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Life Changing Decisions, January 15, 2017


Life Changing Decisions

You need courage for change and the bigger the change, the more courage you will need. Tonight, let's talk about increasing your courage in order for you to make those big decisions for the change you desire.

Taking Racial Responsibility, November 20, 2016


Taking Racial Responsibility

Developing Your Own Formula for Success, October 23, 2016


Developing Your Own Formula for Success

This show will help you to understand why you are not succeeding and manifesting your desires. I will help you to begin your own personal journey to the life you are destined to have.

Who or what has your Self-Worth?, October 9, 2016


Who or what has your Self-Worth?

Who or what is influencing your life? Let's discuss the levels of influences keeping your self-worth down and how to begin increasing it for you on today's show.

What would you do with 10 million dollars?, September 25, 2016


What would you do with 10 Million dollars?

Expanding your awareness of purpose, money, and happiness.

UnBurdening Yourself, September 11, 2016


UnBurdening Yourself

The importance of releasing stuck energy in your life. If your life isn't Flowing, Fluid, and runs Free like a river, you are burdened with life's challenges. Let's begin releasing what's keeping you stuck.


What is Your Vision for your life?, August 28, 2016


What is your Vision for your life?

Do you remember it? Are you living it? Are you satisfy with your life? Tonight I will remind you of that vision. Explain truths about your vision and why your vision board isn't working.

Distractions in Our Lives and Why We Distract, August 14, 2016


Distractions in Our Lives and Why We Distract

Tonight's show highlights the many things we do that keep us complacent and unproductive in our lives. We are not on our soul's path for many reasons and distractions in today's society plays a key role in us being off track to our greatness.

Finding Solutions to Today's Problems, July 17, 2016


Finding Solutions to Today's Problems with Kadian Grant

How can we use our minds, skills, creativity, and engage our hearts to find solutions to today's problems.

Worth vs. Self-Worth: What's the Difference?, June 19, 2016


Worth vs. Self-Worth: Do you know the difference?  Not receiving or receiving a drizzle of what your desires is directly related to your worthiness level not your self-worth.


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