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Reclaiming Authenticity, 22/04/2022

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Reclaiming Authenticity
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Is Ignorance Blissful?

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Title: Is Ignorance Blissful?

Reclaiming Authenticity

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Reclaiming Authenticity: The courage to reclaim that which has always been in you.

No matter who we are, where we were born, and into what family we were placed, ours is a world full of relationships. Indeed, we are social beings who spend our lives making sense of our world by trying to find our place in the world. As social beings, it is often within the context of relationships that we experience tremendous pain and suffering. From overt acts of betrayal and cruelty that someone may have inflicted against us or vice versa, to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many people bear the scars of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wounds. And yet ironically, just as we experience our woundedness in relationships, it is also within the context of healthy relationships that we find our healing and authenticity. The difficulty, then, is often finding the courage to discover that which has always been in you.

For over 25 years, Dr. James Houck has been helping people discover their authentic selves by integrating spirituality into their mental and emotional health. As people are able to integrate these disciplines, they often discover core issues that have been keeping them wounded in relationships.

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and now with over 25 years but very instinctive grading Mental Health doctors in house
all right good afternoon everybody wherever you are in the world at this time welcome to reclaiming authenticity finding one's courage to always always always been in you from the very very beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or noon Pacific Standard Time in between and these broadcasts are dedicated to the integration of our spirituality and our house all within the context of our relationships the relationship that we have with ourselves of the relationship that we have with others and our relationship with God and or the Divine I am dr. James Howard and if you would like more information about me or to leave me your comments about Today Show just invite
you to visit the website it's a www.pbs reclaiming authenticity that's reclaiming authenticity and if you would like to call in and be part of the show and talk about the today's topic that number is 888-627-6008 that's 888 6 to 7 6008 and I will be taking your calls after the break and these broadcasts are also podcast it now so in case you want to go back and listen again or you can go back into the archives and and pull up previous shows that you may have messed up again I just wanted to thank everybody for their continued support over the past year and a half now and then just like to say that you've always had the opportunity to continue her support.
becoming a monthly subscription for now a subscription is not required to listen to any of these talk shows but it is greatly appreciated so again you can just go on the website and then you just click up the banner at the top and about shows love subscriptions and you can choose any amount that you feel comfortable giving as I always start off at the beginning of these shows is just kind of a standard cuz we have new people tuning in for the very first time and just to make sure everybody's on the same page more or less is just an introduction a little bit of explanation of just why in the world you know we have a show called reclaiming authenticity this is something that you know it's just grown in my heart my own spiritual path and so forth over the past several several years
cuz I have a very solid belief that all of us, the world already equipped and graced with everything we need in this life in terms of our skills in our talents of strengths or giftedness are character traits you have a personality and so forth and how we live our gift is in and through various relationships okay and then here's where it gets a little deep the irony of being in relationships with one another and our giftedness because when you think about it we often receive our deepest physical emotional psychological and even spiritual wounds in and through relationships and moreover we all can go long and life and maybe even due to some unpleasant experiences we may feel as though we need to hide
specialness about us what you know about uniqueness about us what about us or those talents or those strengths or we may push what's unique about is way way down so that others cannot see it because perhaps we've been in the situation where are unique miss or a gift in this was exploited for one reason or another and we were really we ended up really being wounded as a result or perhaps you know maybe growing up if you're told that you would never amount to anything because nobody saw the specialness about you or where what was unique about you or whatever other voice you heard telling you that there's really nothing special to you already part is you know we can still discover our greatest healing and our strength or peace forgiveness and love through healthier relationships
