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Out of This World Radio, November 28, 2020

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Out of This World Radio
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with Ted Mahr and guests James Hsu, Jason and then Robyn Openshaw

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guests James Hsu, Jason from Vancouver, B.C. and then Robyn Openshaw

First Hour Guests: James Hsu and Jason from Vancouver, Canada

Second Hour Guest: Robyn Openshaw

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Out of This World Radio

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr
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Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr

The program focuses on out of this world information, including psychic phenomena, UFOs, metaphysics, and predictions for the coming years in the United States planet Earth, and beyond.  The purpose of my show is to make this world a much better and happier place! Thanks to the internet, we are one of the fastest growing psychic, UFO and metaphysical radio programs with listeners in over 200+ countries worldwide, with over 100,000+ listeners! 

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The purpose of this radio program is to raise consciousness and to bring love and light to our listening audience. 

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go France and walked today from the purpose of the show is to make this world a much better and happier place and I know that if we all work together we will create a much better and happy world we have come a very first hour thank you my friend from Mom from Hawaii will be coming on I change next to have you here then my friend Jason from a little later in the show to give messages from Adamo and the people of Hollow Earth games will be there and so he's got some wonderful messages to go to give as well I really want to thank everyone for listening today

physical and spiritual reading program in the world did the residents from they'll be channeled by Jason from Vancouver are from chiloso the dumb dumb as the high priest of tell us tell us himself is in the dimension of a hundred and twenty-five miles south of 100500 years ago the remnants of a civilization from lemuria which was off the coast west coast of the United States and Canada up until the atlanteans chantaje war were they trying to control a crystalline a nuclear war which failed but

they are stationed and they're very benevolent or he wants just like us if they're little but they're beautiful people and both Jason and I've been in contact with them for many many years and I'm so glad that he can join us today and help line products wonderful products for people tell and she's really nice lady at 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time here on DBS Radio one I'll be having a show on with them

a gentleman named Michael Ben Adams he's the co-author of a book and Angel told me so I'm that's actually how I started my radio show seven years ago I was approached by two different people in two different libraries back in the Seattle area and they both came up to me and they said I have met him before and he said said you need to start so I followed it's a long story but I followed their advice and I am so glad I did and hold on James has just come in now I really appreciate it but so Maya so if you follow your angels will never go wrong and always get that information you need for for whatever situation you might like might might need advice on my shows are supported by listener contributions and if you please go to my website

$50 for the year on any any any any any contributions would be really appreciated and then on Monday 2 p.m. Pacific Time or 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Central European Time in Vienna Austria I have a wonderful guests will be talking about World War II and the development of the atomic bomb should be interesting program Essen German into English so even if you don't speak for the past fifty or sixty years they've been drinking arsenic in the radiation contaminated water what's the results that they're low on Jeopardy for

for years and four women at 54 years I found them in so several years ago when I heard about that Water Foundation Martha Childress of the Natural Choice Network get free water to the Hopi what we do is that we we take the phones and we buy clean water filters for the Hopi so they could drink the water just send me an email to out of this world, you can go to my website, and find out all the information about the Hopi there I'm also raising money for food for the healthy during this call a pandemic the Food Supplies as a result of some people starving so I've been raising money to buy food for

op6 $700 will buy enough food for several for at least a hundred or more families for a week so if you'd like to contribute to my website and out of this world reading, click on the link for Hopi are miscellaneous and you'll find out all the information there the vibrations of the planet

it's beautiful place and I go there every year if you'd like to go I'll be going again there next year in June and in August and more information is on my way out of this Road Reading, I'm also returning to Peru in January and also in March and April 97 for person trips to Machu Picchu Cusco and a bunch of whole bunch of wonderful spiritual sites within Peru when we were in when I was in Peru in January of this year we visited a place called and when we were there we were greeted by this time the other thing that happened when we were there is that

start kicking self consists of a huge red interface with a with a chair in the middle of it and when we sat in the chair the Rockstar 2 train to Jello and one of our group was able to come from New Jersey was able to see through the rock into a garnishment I think if we didn't have time at night to stay overnight but we will probably stay aware that that might enter into darkness else you're interested in coming please let me know you can go to my website to book about messages from Albert Einstein John F Kennedy Nostradamus and lots of other great spirits on our beautiful bright future I also have 24 HR 528 tuning Forks there and if you hit him with a

what Crystal that I have you spread everywhere where you were you do this so anyway if you'd like one of those out of my my friend how are you doing today

recycling near me

okay yeah I can hear you I'm sure sure I'm so glad you were able to

yeah you know what's funny I tried to call you this morning I couldn't get through you probably saw my messages but it just got disconnected really weather on Doug and John if you could if you could put up that picture of the flooding start system to start us off today that would be fun Great Gatsby Seven Sisters of the Pleiades star system there are now 2.5 million shifts around the planet and I know that James will have more to say on that we've all been in touch with the wonderful wonderful

they arrived here in November of 2018 and they're beautiful. James Jason now and I wanted to give everyone gets a taste of that he talking about his messages are you doing today

I mean uncensored

answer anyway going on time ago on the earth mines up and so everything I know

if your mystery human history and if you have a microphone if you could be closer to his mic that would be helped that would be helpful right now

we have right now

not so much as I can I'll write murder and people up and maybe you could you could increase your volume my friend you have a lot of important things to say we all love to hear you

volume on your man

Dell battery has been activated

no I'm the producer this is Don I thought I'd break into your fabulous program I James now are you at remember how we talked about that mute button down there and then clicking on audio settings with the little up Arrow key

what are you doing yeah when you click that up Arrow key and click audio settings you see then you'll see the output level on the microphone it over on the right not you don't click video you click on audio and then over on the right you'll see your microphone you want to raise that to the right maybe Slide the slider on the microphone all the way to the right all right

you will not let me drag race that I don't know why Jason from our games from Mom from being so that way it will come back to you in a few minutes after you have a chance to Jason are you there

I take can you hear me talk to you again I know you've been had that Miracle happen a couple of years ago where they want your glasses that you want one for like 20 or 25 years and I thought that was an amazing story and I haven't you yes I have had as being a wonderful Journey now there's is always fun challenges but we got through it rain. Jason well I'd love to have you bring it up today if you liked and loved it to receive his Beautiful Mess

please give me a moment

wild Jason's getting ready and bring you into, I'll give a little back to the background as I explained tell us is a city that's in 25 miles of Mount Shasta 5th Dimension they look just like us. Here but they look just like us some of the people who work here in Mount Shasta Community Health Shasta it's a beautiful mountain itself it is the First Place Beyond the Pines on this planet just shipped in 15 minutes early is about 4.5 Dimension by January February they will be released next year Japan has a hole in her country, Arizona it's not a it would be nice if the entire planet shifted at once into the 5th Dimension but this will be a different person will shipt

