Paradigm_Shifters, September 14, 2010

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Paradigm Shifter, Dr. Louisa Williams. Her healing work is Naturopathy but Dr. Williams weaves spirituality time space and thought to her research on the body and its influences.  How many folks  think to check their intestines first before going on anti depressants?  Yet our seratonin is created in the intestinal track.  Her book takes you through it...Radical Medicine compiles the combined fields...such as dental fillings or extractions block energy (foci) that lead to enormous health problems.   Wander through the deep mysteries of the human experience, add  a wide range of healing modalities like homeopathy, structural realignment, supplements, drainage and tools and other dimensions of holistic healing.  Learn about inherited miasmas and other health grenades that pop out under the right conditions.  Plus how to heal ourselves, or to steer our health through today's increasing toxic influences like preservatives, fluorides, emf's and more!

Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle
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Veronica Entwistle

Shift out of the dog-eat-dog mentality and transcend to a higher paradigm of love, collective empowerment & global consciousness.

When we are having relationship problems, or lack of money or health, these are all expressions of subtle energy fields that hold programs, either our own or of the collective, or a combination of the two.

LISTEN TO: Paradigm Shifters. CALL IN: and feel the freedom as Veronica and her loving guides tangibly identify and release the energetic bindings that restrict your expression of self.

It is Veronica’s politics, maybe yours too, to move beyond the limitations that keep us poor, trapped in the social consciousness of war, power over, greed, hopeless politics. When we learn to live with the expanded consciousness of our higher selves, and the beings of the higher realms, we enter the potential of multidimensionality, releasing the binding energies from genetics to mental and emotional reactiveness and to - all ways - all ways feel loved.

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