it's the relationships that have a common denominator share with couples and that's why this isn't just for couples but it always find that we're just in a very special relationship with others when we find that piece or that eccentric moment in our lives in which the other person just allows us to be who we are and then fact just by their presence just in the wrong way. Of us the very best of ourselves and then vice versa you know the way we are with other people and it says gives them permission to be who they are and I actually can draw out of others you know the very best of of who they are and their skills and giftedness and so forth but you know these relationships that we are
you know we don't have to look too far because they are certainly within our own families that were our co-workers even our friends because you know ultimately transformation is the goal and you know because whenever we transform and whenever we find healing or whenever we become aware of I never do I have that in me we also transform others by our presence are Grace and our understanding but first forgiveness and kindness and compassion again really with how we treat ourselves and I can't with this being Earth Day remind us just how connected we are with all things and how we treat ourselves this is how we treat all living beings and so forth because certainly when we are so compassionate with ourselves we can be compassionate with others Norway
we are forgiving of ourselves we then can be more forgiving with others and when were able to live in gratitude with ourselves we then discover how this really opens up our hearts to see and to live in gratitude with others and therefore transformation first and foremost begins with us well I hope you're having a good day so far you do on this Earth Day it's just always nice to be reminded of just the connectedness that we have with all of creation and whether good date of American Indian terms of whether the relationships we have or with to likins four-legged Wicked creatures finned creatures those that make their home in the air doesn't make their home on the water or in the water and those that make their home on the land or even in the land or in the Earth
that's we are certainly all all connected well how is your heart today I hope your heart as well I hope that you are well and I hope that even if you are struggling a little bit today you will find rest and comfort in the peace that you need
well in speaking of how and why we may have pushed our giftedness way down inside of us so that others cannot see it or even believing those messages of just being you know where we are told that we would never amount to anything or whatever other voice we heard telling us that there's really nothing special to us today show really focus is on the illusion of these negative beliefs that convinced us to look for truth about ourselves in all the wrong places
and by that I mean just let's just start with the title of Today Show is ignorance Bliss fall or in other words I didn't know that so am I okay well there's an old saying that person who doesn't know about a problem really doesn't need to worry about it he never keeps up with the news or cares about the troubles in the world because he believes that ignorance is bliss now while the saying is humorous on one level in also indicates that there is a responsibility involved once a person discovers the truth because again when you think about it ignorant does have its place in life for a while though but still is ignorance Bliss fall
not really in fact it's just the opposite because today I'm going to be talking about when we become aware of the truth especially the truth about ourselves and and who we are and how do we live that out in today's world where then left with an incredible responsibility that actually brings us to a freedom like we've never known before and herein opens the door for us to experience Bliss and joy well have you ever had the fear of being excluded by a group of people or fear of being excommunicated or even the fear of being overlooked I mean whether it was intentional or maybe it was by accident the feelings from not being included
can be quite devastating I mean after all we know we can tend to look at ourselves first unlike did I do something wrong did I offend somebody you know it it died you know what's wrong with me and all those questions just run through our mind but the feelings from not being included can be really trouble with the fear of missing out on family or company Gatherings and parties I mean here we are just coming off the heels of the Easter just a great holiday with families tend to get together and have a couple of weeks we have Mother's Day and and you know the end of March or at the end of May I should say we have Memorial day off so it's just going to get our people will start to come together and you know there's always this fear of missing out on a family or company Gatherings where these parties you know
will I be invited is my name on the list and we'll sew and so be there at least these are very real concerns in a world in which conclusion seems to be at the heart of everyday life you know where do I fit who do I fit with where do I fit in and so forth everybody wants to be part of something you know they want to be part of a group they want to be part of an identity they want to be part of a cause and so forth yet what if I told you that you do not need to worry about being forgotten because the truth of who you are already lies within yourself
in other words the reality is that we are already included but we're just not aware of it
and this is actually a problem that 10 boys faced one day when they overlooked one important detail as well as how that awareness change their lives forever
so how do you know what truth is that and where does truth connect in you where does it resonate in your head your heart