Tire dimensions for the entire planet sighting time I myself have waited here to witness when the atlanteans blew up much of the planet with me to sign technology we tried back then to stop them and just helped shape the plan into this beautiful new age but we fail but now we're all back like the actors in in a plane as Shakespeare once said that all the world so we're all helping this world with the attention and helping Humanity

graebel of it is I Adama Beacon from Telos how do you for coming up is always a joy

as always

the word spoken through this channel is hours for the perspective

and we do not expect everyone to resonate with our words

but for everyone to take our words into their heart

I feel where the residents with them

what is going on in the outside world

is it the old system

and taken apart each one of you do not have to engage

the chaos outside

for one engages longest drawn in to the chaos

and then experiences the suffering that they're seeing was that does not necessary

become the Observer

observe what's going on in the outside world

death of compassion


in love

I just observe

it's being the only responsible

dentist in Deerfield

not for others

if one feels that they need to assist assist

are you do not have to help everyone

listen to your heart who you're here to help

I didn't do it

McGann hpn responsible for own energies within their field

so that means I'm feeling happy or Joy there feeling sad


and the anger is coming through

stop what you're doing and feels energies within your heart

is there a yours

bring them and feel them

understand the lessons

Jhene Aiko

zebras for transportation but the energy go somewhere else where it's needed

it's not your energy

also Let Go lyrics calling your guide your higher self do ever reference with one to clear that bras the structures are being dismantled

how to list b&z shows in separation

Darkness will come out

are there any times there will be moments when someone's not feeling the highest and best

is clear that we need to do

can I get drawn in San Jose that those beans to bring in

but see them as their office Indian healing

increase amount

I continue to do

but you here to do each being has a role to play

is that matter how big or small that role is all roles are important

and no being is there than someone else

does that matter

what they mention what frequency when is all beings are equal and all beings

are all the flame

letgo the worried

you don't need to worry about what anyone needs to do listen to one's heart

when activate your higher self will guide them what they need to do and go with that

sometimes one just needs to rest

there's no need to be running around being busy all the time

sometimes one just needs to rest

integrated Energies

game back

the frequencies energies that one that's light out

are there any time there will be moments

and some errands leaked out

rest is needed

looking back the energy

one feels tired

is most always case that went to Angie's being late

one feels like that just rest

Fremont Tire South

charge One South and whatever tool

residents with oneself

Nunes moments are trying times it snow

call him and his love all does not matter station in life circumstances all humanity is love

roll the bean in the in the Earth hollow Earth

Universe all the beans are watching

send their love

now I just need to know

Aaron's in workout divine plan has moving forward

yes there will be moments when one thinks

what's going on

just know

when's heart

the only candy wow

and the trust divine plan

each gene has a role to play in

it's being is not need to do something else is wrong

it's no with faith trust and no one else was in your heart

I let her roll you need to play Just For You

and no one else

there's no need to worry about doing anything else other than what your role is

there be many truth uncovered during these moments

be naughty

what others think

should be revealed

and others will be the darkness that one has never imagined could be possible

always happening

father's always been there is now being revealed for all to see and feel

when that comes up taking between the hard know what the truth is

in that go with forgiveness

do not take revenge

do not seek to get back at them they were just playing a role and yes and went

way too far but now that's rebalancing

Avengers come out

the truth has been revealed the darkness

it on your heart but the truth is for you then that go with forgiveness forgive them that go

forgiveness is the hardest

things to do for E90 you must learn to forgive

I forgiven does that mean you don't have boundaries

things are coming up

set your boundaries

not allow them to come in each one has the right

their own sovereignty to exercise that


the peaceful way

know the power that you had any power in half hour

the power is still in there is within you

just know that

and use it the highest percentage of all involved

you always go on your path

they're also

mini bands

small group

not want Nancy to move forward just know they're being taken care of

microwave necessary

I think back to the store mint

DanTDM's coming in always discern

Angie's about being

if you don't enjoy love and peace

noise coming from benevolent begin

it is any kind of manipulation

with the one up town Hammond that they are the one the only one

Pikachu onesie go you know that's coming from a place of Darkness

can I get with them

for one does not engage with them

they can I get your energy no leave

there many levels

is rebalancing what's going on

information on operations will not be coming forth

father being done

L defeat the purpose

clean out the energies

for the other side knows what's going to happen

but I can do much of operation

just know the Trust In Your Heart

whatever information needs to come to you will come

and with regard to the TV

shut the TV off Wednesday I need to listen to that news and news channels all they're doing is programming with a deer for programming hypnotizing

but I engage into that your magic will not work

for one becomes what when pork is done with the TV sound on

the news channels are telling them that's what's going to be in one's reality to let go of that

yes one must have watched a day to see what

angle what's going on July's if that's your role and so be it the one that I need to watch the news every moment

turn the TV off. For a week turn off the news for a week and feel how you feel

and I will tell you exactly what you need to do

always go with your feelings

in the heart

the heart will always lead one to where they need to be

Noah's remember not everyone is going to be on the same path

Lamont Stanley


being that they need outside all around their own path

and to honor and respect the theme and I go

everything begins with n Soul of Light self-trust Iced Out

and always remember when one loves nice how do you not need love from the outside or the outside is doing his mirror in or when they experience

the always begin with end

it always begins there

and ends there

and one clear is within 11 Within

raising your vibrations the outside world will reflect that

is one's going to chase everything on the outside and expecting everything will not actually happen it will not needs to happen within

when you go with the end the signal sent to one power cell that one is ready

Groupon in the journey

everything that needs to happen will happen

the sister being on this journey

missing Mandarin all Nazis love

love is the universe is throughout the Universe

no is no

focus on the positive be positive when you focus on the outcome but then that's what's going to happen

oceamember positivity Darkness

observant Fidelity comment

just observe

no it's Pocus on a positive outcome

without attachment

that's not a point

back up all attachments

pernilla Koval attachments

Endless Possibilities arise

maybe one of those got to come in their field anything can happen

cuz in the mines attached that's why is that one's going to experience that one doesn't know what's out there only one tire self knows there's always endless possibilities

open up to that

let that flow in

and when that goes attachments

everything becomes comes like a river flowing down with ease


and the other part is the resistance there will be Parts the one that aspect I will resist the change I just only the old

that's not willing to change and move on

Monfils a lot

I can take him to one's heart feel it and the love

and Let It Go

that girl that transform is one needs and calling your guys

Angels by herself

cuz this is a team effort as well and if you are alone

every single be in as a team

if 1 months

to work with that team your own team

need to ask

Bill Knight intervene

assist without when asking

and even with request it's always taking account months height this interest so someone is asking the same situation and saw him once highest interest the higher self will not allow her to come through

does understand how it works

we will always be enjoying

it is always a pleasure

bring a message through

all the 90

iodine, which all beings well on their Journey

to the Oneness

thank you, that was beautiful we appreciate you so much for giving your love and wisdom to all of us here on planet Earth

as amazing that fit that I feel no energy is there still high like right now so there's a lot of and I can't see you but I can't remote for you if you don't mind if I want to go I want to go to the hold on for a second there my friend I want to bring

