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Lets Find Out, January 23, 2011

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Professional Consultant to Celebrities and Trust
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Bonnie MacDade interviews with Allie Cheslick

SUNDAY, JANUARY 23, 2011  

Bonnie MacDade interviews with Allie Cheslick. Allie has been changing people's lives for the past 21 years as a professional consultant to celebrities, authors, psychics and mediums, doctors, lawyers, housewives, CEO's, metaphysical practitioners, paranormal teams and lightworkers. Allie's Love is felt in every reading and her, "Tell it like it is attitude" is refreshing and authentic. Her reputation and comedic personality have earned her a loyal following of clients, and a large local and international radio fan base. Her compassion, integrity and humor give her the ability to make people feel as though she is a part of their family, a friend. Someone who they can trust.

Allie Cheslick is currently in the process of writing two books. One called, "Blessings in Disguise" and her untitled book of Angelic Messages.

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