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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Living In The Sacred Neutral, The Spiritual Side of Emotional Intelligence

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Living In The Sacred Neutral, The Spiritual Side of Emotional Intelligence!

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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and now with over 25 years of experience mental health and spirituality. Dr. James Howard<br>well good afternoon everybody wherever you are in the world at this time whether you are Eastern Standard Time Central Standard Time mountain or Pacific wherever you are even Beyond welcome welcome welcome you are listening to reclaiming authenticity but helping you find your courage to reclaim that which has always been in jail and if you have been following me for some time you know that I am right here on BBS radio and every Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard time but if you're on the west coast that's noon Pacific Standard time so each and every week these broadcast focus on the integration of spirituality and our mental health at my place this integration all within the context of our relationships relationships that we have with our self or intra<br>a relationship that we have with others or interpersonal relationships with God or the Divine definitely spiritual and you are in for a treat today because I'm going to be talking about the spiritual side of emotional intelligence and how we live in that sacred neutral and the whole reason why I place this integration in relationships as the foundation or if you want to use another terminology the common denominator it's because when we think about it how many of us out there have received our deepest physical emotional psychological and spiritual wounds in and through relationships and yet here's the irony we can also discover our greatest healing and strength and peace and forgiveness and love through healthier relationships<br>and of course with you know we don't have to really overthink it because we just look at the relationships that we have in our lives relationships within our own families relationships we have with our co-workers and Friends wherever because whenever we find ourselves being in the midst of transformation we also transform others through our presence through the grace of the has been shown to us and certainly our understanding but first forgiveness kindness and compassion begins with how we treat ourselves and this is certainly the key something I've been just kicking around probably the past year I'm going to have I'm going to write a book hold me to this okay if we could all see it coming by the end of summer you know you shoot me a line or something I wanted to get it out there and get it done because I've been thinking about this and the more I think about it the more the other stronger it's been coming in<br>and this is this whole notion of self-inflicted wounds and is approaching it from this understanding of no being in relationships and how we often time experience our greatest wounds and relationships but through healthier relationships we can experience our greatest sense of healing as well but often how we treat one another keeps ourselves wounded so when I say you know forgiveness kindness compassion begins with how we treat ourselves this is what I have in mind you know because whenever we are compassionate with ourselves we can certainly then become compassionate with others and when we are forgiving of ourselves we can certainly be more forgiving with others and when we are able to live in this gratitude just living it out on a daily basis just being thankful for everything that we have<br>we're able to live in a place of gratitude with ourselves we discover how this opens our hearts to see and to live in gratitude and relationships with others so transformation first and foremost certainly begins with us but one of my favorite psychologist out their car Rogers I love the theory on person centered therapy and your client client centered therapy as well he just had a way about him everybody tries to emulate Rogers and you know what was his technique how do they do it and so forth and when you understand Rogers his writings or if you happen to see any films on him you realize that he was the technique<br>he developed it into his own Theory but he wants to Technic just how he sat with people how he understood people and where he was coming from with that just why and how he work with people the way that he did and so one of his more famous quotes that just really connect with me over and over again is this one it comes right out of his birth book person-centered therapy and he says when the other person is hurting or when the other person is confused with troubled or anxious or alienated or terrified or when he or she is doubtful of self-worth or uncertain as to their identity then understanding is called for<br>this gentle and sensitive companionship of an empathic stance provides illumination and heal<br> in such situations deep understanding is I believe the most precious gift one can give to another one of my favorite quotes from Carl Rogers but let's let's look at this little bit deeper we live this out you know if Carl Rogers was the techniques of speak what changes did the current him and so forth how did he get to a place where he just valued everybody and he valued everything that was in everybody and he worked with others to let's go find the very best parts of you okay so how do we do this just kind of what this show is all about here helping you discover how to reclaim those things for that which has always been in you<br> you know those very good things if you've already come into this world with sometimes we go through things that and they just