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Universal Soul Love with Dr Lana Love and guest Margo M Marteas

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Some say that 12-strand DNA seers disappeared ages ago, while others attest that they still walk among us, only hidden from most people’s view. It is suggested that the repetition of mantras such as the Sri mantra, or focus on the Sri yantra can help to activate the original 12-strands which humankind was meant to embody. But nowadays, we have a more efficient tool to accomplish a full DNA activation and reset: The Soul Reprogramming Method

DNA activation occurs naturally when we are born. Two strands of DNA are activated to give us all the information that we need for our life in earth as humans and descendants of the parents that we chose.

There are other 10 strands of DNA that scientist could not explain, or find a purpose related to the physical body and decided to call them “Junk”.

These 10 strands are our connection to the Divine, our spiritual abilities, the memory of who we really are, how we can communicate to our higher beings... (Read full article)

Being-ness is who-you-really-are, your Higher Self, your Super Consciousness. Being-ness is who you are meant to be. Are you ready? As we prepare to cross the threshold on 12/21/12 there are many questions, and my guest today has the answers! Ka't Mandu is a writer, metaphysician, and teacher of transformational change and spiritual realization. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, she has been teaching and coaching in esoteric studies for the last 20 years. Ka't Pleiadean Mandu's newly released book "The Book of Meditation for Lightworkers" can be purchased at