Something Good Can You Hear Me Now

Austria location

anyway. Go ahead please give us your beautiful messages and I'm sorry you have problems before but you're fine

listen to talk to the ship right I've heard there's a

El Pollo Loco dice que esperar a whole bunch of nuclear bunker Brianna trench if something goes wrong that straight threat against all the swear power and I'm not trying to remind me of the veto power steering the ice and ear cut they first went to the Eisenhower say you can rid of your nuclear weapon you can give you a cold medicine people can live up to 300 years old and you're not going to have more sickness and things are there and you can just meet a nuclear weapon and you decline and

and that's why you called the tall white came back over another Cent Ayo and Teo to Russia to Norman decided we need to get rid of those nuclear weapon but we need to do it ourselves what can I do to help those Indians they come out with me who sell you know what happened to the tsunami under the Japan feel so you call the Easter day yesterday I went out there and so is Chris tsunami if a journal issue, then they can intercept message it was stopped at Lounge

that didn't quite a few times out of 10 times before. Don't we need to give up we can either take it out ourselves and they will help you take it all that's the message I get a pick up Rachel parents are things about wiping watching everybody and it is not going to work we need to do it

severity of humanity

twist around now

words that use the man to operating from the conservative talk up by theology the name totally twisted wrong not in anything anymore

so there is you just need to

call centers in the Chinese taoism you need to be Centrist then I stopped and now the liberal is what they hate election will hope we win this one if you don't win this one we have got no place to go United States The Last Place on Earth hold this idea you don't hit that are evil. Evil go down there and everywhere kidnapping and everything so we are Last Place on Earth holding the truth so so that we need to find them here and now

it's important but it's not that important if you cannot use technology to eat cheese you are a cyst cheese you feel better if your air condition your house warmer in the house

what a cyst but it's not the final solution that final solution stirring the human heart is self like Jesus says you need to

pronounce cheese in

it said I don't see you anymore well I'm here I'm here

it's like a beautiful peaceful Planet then you seek peace with inside of yourself and one with kindness and love and you will create that kind of world

is I think Christian ology at the beginning was very very well very very good and somehow the Catholic and Catholic religion trench tear up up stairs

Options Counseling a CR the chimp books in the personality of Christian you believe in reincarnation that spiritual they will call you whatever but they are the scripture that beginning The Reincarnation Reincarnation of twitch by Jesus and to believe in the spiritual world and the third eye open chemtrail chemtrail that you can open the eyes and in your eyes I can see the world it was 62 spiritual war

sure James you have so much wealth the wisdom I love to bring you in Jason now are you there

can you give me 10 yes of course I can hear you fine I was just relaxing with the energy so well good well I'm so grateful you brought in, I know that we're going to get through this James and Jason that's a lot of challenges first right now but I know we're going to get through it and you know the Pacific what you said before I wanted your take on this on, talk about at a dismantling of the old system

I think you're right that's what's under going right now

dismantling a o system

starting starting moving that direction heading back the Lenten TN time they think they will God they changing the elements to crazy things but what you call a bird so do I change your element listen to anything I've heard I was there back then. Atlantean time to fixing the tidal wave. I'm going to show you and so we are here again with all the technology night so I'm telling you that take technology and the final solution but the human heart is the prevention of atomic bomb trench everything except for man's spiritual

that I could just erase all but we need to progressed as well with the grid what they've done and cover does that their layer upon layer of dreads

I need to be taken apart so you're not going to see anything until the final the final grade has taken down there to control control our minds and our hearts to keep the vibration lower

right behind Okay imagine needs to start reprogram reprogram in themselves and then go over old beliefs

what I thought was fascinating is that they said to Thomas at the turn off the television for a week I wanted to tell you I did a show on on Miami yesterday and we were talking about the extension and suddenly the whole station was cut off as if somebody didn't want to talk about the Ascension but the but I know that there are negative elements out there I'm still ran the program but I always enjoy a wonderful priest Donald Duck and wonderful people they always provide a lot of a lot of good supportal but but you talk about these grievances that they've been in place for a long time


very long

well I got with there being worked on by uncovered to was

Heather the Deep State on the surface is nothing without their offworld help

Sol golf rule the answer being dealt with by understand the months they're they're cleared the you stay on a Surface hasn't has nowhere to go

yes will they think they know that they will win the program is so deep that there is no continue until the very end

but they have to be. With I know I'm pretty tired of dealing with them myself 10 12 minutes left and our so you going to have 5 minutes and I'll get 5 minutes to change over time

okay that's why you're going to remain positive

red wine stain on the outside remain positive Observer I keep being told I become get Observer often what's going on

and and whatever is being on Earth is just the truth from the old plan

it's not going to be allowed

did there's a there's a new plan is coming forth or just hang in there

okay okay well I know well I know there's good things ahead of us and for a lot of people who have negative things that they didn't work out earlier in life often that's coming to the surface now and so if you have good friends or family that have some issues trying to help them work out their own personal issues they can extend without working out this issue

yeah it's only issues have to be worked on that's what I've been doing it's not always easy right there is many assets myself that was scared of the higher vibrations I had to work through that to be programmed myself so you're a perfect James is imperfect I'm in perfect what wrong we'll have our imperfections what the hell we just have to accept that as long as you've got a good heart

call you talk about grit dry the ley-line Chinese to have them call from straight mountains and Waters energy to collect of the power to limit of the energy that you sent a welcome to come real wealthy and powerful and in practice everywhere I want Donald Trump Paula Abdul so it's not totally Evo is some sort of earth science that is Earth science is only a couple using it to get a power to the grid and I'm not saying it's meant holding but rather you just Hank Webb on the power

are you there at James I hope you're there

well we may have lost James Jason why don't you come on and keep talking and then hopefully things will come back

okay I'm another part that was really

mmbn show is I need to let go of attachments and that's like really hard sometimes. Easiest thing to do is your family and the people to be interacted with you know

and to ask for the help cuz I help is there but I mean we need to ask for it and there's always me tools that will come into one's awareness

I just need to be able to act on it and use them

cuz it's only later it's on as you simply put your hand over your heart if your right handed you put your right hand over your heart left hand with your left hand beer and when you talk to me when they left that very much and then what the 2.5 million ships around the planet you can see them if you know what you're looking for at night in Austin what I like to do is to make it with the people in Houston

they can think I'm going to wait we have a good time doing that sell just know everyone that we have a beautiful bright future ahead of us at the vibration to keep going higher and higher that we won't we will get more and more messages and coming back again and

okay I'm missing a little bit there we got a couple minutes left James but I'd love to get your concluding comments