overshadow that we tend to forget where we minimize that then we just say no I don't think so I don't think I have anything anything to offer anybody and we start the label ourselves as a loser or get out were no good or whatever other message we we heard grown up and we go through life then from a place of woundedness instead of finding the healing in through healthier relationships and then we can live and and and be in relationship with others from a place of healing and wholeness and we can embrace our hatch and toss our uniqueness and we're able to do that in ourselves we are able to do that for others were able to embrace their holness and they're you<br> take me to value and appreciate them and if you would like more information about me or if you would like to leave me your comments about Today Show visit the website the address is ww.w. B b s r a d reclaiming authenticity so we climbing authenticity and these pot broadcasts are also podcast in case you want to go back and listen again or if you want to go back into the archives and catch up on the previous shows that you had missed and if you would like to call them and be part of Today Show bite you to call the toll-free line 888-627-6008 and give me your insights your comments and thoughts on today's subject living in the sake<br> neutral the spiritual side of emotional intelligence<br> well, question for you as I love to start out the broadcast every week with a question just to get you on board and get you think and so forth but you out there an internet radio land have ever taken an IQ test have you ever taken an IQ test now it could have been one that you have taken online or let's say you went down to the more traditional route of the paper and pencil test but either way you wanted to know just how smart you are and the questions were a little tricky but more than likely the IQ test you took was based on the original test that was developed by Alfred Binet and according to the stories<br> Benet was asked by the French government during the early Nineteen Hundred and he was approached by them to help decide which students were most likely to experience difficulty in school<br> and the reason why they approached him is because the government had passed laws requiring that all French children attend school so it was important for them to find a way to identify children who would need as they put it specialized assistance so Benet and his colleague Theodore Simon began to develop these questions that focused on areas not explicitly taught in the schools and so there are questions focused on attention memory and problem-solving skills and depending on how the questions were answered but they was able to determine which ones served as the best predictors of school Success and he quickly realized that some children were able to answer the more advanced questions then older children who were generally able to answer that advice<br> can I get based on the simple observation Benet suggested this concept of a mental image or I'm sorry I mental age or a measurement of intelligence based on the average abilities of children of a certain age group and it came up with this formula and it's it's very simple once you have it and this is why it's easy to get your you know IQ score and he said you take a a person's mental age and that is how they scored on the test okay I had then you divide it by a person's chronological age all right you got a number and then you multiply that by a hundred and then that gives you do your intelligence quotient or your IQ<br> and then you know we go to the chart and you see exactly where you are and then you call up your friends with your IQ score and you say hey guess what I did I scored a hundred and whatever or I scored 80 or I sworn I do something get out and we just wanted to let you know check in with her friends to see you know who of us is so-called smarter<br> well since that time there have been many revisions improvements and arguments regarding intelligence testing I mean is it a intelligence is a based on a single factor or are there such things as multiple intelligences Kane is intelligence based on where you received your education or what kind of education that you had received or is it based on culture is it based on language is it based on blood type and all that other stuff to do all that just came right into the mixed as far as arguments and and wanting to know which is the the the largest factor most contributing factor when it comes to determining a person's intelligence<br> and so the most common argument was that there is much more to a person's intelligence than a single factor or measurement of intelligence<br> there's actually an intelligence test out there I kid you not I am not making this up okay you can Google this if you don't believe me but it was called the chitlins test of intelligence at the chitlins test of intelligence and it came out in 1968 and this test really looked at cultural intelligence and it was designed to demonstrate differences in understanding and culture between races and especially people in the north North United States and people who live in the Southern United States and so look that up and see how you do on it but again if you have one test that is just looking at how much are you aware of your culture and just everyday language and the things you take for granted and how food is prepared and things like that well if you scored High On That chat line<br> cast of intelligence then you haven't high IQ and they said it was one of the reasons why that test was developed was just a like hey let's not forget about the cultural influences here when it comes to intelligence because not everybody is afforded the the the formal higher levels of education so that doesn't mean that people do not have intelligence it's just their intelligence