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RADIO TONI, January 12, 2022

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Guest, Dorothy Graham O’Dell, life coach, speaker, host, paralegal, entrepreneur, real estate guru, instructor, author

RADIO TONI Every Day Business with Toni Lontis

Dorothy Graham O’Dell was born and raised in Ontario Canada. She has turned her love of books into her next career, writing them. She loves to help people succeed in life and when she is not writing or reading, she is helping her community or spending time with her family.

Dorothy is also a life coach, speaker, and live show host. Her life’s purpose is to make sure that people do not feel alone or unworthy. She believes every life matters; and has dedicated herself to helping others overcome their own obstacles and learn to feel empowered to move forward in their life. So, they too can share their story. 

Kimberly is currently focused on the art of serial entrepreneurship. Her ability to provide fertile space for radical accomplishments is unprecedented. She has spent her life obsessed with being not just a difference. She is not satisfied until the difference for all is achieved, including mastering the art of creating consistent, reliable, miraculous results through authentic self-expression with freedom, ease, and love present. In every new company she establishes, she is committed to being the gateway for the highest valuing of others’ full self-expression. Her endless drive for everyone to have it all includes her awe-inspiring goal to create radiant financial freedom globally by 2050.

She is a Team Management and Leadership Program classroom leader at Landmark Worldwide. She leads Chicago, Illinois classrooms inside this ground-breaking technology. She has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last few years. She was one of the first certified One Thing instructors leading seminars, workshops, and offering training with the innovated tools provided by the critically acclaimed processes created by Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty. Inside her 30+ year real estate career, she has completed thousands of real estate transactions in every arena and wears almost every single available hat. She has blazed unchartered trails and many economies over the last four decades, including the 2008 financial crisis.

At the age of 20, she was sponsored by Pretzel & Stouffer and became a paralegal in Chicago, Illinois at the field’s conception, graduating in a paralegal pilot program at Roosevelt University that paved the way for paralegals.

Kimberly has been married to her rock and love of her life, Steve Genovese, since 1992.  She lives in Valparaiso, Indiana. Their passion project is to establish a restoration center empowering people, animals, and nature to work together to create innovative holistic healing pathways for all.

Let’s start the show with a quote - It takes 20 secs of insane courage to change your life.

Questions for the Guest: these are a guide only and we will just have a conversation and go where it goes.

1. Let's start at the beginning and talk about growing up. What was that like for you? Dorothy and then Kimberley

2. Dorothy what made you an overcomer?

3. Kimberly what about you?

4. Dorothy let's talk about the book, It's called The Overcomer: Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage. Why did you decide to write one?

5. Kimberley have you ever thought about writing a book?

6. I want to talk about the podcast now, tell me about it Dorothy?

7. How did you become involved Kimberly?

8. What do you love about your show?

9. Kimberley have you ever thought about doing a podcast about entrepreneurship or real estate?

10. What’s something you’ve learned along the way Dorothy and then what about you Kimberly?

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Kimberly Genovese
Restpond Properties


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