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What is enlightenment and who qualifies?  Well, according to Aaravinda, we all do.  But what does that require?  Hear how the collective has its own purpose (dharmi) just as we individually have our own purpose (dharma).  Having listened to the prerecord a number of times, I find it rich with inspiration.  I quicken each time, hearing new aspects about ego or the collective goals, such as the PERCEIVER as The One - the Perceiver being the face of the universe moving forward, how to tune yourself to it. Aaravinda touched on his journey to the east, following his sametica (sight that shows him our relationship individually and collectively to existance on all levels) to join a village of enlightened ones, some who live over 4,000 years.
TUESDAY Mar. 17th
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Dr. Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine, and Miracles, in which he explored the powerful role the mind can play in fighting illness. Sharing stories of seriously ill patients who survived against the odds and those who seemed to give in to their own deaths, the book inspired countless readers to consider the possibilities of thinking themselves well. Siegel believed--and still does--that the power to heal comes from the human mind through will, determination, and love. Over the last 20 years, his philosophy and advice have led many physicians and other healthcare professionals to help patients participate in and influence their own recovery.

Many readers of Love, Medicine, and Miracles have wondered what comes next. What happened to patients who followed Siegel's advice? In Faith, Hope, and Healing, Siegel shares the inspiring stories of people who have experienced cancer and found deeper faith, hope, joy, and healing through the process.

Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle
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Veronica Entwistle

Shift out of the dog-eat-dog mentality and transcend to a higher paradigm of love, collective empowerment & global consciousness.

When we are having relationship problems, or lack of money or health, these are all expressions of subtle energy fields that hold programs, either our own or of the collective, or a combination of the two.

LISTEN TO: Paradigm Shifters. CALL IN: and feel the freedom as Veronica and her loving guides tangibly identify and release the energetic bindings that restrict your expression of self.

It is Veronica’s politics, maybe yours too, to move beyond the limitations that keep us poor, trapped in the social consciousness of war, power over, greed, hopeless politics. When we learn to live with the expanded consciousness of our higher selves, and the beings of the higher realms, we enter the potential of multidimensionality, releasing the binding energies from genetics to mental and emotional reactiveness and to - all ways - all ways feel loved.

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