is lie elsewhere<br> well one of the more popular intelligence test that's emerged later on after this chitlins test of intelligence came from Howard Gardner and the 1980s and gardeners test was based on multiple intelligences eight of them to be exact which included a linguistic intelligence or someone has an aptitude for languages or reading and so forth and then there was also logical or mathematical intelligence there a spatial intelligence such as if you're good with maps or directional orientation it also measured bodily or kinesthetic intelligence and this is you. I would say that people who are very athletic and scored very high and the the bodily kinesthetic intelligence<br> Heathers the musical intelligence interpersonal intelligence like how we interact with others intrapersonal intelligence where we get that introspection going on and a naturalist intelligence so these would be the people I imagine who appreciate just being outdoors these are the people that you probably find on the in the TV show Survivor where you can just drop them off in the middle of nowhere and okay no problem I'll see you in two days and then they will find your way but their way back to you. Some people just have that kind of intelligence with I could just navigate the land they just have that about them well gardeners time we don't have emotional intelligence which was made famous it's like household name by Daniel goleman and others which ironically focuses<br> on what's been termed as soft skills in case the skills are you know are not like technical skills can the technical skills would be like a computer skills or It software or something of that nature something where you would have to learn how to do something you know you would have this skill about you so far but soft skills on the other hand says what Daniel goleman others focused on with their emotional intelligence and the soft skills include interpersonal skills or how we treat one another<br> basic decency understanding openness and teach ability and over the years there has been an interesting change Goldman's emotional intelligence has made its way into the workforce and in fact emotional intelligence is often taught side-by-side with other theories when it comes to like say Career Development okay because nowadays employer seem to be interested in hiring people with yes the other technical skills to do the job but they also want people who possess emotional intelligence or these soft skills. I was just talking to one person who is just a career counselor just now that's that's what he does and you know he says he that he meets with a lot of employers and you know 9 times out of 10<br> Nations often turned around through with you know I can teach anybody a hard skill in your or how to run a machine or a computer program whatever but what I can't teach them are the soft skills or the non-technical skills that relate how you work<br> again you know these the skills you know relate to how you interact with your colleagues or how you solve problems and how you manage your work<br> and these have to be cultivated with it<br> K and the effects of emotional intelligence have been measured in various ways within the work force such as you know a person with strong emotional intelligence will provide and increase increase team performance you know if you're working on projects together in like small groups or teams as well as improve decision-making K and this was something that was picked up later by Google who had done just a fascinating study on just what makes them effective or the teamwork what makes the teamwork effective and you know they found out that it was something to related to psychological safety in that people felt comfortable people felt assured people felt part of the team two they could offer their opinions they could brainstorm without the fee<br> hear of any repercussions of being fired or ridiculed or shame and they had this tremendous understanding of you know I can be part of a team and I can really give my off if I have this psychological safety so emotional intelligence certainly improved decision-making well emotional intelligence also goes a little bit further and also have this increased personal well-being and they've also found that people with emotional intelligence you do in the long run there is a lot of reduction in there just a turnover of Staff in general because the managers who have emotional intelligence you know what they have the other people skills they want to check in on their staff then how are you doing and what can I do to help and then you know I wanted to make sure that their employees or have<br> and satisfied and people who also have emotional intelligence have just a decrease of their occupational stress and an increase in leadership ability so there's lots of benefits to emotional intelligence and within Goldman's book titled emotional intelligence believe he has a test you can take to determine just where you score on that but<br> let's take this in a different direction now you know ask ourselves this question can we measure spiritual intelligence objectively or another words with a pen and paper test<br> I know some people would say yeah sure you could do that then but many people say now I don't think so it just doesn't fit okay and is there a way to measure whether or not a person has the capacity for this spiritual intelligence or is it mainly trying to objectify something that we can't quite put our hands on we know it when we have it we know it when we don't but as far as you know how do we measure that would it go according to how things have always been measured objectively or is there something deeper at play here well spiritual intelligence has often been defined as the ability to access higher meanings or values or fighting purposes and unconscious aspects<br> of