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Reclaiming Authenticity, 29/04/2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Don't Make Me One With Everything

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Title: Don't Make Me One With Everything

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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and now with over 25 years of experience mental health and spirituality.
well hello hello hello everybody good afternoon wherever you are in the world at this time it might be more than where you are at might be evening but where I'm at right now it is the afternoon 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time welcome to reclaiming authenticity finding one's courage to reclaim that which has always been in you well welcome to the final Friday or the last Friday of the month of April this year is just sipping on by folks and so we got to hang on and just keep our heads about us and you know just hang on for the ride the strap the proverbial seat belt across your lap and let's go things are just getting better and better with the weeks and then so forth but very excited to be with you here today I am here at each and every Friday at 3 p.m. as I said Eastern Standard Time
in Pacific Standard Time and any other time in between because each and every week these broadcasts are a dedicated to the integration of spirituality and our mental health and all within the context of our relationships the relationship that we have with our self and who were looking at him who's looking back at us in the mirror our relationships with others made with our families or co-workers and so forth and God or the Divine I am dr. James hauke and if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about Today show I invite you to visit the website it's forward reclaiming authenticity that's all one word if you would like to call in and be part of the show invite you to do that that number is 888-627-6008 that's 888 627 6th
108 and I'll be taking your calls after the break now in case you would like to go back and listen to these broadcast the shows are a podcast and you can go into the archives and you can find what should I show which week corresponds with the show that you would like to listen again and very thankful for that and also want to just take this time to thank everybody for their support over the past actually it is coming up on 2 years would you believe it and it'll be June 10th will be the two-year Mark and that will be here before you know it and I'm going to have a little bit more to say about that after the break I've a special a very special program planned because it will not only Mark the two-year. But that also coincides with our 100 100
episode 100 broadcast okay so like I said I'll be saying more about that after the break but anyway I just wanted to thank everybody for their support over the past year or two and just wanted to say also that now you have the opportunity to continue your support by becoming a monthly subscriber now I just want to clarify some things that a subscription is not required to to listen to my talk shows you know it no subscription or not you get in will not get you into like saying a secret room where you can download additional information or merchandise or anything like that but it is just a way to show your appreciation for the work that is being done here so again going on the website to go on the upper banner and choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving
now they do each and every week just because there are more more people tuning in for the very first time and just would like to know a little bit of like what in the world is reclaiming authenticity it's something that's very catchy and maybe some obscurity or maybe you've never thought along these lines before but just want to share a little bit about myself at the beginning of the show that the reclaiming authenticity really came out of just some deep-seated beliefs in me and I truly truly believe that all of us come into this world already equipped and graced and gifted with everything that we need and in this life in terms of our skills and talents and strengths of giftedness and character traits and so on and so forth and how we live our giftedness is in and through relationships heads
reclaiming authenticity because when you think about it it is unfortunate that we often receive our deepest physical emotional psychological and spiritual wounds in and through human relationships and moreover I mean we have to go along at life and may be due to some very unpleasant experiences we may feel like we need to hide or giftedness or we need to hide our skills or we don't want to the people to see it you know how we push it way way down or maybe some you know grown-up people told us that we never did a mount to anything just because we didn't measure up to whatever you do measuring stick that they were using at the time or whatever other voice we do we heard telling us that there's nothing special to us and yet
here's the irony we can discover our greatest healing and our strength and peace and forgiveness and love through healthier relationships so you can relationships in general that's basically the common denominator in all this and not kid ourselves because these relationships that we're talking about just might be within our own families or co-workers and friends you know then where these wounds come from however that whenever we find healing through healthier relationships whatever we transform we're also going to transform others by our presence by are Grace and understanding and other words we're going to be different we're going to relate to each and everyone you know people person but we run into we're going to run into them differently because you know where differently we're going to talk to them differently that's what I wanted to say because you know