I don't like this comment I can see you my friend so anyway


Asics Tiger cutting out my friend

sorry about that

I'm still cutting off a little bit yeah you'll have to have you on another show with better connection I think

or nicely but it's alright

will James I want to thank you so much for coming on today you had good connection a good a good part of the interview but I'll just have you on again I know you have a lot of interesting things to say him and I always enjoy having you on and Jason I want to thank you too for coming out we got a couple minutes left

auto supplies with Tad

ask that I send love and gratitude tobian

wherever they are

great well I've waited a long time I've waited 52,004 this years for this moment in human history and we should all work a treat each other with love and kindness as much as possible and know that we have a beautiful and bright future ahead of us and I want everyone to know that Jane saw you there can you hear me I want to give you the last word if you can hear us if not can you hear me okay

I don't want to ask

what's up where I put it so I'm alone

I think I'm going to start waving it for you soon I'm going to grab it while I hope you and your family and James all of you listening today have a beautiful and happy holiday season I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving we have a lot to be grateful for and we're getting a lot of help from the Lebanon 7 entities out there outside of this planet helping us on our spiritual piano and the end of the day when the years we will have a new victim is based upon peace love and harmony of of service to others and it will truly be a wonderful time here on on this planet so thank you so much for coming on today I really appreciate it

thank you bye-bye think that she's a wonderful lady she has a green smoothie and a virus and what's going on and this was recorded earlier in the week and I hope you'll enjoy it

I've got a fantastic guest on today she's with the she started her own company years ago greensmoothiegirl. Com she sent a health and wellness and she's also a former University professor and a psychologist the and also another one is take action for Robbins welcome to out of this world radio so glad you could be here today I've been so impressed seeing your audience grow like it has and it's good to be with you again but I finally had to leave his past summer because of censorship severe censorship and it was expanded to San Francisco Miami Florida

Vienna Austria unlike Maya my reservation all three countries has exploded I've also started a second another a Spanish-English program as well out of San Francisco ain't that Mexico Central and South America so it's been a wonderful journey and the purpose of the show is to raise Consciousness to make this world a better place and what I love about you Robin is you're doing the same thing in a different way but you're you're raising Consciousness and making this planet a better place by making people aware of these important issues we face today the the frequency of everything the vibrational frequency of everything from the emotions that you stay in because an average emotion last 90 seconds and so if a negative emotions lasting 9 more than 90 seconds it shouldn't be it shouldn't be and we can we can we can change that but it's also about the vibrate vibrational frequency of foods that we choose and everything has a frequency and so the book is super

like it's not Super Saiyan see it but it's basically talking about raising Consciousness but with maybe a little bit different language it's it's light on the science and high on the Practical applicability of how to raise your vibration so wonderful wonderful is is to try to clean up Focus Shima Japan and I'll be doing that by raising people's vibration and through prayers and also it's a long story but I followed the work of dr. Masaru Emoto on he found that if you send positive thoughts to glass of water and you write love and gratitude on a bottle of radioactive water within 48 hours all the radiation will be gone and it was one way to clean up radiation and so I'm going to give like to give that a try and cleaning up Fukushima Japan for 11 years which is the Japanese government right now

send a message still have a lot more success because that's been affecting people on the west coast including your list near audience in the Bay Area for many years I lost I heard the Bay Area was the highest rate of breast cancer in the world and I my guess is that has a lot to do with Fukushima we can't afford another hundred million tons of radioactive garbage in the water I would love your help I'm going to be starting it next month I've got some things to take care of this month but I have the help of lots of good people around the world including several Nobel Peace prize-winning scientist to help out so it's going to be an exciting journey and I've asked you to help me I mean are only located about 4 hours away from Fukushima it's right clothes and I know that work at optimal can help them out so there's a lot of things that can be done

when is my next Endeavor and I'd love to have your help moral support would be wonderful while starting that next month

yeah that sounds like a great project I'm so glad you're taking out on to do so many people these days who were you know keyboard Warrior Ying or or doing nothing and hoping someone else fixes it but I love that you're taking a project on it's a big one and that's really important thank you like Star Trek and I have to tell you you got a fantastic post here which I've read and you talked about the coming social what the what the for lack of a better term the bad boys are doing to try to Institute a socialist State here in the United States and elsewhere by destroying the economy making forcing people out of work making all these fake lockdowns for no reason other than to control us you've written so many good things in this article as it sits

I don't know where to start but I'll let you start it off cuz you've got a lot to say so

well thank you yeah I don't I don't know if what I'm saying is if there's anything really knew because I'm really calling I've now spent since March 1st little bit before that actually 20/20 I asked him and I've spent over a thousand hours researching what's really going on in our world and so I don't know that what I've been out there saying which has gotten me in trouble on multiple platforms I've been heavily censored like you have to leave my public figure page is alone like I told you I'll go out there and say something when I think it's really important but for the most part it's my personal page where you know that mean they're still 15,000 people following but I I will say whatever I think it will serve whatever I can to wake people up but I think people are really confused if they think that Donald Trump winning this election is going to fix it I think Donald Trump winning I'm just going to go ahead and say this I think

Donald Trump winning house to happen as a first step in just saving democracy since the election was stolen from him and all of democracy in the United States of America is over if we don't reclaim the election and either throw it out and do something else that the constitution allows or I don't and I don't think this will even be entertained but like get some kind of a redo that doesn't involve all these softwares which I don't think that'll happen but I just I think I hear a lot of people saying all this is all going to go after the election or if Donald Trump wins will be fine and my concern about that is that then we aren't taking the personal responsibility that we need. Just that each of us needs to know what's really going on here which isn't about a presidential election for sure Trump is the only leader of the first world Nations that is standing in the way of the global agenda succeeding for sure that's true however we've got to become aware of what's going on

people are like oh I think there's going to be a Civil War I say as soon as someone says that I know that they don't actually know what's going on here I don't know what's going on here is left vs right. This is that the Democrats versus the Republicans and it's it's much bigger much bigger than that it's what I think we are looking at is the final battle between good vs Evil and a battle between the yes conservatives you could say it's the right but conservatives mostly Christians definitely some juice and some some you know non-religious people as well but the good people of the world the people who know the beginnings of this country and what a profound Miracle it was that we not only acquired freedom but have been able to live in democracy and and peace for 244 years it's never happened it's just a miracle the United States Constitution

such a miracle in our we have you know half of us who want to rip it up rip it up and throw it away and just become like the rest of the world which is corrupt and there's only rich in for the ruling Elite and and the the slaves of the world which will all be equally poor if they're successful in eliminating the right to own private property for instance the right to run a business for instance everything that I am is the goal is to eliminate it standing up for holistic health against the allopathic model where everything gets drugged everything I stand for a hundred percent of it there against this this evil force this gloat this globalist cabal who have been organizing to orchestrate what we're now seeing happened we have to take personal responsibility we have to get educated on what's really going on