yourself and to really Embrace or in bed these meanings and values and purposes in order to live happier healthier and more creative live life okay so signs of high spiritual intelligence would include the ability to think outside the box or a strong sense of humility and an access to energies that come from something beyond the ego Beyond us and our day-to-day concerns<br> well that might be one way to put it okay for me that definition and I can only speak for myself here that definition is just way too clinical or sterile because I would rather Place spiritual intelligence or spirituality and General within the relationships that yes also include and openness or a teachability<br> in the Oglala Lakota tradition Frank's of fools Crow he lived in 1890 to about 1989 I believe he taught that in order to become wholly that is a person through who the great spirit could work in and through to heal others and so forth a person must first become like a hollow bone<br> people's Crow believe that people are not to seek transformation for their own power or their own honor but instead to be this hollow bone or a pipeline that connects God walk and talk and the people<br> the process of becoming a hollow bone began when people started to ask wakan tanka to rid themselves of anything that would impede them in any way such as doubt or ridiculous questions or selfishness or reluctance or Pride or ego or anything like that guy has all this psycho psycho spiritually transform person as I would put it with that need to see themselves as unobstructed you notice unobstructed conduit through whom God could work to be a blessing to others<br> Halo bone is it's a powerful symbol for emptying ourselves of everything that hinders and impedes the life of God spirit<br> because as we were taught in Biology class you know bones provide our bodies not only with our physical frame but also within themselves they contain marrow or this flexible tissue that is also responsible for producing blood and which then supports our immune system however in understanding the concept of becoming a hollow bone we have the first acknowledge our need to metaphorically speaking die to ourselves<br> because when we think about it a hollow bone<br> is both dead in that it doesn't contain any blood or marrow but yet at the same time it is a live it is alive because it is the spirit of God flowing freely in and threw us for the benefit of others<br> this act is not a one-time event you know being a hollow bone it's it's an ongoing process of examining and letting go of ourselves in order to take hold of something better for the sake of humanity<br> we have to become empty in order to be filled<br> she got a speaking all the time and part of my definition of spiritual intelligence is what's keeping us from hearing God's voice<br> a through either contemplation or meditation we not only need to stop but you know our monkey mind or our mind's chatter but also we need to open our hearts regarding how we see and listen for God where do we see God in all things<br> where do we see God in the say the beauty of a sunrise or the different Rays as the sun is going down at Sunset do we focus on hearing God's voice in the cries and laughter's of others how do we feel in when we are experiencing the wind and rain<br> do we hear God in the sound of owls and Eagles and Hawks<br> and similarly should we not also look for God in the tears of a child or listen for the voice of God in every heartbreak or finding the voice of God that gives us voice in and through our losses<br> well despite our perceived differences in race language and religion and culture there's also this common Native American expression that emphasizes an interconnectedness of all that we see name play the talk to you all are related this phrase is understood by the Lakota Sioux people as an expression extending to all of creation and everything Humanity animals vegetation minerals elements land water Thunder firewind sun moon stars excetra are all connected to one another and affect one another<br> before too long humanity and just take a look at history on this one or two long Humanity has been influenced by the what's in it for me kind of scenarios and as much as we can become enthralled by our gifts and our giftedness we also have to remember that our talents and our skills and blessings knowledge and wisdom those things are not for ourselves these gifts exist in us for the benefit of somebody else<br> and reclaiming our authenticity then should compel us to now ask well how then can I serve Humanity how can I alleviate suffering how bad can I speak up for those who did not have a voice<br> and this is what's authenticity is really all about<br> and some things and some people I talked to Ben around say that they are content being just exactly as they are but<br> we need to ask ourselves am I being authentic today my being honest and genuine in my relationships<br> I like Dykes care from too many people that they would rather wait to their retired whenever that will be okay to do what they've always dreamed of doing and we like what are they waiting for having their bills paid have enough money in the bank<br> you say it's too many people play the I'll get around to it someday game when vulnerable and wounded people are in need right now<br> and so such hurting people need others to see and then the potential to live authentically including the benefit of reclaiming authenticity<br> and perhaps people believe that they have way too much to lose to be authentic and perhaps they do not know where fear that people will not accept them as they are<br> perhaps they have a fear of rejection or ridicule or shame or being ostracized for being shot but we live in a time when as we focus on a virtue and it is a virtue of stewardship the one gift that we need to