first of all forgiveness and kindness and compassion begins with how we treat ourselves because whenever we're compassionate with others we then can be more compassionate with somebody else you know whenever were more forgiving with ourselves we then can be more forgiving with others it kind of wakens of sensitivity in us that if we can be this way with ourselves if we can be kind and forgiving and compassionate and live in gratitude with ourselves what's keeping us from showing these things to one another
so all-in-all first and foremost transformation really begins with us cuz we can't change anybody we can change who we are but then through our presence and how we relate to them and how we see them how we see ourselves how do we talk to them how do we interact is going to be different and that's the transformational part that hopefully they're able to see that and their heart is touched and it begins the healing process for them
well speaking of Hearts how is your heart today I hope your heart as well I hope you are well I hope that if you are struggling today that you'll be able to find the rest the comfort and the piece that you need
well in speaking of how and why we may have pushed our giftedness way down inside of us so that others cannot see it or believing those messages you know such as like we've been told we are told that we would never amount to anything or whatever other voice we heard telling us that there's nothing special to us today show she focuses on the illusion of these negative beliefs that convinced us that we are not connected to everyone and all things in other words the illusion is nobody can relate to what you're going through nobody's going to care you know and the how can you get anybody to understand because well they didn't grow up in your culture they may not speak your language and by all outward appearances they don't look anything like you
but that's an illusion that convinces us that since we think we don't have anything in common with anybody else we're on our own and they're on their own but that's simply not the case
someone at the start they showed us by sharing with you just a little story okay this is a fictional story but you'll get the you know the Doctor Seuss greater point in all of this and goes like this one day Buddhist was engaged in Walking meditation in the park just a slow walk and just deep concentration and when she was deep deep deep into her meditation she was still able to overhear different conversations from people around her you know talking to one another and ordering food during their lunch breaks and of course there were just all kinds of hot dog vendors and you know people selling Wares and you know other things around her and she was coming up and out of her walking meditation she started to listen carefully to these conversations and curiosity started to get the better of
so she thought it would be neat if you don't walk up to a hot dog vendor and order something and so she smiled and walked up to a hot dog vendor that was wasn't too far from her and when the vendor asked her what she wanted she replied with a big smile I want you to make me one with everything
well to her surprise the vendor replied look lady I can't make you one with everything in fact no one can make you anything you already are one with everything you just haven't realized it yet
well that is a very wise hot dog vendor indeed and how many of us you know perceive ourselves as lacking something we already possess
how many of us fail to see ourselves for who we truly are let alone to continue to search for that person we truly are and are becoming
well long long ago and the kingdom of India play was being staged in the Royal Court it was called the princess of Kashi and the role of the princess of Kashi was to be played by a little girl however since there was no little girl in The Palace the queen thought that well we do have a prince and the princess is about 5 years old at the time we can dress him up as a girl and have him play the role
well it wasn't a really big role and all the prince had to do is just simply stand there and he looks so adorable as a princess that the queen ordered a painting to be made of him and when the painting was done the artist brush the words at the bottom the princess of Kashi and he dated it
well after some years the painting was taken down to the Palace Center and it was just stored there the people forgot all about it but by now the prince was a young man of twenty he was good-looking confidence smart and when he was being trained in the Affairs of the land the one day to take over the kingdom well one day while he was just wandering through the palace he found a set of stairs that led to this seller and he decided to explore what was in there cuz he was walking around and moving things around you found this painting of little girl dressed up in a Royal Garb and at the bottom of the painting was written the princess of Kashi
well looking at the date he realize that the princess in the painting would be the same age as he was and he just stepped back and just admire just how pretty she was and he said that he immediately fell in love with her and he decided right then and there that he would marry no one but her and like any young man in love you know day after day he became very dreamy and preoccupied with thoughts of the princess of Tashi I lost all his focus on princely activities and responsibilities and the king and queen noticed this change in his mood and then his behavior and they were starting to become quite concerned
and they asked him repeatedly what was wrong but he was too shy to tell them
well finally a kind old minister of the Court sat down with the prince and the asked him dear Prince what's wrong why are you not yourself these days
and after gently assuring the prince that whatever you tell me I will keep your secret