we have to not be reductions it's hard it's hard because you have to think you have to think pretty extensively have to get out of this idea that it's Republicans versus Democrats or you know we gained a few more seats in the House these are all these are all distractions I pay attention to them too but I but I have to always remind myself what this is really about and this is this is something that we all have to get awake get prepared and be prepared to take a big stand and I'll take a big stand when we're about to be the Walter the walls are shrinking on us and they don't do it all at once we don't do it all at once to do a very gradually so that most people aren't noticing those people are slowly accepting each step that they take the plan the Walls clothing that's going to have to step back and take a look at what it is if they're actually doing there's a famous quote from Germany Nazi Germany and I don't have it handy but I

tell you I can paraphrase it for you he said that when they first came for the trade unionists he didn't complain because he wasn't a trade unionist when they came for the Jews he didn't complain because he wasn't a Jew and then when they finally came for him there was no one left to complain or protest against him because everybody else have been taken and that's kind of like what's happening today if you if you look there's a famous experiment done with frogs I'm sure you know about frogs in boiling water Robin you know what this experiment when they don't jump right out okay but if you put frogs into a pot of room-temperature water where it's comfortable for them and you slowly turn it up and then boil to death and that's the same politically I think the same thing happening in today's world to you had a fascinating post I just want to summarize it it's it's a long post

the video of the plan of the negatives is the first mentally conditioned masses of up sheeple second is to have the middle class spend or lose their savings wipe out their businesses Wipe Out the restaurants that you're bringing out their knees and third get rid of people are diamonds down or get rid of people with critical thinking skills and that includes censorship so nobody gets the information they need to make a good decision I thought that was very profound what she had to say you have a lot of good things to say in this article but the right to free speech every single country that has descended into communism which is well over 50 countries in the last 50 years you can look at what they do and in every single case they used to teach this at the University level just just 100 level you know basics of socialism and communism and what each are and I found the most Americans don't even know what Socialism or communism are including

governor in the state of Utah the incoming governor and the outgoing Governor they don't even know what socialism is I mean it's easy enough to Google but they have to destroy free speech is basically have there's a rumor going out and there's been a rumor persistent Rumor for years now that the free flu shots be stealthy drug stores in clinics have been giving out to people for the past five years Ashley have Nanobots they've been experimenting with Nanobots already in these flu shots and one of the Nanobots teaches people that don't question what's going on today even though the a lot of the masks and social distancing regulations don't work and also to there were completely legal

yeah I that's an interesting theory if I don't know if we should call that a theory or what but I was just I just watch David Icke this morning while I was out for a run I've I've run from the state of Utah to Florida we can talk about that if you want from the communist state of Utah which is can been considered one of the most conservative states in the country literally ran from there despite owning a lot of property in all five of my children being there to the State of Florida where we have a governor who I consider to be a great American hero standing up all this probably Under Pressure the most of us can't even understand

but yeah we we we are under siege I can't remember where we were even going what were we talking about I had interviewed by David Icke I watch that for 90 minutes very much along the lines of what you're talking about she said that Mexican scientists are working on putting the hydrogel into Foods they wanted as many places as well I guess the more you get into your body but you can never get removed can never detoxify it you know how many metals are so toxic they've been in in vaccines for ever but these these Nanobots that can be that that have payloads and it has specific purposes the more you get the worse it is and so I have a question Ted about as I look at my it's it's a strange thing to watch half of the people you know be completely brainwashed and no and I was in grad school you mentioned you know when

introducing me that I'm my background is a psychologist so you know I was a psychotherapist and that's my that's my educational background but in grad school we had to learn about a very famous KGB experiment in the 1960s that spanned years but they learned through these these pretty evil KGB experiments on real life human being that if you tell human beings allow you to summarize one of my Facebook post but this one was a Facebook post at once it hit 800 shares Facebook disabled the share button that I had people screaming at me why can't I share this none like because you're dealing with Facebook but I said so there's these famous KGB experiments were they told a group of people of a line on a small lie a big lie can you know that that famous Nazi said the bigger is a lot of it is to get people to accept that lots of people telling the same lie all day everyday and what they found is it after 2 months of that

and it just goes to show you that brainwashing is real it after that point when the people were effectively brainwashed and it didn't work on everyone okay some people can see the light or early and stay strong against the indoctrination and come out of it unscathed and this is what you are talking knows why are you and I went why did it fail on us and that's a decent theory that maybe there's lots of specific garbage they put in the flu vaccine that makes a lot of people more compliant and more likely to a baby cuz I could have never predicted the way people would react to this and how many people would bother head to attend except lie after lie after lie but here's the thing after 2 months when you effectively brainwashed most people will fall prey to it after that point when they are effectively brainwashed there is no amount of clear compelling obviously true evidence to the contrary of the LIE they've been told that will that will cause them to

change their mind once they're brainwashed there is nothing you can say or do that will cause them to let go of it is very well-known we're both authors in the same space and he has taken this hard left line of there's a killer virus we got to shut down the world he's Pro everything is pro contact tracing is pro vaccine is pro handing over our freedoms to the government all of it he knows historically a liberal and I stay in conversation with him I talked to him virtually every day we go back and forth and I'm I'm just he's my keeping a pulse on what the left thinks and I stay in dialogue with him even though it's very uncomfortable sometimes cuz it's good for me to stay in conversation with someone who I actually see as helping aiding and abetting the enemy right and he has said the same thing to me like I'll say to him every once in awhile

call you this conversation because they helped me know what your side sees cuz I'm not understanding why so many people are keep going along with the lies even though they've been exposed to be lies I mean every single thing that holds the beginning has shown up to be a lie and let yet you're still grossly defending it like I need to know what's in the head of tens of millions of people on some of whom are my closest friends and he said he has said the same thing to me you know every about once a week one of us will say to the other these conversations are uncomfortable but I highly value then and I highly value he said it doesn't matter how many things I take him like he had no idea who Terry Mullins was he had no idea there was any controversy whatsoever about the PCR test except that this house has too many false positives in too many false negatives and I said I said hey I won't say his name calling John hey John it's not that there's false positive

the test doesn't diagnose covid-19

to break through that but there's something else you have to realize

a Municipal Water Supplies in the United States are fluoridated fluoride shuts down the pineal gland which shutdown your intuition which makes you into to working zombies the first person to use fluoride in Water Supplies was Adolf Hitler who used it in his concentration camps because he wanted to create a style worker bees in Germany during the war what's interesting today is that the Germans have realize that and there's not one 1 water system anywhere in Germany that uses of fluorite to take so I know what it's used for United States and Britain to 100% of all cities have fluoride in their water United States is 70% self zombie zombie in the streets a million of them at a time banging our pots and pans and demanding accountability of their their communist Governors that they elected that they elected and then they turned