Foster and treasure is really the gift of our self our inner life our spirit of resiliency that's sacred neutral and us<br> and there is Great Value in reclaiming our I'm authenticity because whenever we find that inner strength whenever we find that freedom and peace and assurances of who we are without giving away our uniqueness that is by playing by somebody else's rules and definitions and expectations<br> and for some find their inner strength to stand on their own two feet further empowers them to reach out to others to be in better relationships or better jobs or a sense of justice<br> indeed those who are thetic often find God's blessings in the tiniest details of life<br> and I believe this is where the next great Spiritual Awakening when will come from whenever we find a strength to reclaim our authenticity<br> well I would really love to hear your heart on this matter so I invite you to call in and let's talk about the spiritual side of emotional intelligence that number again is 888-627-6008 and I'll be taking your calls after the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James hauke I'll be back with you in 1 minute<br> welcome back I'm dr. James how can you were listening to reclaiming authenticity invite you to tune in Next Friday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time noon Pacific Standard time when we are going to continue this conversation this is going to be a part one and part two we're going to go a little bit deeper after today and go deep deep deep within the spiritual emotional intelligence or living in sacred neutral sell invite you to turn tune in Next Friday 3 or earlier in the show we were talking about spiritual intelligence as an awareness that is placed in the heart and soul of relationships and then for me at the hollow bone is that is a very powerful symbol for emptying ourselves of everything that hinders and impedes the life of God's spirit mentioned you know in the first half.<br> what we were taught in Biology class you know bones provide our bodies. Only with our physical frame protect organs and so forth but also within themselves you know bones contain marrow or this flexible tissue that is also responsible for producing blood and supporting the immune system and yet and understanding the concept of how then do you become a hollow bone we have to first acknowledge our need to shall we say hi to ourselves let go of that ego<br> the eagle just simply gets in the way and pride and everything else and ironically don't think about a hollow hollow bone is both dead and that it doesn't contain any blood or marriage but yet at the same time it is a live because it is the spirit of God flowing freely in and through us as hollow bones for the benefit of others this act is not a one-time event it's it's an ongoing process of examining ourselves and letting go of ourselves in order to take hold something better for the sake of others will I would say probably over the past ten years or so if not longer. There's been a lot of talk and specially a lot of talk these days about reducing our carbon Footprints you know those conversations go from eliminating Greenhouse<br> greenhouse gases and Industrial emissions and the effects of mining to the global warming debate and conservation this goes back even further I'm in 70s 60s 70s 1960s 1970s and then some but yet what I do not hear included in these conversations is how the damaging effects are carbon Footprints clearly mimic the damaging effects are interpersonal Footprints have on one another<br> play today it's often considered the norm and if not the expectation that people will walk all over another person to lie to cheat the steel and then expect these actions that have no psychological or spiritual emotional consequences are you in physical consequences and if we assume this we are certainly greatly mistake and as evidenced from our attitudes and actions we found learned from previous generations discoveries in the stakes I'm a week we clearly do not possess the ancient wisdom that that comes from recognizing those lessons of respect and dignity and value ingratitude passed on to us in the created Order of Things<br> or let's put it another way it it off to be glaringly obvious that the way we treat our environmental resources and animals is a direct relation in a direct reflection of our attitudes and behaviors toward each other<br> okay despite all of our searching for Las Vegas psycho-spiritual holness or living in this sacred neutral mess we do not possess such wisdom because we do not understand how we are spiritually and emotionally fragmented<br> and yet it is from this understanding that we recognize the opportunity that is before us and is always been before us to heal these relationships with ourselves and others and the land<br> and this we have not invested time and authenticity in these relationships we we find ourselves as emotionally empty and spiritually and emaciated as the land itself that has been stripped of its resources because you know sooner or later we have to return to our daily routines after we have like I would call a Mountaintop experience these wonderful spiritual Transformations and we have to get back into the Daily Grind as it were and discover new ways of how now do we live out our psycho-spiritual transformative experience<br> and as much as we may have experienced this exhilarating psycho-spiritual transformation the irony is that these life-changing moments are not for ourselves<br> they just as strong as the experience of psycho spiritual transformation is and and being compelled to live in the sacred neutralist were then called to transcend such Mountaintop experience is getting beyond our self-serving attitudes or codependent behaviors or you no other things that just robbed us from our spiritual energy and embrace our