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The Author and Artist Hour, June 21, 2021

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Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez
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Guest, Author Warren James, coach and mentor helping career-focused people accelerate their own personal journey

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez with Kez Wickham St George

Talking Points Radio Toni – A Conversation with Kez

Author Warren James

Warren James – long bio

A self-confessed big kid at heart, Warren James loves mountain bikes and fast cars. It’s no surprise then that his first book is titled Further Faster – but there is much more to this book than speed. 

Warren is a coach and mentor helping career-focused people accelerate their own personal journey so they can take their life and career further, faster. He does this by providing online mentoring, coaching and training to some of Australia’s most talented graduates and employees throughout their careers.

Warren wrote Further Faster – The Ultimate Guide to Accelerating Your Career for young professionals to encourage them to work smarter, not harder. He is passionate about showing them how, with a little effort and forethought, they can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. 

Warren’s own career success in engineering and project management saw him ascend the corporate ladder and put himself in a position where retirement was an option at age 35. A career highlight was delivering $50+M worth of work under budget, ahead of schedule, without any recordable injuries while managing a team in excess of 150 people.

As a project manager, Warren discovered that he thoroughly enjoyed helping people reach their full potential. He also experienced the burnout that can come from the stress, long hours and immense pressure, needing four months off work to recharge at one point in his career. 

Now, as a leader, mentor and director of Rapid Mentoring, what sets Warren apart is his unique approach that balances life skills and resilience, coupled with a focus on performance and career acceleration. 

Warren’s greatest satisfaction comes from sharing his own path and mentoring motivated people to show them how to achieve a brilliant career coupled with an amazing personal life.

Further Faster - The Ultimate Guide to Accelerating Your Career

Written for anyone who wants to accelerate their career. Full of actionable tips to help you find direction in your career, set goals for the future and to help you boost your productivity and value to the organisation you work for.

I help to set your career up like a holiday. First, you need to decide where you want to go, then you have to pack your bags with the tools you need. Finally, I help you accelerate your journey to get you to where you want to be faster.

Welcome to the show Warren! Firstly, Congratulations on the book, Ive done all the talking so nows time to hand over the my international best selling author and co host Kez Wickham St George.

  1. Your Title of the book Further Faster I found compelling, can you tell us more about the title.

  2. Do you think that your book will make professionals take notice?

3. What have been some of the obstacles you have faced while writing your book?

4. In your Bio it says you Mentor? what is the topic you prefer to mentor on.

5. How did you create your title

6. How important is diversity in literature

7. What was the inspiration behind your book

8. What was your writing process like?

9. Are there any other countries your book is in and is it in different languages

10. What next for you Warren, as a mentor and as an Author

11. Would you be interested in this book being promoted to a wider audience in Australia

12. If you could sit and have a chat with your younger self what would you advice

Mention signed copies…

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Signed copies and free delivery are available from my website.



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The Author and Artist Hour

The Author and Artist Hour with Kez Wickham St George and Toni Lontis
Kez Wickham St George

Kez is ever the storyteller and a popular speaker at many local events; However mentoring others to tell their stories has become a large part of Kez’s life, running creative writing workshops for those that have a story to tell.

Encouraging and mentoring others to follow their passion for writing has resulted in four of her writing protégés becoming published authors. Kez also invites published authors in fiction to contact her, as she enjoys introducing their work to Facebook and Instagram by video.

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