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Reasons for Relationships Part Two
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with Kadian Grant

Finishing up February still talking about relationships, why we attract them, and how they play a big part in our personal growth and development. We will also learn how we can use them to expand our light and empower ourselves.

Ask Kadian

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I am your Life Transformation Coach and my role is to help you achieve as much success, happiness, and fulfillment that you can achieve in all areas of your life. I get to observe and partake on your beautiful journey and I love the outcomes that each of you produces. As your A.I.D. to living a successful life, I will help you to identify what's holding you back and help you make the changes necessary for your transformation. Change can occur in multiple areas of your life such as career, relationships, stress level, developing new and healthier habits, and spiritual development to name a few.  Our goal together is to connect you to the passion, purpose and joy you've been longing for.

The acronym A.I.D. stands for A.spiration, I.nspiration, D.edication. This is a process I developed to assist in your transformation and the phases is an integral part of a fulfilled, happy life.