mutually shared connection with one another<br> in other words to begin this process by shifting our Focus from what do I get out of this too<br> how do I keep it to how are we gifted to serve others we live a life of authenticity that is life-giving to the emotional and physical and spiritual well-being of others and ourselves<br> and where does a transformation first take place in us and exactly what is transformed<br> are there are certain times in our lives when we are more ripe for transformation or do we just happen to be at the in the right place at the right time<br> and are we simply responding to God's call and stirring our hearts and the kind of nudging us along<br> well regardless of these questions certainly being aware of God's spirit in our lives always requires a response from us or let's call it an Act of Faith stepping out on faith just let us also keep in mind that ignoring God and in an indecisiveness to take the initial steps of the self-discovery is now that's also a response and yes the psycho spiritual transformation is initiated my God but it is also an intentional daily effort on our behalf it's not a passive phenomena<br> it requires an active participation on our part yes transformation places us on a path journey to follow and embrace all of what God has in store for us<br> I need a transformation also compels us then to transcend ourselves and our surroundings in order to shall we say fan the Flames of the internal spiritual fire has been sparked in US<br> and from the Christian Perspective psycho-spiritual transformation is one that results in a life of service to others that the follows the example of how Christ himself served and healed and redeemed Humanity<br> but you know how many times they use psycho spiritual journey is often romanticized I don't know if you front end of this but I have several times and I were story has been written or people have been shared and it comes across as wonderful and exciting and you know no more hurdles and no more wants to go and I get where that's coming from I mean I really do<br> but as romantic as being on a this psycho spiritual journey sounds we will be faced with dangerous obstacles that block our way from the social context in which we live<br> in fact not everybody is going to accept our spiritual journey with open arms. Everybody we encounter or attempt to serve a reach out to understand this or even trust the our motives<br> but we are social beings and we're going to have to contend with these cultural norms and rituals and expectations and when these types of reactions occur I think it's wise for us not to take societies response personally or discourage us from the same future efforts and the truth is that there are going to be times when our spiritual journey takes us beyond the sake social convention and then it has to<br> and when we and others recognize this change and we are most fortunate<br> in fact people who knew us before our transformation might even dismiss us into believing that our new attitude is just a phase you're going through you know I liked you better when you were your old self but please keep in mind that many people are still living with the skeptical what's the catch kind of perspective<br> they may be waiting for us to just simply get over it and returned to the way we used to be come on that's enough now it's a phase let this go already come on your friends miss you all that other good stuff well if that hasn't occurred to you already and if people are simply waiting for us to get over it and go back to the way we used to be after a spiritual transformation they're in for a long wait okay because in response do we ignore the stirrings of our hearts and simply turn our backs on society or can we understand that what has been transformed in us compels us then to not run from society but then to re-engage society to heal the suffering of others<br> a spiritual transformation doesn't send us to the mountains / say it says get back in there go back into society and heal those who have yet to be able to find the strength<br> to overcome the heel to find their voice and so forth<br> and because I did I act like once we've been transformed we're never going to look at life and others the same as we did before because we're now looking at the world with an awakened soul and we were going to discern every experience through the lens of the perspective of Heaven<br> and that's the result all things in our lives undergo a transformation you don't even work becomes a sense of worshipful experience<br> So within every person 39 every person's journey to seek God there is this ongoing call for authenticity and other words to be a hollow bones to live in that sacred neutral Nest we we come as we are with no hidden agendas like we can hide that from God no false pretenses just simply here I am this is who I am because always responded to The Seekers who worship god with hearts that are truthful and spirits that are broken and longing for God's presence<br> and then this act of worship naturally just flows out of a heartfelt spiritual desire to know God and dwell in that Everlasting holy presence<br> and it is this desire that compels us then to be genuine and authentic and our relationships with others<br> I need worship is at the essence of the response of a heart that is just honestly striving and crying out after the heart of God<br> and worship often flows out of the deep wrenching hunger and thirst and this desire to know God not intellectually but within the heart that definitely within the soul<br> you're not just a no God but to dwell in God to dwell in God's presence<br> indeed our car transformation ultimately encourages us to recognize this capacity for you know our relatedness<br> so you know what then such a transformation is not limited to either if the mind at the