you're so
how many people say that when it comes to the truth I am I have to trust my gut and one of the things I'm sure you've heard me say more than one occasion here in this business of these broadcast that the my mother used to say that well I have complete peace of mind about anything you know everybody else was getting upset or like how can you be so calm. She goes I don't know but I just have complete peace of mind I used to drive me crazy as a young boy cuz I didn't know what she meant I just never understood what she meant by that phrase but after careful consideration more importantly I wanted her to be just as upset about something as I was but to her credit she never did because she refused the focus on the externals and then situations and circumstances but she always had this way of looking beyond the immediate and order the folk
song The Eternal
so for me now whenever I'm confronted with Discerning truth in My Life Begin by recognizing how a statement feels deep in my soul and let me give an example of this first I tell myself out loud just a Nutter absurd lie a total untruth
and then I listen or should I say that I I wait for the feeling
and I recognize that feeling you know I'm going to just like okay that's how I feel when I'm faced with Ally or an untruth okay it just has a it's not sitting well with me kind of feel to it okay and then I'd tell myself something true about myself
accept and I listen or I wait for the feeling
and I have complete peace I am calm I have understanding even Joy
and I begin to discern between the two feelings
so that's my way of distinguishing you know whether or not something is true for me whether or not something is connecting in me I just have it sits with me and how do I feel and so forth because you see that lies and untruths and distress and negative energies really do weakness you know what has an effect on us we can really feel but truth makes us stronger
many people look for true that outside themselves as if they are part of the cast of The X-Files so you know that the truth is out there but very few people Begin by looking Within
and perhaps this is a very daunting task for people because they really don't know who they are let alone how do I ask the right questions
well in other words you're you're more than what you have become even up to this moment in your life
that's your truth
and a lot of people settle for another person's definition of them or the expectations of you know of others that just do not resonate with in
it doesn't resonate because it's not your truth and your truth is ultimately Who You Are
well there's a story that's commonly told to explain how we look for truth in all the wrong places but when we find the truth about ourselves then again we are left with an incredible responsibility that brings us into a freedom like we have never done before and herein lies the Bliss a bliss that doesn't come from ignorance but a bliss that comes straight from awareness and understanding and realization and the story I'm thinking of is the story of the 10 boys or the story of the tenth man
ancient times in India young boys were often sent around the age of 12 to study with a guru either at the guru's house if the guru was married or in the guru's Hermitage if the the guru was renunciate and the boy or the group of boys would stay with his Guru for about 12 years or so studying The Vedas and you punish kids and supper around age 24 he would return home to be married
the story that self concerns 10 boys who were studying at their gurus home now the boys decided that they would like to return to their Village Creek Festival to visit their families and then of course they would return to their Guru but the guru was a bit concerned about their going as he wasn't able to accompany them himself at that time
well one of the boys spoke up and he said that he would take responsibility for the group and make sure they all arrived safely and that they would all get back to the girls home safely and so forth and the guru eventually but very reluctantly agreed to let them go one day they started out on their journey and on the way they came to just a swiftly flowing river which they had to cross there was no Bridge or so forth but I mean it was a low point in the river still but they had to cross it and the boy who was leading the group I just advised the rest you know let's all hold hands and just carefully watch your footing and let's just take our time and cross the river that's the spine the rocks and then we'll just we'll go and we'll make it
well initially they began to cross this River very carefully but the current was so Swift that the boys were quickly separated and some appear to be swept away Downstream and one by one as they scrambled up on the banks of the other side of the river they were dripping wet and they were frightened from their experience but Peter took control and he advised them all to line up so that he could count them to make sure they had all had crossed safely and so they all lined up and then the leader of the boys started the count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
that can't be right he have them line up again differently okay just looks let's do it again and again the count was 9
and the leader counted them over and over again repeatedly and every time he came up was with the number 9 and again after a while you know the leader just said this can't be right does this mean that one boy did not make it across this mean that one boy is lost then this mean that one boy drowned and was this one boy dead