I am just like our governors in our mayor's are doing because they apparently sold out a long time ago to this agenda and so maybe that explains that I I mean it's nothing more than a theory at this point but I wasn't talking to my husband about that this morning cuz we have the same we have the same idea is it the fluoride that that my husband I have been avoiding for decades of Our Lives is that why would we don't have a calcified pineal gland and we were able to see this as a lie because I'm telling you what Ted I'm not saying this to brag because I think in a lot of ways I probably be a happier person if I just was accepting this all the way down the line like my ignorance is bliss has blessed Lambs to the slaughter but I bet they're the Lambs to the slaughter have been enjoying 20/20 a lot more than I have no but you know I didn't buy it from day one I was screaming about this on Facebook on February 27th wasn't even my own employees some of whom have left my employ since then because they're so they're so just

by my reaction to it but Robin it's just two weeks to flatten the car so that you know and then they would say that in the end I was literally you know as it that hold to that the first lie right that's the two weeks to flatten the curve is really not I would say I had Judy megabits on my show back in May and beauty of course is a famous scientist and she's done a lot of work on all kinds of things and she's interested in the and the virus and you know how it's and how what governments are doing about it and she said I told her that in Washington was going to open up things in June and she said he's going to keep that going as long as possible you watch the end of the year and then some which is exactly right

I'm staying in March April and May and I had lots of people some of them people have known for 20 30 40 years people were calling me conspiracy theorist that's that is such a cheap way to ignore information and label it conspiracy theory and ignore it but I had many many people on my personal page I was saying the same thing as early as March I was saying just watch this this isn't is not two weeks. Two months this is going to be we're going to see this go to the end of the year and Beyond and nobody could believe it nobody could believe it and it would probably conspiracy theories and sadly all those people are gone on my page. The I didn't think some of them were just so abusive and calling me and anybody who was questioning the government and and the media agenda anybody who questioned it they were just so abusive and calling them names I guess there's a few people I did block that for the most part they left of their own volition and went over into their little information Silo where they don't

get any information outside of what mainstream media is telling them and so that's one of the things that's so fascinating for me about my daily exchanges we share information with each other we leave each other 10 minutes voice text we talked about everyday this this colleague of mine who I really like have always really liked to have had many collaborations with who's on the far left of this and all of his information is coming from the New York Times and whatever is it in in CNN and MSNBC in the light is it's really really interesting to see how every single time they roll out a new phase of this whole agenda they have carefully planned how they're going to combat the reaction of people like you and me who haven't been heavily fluoridated we don't have a hardened calcified pineal gland and we don't have lots of Nanobots from yearly it in in are ranging our brain from our annual flu shot cuz we never had

I've gotten a flu shot or whatever it is whatever it is it is so fascinating to me to watch how they have to quickly regroup and they get out there and they control they literally control the internet so for instance Judy mikovits went out there and it was very interesting to watch I interviewed her to it and it had more downloads in my show has ever had in any given episode amazing interview with her and win her when her book was coming out and what was fascinating is that Ted within a week of her book coming out and her getting massive attention and some of these you know where we're getting six figures and download

it was interesting to watch nine mainstream media Outlets do a hit piece on her within a week I don't know why some of these media Outlets because it's very easy to write up a civil rights suit the filing fees for a hundred bucks and a you write it up it's all form driven out a way you go it's simple it really is sinful people winning them because there's no grounds for Facebook and the rest of them or whatever media out like you're dealing with to defend themselves but again it's it's

reclaim our power octane absolutely today but I wanted to tell you something that's really fun that's been happening for the past half-hour while we've been talking I am covered in Angelic light right now and you can it's so bright on the right side of me that it's just amazing I'll send you the link when I when I can see it you can't see me but I can see you it's and you do you look like an angel Ted there is a there's a book by a felony in strong through Thurman Arnold Arnold my read it when I was going to college at UC Berkeley many years ago and it's called the symbols of government and often it's not what the leave so-called leaders are political people are saying it's how they count themselves what their buildings are like with their surroundings are like

look at the news conference has that my Governor here at Washington Democratic governor in sleep he never has any humans around him and our governor here is not even human that he's actually reptilians cuz most of Nancy Pelosi Hillary Clinton Bill and Melinda Gates where they show them what it what do they call that wear their glitching but it's like there are like reboot and they like to repeat themselves over and over again or they say loss of gobbledygook words and they look robotic like oh and there are lots of pictures and you can see like how much they've changed and I don't I don't have an opinion on it but it's it's interesting and scary to think that we may have people who

agreed to be altered in the course of of years or decades but some of the things that I hear you know that Bill and Melinda Gates seeing where they're sitting there on camera and he talks about how old when the second wave of this comes around bottle get people's attention I mean they literally look possessed

we know I don't even know what else to call it what what can I recycle plastic not just what he says that when you if you're awake to what's really going on the technology and my book messages from the Masters I talked about that how President Jimmy Carter was killed in Cologne in mid-april 1979 after he wanted phone you a UFO disclosure and George Bush Senior refused to give him the information that's a long story but some say that Obama's been cloned as well as well as Hillary Clinton and she was replaced with a clone that's them since that time so a lot of interesting issues Robin

well tell me this my friend I think we're going to get through this and I think people will become stronger as a result and I know that the darkest hour was always just before Dawn least that's what the old Janis Joplin are The Mamas & Papas song used to say what do you think for the future Robin the best case scenario

the best case scenario is that Jesus comes again or and by the way all of a sudden The Light Came when I said that the light came in at just changed and you like totally turned radiant as fascinating in the the colors behind you change that was really interesting to just watch right there the followers of Jesus Christ see their savior again and that he comes to save us from this best case scenario is Trump takes the White House by the Supreme Court standing behind the Constitution and behind democracy and letting him get in the get back in the White House and and I know I said hey Donald Trump can't save us from this but we need Donald Trump we need someone who values democracy and is it a corrupt politician best case scenario is the people the good people of the world I'm not all of them are Christians right but Christian

we're warned about this and Christians are are fairly organized to think o there is there is an end of times and there is a final battle between good and evil like it's this was fairly easy for us to recognize that we may be in that time but that we get organized enough in that we stand up to it and that there are enough of us who say no to The Cove in box because the Cove in Jax is just a trojan horse I mean I'm sure there's lots of bad stuff in it but you know that's not their agenda of their agenda is it to give us one one side of two vaccines their agenda is to get the tracking and us and force us to be vaccinated from cradle-to-grave with Ed whatever it is they want so they have full control of us so best case scenario is we stand up to this call Bohemian Grove and ask in the Bohemian Grove they worship what's their God is called Lucifer or Baphomet Baphomet is a half female half male entity

with the goat's head and half-human one of the things people don't realize with the MMR vaccination and likely what this new covid-19 nation is that they use human fetal tissue from both girls and boys aborted fetuses and they injected with the MMR vaccination into little boys and girls and when they get like a boy gets a female fetal tissue into their system they eventually think that there a woman trapped in a man's body vice versa for for men when they get a female fetal tissue injected In Their little bodies when they are like one year old or a couple months older for 5 years old later in life they feel like they are they are a woman and so you get this transhumanism charge HR transgender things happening and I think it's a it's yet another of agenda the lot of Jen is here but there's a lot of another agenda by the negative to change our sex to get us confused population