the minister was able to coax a reply out of the prince while the prince said bashfully I'm in love that's great news says the minister who is she where is she can do can I meet her and he said well she's the princess of Kashi I saw a painting of her in the Royal seller the date that the painting shows that she would be about 20 years old just like me and and this is the girl I want to marry
well on hearing these words to minister became silent and he started to think and he knew he had heard of the princess of Kashi before but he couldn't remember where and when so he asked the Prince Will you no come here take me to this painting show me where it is and the prince took him down you know to the Royal seller and when the court Minister saw the painting he immediately recognized who the princess was
oh he gently placed a hand on the princess shoulder and this kind-hearted Court Minister looked him in the eye and said with the very serious gentle tone your highness I have something to tell you but what is it that's the prince sensing that something was wrong
my dear Prince you cannot marry this girl
why not the princess is she already married is she dead
about the minister then told him the story of the play that was staged about 15 years ago and how he the prince was dressed up as a girl and made to play the role of the princess of Kashi
you see their prince you can't marry her because you are the princess of Kashi
while the prince was in shock and he was bewildered as he heard The Minister's words and on realizing the truth that the princess of Kashi didn't exist and that he himself was what he was yearning for
his desire for the princess melted away
in other words he was already one with the person in the picture he just didn't realize it yet
he didn't understand the connectedness he had from the beginning as he kept seeing himself separate from the person in the picture
and this is probably where most people struggle to understand what it means to strive to be one with everything
cuz you see one this one level no pun intended their Oneness has to do more with understanding how we are connected to all people and all thanks for example being one with everything does not mean that we have to become the sugar that we put in our coffee but rather we are connected to the sugar in terms of those who have supplied the sugar at the store and all the employees who work there
as well as we are connected to the Growers who planted and harvested that the sugarcane which will eventually become the sugar that we add to our coffee
and this awareness ought to come a deep sense of gratitude and respect for all we have received by the hard work and efforts of others
now they're for realizing our Oneness or connection with all things and all people we ought to never take for granted anything in our lives you have but rather it should cultivate in our gratitude and a deep sense of compassion for all people who Supply things we use everyday and other words everything is therefore I can't
everyone is there for a gift
I know this makes much more sense because whether or not we realize it we are connected to everyone and everything either directly or indirectly now it's it's kind of like the game I don't know if you've ever play this or not or heard of it the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon gay where you try to follow the connection of Kevin Bacon to other actors are entertainers or even producers or other people you know and you just kind of like work backwards so what do you think about it we are interconnected to all things and all people in this Universal awareness but the Oneness and connectedness in the spiritual sense goes much much deeper because it involves who we are at our core
rather than who we know
well last week I was talking about that when it comes to wrestling with life's questions many people are often overwhelmed not only by the concept that the answer is they often seek light within themselves
but also the belief that in our freedom and peace and joy and unconditional love are just simply they're all too good to be true
that those things belong to somebody else
but the truth is that we all possess the key to unlock the doors to an inner Freedom Grace and peace like we have never known before
in fact whether it is within looks a a Western or Eastern culture effective teachers mentors and leaders throughout history have been characterized by those who helped pull out of others the very best of themselves and how is that possible
it's because the teachers the mentors and the leaders throughout history have seen more in people than perhaps they see in themselves they see a tremendous amount of potential that's still lying dormant in fact they even have the ability to be able to see people for who they are
you say they don't get hung up on the externals they see what lies within
and they helped pull out of them the very best of who they are so they are creating this awareness by by indicating and pointing out the connectedness or the Oneness that all human beings share
well still there are many people who was ignorance or fear would just rather live their life in brief and pain and sorrow you know it's just it's just too much there's there just not ready to let go of their wounds and embrace the possibility that they can live in less a forgiveness gratitude and ultimately love for themselves and love for others and this is where the term you know what is emotional or psychological self-inflicted wound comes from because think about it this way this is just another level of connectedness here that we think that if we say something harmful or do something harmful that it's never going to come back on us
but it does
every negative thought every negative thing we say every negative thing that we do comes back to us and it often reinforces the wounded part of ourselves
but here's the flip side every positive thought everything positively say every blessing that we do every positive thing that we do comes back to us often reinforcing the healed parts of ourselves or the gifted parts of ourselves