well the boys all ran around in a panic and they started to beat the bushes and they were looking and they were screaming and they were crying for the 10th boy and the leader he just didn't know what to do I mean after all he promised her that he would take care of the group that he would watch over them and make sure they got home safely but now one appeared to be missing and so is just like what is my teacher going to say what was the boy's parents say I took responsibility and now one of us has drowned
well across the way Wise Old Man was sitting nearby and he was watching the whole drama as it unfolded and he understood what had happened and he approached the leader of the group and through to his tears the boar toward out this story of Woe and weeping and utter Despair and saying I took responsibility for the group and now one of us has lost one of us has drowned in the river
Mount the wise old man very calmly said to the boy son don't worry I can help you I know where the 10th boy is
well this leader of the group was a bit skeptical but he was also desperate and the old man did appear to be calm and and he got insane and so he said okay please yes please help us if you can
and the old man said okay again all of you just line up and this time I will count you and the leaders thought this is kind of a waste of time because I've already counted them over and over again but still they did as the old man requested because he did seem you know saying and wise and they were all in total Despair and saw the boys lined up and the boys who had been over there I should say the boy who had been leading the group you know the last place in the line and the old man counted one two three four five six seven eight nine
and then arriving at the leader the old man said 10:00 you are the tenth man
I'm the leader was elated it like the 10th May 10th boy had drowned in the river and he wasn't lost and all the while the 10th boy was there as the leader himself but he had gone unnoticed overlooked and I'm counted for
well how often do we find ourselves in a very similar situation we count everything else everything that we see and perceive and and but yet we forget the count ourselves we forget to include ourselves I mean we'll even search for ourself and all kinds of places situations and experiences and yet we are always right there are very own self which is totally one-hundred-percent present and available standing as the IM but often overlooked in all of our activities now on a deeper level the reason why the leader did not count himself was because he actually believed the answer to the solution was to be found outside himself
get out and after all this makes perfect sense because you know where the first counter found the other nine he expected to find the tenth 10K surely you know the 10th boy had to be there you know what just he couldn't be any anywhere else there was just no other explanation for this and so you know and it being in a similar situation we panic and we are traumatized searching for what has never been lost again and this is what replay main off Contessa date is all about reclaiming that which has always been with you from the very beginning
and you know sometimes it takes a wise person to point this out to us seeing this in our before we see it in ourselves and other words someone who is standing outside the situation somebody who's not caught up in our anxiety somebody who knows what our problem is as well as what the solution is
and when we take a step back and when we look at this story Through The Eyes of a metaphor this 10th boy actually represents your awareness the witness of all thanks
because awareness is not a thing awareness is not a phenomenon
so our teacher our spiritual friend comes along and has to remind us sometimes that you are aware notice you are the 10th person and at some point it becomes quite obvious to us and we wonder how we could have overlooked something for so long
but still wearing it goes way beyond having a realization or an aha moment you know awareness actually compels us to embrace a radical transformation of our mind our perceptions and who we are a Souls you see knowledge of the self is a soul is the ultimate knowledge it is true knowledge which dissolves our ignorance and illusion
and by knowing the self as a soul we overcome our fears and anxieties and are assured in the knowledge that the soul is vast and indestructible
and once we have this awareness once we realize that we're not lost no we didn't round we are still there we just need to be included we just need to be counted then we engage in allowing Our Lives to unfold and then we except where it is taking us
when we are counting all the goodness in the world and as we're reminded of this on this Earth Day don't forget to count yourself and who you are
cuz the greatest question we could ever ask in this world is who am I
it's a question that the takes us deep within ourselves to a lifelong discovery
but we all must begin at the place that we don't know what we don't know
we do begin from a place of ignorance
but it's not a place in which we rest in and say well this is blissful because that which I don't know I don't have to take responsibility for
but it's an illusion
but once we are aware of who we are that brings such a freedom that brings the Bliss that brings the joy and from there we are to remain humble teachable and ever alert to the subtle Essence that guide us into knowing ourselves as a soul who is connected to a vast universe
so include yourself having the awareness of who you are and where you are
