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Radio Toni Every Day Business with Wendy and Inner Genius Global, February 7, 2021

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Radio Toni Every Day Business with Wendy and Inner Genius Global
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Inspiring people with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed

Radio Toni Every Day Business with Wendy Marquenie and Inner Genius Global and Toni Lontis

This is the last in a series of 4 shows with my amazing Co Host, Wendy Marquenie from Inner Genius Global.

Wendy has had a life which has been varied and exciting. She commenced my career as a Professional Ballroom/Latin Dance Teacher and Adjudicator, teaching both children and adults. Her career path progressed from Customer Service with airlines, Flight Attendant for a major airline and Exclusive Air Cruising company to Event Management.

Wendy’s life has not been without challenges but out of challenges have come wonderful opportunities for further learning and development.

Wendy’s mission is Inspiring people with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed. Having an open mind, learning a way to think, the freedom to think, form beliefs, positive attitude and enthusiasm thus opening up a world of possibilities for future success. Our legacy for future generations is seeing humanity, accepting and understanding themselves, developing a strong self-belief and confidence to create bright and happy futures.

Inner Genius Kids and Inner Genius Teens programmes enable children to achieve their full inner potential and in doing so empower them to achieve mind strength and resilience. Inner Genius Kids and Inner Genius Teens programmes empowers children to create their life of success.

  1. Wendy, please tell listeners about the first in the series of children’s books? – name, same characters, why they complement the program, they can be purchases outside the program

  2. When will the book/s be launched?

  3. What inspired you to add the children’s books to the programmes?

  4. As a published author what was the process like for publishing the children’s books compared to the first two adults’ books?

  5. These books are going to be special because they incorporate augmented reality. Can you explain to our listeners this concept and why you’ve chosen to use it in this series?

  6. The board Game for Inner Genius is the next in the Company line up – very exciting Wendy. For the parents listening to the show what’s the object of the board game, does it complement the books and courses and when will it be available?

  7. Something else that will launch around the same time is the new website. How excited are you about that?

  8. Having just been through a revamp of my own websites and supported friends and business colleagues through the same process, how’s that all going?

  9. What will listeners be able to do on the website

  10. We have bee talking over the last few weeks about both the children’s program and the teen program, can you give the listeners a refresh of what’s involved with both courses?

  11. What’s some of the benefits for children and teens being engaged in this programs as part of their extracurricular studies?

  12. The courses are self-directed and age appropriate, but parents can be as active and present as they want cant they Wendy? If so how does this work,

  13. Courses are all on line and designed to be done at their own pace?

  14. How can parents connect with you to enrol their child or teen in your programs?

9 x books - The Genius Books incorporating Augmented Reality, this is for the younger children up to school age, the first one launching on 17 February, together with merchandise and Virtual board game. This then follows on to Inner Genius Kids Program (ages up to 11 years, Inner Genius Teens (11-14 yrs) and then Inner Genius Teens (15-18 yrs)

Inner Genius Children are proprietary, hands on programmes empowering children with 6 different tools in a short period of training.

As the students work through these different concepts they become more confident in themselves, develop a better understanding of who they are, a better self image and a greater confident in themselves and their abilities to achieve.

Each and every child has endless possibilities and inner potential locked up inside of them and our programmes has the key to unlock their inner potential.

Call me on - M: 0414614904

Radio Toni Every Day Business with Wendy and Inner Genius Global

By unlocking your child’s inner potential, Inner Genius inspires people with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed. Through the Inner Genius Kids and & Teens Programs you develop skills and abilities for critical thinking laying the foundation to create a happier, clearer more contented life.

The Inner Genius Kids & Teens Programs are about unlocking your child's inner potential so that they can overcome challenges and create their success in life.

The Programs encourages and motivates children to think and act positively developing a strong self-belief.

The programs are unique in that it introduces the concept of we are what we think and explains through a series of processes or intellectual faculties which we use when we think. They are Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception. 

Give your child the opportunity to unlock their genius within.

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