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Parents Voice, June 1, 2021

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Parents Voice
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H.A.T.S.(Hardcore Awakened Truth Seekers) Founder discusses the Human Trafficking crisis from a humanitarian perspective

Mel Jannel - Hostess of Parent's Voice hosts

Special Guest, Stephen Broughton, founder of H.A.T.S. ( Hardcore Awakened Truth Seekers )

He is joined by a full panel of guests from Save Our Kids Truth Commission to discuss Human Trafficking and its impact on humanity.

Stephen Broughton is a former corporate insider for various Fortune 500 companies and is a whistleblower on corporations and governmental entities putting profits over people. 

Mr. Broughton discusses a more sinister agenda behind child trafficking and vaccine propaganda.

In order to combat misinformation H.A.T.S. was formed in order to provide individuals access to uncensored dialogue about current events impacting and threatening their daily lives.

Join H.A.T.S. on Telegram today!

Warning: Only for the Awakened Hardcore Truth Seeker! 


Parents Voice

Show Host

This show is for parents who would like to get their kids back, and what they can do to get their kids back, and protect their civil rights! 

Mel Jannel will discuss ways we can protect our civil liberties and retain our human dignity worldwide!

Call ins to the show are welcome! Join us! 888-627-6008 every other Tuesday at 3pm eastern time (noon pacific) on BBS Radio TV!

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