Envy ever mindful of the transformative power of your presence in other words and every situation have the awareness of looking for the grace love and peace
because when the say you find yourself in a situation and as you're looking for the grace love and peace and you can't find the grace love and peace in a situation
may you have the awareness you can certainly become the grace love and peace in every situation
so don't forget to catch yourself when finding goodness in the world even if father is overlooked you don't overlook yourself but I would really love to hear what's on your heart about this subject so again if you'd like to call in we can certainly talk about this this so the number is 888-627-6008 that's 880-627-6008 the break again you are listening to reclaiming authenticity and I'm your host dr. James Howard be back with you in one minute
okay welcome back after a very short break on dr. James how can you are listening to reclaiming authenticity again I just want to remind you about next week's show this is a show that they would try but I share this story before it's a story about a boy who 15 years later realized that the outer world has really no happiness I mean what what brought him happiness from the outer World such as if quiring and enjoying something that he wanted and see if we can actually put ourselves right in the store because while you do feel happy in such situations that I've sent thinking that you get some things organized joying those things that you have it's really not true happiness because it always leaves us wanting more it's not so much the very happiness and which it we seek cuz it doesn't satisfy the urgings with a cry of the salt
and this because you just don't want to be happy some of the time or you know what you just don't want to be somewhat happy we want to be absolutely happy all the time and the happiness that comes from our experiences in the world is impermanent always changing its always uncertain be in because of that there's a subtle feeling of fear of losing it or not being able to keep it and so forth and the reason why we experience the subtlety of fear even though we are happy it is because we all know that nothing stays the same
I'm still true happiness is absolute spermatid its independent of any external and constantly changing factors so tune in next week to share with you a story that I'm sure before it's so the princess of Kashi though this time I'm going to turn the story on his head a little bit we're going to look at it just a little bit differently this time so the again tune in next week that would be April 29th and then we're going to be out of April and we can look forward to the month of May cell
well earlier in the show I was talking about what do we do when we are confronted with the truth then how do we recognize it what is it connected you know where does it resonate within you does it look does truth land in your head does it land in your heart does it land in your soul and as I shared you know I have my own way of Truth detecting and and you know many people say well I trust my gut and I shared that you. My mother had her own way of just a complete peace of mind about everything
and I got that just drove me crazy cuz I know you can understand exactly where she was coming from but that's because I never understood what you meant but more importantly I wanted her to be just as upset about something as I was you know I just figured like she didn't care because she wasn't upset and not just that was inaccurate. Just what I assumed you know it just wasn't true K by the gun to her credit she you know just stay true to her why I have a complete peace of mind about things because she will refuse to focus on the externals and situations and circumstances because she always look Beyond these in order to focus on you know what what's more important hear that she always focused on things that were eternal
and as I shared by before the break their just leads us right into the story of the tenth man where you know it's the story that's commonly told to explain how we look for truth in all the wrong places cuz we're looking from outside of ourselves but when we find the truth about ourselves we are then left with an incredible responsibility that brings us to a freedom like we've never known before and this story of the tenth man or the 10 boys it involves 10 boys who crossed a very Torrid River and when they got to the other side the leader decided to count them to make sure everyone cross safely and yet to his surprise and horror
there are only nine of them and yet when he realized you know he forgot the count himself that's when he understood his error you know he kept lining up the boys and going one two three four five six seven eight nine
any thought one was missing because he never counted himself he never included himself but when he included himself his sorrow was gone and he was filled with relief and happiness
and this is our situation in the world in which we live you know so I mentioned you know we count everything with that we see or we perceive but we often forget the count ourselves and we will even search for the truth about ourselves that we are Eternal souls and in all kinds of places and situations and experiences and yet we are always and ever right here we just haven't realized it looked let alone how then do we live that truth out
well in this story of the the tenth man or the 10 boys also lies very profound and Universal truths about the progress of our spiritual life and not just in all religions but it also involves a process of how we go from not knowing at the ignorance and error to an awareness of Discovery Bliss allowance and acceptance
