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DNA Activation: Evidence of humans with activated DNA between us

DNA activation

Some say that 12-strand DNA seers disappeared ages ago, while others attest that they still walk among us, only hidden from most people’s view. It is suggested that the repetition of mantras such as the Sri mantra, or focus on the Sri yantra can help to activate the original 12-strands which humankind was meant to embody. But nowadays, we have a more efficient tool to accomplish a full DNA activation and reset: The Soul Reprogramming Method

Evidence of humans with “upgraded” DNA can be found in historical accounts of yogis with extraordinary powers, called siddhis. Yogis where able to master the five elements of creation – water, fire, earth, wind, and ether, to become masters of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and uncompromised powers of intuition. The Soul Reprogramming Method uses also elements, not only of the earth: Fire, air, water and earth, but also elements of the stars, galaxies, other planets and of the mental spaces of God.