and you do this what what goes out from us comes back to us that they're just many ways that you know we can understand this concept because you know how many of us have ever said you do you have a look at the round comes around or another Parts you might say well what you so you're going to reap even in other parts of the world you know some people would say well that's Karma it's just another way to understand that no matter how you say it Humanity lives in the neck out that what goes out from us will return to us just like we hear the sound of our voice echoing back in our ears let's say when we're in a tunnel
this is something that's as I cancel kids and teenagers they pick up on very very quickly you know they they understand this concept of how they understand the concepts of karma that you understand what goes around comes around or what you so you're going to reap they get it they understand it
and they often just need to be reminded that no you're not the problem in the family
you are actually the solution you are actually the strongest one in the family to be able to heal not just yourself but also to heal others in the family as well as Generations that have come before you and generations and have yet to be born just changing the energy and being reminded of who they are being reminded that they too can send out very positive wonderful thoughts they too can say very wonderful positive powerful thanks they too and through their behavior very positively affect others
so everything we think and say and do is energy and unless we transform the energy first and healing ourselves by healing our own wounds
it will come back to us exactly as it went out from us
and you know this is a phenomenon that I run into time and time again counseling clients who want to heal from their past and improve their relationships because whatever a person struggling with you know from other relationships more than likely they're struggling with the same issue in themselves again whatever negative energy is being sent out Echoes back sooner or later
whatever positive energy is being sent out Echoes back sooner or later
so a person lets say who is filled with bitterness from a previous hurt or a time and they were betrayed
without being here they're going to review everything and steal everything from a lens of bitterness
and a person who has experienced tremendous hurt from us a broken trust in a relationship and unless this is healed and transform more than likely they're going to review everything and everyone with some suspicion
this is very difficult for people to understand about the phenomenon of emotional and psychological self-inflicted wounds
what goes out has first come from within
but you know sometimes you know a person just might say you know I will never forgive that person for this and such without this usually means I'll never be able to forgive myself
or if they say things like I can never trust another person because they now that usually means I have difficulty trusting myself
and I can't stand it when a person says or does this usually means I can't stand myself whenever I say this or do this I just can't love that person
usually me and I'm also struggling with loving myself
how we are with others is often how we are with ourselves and how we are with ourselves is how we are with others
how we see others is often how we see ourselves and unresolved or unhealed wounds distort how we View and interact with the world and we're not going to be able to see ourselves as connected we're not going to be able to relate to well we're one already with everything we just have yet to realize it
now in severe cases where there is trauma that that trauma can be passed down genetically and it it does it's already been shown and it's in numerous studies and how trauma attaches itself to our DNA the energy of the trauma attaches itself and often covertly disguises itself as harmful physical psychological emotional even spiritual symptoms and similarly as intergenerational trauma is passed down through both society and families that is what we carry in our genes and then how we are raised or were raised excetera various social systems have often galvanized harmful stereotypes and Prejudice in justices and emotional dependence and biases and so on and so on and so on
so as a result intergenerational trauma is not just limited to how it affects our families but also how it affects all relationships from the most intimate relationships in our lives to the mere acquaintances or the people that we pass by every day
and this realization is a significant aspect of our healing relationships
as it occurs when we're able to understand a person and take a step back and just asked a question what has so wounded you
what has so wounded ourselves as to allow us to continuously act out of our woundedness but then expect different results
again what we send out is going to come back to us we are truly connected to one another
you know I have to say from personal experience that by understanding the background of those who hurt me you know it has allowed me to take the necessary steps closer to forgiving them and releasing the burdens of carrying around my wounds any longer
text patients that takes time
that takes a tremendous amount of Grace working in our lives to see just what happened to this person that allows them to do something or say something to another person to really wound another and then act like it's no big deal
you don't have the same is true whenever we forgive another we're telling them that you know we no longer want them to carry the weight of their webs you know we want them to also be unburdened by any weight of bitterness or unforgiveness or shame or humiliation or whatever pain they have suffered in the past that continues to influence how they think and say and act in harmful ways
yes we live in an echo yes what we send out is going to come back to us
