self-seeking
it's not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs love does not Delight in evil but love instead rejoices with the truth because love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, Always perseveres Love Never Fails but where there are prophecies they will stop and where there are tongues they will be silenced and where there is knowledge that too will pass away but because we know in part and we prophesy in part but when the completeness comes what is in part disappears
and now these three remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love
perhaps this is why when it comes to expressing our love to that very special person in our lives roses are the most appropriate flower I prefer a tiger lilies but that's just me that's for another show okay but this 13 chapter of Corinthians something Reddit weddings because it symbolizes a lot of that weather is life's most severe traumas and disappointments death and tragedies
but it's also talking about our kind of love that's also going to be there when we celebrate births weddings graduations major accomplishments and ultimately joy joy joy and so forth
and yet how is it that love is the strongest of Faith and Hope and I talked to her earlier in the show about the strength of Hope how hope can certainly transform and so forth you know but Faith and Hope are indeed strong and our lives but what is it about love or let's put it this way maybe more importantly what is it important what is it about God's unconditional love for us that's the strongest
perhaps the answer is that because unconditional love sees the potential for people to become far greater than who they see in themselves in the present moment
let me say that again
perhaps God's unconditional love is the strongest because unconditional love sees the potential for us to become far greater than who we see in ourselves in the present moment
club seats possibility of everyone to heal from these emotional psychological physical and spiritual wounds because it's true love is patient love is kind love seeks to honor others first and the only record that keep Apes is the life-giving moments in our lives because love celebrates with the truth and love always protects, always trusts and hopes and perseveres
love is able to do this because it teaches us not to look at the temporary things in our lives but instead focuses on the potential for Hope healing Grace and this inner energy
has another one of my favorite writers and puts it the reason why God's love is unconditional is because it existed before any kind of rejection was possible and that kind of unconditional love will still be there after all rejections have taken place
it is the first and everlasting love of God who is the father as well as the mother it is the Fountain of all human love
cousin the gospels Christ whole life and message was to reveal this inexhaustible unlimited motherly and fatherly love of God as well as to show us how to let that love guide every part of our lives
yeah that's true rose bushes and their roots are a great reminder of our own spiritual growth and as with any example of vegetation get a once the seed is planted in the soil The Roots have to go down and anchor themselves firmly before any parents of Life appears above the ground
because without a strong root system or Foundation the life of a rose bush is limited because storms will come and pull up the entire thing
and if any of you call Storm with swarms with B rain and when can lift entire trees
what and to whom we are spiritually rooted does make all the difference in the world
as I've said many times and he's broadcast that when it comes to integration of mental health and spirituality it always comes back to relationships
and the irony of life is that we often experience our our deepest psychological emotional physical and spiritual woundedness by being in relationships
but in order for us to truly heal and grow from these wounds we find healthy relationships and it all begins with the relationship with ourselves
who is staring back at us when we look in the mirror
how do we interact with others
if I talked about it about a couple of weeks ago. Because we are so connected with each other and talk to all things that when we wound another person we end up wending ourselves and when others wound us it's as if they have wounded themselves
yeah this is the fact that we just simply cannot get around
or another words that I explained at the kids we all live in an echo what we send out is going to bounce back to us whether we call it karma reaping what we sow or what
it's just a fact what we put out will come back to us it's the recent we are so connected with all things
I'm so if we come from a place of woundedness in our relationships it's as if we are reinforcing those wounds within ourselves but as we heal as we find healthy relationships not as we look at things that need to be healed in our lives squarely in the face and calling it for what it is and working through and letting things go or working through forgiveness knowing that forgiveness too is a process
we're going to find that healing taking place and we're going to be in healthy relationships with ourselves you know we're not going to have those negative thoughts or you know we're the unrelenting guilt they only healthy emotion we beat ourselves up or put ourselves down or something but we're going to be in a healthy relationship with ourselves and others
and so because we're healthy with those around us
you know our ceiling is reinforced and theirs is too you know vice versa even if people we meet for the very first time you know it's that strong of a transformation that gives other people permission to heal
and also to experience and embrace their own transformation
you know this is all the more reason why we need to stay connected and healthy relationships with ourselves and others in God or the Divine and you know I was thinking about this the other day you just talking with a friend and we kind of got on the subject you know how Christ interacted with people and I said you know and the gospel stories we have a lot more stories about Christ interacting with people who we only hear about one time
mmm, they're gone they have some encounter with Christ or either forgiven of their sins or they confess or whatever and it where they're healed and then they just go off and we never hear from them and we know that their lives are never going to be the same because that transformation in the moment was so powerful and we just have tons of stories more stories than anything else in the gospels now just individuals like the man born blind or the women who you know came to draw water at the well in which Jesus was sitting down cuz he was thirsty or the woman caught in adultery or you no other other instances other stories of people who just show up I have an interaction
and then we never hear from them again