Nicole is population reduction after I love that content so much that I then I went and interviewed her co-author Kent heckenlively a science teacher and he's an attorney by education but he brought that up that when you're injected with the DNA or RNA of the other gender in these aborted babies that are unfortunately in our in our cupboard vaccines and by the way the AstraZeneca, Doxie and has the fetal tissue of a 14 week old male caucasian abortion that's not that's on the ingredients to look up the ingredients cuz of course I don't say about those words on there but look up the recombinant ingredient if you get a chance to get your hands on a box of the Astros

covid-19 vaccine that's coming out but he's the one who brought that up so I keep asking experts about it and course nobody's doing that research or publishing it where we're going to see a set of hey how much gender dysphoria is what we used to call it at you used to be a diagnosis you know we used to call gender gender identity disorder will now they don't want it to be just ordered now the power said they want to normalize it and they don't want gender to be essaying and so they've worked very hard to get us to be enough to get us to a doctor words like gender-fluid and things like that but now they don't want it to be confusion and they don't want it to be a dysphoria and they don't want it to be a disorder and so now we are to celebrate that are children when they're in sixth grade and say I don't think I'm a boy were supposed to supposed to go with that and run on in between

2018 gender reassignment surgeries including and minors increased by 400% to 400% increase in gender reassignment surgery before their 60s taxation which is being forced upon many kids around around the United States in the world and they get sick too I mean Robert F Kennedy Journey has been on my show before and he said that's many if not most of the chronic illnesses in childhood for for kids in here in the United States them directly from the MMR vaccination that people never have before so you ask yourself a why are we getting the use of vaccinations when they're not necessary that causes harm they caused a lot of autism there is it Thursday the MMR vaccination is blame for autism

here in the United States in 1996 there was one only one case of autism / 10,000 people and now it's something like 143 for girls and 1 and 22 for boys and by others data in New Jersey that it's one in 27 there and I'm I'm the mother of a of an MMR vaccine injured child my first child was perfectly healthy was born at 9 lb 23 in a minute 4 and 1/2 months right after MMR vaccine in and out of hospitals with asthma horrible life-threatening asthma he almost died many times that of course of a year after that then I had to detox him I put him on extremely pure diet and we did we did lots and lots of things to bring him back from near death but that's that's that was started my journey has started my journey of help it started my journey studying what vaccines really are and what they do I I was young I was a young mom who was doing what all moms do who vaccinate their children anybody is listening to this exact

and their children I'll give you a hug and tell you that we did the best we can didn't we and we did the best we can with the information we are given by people who didn't bother to know the risks themselves these doctors don't even know what's in a vaccine nobody should get a vaccine without asking the person administering it if they can tell them all of the ingredients and what the risks of each of them are and I would be amazed if anybody can find a single vaccine provider who can tell you ate of the ingredients in there they don't know they don't know I've asked many of them you can go watch box to the movie where they got a bunch of medical doctors to get on the bus bees are people who are already awake to the the fraud and they got on the bus and they told the producers Del bigtree and the other producers of the facts movies they told them we weren't taught anything in medical school about vaccines you were taught what was in them we weren't taught what those ingredients do we had no idea they contain heavy metals

why do they contain aborted human human beings and and only thing we were taught is it there safe and effective so if anybody thinks your doctor would never give you a shot if it wasn't safe and if it wasn't extremely low-risk then you need to know how very little your. Doctor was taught about vaccines right right exactly

well this is a time of truth that things are true will become evident as being true and those that are false will become evident as being false and fall by the wayside I had a wonderful astrologer on my radio show six years ago Susan Miller from New York City who said that I'll never forget that and she said that this time of truth will last for thousands of years on this planet and you're seeing that coming to light now we are also shifting into the higher dimensions and if we shifted the higher Dimensions people will be able to communicate telepathically and they'll be able to read each other's minds so that if someone's lying or not telling the truth you'll be able to see that instantaneously so we have a beautiful bright future ahead of us Robin I believe we will overcome we will things for this won't be overcome and you know a back about 5 years ago

there was a lot of talk about a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea but thanks to President Kennedy was assassinated five years ago I don't have any years ago 57 on years ago yesterday he said that he's been working tirelessly for PC to I talk to him about the North Korean situation five years ago when he said he's working behind the scenes to stop a nuclear war but we have a beautiful bright future ahead of us and we are not going to go down into nuclear war that was one of the timelines that that some some people predicted back in the 80s and 90s that we were going to nuclear war after World War II happened and we'd make better choices now and that's why the planet is starting to ascend now it seems all right now I need to start a dark time for Humanity but we're just about ready to turn the corner that's how I look at it and all these negatives will not be able to to succeed in their plants that's

I look at thanks.

Vision of the future and I love to listen to anyone who has a great take on what was a great question you asked what the best case scenario is because it's easy to get down and if you think about the fact that it is possible that our enemies enemies of light your you called them the negatives it's possible that they put out there a much worse future than is going to happen so that we get discouraged I mean wasn't it World War II or they drop leaflets down on the American Soldier to try to demoralize them I mean that is that is a well-known tactic let's let's don't fall prey to it lets you know my big my big thing is you know for the last nine months since I put up take action for by big saying is to convince people to take action you stew in the in the United States of America we aren't used to having to healthily resist our government we're not used to having to stand up to them because we've always thought of them as our elected officials and

try to do what what what represents us that's it we're not seeing that right now so we have to take action to find all the most effective ways to actually take action that's my big message with with the voting system controlled by people like Nancy Pelosi's husband and the clintons who owns Dominion voting systems I mean the whole thing is just a joke I mean how could Biden when I mean seriously and he have trouble getting 10 people to one of his one of his rallies were people they say that Trump with one with a 80% or more of the American populace voting for him and I mean if we don't if the if the true election results aren't validated and mr. Trump is not inoculated in January we could have a civil war on our hands actually there is a time traveler

my friend Alfred Weber interview recently named young what's his name show from Korea he comes from the year 2100 and he came back here to help President Trump and also to tell people what kind of future we have there's two timelines he said he does see President Trump getting re-elected inaugurated in January however if Joe Biden was somehow managed to hold on to the election get reelected there would be a civil war here in the United States and also there will be a nuclear war as well he said so I don't go down that rabbit hole but that's what he said. He seems to be very credible what he sent

but time is not going to happen that way we also have a lot of support from the glass fix the galactic Alliance benefit and benevolent extraterrestrials for helping us and all lies the universe are autonomous right now Robin and they're helping us every way they can for example The Pavilions which are a human civilization in the fifth and sixth Dimensions they come from the constellation of Orion constellation which is 464.6 light-years from planet Earth here they're here they have 2.5 million ships right now circling the planet and they're helping us with the Ascension I go frequently aboard their mother ship and visit with their Commander but they're here and they're they're helping us