but we are able to heal heal from such things so that in our connectedness with everyone and all things we approach these relationships from a Point of Grace and healing if you like to call in number is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James house and I'll be back with you in 1 minute
alright welcome back welcome back welcome back I am dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I wanted to make a special announcement that I included two earlier in the Shelf in 6 weeks 6 Short wigs on Friday June 10th going to be having my 100th show right here on BBS about like what I would want to do so I want to do something special for the show or what you know what would I like to do that day and I thought about it and here's what I'm proposing that I would like you to send me your suggestions for or you know or topics for that particular show anything related to the integration of spirituality and our mental health okay so it could be any question or any theme or any topic or we can any other suggestions as I'm going to be heading into my third year
doing these are broadcast I am excited to get your feedback on this so all you need to do is just go on the website and you just drop me a line and say Hey doctor how this you know what I proposed work I'm excited about your 100 show coming up this is what I would like to listen to so again the website is reclaiming authenticity all one word to reclaiming authenticity
well earlier in the show I was talking about connectedness and Oneness and the story of the Buddhist to went up to the hot dog vendor and said yo make me one with everything and then the wise old hot dog vendor said lady you know I appreciate your humor but I can't make you anything this is something that you're going to have to realize for yourself especially the realization that you already are one with everything about the story of the prince is a cauchy just to make the point in this is a story that's told as though it's a Indian story to make this point that we have to realize sooner or later that we are one and the same
now and then you know we are not separated from one another but we are connected just with one another we do stand in Oneness with each other but it's not based on a painting or a picture or anything that is based on the externals and this is something that the prince back in the day he couldn't get past he didn't have that realization yet that it does what he saw in the painting that was him at 5 years old but fifteen years later when he was 20 years old he thought this was somebody else and it's like no you are one in the same you know he posed for the painting which was labeled the princess of Kashi but he didn't realize that it is the same
person so he didn't understand the connectedness he had from the beginning and he kept seeing himself separate from the person in the picture and as I mentioned earlier this is where we often see ourselves as being separate from everyone else and separate from all things you know and this will be true if all we did was focus on the external but what if we're allowed to finally grasp and understand and to become aware of the fact that you know we need to see each other's as so
Dad we would understand the Oneness work next gen that we have with others you know just regardless of race regardless of class regardless of creed and culture and stereotypes and prejudices and stigmas and language those things don't don't matter
these things are all based on the externals but when we ever we can see each other as Souls that's where one this comes in that's where this connection this understanding that's you know we we have a shared not just a shared Humanity but we have a shared spirituality
and this is all the more reason why it's important to see the Divine in everyone
because when we are ready you know I'm convinced God opens up for us a profound understanding of who we are as Souls
and when we look at each other as Souls we're going to soon discover and we're also going to see ourselves as Souls we're going to begin to realize that these externals simply do not matter
there's there's no more sexism there's no more racism there's no more isms in general because they simply cannot hold up to the standard that we are all Souls that we are all children of light or another way to put it that we're all droplets of water returning to the ocean where we are no different from one another while be at the externals
so why then do we have the externals while we're here on Earth as let's say we are in a body. So while some would say that we are in a body Soul because of the karma you know because what our soul still needs to work out in terms of the lessons that are learned you know in the healing that needs to take place where you know we're often reminded of the wounds and the habits in the choice is or whatever you know that we make is how we're working out our Karma and these come to us through the externals which could be coming from let's say in extreme examples of maybe even illness or disease or other experiences that whatever lessons that are there for us to learn and to understand the deeper deeper meanings
well Anthony De Mello just one of my favorite authors he was one who was just one of those spiritual teachers and mentors who always sought to empower others and to bring them into higher states of self-awareness and self-discovery and he often told a story to illustrate that we can let go of former things in order to take hold of something better
but we have to be able to be shown what that better is worth in order to let go of what we think that we're hanging onto it's a story of a villager in India who just happens upon a sunny I see now I see is a kind of a Wandering mendicant you know one who has attained Enlightenment the one who understands that the whole world is his home that the sky is his roofing and God will look after him God will provide so he just moves from place to place and you know and then the way you would move from one room of your home to another