Spirit but it also in Castle lates both one-time Richard Rohr who is the founding director Father Richard were founding director of the center for action and contemplation in Albuquerque New Mexico he states that a change of heart is always a change your mind and then both of our at those faculties have to undergo transformation for it to really take root and bear fruit in our lives<br> so I do I get I'm a firm believer that in order to sustain changes in our lives it involves the courage to let go of the former familiar and allow the transformation of ourselves to unfold people are more likely the Transformer and continue this transformation when they're committed to and involved with their own healing process by which another words means we have to take an active or an integrative approach to unlearned let's say negative attitudes or old habits or inauthenticity and yet at the same time committed to relearning or reclaiming our authenticity and life-giving ways that sustain the physical emotional and spiritual healing<br> and everybody who has experienced a touch of God in a radical life-changing manner always wants more but they always want to experience more of God it did just touches off this hunger that this was like oh ah I this is what I've been looking for this is what my heart has been crying out for this is what my soul has been aching for and I want more of it<br> whatever the spiritual experience was at the time that that that tiny spark of God Spirit often ignites this unquenchable flame in in us to desire more and more of the spirit of God<br> and then you know once we do the task then is for us to Fan the Flames into a changing behaviors in the mindset and Devotion to God and it just to express humility in our relationships with our get ourselves others at God<br> so many people often wonder why is a psychosocial spiritual transformation why is it have to be painful at times<br> well the dancer is is simple but the implications are profound because perhaps the reason why we experience difficulty during our us a psycho spiritual transformation is that we do not often allow ourselves enough time to sit with it we don't allow enough time to discern let alone integrate what's happened to us we just want to rush right out and I was just like okay headlong into doing something instead of just sitting with what has happened in US<br> let it<br> let it just<br> allow it to integrate just allow it to sit with us<br> and for the most part this integration is a lifelong process of living out you know this sucks Centex elf in the world but that doesn't mean that there aren't practical things we can do following that's a this Divine encounters yeah we spend no time in prayer hours and prayer for Spiritual ceremonies were contemplating and experiencing that touch of God we made me feel as though we are floating somewhere in the universe but before our spiritual feet are back on the ground we might want to rush right back into the daily routine<br> and little did we realize that I said we might be doing more harm than good and spiritual work especially on this level has the potential to be physically and emotionally psychologically training it is exhausting this is my self-care is a must and we have to allow ourselves time to rest and reflect and recharge and some people who are physically exhausted need to sleep other people need time to process just what exactly is shifted in me<br> and some people share a simple meal in order to further digest as you will in the the wisdom and insights that they may have encountered<br> so as a result of the experience self-care is is essential<br> you know people that have been down through history. I would stay for the site this white people have had enough of being used and abused in their lives to know when somebody is acting like you're not being authentic with them but somebody is acting with ulterior moment motives but when genuine this is displayed relationships then take on a powerful bond that weather is the most sensitive feelings of vulnerability<br> recognizing and valuing what people have to offer<br> Roni strengthens this Bond<br> so I'd like to end this broadcast with sharing with you the mataki OS in prayer<br> that's a hoe I talk to you or see All My Relations I honor you in the circle of life with me today I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in prayer<br> to the Creator for The Ultimate Gift of Life I thank you to the mineral nation and that has built and maintained my bones and all the foundations of life I thank you for the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness I thank you<br> to the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companion ship in this Walk of Life I thank you<br> to the human nation that feed or I'm sorry to the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon a sacred wheel of Earthly life I thank you<br> to the spirit nation that guides me and visibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light Through the Ages I thank you<br> to the Four Winds of Change and growth I thank you you are All My Relations my relatives without whom I would not live we are in the circle of life together coexisting codependent co-creating our destiny 1 not more important than the other one nation involve evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below all of us apart of the great mystery thank you for this life<br> pain dr. James how can you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity please be safe and until we speak again next week be well everybody behave yourselves and please continue to reaching out to find the most authentic parts of you bye bye<br> or comments or product to buy a book by it's all there just wander on over to reclaiming authenticity. Calm and we'll see you next Friday at noon Pacific Time on PBS radio TV<br>