Paradigm_Shifters, April 29, 2008

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Dr. Louisa Williams, a Naturopath joins Paradigm Shifters to talk about her book Radical Medicine. An "apple a day" can no longer "keep the doctor away". Nor for the majority of Americans will regular exercise, eight hours of sleep, or even the diligent supplementation of daily vitamins and minerals. With a history of toxic mercury amalgam fillings, excessive courses of antibiotics, damaging childhood vaccinations and ubiquitous carcinogenic chemicals-general holistic health guidelines are simply no longer adequate for most people. The profound effects of pollution and modern medical and dental practices necessitates profound intervention.

Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle
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Veronica Entwistle

Shift out of the dog-eat-dog mentality and transcend to a higher paradigm of love, collective empowerment & global consciousness.

When we are having relationship problems, or lack of money or health, these are all expressions of subtle energy fields that hold programs, either our own or of the collective, or a combination of the two.

LISTEN TO: Paradigm Shifters. CALL IN: and feel the freedom as Veronica and her loving guides tangibly identify and release the energetic bindings that restrict your expression of self.

It is Veronica’s politics, maybe yours too, to move beyond the limitations that keep us poor, trapped in the social consciousness of war, power over, greed, hopeless politics. When we learn to live with the expanded consciousness of our higher selves, and the beings of the higher realms, we enter the potential of multidimensionality, releasing the binding energies from genetics to mental and emotional reactiveness and to - all ways - all ways feel loved.

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