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Radio Toni and The Soul of Business, August 3, 2021

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Radio Toni and The Soul of Business
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with Damian Papworth and co-host Toni Lontis

Radio Toni and The Soul of Business with Damian Papworth and co-host Toni Lontis

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This is the fourth in our series of co hosted shows with entrepreneur and businessman Damian Papworth. We are going to be talking about a new way of doing business and as Damian says “we want to change the world”. Before I introduce you to Damian here’s what you need to know:

Soulpreneurs all have a craft, a gift that when we share, we make the world a better place.  Damian Papworth’s craft is business.

Why? Well, like you, Damian wants to make the world a better place. And the best way he can do this is to support people like you, people with a gift, a passion, a purpose.

So if you are sitting in your purpose, wanting to change the world through grassroots service, but need some support working through the business side of things, Damian’s is here to support you, via The Soul of Business.

Welcome back to the show Damian, we are delighted to have you here with us and excited about what the next shows have to offer the audience.  We have slides to share with the audience today that show clearly how the framework interlinks to the concepts. The language of this framework is a powerful business tool in its own right, so please take notes today.

Damian Last week we talked about the Universal laws and how the are built into the Soul of Business and this week we want to unpack the Soul of Business Framework so that the audience gets to see the journey this amazing business training takes the business owner through.

1. Right off the centre of the framework is fulfilled purpose – Damian what is purpose in terms of business? Why is it important and why this is the best point to start from? 
2. What is Appreciated value? How do Soulpreneurs get off track when thinking about their value to the world? – reflected back to us and getting paid, value you what you do is to charge them, very important, 
3. Change that matters, Damian how do you determine change that matters? 
4. First 3 elements work together and what happens when we don’t get these right in business? 
5. How do we get the first 3 right – its Transformational Alignment it’s about aligning our minds hearts and souls with what the business needs, how does this make our business grow?
6. Abundance Audience is about the community that we serve, how to we attract the right people to us?
7. The next element is Impactful legacy, what is Impactful Legacy and why is it important to business owners with particular gifts?
8. That rounds out the largest chunks of learning and then we talk about the outer components – first of which is Manifestation. Damian is manifestation another way of looking at goal setting in our business?
9. How does mindfulness link to business? 
10. Hearing your answers is the third linkage and its about reporting. What’s that about?
11. Id never heard of marketing described as surrendering your purpose but that’s exactly how you describe it in the SOB framework. Can you explain why?
12. Tribe all the people we need to reach and servicing them well and this relates to databases – 
13. What is your inner circle and how are you aligned to them in business? – who advises you, supports you and why this is so important for Soulpreneurs.  
14. The outer piece of work around Impactful Legacy is gratitude and its not always something that we talk about in relation to business, why include it in SOB training?
15. The most important part is Being the Change – how does this work in the SOB?
16. Alchemy is the final component and its about turning led into gold. How do you see Alchemy playing out in the SOB – real business things and product development.

Toni’s Notes
Purpose promise, how to think about your purpose and what it consists of, intention to purpose and alignment to purpose.
Not the real estate definition, reflected to us and getting paid, value you what you do is to charge them, very important, 
Change that matters, commerce and feel fulfilled, impact that relies on reach, 
impact relies on reach, if not paid then resources reduced and we don’t reach the people we need to, get frustrated.
business grows to the level of the owners, it’s a journey and a growth and change
how do we give to our tribe, is it aligned to our greater good, linkage between.
tragedy that our gifts aren’t shared – intuitive energy healing, massage, (hands tired) draft dies with us. Leaving something behind from our gifts. Business lets us pass down wealth, knowledge or sale of business, apprentice.
Manifestation – focus and aligned on goals, intentions
Mindfulness – being aware of what’s stopping us, what ideas don’t serve us, what rules stop us, positive mindset and ideas that don’t help.
Tactical information from the business to see the $$
Social media, marketing messaging, maximize the opportunities, develop trust, 
Formalize the circle to grow your circle and generate benefit for everyone. 
Are you grateful for you business, how do you feel about your business, how do they feel about us and how does it help us in business, 
All the things that hold the business together and makes it real. 
Thank you, don’t forget to tune in next week for the next show in the series.

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Radio Toni and The Soul of Business

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