and interesting enough this process can also be found in the world of psychology namely when it comes to understanding that's a recovery from addictions there is a technique out there it's called motivational enhancement therapy which really seems to understand the the Readiness and the willingness for change our Readiness for transformation the first let's take a look at these they're seven stages that are highlighted in the story of the tenth man which really illuminates just two deeper hidden meanings of the story very profound well the first stage involves ignorance and hear the boys in the story they didn't know the tenth one was there among them I mean they just kept counting nine in other words they didn't know what they didn't know they were just simply not aware of
error yet we fall into this ignorance to when we do not know ourselves as pure Consciousness or the vast self as a sole and this is something we just go through life we're just simply not aware and yet we think this is cause for bless and it's not
about the same as all the same thing is also true and motivational enhancement you know it's ignorance will say that the addicted person lives in ignorance of the extent of his or her dependence on drugs or alcohol and they're they're blind to it because they think well this is normal behavior doesn't everybody believe like this doesn't everybody act this way they're caught up in the other denial and delusion that their freedom from the psychological and emotional and physical and spiritual pain comes from outside themselves and not from within
ignorance ignorance is certainly not blissful
well the second stage involves are another words what you don't know of course leads to error and in the story The Ten Bois believed after they cross the river because they only counted nine of them they assume that one of them must have drowned and we are identified with this part of the story when we are ignorant of the awareness of what we think we are named late we only identify with the body and the mind in a week for example we say things like I don't want to talk I'm sure
I'm this many years old I am male I am female I am smart my IQ is or I do this or that for a living or we might even say I am sick I am tired I am healthy and so forth
but because we are ignorant of the truth of who we truly are we over we identify as nothing more than just the body and mind I'm not saying that these things are not true you know certainly we become aware of you know pain in the body or hunger or illness or strength or just flat-out exhaustion of the body
but as Eternal Souls ourselves when we explosively identify with the pain and the hunger and the illness and the stress and exhaustion
so now let's put this in the perspective of motivation on Hazmat Theory and overcoming addictions of K&B cuz we are ignorant of the truth of who we are and therefore as a result or error will be in believing that we need this drug or this alcohol in order to feel something or to feel nothing in our emotions and or the body and I we believe that we can't live without these substances because the pain that we overly identify with with the mind and the body and so all the while disrupting and destroying the lives of us and the people around us and families and so forth so error is clearly in the second stage we identify as nothing more than the body and the mind and yet there is so much more to us even that which we have even realized
in other words The Best Is Yet To Come
then there is the third stage sorrow we're sad because we assume that the error is true so again let's go back to the the story of the tenth man here I'll leave these boys were sad because they assumed that because they only counted nine after they crossed the river then of course one of them must have drowned in one of them must have been lost or or whatever and they became sad they grieved you know and they were just in filled with despair yo what are we going to do we let this happen
but this misperception is similar to another story that you've heard me share with you regarding a washerman who went through the motions and emotions of pretending to tie his donkey to a tree and the washer van he didn't have rope to tie them knew it was only a ruse but the donkey and the donkey watched him go through the motions and then afterwards the donkey actually believed he was tied to a tree
and at the end of the day when it was time to go home the washerman was filled with sorrow because we'll what am I going to do now cuz I can't get my donkey to move you know he still believes he is tied to the tree
and so again you know he had to go through the motions as if he is untying the donkey and horse the donkey watch this and then the donkey realize that all okay I must be free now
well the donkey was always free he just believed that accurately his error was that he was tied to the tree when all along he wasn't he just convinced himself you know how you know how many times people are stuck in their sorrow just simply because they don't know any better or because let's say perhaps they were told something about themselves that they just believed but it really wasn't true but they took that on as an identity they took that on as a means of well I guess this is who I am or I guess this is all I can never amount to
well who told you that
well if that came from skin of silence or whatever but is it true