and one day the Villager says to the sunny I see I just simply cannot believe this and then they just their paths have crossed and the villagers are still scratching his head. I just can't believe this course has got the Curiosity of the sunny I see what is it that you just can't believe
well since the Villager I had a dream about you last night I dreamt that God said to me tomorrow morning you will leave the village around 11 and you'll run into this wandering sannyasi and here you are I've met you
well what else did God say to you
well the Villager replied he said to me that if a man gives you a precious stone he has you will be the richest man in the whole world so dear sir do you have that stone and would you give me that stone and the Sonya C tells the Villager just hang on a second and he rummages around through his knapsack and he pulls out this object and he goes is this the stone that you're talkin about
and the Villager just simply could not believe his eyes for it was the largest diamond in the world you know he holds the diamond in his hands and he asked I think this is the one but can I have this and of course said the sunny I see you know take it I found it near the river and you're welcome to it well the Villager took the diamond and he went to sit under a tree on the outskirts of the village and he just clutches the diamond to his heart and he experiences great joy and it's kind of like you know we experiencing Joy when we get something that we really want but yet do we ever stop to ask how long
but joy will last
I mean look at it this way you know you got the girl that you've always wanted right where you got the boy you always wanted right or you got the car and you got the degree and and maybe even you were at the top of your class like all your dreams have come true but yet how long is that Joy last
how many seconds
how many minutes
I mean let's be honest are eventually we get tired of those things don't we are then we're off looking for something else
and understanding this about ourselves is more valuable than less a studying the scriptures because what good is it to you to study the scriptures if you're not understood this if you not understood what it means to live and to be free and to be spiritual and to go after the Eternal things so the Villager set under a tree all day just clutching his diamond and he became immersed in thought and he just fell asleep and he he woke up toward evening and he went down to the river where the sunny I see was meditating and he gave him back the diamond
he says to the sun yasi master
could you do me one more favor he asked what is it said the sunny Aussie could you give me the inner riches that makes it possible for you to so easily give away this thing that would have made you the richest man in the world
see if we are capable of sending out negative energy from unresolved physical and psychological and spiritual wounds then we can also send out our thoughts are words or actions and through the positive energy that gives life and healing and Grace
because we've been healed and transformed we know what's important
we know the way to your matters
we understand the Eternal aspects
and that the things that we can touch and the things we can hang onto or so for these things are so temporary but if we're able to discover deep deep deep within ourselves who we truly are as souls and to realize that what a gift that is
yeah we're going to see each other differently
and yeah those things that society places tremendous value on will be nothing really in comparison to things that we have because of who we are
but you're not still there's a lot of talk these days about reducing our carbon Footprints from eliminating greenhouse gases and Industrial emissions any effects of strip mining you know or you no global warming debates and conservation and so forth but you know what I don't hear included in all these conversations is how the damaging effects of our carbon Footprints clearly mimic the damaging effects of our interpersonal Footprints and the effect it has on one another
because sadly today it's often considered the norm if not the expectation
that people will wall while walk all over one another you know they're going to lie they're going to cheat they're going to steal and then expect that these actions will have no psychological or spiritual consequences
well if we assume this we are gravely mistaken
man has evidence from our attitudes and actions when we have not learned from previous generations discoveries and mistakes
and we then clearly do not possess the ancient wisdom that comes from recognizing those lessons of respect and dignity and value and gratitude passed on to us in the created order effects
let me put it this way you know it's got to be glaringly obvious that the way we treat our environmental resources and animals this is a direct reflection of our attitudes and behaviors toward one another again let's bring it back to our connectedness let's bring it back to the Oneness that we already stand in relationship with all things
but again how we treat ourselves is going to show up and how we treat others and how we treat others is going to show up with how we treat all other things like the resources or animals and so forth again connected this Oneness
in fact despite all of our searching for let's say I'm a psycho spiritual wholeness we don't possess that's the end of that wisdom because we do not understand how perhaps we are spiritually and emotionally fragmented
and yet it's it's from this understanding that we recognize the opportunity that is before us to heal the heel you know this relationship to ourselves and others and let's say the lamb
and for those who seek a heightened psycho spiritual awareness let's just use the exact example of mountains you know mountains also have a lot to teach us about the interpersonal with God and with others relationships as well as the intrapersonal relationship that we have with ourselves
