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Raising Expectations, April 5, 2021

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Raising Expectations
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Guest, Dr Marianne Cintron, Step by Step Dyslexia Solutions

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield, with Dr. Craig Thayer and Stephanie Thayer, Commander Rob Hansen and Nancy Hansen

Guest, Dr Marianne Cintron

Dr. Cintron has been an educator for 21 years and a classroom teacher for 10. She is an author, a public speaker, and is looking for speaking engagements.

She earned a Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Administration, has a Masters Degree in General Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education. She  has two current California Teaching Credentials for General Education and Mild to Moderate Special Education. She is a Thought Leader for Dyslexia, a Dyslexia Specialist, President of Step By Step Dyslexia Solutions, and an International teacher trainer. She is also an app developer and curriculum writer.

After teaching in several districts, she left the school system to have a greater reach and to help schools learn about teaching dyslexic students. She is currently a board member of the International Dyslexia Association Tri-County Branch, a member of the Pomona Chamber of Commerce. An active member of Upland’s Christian Business Partners (CBP) and is the nonprofit sponsored by WIN (Women In Business) in Pasadena, CA. She is the only educator using music with her reading program to effectively help dyslexic students improve in reading at a profound rate. She follows the Orton Gillingham model yet has found a way to use music as well. She is passionate to share this information with parents and educators.

She is the host of Dyslexia Solutions Podcast and invites you to her You Tube Channel.

She is a California Native, and has been married to Will for 31 years and is the mother of Randy, Richard, and Laura. She is active in her church and community in several capacities. She enjoys vacations in Hawaii and Yosemite National Park.

Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield
Pastor Joe Schofield

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Raising Expectations is a new program that will look at the past, giving greater insight into the present, and may produce authentic anticipation, raising expectations for the future! Joe will discuss major issues that confront us on national, political, and worldwide events, to the simple things that we think about and make unconscious personal decisions every day!

Freedom, Family, Finances, Faith, along with a myriad of other topics and all the intricacies involved in each of them...from a personal community perspective, that makes up what we call "Your Life in America Today!"

Informative, inclusive, intentional, interesting, and always encouraging. Each program will raise our expectations individually. We may begin looking at the future in a positive way, happy to try new ideas and methods with clear hopes of how things can change for the better in the future. Feeling more content, one topic at a time! So, let not your hearts be troubled...we can go from good, to better, to best in the future TOGETHER!

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