and how many people fit that bill in our lives how many people do we just randomly interact with we don't know them from anybody else but in a moment when were talking to them or helping them or they're talking to us and helping us whatever could be there's a little transformation that takes place that we know when we come away from that relationship that's a one-time relationship
you know something has happened in that moment
where were truly both
are never going to be the same again because in the end of very few no subtle way it's changed our perspective it's opened up our eyes and open up our hearts are we were truly truly touched
I remember seeing a story on social media and how a lady was popping her desk and a man just comes up at random and just hands her a tiny envelope that just says you know for you please read this and she opens it up and I was just a very kind note that says you know that she has all these wonderful gifts and and this money is to bless her and make sure that it's some point you pass it on to somebody else and it was $100 bill and she was just so touched by its didn't really know what to do she was just really flabbergasted and so what she did was she took that literally you know I'm passing on to somebody else in the future and says she put the note back in and $100 and she walked over to a younger woman who was pumping her gas and handed the car to her
or the envelope I should say and I just simply walked away and you've got in her car and drove off. You know the story goes this younger woman who you know one but noticed anybody else was really struggling financially
she goes back in her in her car she sits down and she opens up this note and she reads it and she begins to cry and she realizes that who knows how many times that note I got $100 changed hands but it eventually came to her
because of her need she was definitely touched she was transformed in that moment
now there's a story that goes hand-in-hand with the roots of the rose bush and the need for us to be firmly connected in our relationships and so forth there was a story that also comes from the gospels it's a story of the vine in the branches that Jesus actually towed to his disciples and its founding. John's gospel I believe basic teaching you know Jesus says I am the vine you are the branches whoever abides in me and I in him will bear much fruit for without me you can do nothing if it doesn't abide in me you know that person is cast out as a branch and it Withers and then you know somebody that gathers them and throw them into the fire they're just they're burned up you know that's it's dead branches and what if you invited me and my words abide in you you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you you know and by this my father is glorified that you bear much fruit
now there's more to this story over this Parable cuz I only read a brief passage but what I find interesting is that within you know the entire 9 vs this little word abide or in some translations remain appears 8 times and that that's pretty significant you know that's something worth paying attention to remain in me abiding my word whoever remains in me will bear much fruit and you know and just all practical purposes what's being said here is that just as the branches cannot produce flowers or fruits and less it remains connected to the vine and its roots the so to the we need to remain connected to our spiritual roots
even if you cannot make sense of what you see or healer here or field above ground so to speak rest assure that there is life in you because your roots are firmly anchored in the soil
never give up on the ability of God's grace to work in and through your life even if you do not feel you're making enough spiritual progress to suit you remember the story of the master his student and the Rose
by forcing ourselves to go faster without proper integration and through God's grace we too will end up making a mess of things
but if you have strong spiritual roots that are anchored firmly in your relationship with God in the Divine and others you will see your wonderful Hatchet OST your wonderful dismiss your wonderful uniqueness emerge that will be a blessing and healing for all relationships
you come into this world already equipped and graced with everything you need for this life I just because you cannot see your gift in this yet doesn't mean that it's not in you
I got a few are not at peace with your spiritual progress sync your roots deeper into your relationship
Leicester Mass to be seen or shown I should say you are giftedness your skills your talents your strengths your character traits and realize you know the times and let you feel like you need to hide those those the various the uniqueness about yourself that you feel you need to hide that from others
what's happening in that moment what is it that you are actually hiding
is it you're hiding your giftedness or are you hiding the pain that you once experienced that you don't want to feel again
the gifts and Graces the strengths
are beautiful things in our lives but they're not just for us they're meant to be shared the meant to be passed on to me meant to be a blessing to everybody just like that one man that showed up with a little card and a hundred-dollar bill and one woman was so touched that she decided to pass it on right then and there to a woman who truly truly needed it
and just how many other times and how much the transformation taking place in many many people that we're not aware of
I'm really okay we can say yeah it was $100 but you know transformation often comes through the simplest things in our lives that really do not cost any money or very little money but it's the thoughtfulness it's this shared Humanity that's we understand how life can be difficult times we understand that struggle we understand the frustrations and so forth but yet we also understand the hope we also understand there's peace we also understand that there is unconditional love
how do we as medicine lived at out on a daily basis to we're not that well you know what am I going to do in this situation but that we can actually become the medicine or the healing or the piece or the grace or whatever for another person
that's the power of transformation That's The Power of integration
dr. James how can you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity again if you like to leave me your comments about Today Show and just invite you to visit the website and I just leave out loud. Just click on the link I should say it's the email address and just leave me a message I'll be able to read that later or a way to get back to you but I enjoy discussing these topics with people all the time so again thank you for spending this hour with me I'm B you to be back with me next Friday at 3 p.m. for another topic and we can discuss and and just explore our integration of spirituality and our mental health even more so in the meantime take care behave yourselves out there and may you be blessed by by
book by dr. hope it's all there just wander on over to reclaiming authenticity. Calm around and we'll see you next Friday at noon Pacific Time on PBS radio TV

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