and for those of you who love to hike the mountains you know what it's like to stand up their Basin the mountains remind us just how small we are in comparison and as we hike or climb we can be just struck by the beauty and Splendor of life that surrounds us and those who've had the strength to reach the summit you know how many people once they do that since a stronger connection to themselves and to God as well as your they perceive a greater perspective of the world below
you know in these moments we have a greater Awakening of how our own uniqueness has really been gifted by God as well as our growing edges and vulnerable areas that we have yet to surrender to God and the lessons that they have yet to help us see to grow and what they have to teach us in this sense we could be overcome with a just a deep sense of gratitude and understanding that even though we may not know what we might discover about ourselves it's interesting that people continue to seek God with the help of mountains
and I feel this connection with the mountains they feel this Oneness with mountains and whatever we experience could be a powerful psycho spiritual transformation that leaves us and like we were before
and then here you no lies the irony of humanity
that history has demonstrated how some people are only drawn to mountains to Simply extract their minerals but they're not drawn to people
another words people often sell their souls for all the natural resources that they can procure while at the same time throwing away the most important resource of all
relationships relationships that have been established by loving Creator's hand
you see this psycho-spiritual disconnection is something that the land doesn't forget the land and Deidre members
because souls and souls and Souls of people have trekked the land for countless Generations that the air they breathe is the same air we breathe the same sources of water from which they drank we drink
the same mountains they have climb for The psychosis spiritual renewal perhaps we climb today
now that these literal and spiritual pads have been blazed for us to follow in our imprint doesn't go unnoticed
and as we walk in the footprints of our ancestors and our relations and as a great cloud of witnesses they carefully observe our attitudes and our actions
yeah but the land remembers through the countless violence and aggression throughout history in which the stain of blood is always being communicated
the power of reflection and surrender and forgiveness and sowing the seeds of growth or to say it another way is Paulo Coelho says that the energy of hate will take you nowhere but the energy of forgiveness which manifest through love will manage to change your life in a very very positive sense
and it is through this that the land remembers for the countless violence and aggression.
I need the blood of those who have laid slain cry out from the land
Yellow Cab being printed with the horrors of genocide or desolation and we may attempt to forget about these tragedies and the so-called history books are written from a softer perspective that romanticizes the harsh reminders of the depraved human interaction
and yet The Echoes of pain and suffering tell us that their stories need to be hurt that need to be told
one of my favorite Native American movies is imprint imprint imprint and it was filmed a scene and there which an older gentleman. The grandfather was trying to communicate that's how the land remembers to laugh and coming young lady you have the younger generations and he stayed there in the middle of a field and he is just praying he is just listening and she asked him well what are you doing and he says
right now I'm listening to the screams of the wounded and dying carried on the Wind across the Prairie the blood spilled in the ground we forget about these things but the trees they remember the Rocks they remember and the Earth it remembers they remember when we forget
this story is forever and print it and print it on this land and if we listen they will guide us they will give us Visions they will tell us stories past present and future all touch one another time does not exist
for everyone including the spirits time does not exist can you hear them can you hear their cries
well I want to leave you this day with a powerful prayer that reminds us just how connected and and one we are with all people and all things
it is the traditional Lakota Sioux prayer a home at Akio Wesson All My Relations
I honor you in the circle of life with me today and I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer
to the Creator for The Ultimate Gift of Life I sank you
to the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of Life Experiences I thank you
to the plantation that sustains my organs and body then gives me healing herbs for sickness I think you to the end of our nation that feeds made from your own flesh an offer is your loyal companionship in this Walk of Life
I thank you
to the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life I thank you
to the spirit nation that guides me and visibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light Through the Ages I thank you
to the Four Winds of Change and growth I thank you
you are All My Relations you were all my relatives
without whom I would not live
we are all in the circle of life together coexisting codependent co-creating our destiny 1 not more important than the other one nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below all of us are part of the great mystery thank you for this life
call dr. James hauke and you have been listening to reclaiming often Tissa T just invite you to join me next Friday afternoon 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or 12 Pacific Standard time for another broadcast right here on BTS Radio. Calm take care and God bless
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