you know it's going to be wise to take a look at you know who's telling us these things you know who are the people and where is it coming from them is it coming from a wounded place and them is it coming from a limited placing them because do they believe that they are in a sense tied to the tree are they you know are they the ones caught up into this while I can't do anything else because well that's what I've been told all my life
but you know is there cuz I said there is a lot of people who are just really stuck in their sorrow because they don't know any better and I see this all the time in the in counseling people you know they asked me how can things get better how can I go on living when I'm in so much pain and sorrow
well there is an old saying out there that's from the moment we realized or the moment that we are aware that we are mortal and someday we will die that's when we begin to grow
awareness of the truth has not yet occurred in there for people of not found this internal freedom of who they truly are
but when the truth is realized and and we are made aware of who we are and that we're not tied to the tree so to speak we shake off this illusion that has kept us limited for so long
so of course there would be tremendous sorrow in this third stage but the fourth stage this is where the truth this is how it's revealed and then from home are the one who stands outside the problem and end of this story it's the time when the truth is told to the boys but they don't own it yet the fact they don't even fully grasp it they just like you know the boys realize that okay nobody drowned because they kept forgetting the count themselves like everybody who was there but this is only half the issue
so they do what any of us would have done and that is so they just want to check it out for themselves and that you know that these boys were told by the wise man that there are 10 of them and they are shown by lining up and being counted by the wise man 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and they marvelous I go how did we miss it how come we couldn't see it
that's because the one who was counting forgot to count himself and again the story of the tenth man of these ten boys reveals an even deeper truth of awareness and that is it's one thing to become aware of the truth that is to believe the truth it's quite another thing to experience it for yourself
okay you got this distinction it's one thing to become aware of the truth that is to believe the truth is quite another thing to experience truth
until you experience for yourself it remains just simply knowledge
the one truth is experience for yourself it becomes transformational if he comes wisdom it becomes life changing
so regarding ourselves of souls it's one thing to be told you are the truth and you believe this but I have to go deeper than mere belief it takes experiencing this truth which transforms it from belief to absolute certainty and wisdom
which by the way brings us to the fifth stage direct knowledge and practice of it
what's the boys realize their error in that all ten had made it safely across the river then each of the boys you know took turns counting and when they included themselves they found that all 10 or alive yes one two three four five six seven eight nine ten yes yes we are all here
and they went from being told the truth to Discovery and experiencing the truth for themselves and the wise man in this story showed them not only what they were not they also showed them what they were
yes he showed them there are but he also showed them their truth
again for us we we put this into practice this realization that we are souls yeah we act out of ignorance yeah we know there's going to be times where we just don't know what we don't know
but when we discover our error we also realize the truth about who we are and now we have to do something about it how do we download this out this is a powerful transformational point in the life of a person who's struggling to overcome any addiction either to drugs or alcohol or gambling or whatever you know they're there comes a time when people must not only own their truth but also take the necessary steps to become clean and sober and relearn how to live in a healthier healthier ways
and ironically in this stage there in lies an essential ingredient or a step if you will for us to continue in our awareness and that is what we must make a decision to act on it
knowledge is just knowledge if it is not acted upon and experienced
so staged sex sorrow is now gone
and this stage do you know the boys in the story of realize that all 10 or there nobody has drowned there for no need to cry no need to grieve no need to continue in the error of ignorance of the truth of fear and sorrow or gone
and all that is left now is the last stage stage 7 Joy Bliss and fulfillment
walking in the truth of who you are a complete transformation of not only understanding your truth but also directly experience again and then transcending fear and sorrow and ignorance
see we all have the potential for transformation of understanding who we are as well as you know who we are as Souls but remember it's what we are going to fight with do we identify as just the body but do we identify a Souls that makes all the difference between living in fear and sorrow versus letting enjoy and blessed
we all have the courage to reclaim that which we have always been and to reclaim that which that has always been in US
Doctor James how can you have been listening to reclaiming authenticity invite you to enjoy me next week as we will take a further look at how this lasting joy and Bliss is to be found within ourselves but until then everybody take care be blessed and be safe bye bye
it's all there to reclaiming authenticity. Calm and we'll see you next week on PBS radio TV