fascinating yeah I was just showing yesterday of Facebook video by a very passionate woman imagine imagine a beautiful young black woman from England that's who's talking and she was begging Americans to not let our country fall into corruption and she was begging us to realize that if we fall Everyone Falls falls it's it's the world at stake and the decisions we make in the next couple of months will determine our future for tens of thousands of years ago

we have to make the correct decisions on a mass level like the US elections in a world-level put ice on a personal level two cuz we are supposed to to evolve now and ship to the higher Dimensions but some people are still cling to the old systems there they're not willing to be honest with themselves and honest with the people they love and care about about what kind of choices they make, they still think they still worship money is it got and they're corrupted and some of them are not going there sand President Kennedy has told me he's told me several times the last couple of months is try to leave know they prayed for youth behind and try to bring as many people as possible along with you but it's difficult especially when the water is fluoridated many people have received Nanobots in the flu shots they've got into a Bank of America in corporations and they don't think but we're supposed to try to raise their Consciousness to help with this Ascension process because of

the next time around will be 25800 years from now or 1/9 to cycle when this solar when this planet will go a go around the central the central some of this universe again for a second try for Ascension that's how the Cycles work so you either get on board now or you wait 25800 years for the next chance

yeah let's make it happen now this is never happened before I had a couple but not like this. This much the whole thing has been like the whole time so let me ask you this happen if people wanted to change things can they can they join you in your efforts can you give us your website again and maybe give some ideas about what people can do is my platform for 14 years and it's health and wellness but what I've been doing this year you know it's not a business it's just me trying to organize Americans to take action and I've learned a lot in 9 months now almost full-time activism mostly I have found it you got to win this at the local and the state level and I have done everything from run dozens of protest to have PPL Center

2018 miles to our elected officials in in Utah were probably the best organized in the entire United States mostly because I woke up to this so very early and I had staff and I had tools and software is an experience with internet marketing so I was able to start organizing quickly oh and I've done Live Events I did 450 City speaking tour over the course of six years I can take all that experience and my spouse experience and we put it to work and so we have mounted a serious resistance against our Rogue unconstitutional sold out outgoing governor and an incoming Governor they're both extremely corrupt and we have helped change the dialogue in Utah weed help shut them down over and over again we the governor just had to retract his mandates trying to control Thanksgiving and say that we can't have Thanksgiving with our families and that I would have a $10,000 fine

we're going to see my parents hopefully they can find my father $10,000 and put him in jail for a year for hosting his own daughter at whatever authorize that believe me you don't take him to court instead we legislature and some lawyers got the guy got the behind closed doors and he seemed very little backing off there's been a Denmark Denmark just got there right there country to back off by being out there taking action and so I take action for Facebook pages take action for freedom but we're just Hadley throttle so I really real organized on telegram you can find me at Robyn openshaw take action for freedom on that's a group name on Telegram and then there's just go to the website take action for you asked what action people can take in Utah where

you don't really focused enough for most of my emphasis have been has been as I figured out that while the best way I can actually affect change is on the local and state-level however we wrote a declaration is based on the Constitution is extremely detailed and we had many thousands of Utah and sign it and it basically says we terminate the fake emergency and we terminate all the illegal mandates cuz we the people have that right under the Constitution that spells it out if anybody listening wants to do a declaration for your state we will help you we will publish it will help you have to use the right at you have to take ours but you take ours in a in a Google doc and you can you know change the details for what your Governor has been doing to destroy your freedom and your lives and your school and your business is this so just go check it out take action for but join our newsletter list and and if you feel so inclined to be the be the author of the Declaration for

your state that's what we have to do we the people have to take back our state from Rogue government who is not representing us any longer and is actively destroying our education system and our small businesses and the middle class so that's that's what I'm all about your you're definitely very you know in the spiritual Dimension head I'm on the super like frontlines Physical Realm of concrete actions that we can take stand up to this while we're all doing our part and that's the beauty of this planet we're all a little snowflakes that have different water images I was like dr. omotosho and all these Water Crystals beautiful water crystals he showed but we are powerful spiritual beans and we can create a much better and happier World part of that is just by thinking positive know that our thoughts to create reality is we're shifting down to the 5th Dimension

Dolores Cannon the famous American psychic back in the late 80s what was the score for Humanity well one of them was that one of the predictions made by Nostradamus in those books that's called conversations with Nostradamus by Ozark Mountain publishing sit still probably is that we would shift into the 5th Dimension by the year 2038 so that we are 18 years ahead of schedule right now it's because of our choices make good choices we make has been no nuclear war which was forecast by Nostradamus in the late 80s in his book so that timeline has shifted and people like you me everyone listening today all the white workers in the world we've all made a difference so that wasn't any nonsense that we can't do anything about it all week and they can't be stopped

the power comes from us and then you know something if the people lead eventually the leaders will follow

I totally agree with 100% of that though the one thing none of us should ever do is say there's nothing we can do about this the alternative is Unthinkable is not what people of Courage do it's not what people of Faith do it's not what parents do you must take every action that we can and honestly I'm happiest when I'm taking action in this last nine months would have been very a very difficult 9-month specially as I dived into all this information the time when I am happiest and most fulfilled is when I'm taking action and serving and thinking how to organize others and executing on those plan to stand up to the evil right right exactly exactly could you give out your website again please take action for and of course there's my fourteen-year-old this one gets millions of visitors every year on this is my public figure platform for many years green smoothie girl. Com so take action for is my free speech

standing up to the the corruption and the Tyranny website and then for health and wellness and all the things I've been doing as a career for 14 years it's greensmoothiegirl. Com great doing fantastic work and I want to give you the rest of the time now the next two minutes to please wrap up your beautiful interview

well thank you for for saying that I have I have run from the state of Utah to the State of Florida and I hope that everybody will pay a lot of attention to what's going on in your state because there is an actual Cosmic spiritual battle going on in your state maybe in your country and I hope that you will all take a good hard look at it and you'll get very aware of where your state legislators stand and every one of the 50 states you have a House of Representatives rep and you have a senator I hope you'll reach out to that person I hope that you will reach out to your governor on the regular your governor and your lieutenant governor and tell them how you feel about what they're doing if you're like 47 out of 50 states where the governor have sold out to the cabal do you need to be telling them how their actions affect your life our governor because we have been so loud and we're so organized his shut down all the lines of communication

except his social media so we've organized there and we have a group of 250 of us you every time they tweet every time they post on Facebook we are there reminding them of the actions their actions affect on 3.2 million Utah so hard to do a little bit of time reach out to others start restart and please do take action for the future of our children the future of our grandchildren and all the angels are with you Robin and they're all helping and protecting you and I want to thank you so much again for all your beautiful working for coming on my show today I really appreciate it's my pleasure thank you Ted again anytime soon thank you so much for coming up

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