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Out of This World Radio, November 21, 2020

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Out of This World Radio
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with Ted Mahr and guest Gerald Pollack

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and 2nd hour guest Gerald Pollack

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low friends in welcome to out of this world radio with your host tekmar broadcast in the day from Lafayette California and the Beautiful San Francisco Bay Area the purpose of the show is to make this world a much better and happier place and I know that if we all work together we're going to make this world a much better and
okay good that's not my music anyway I want to thank everyone so much for listening today out of this world radio is a listener-supported program as nonprofit and if you'd like to donate please go to my website at triple W. Out of this world radio. Net and just click on one of the PayPal buttons for either $5 a month or $50 for the year in your support really be appreciated and some beautiful sunlight coming in where I am here in my studio and I'm so glad everyone's here today the purpose of the show is to raise Consciousness and make this world a much better and happier place and I know that if we all work together we can we will create a much better and happier world one thing two very important I want to tell everyone is that there's an old saying here in the United States that a rising tide lifts all boats and the definitely has been a rising tide now for the past at least the past four or five years on the shipping residence which is the
residence of this planet has doubled in September 2016 from 7.8 Hertz to 13.8 Hertz and since that time it is exceeded 500 hurts in some parts of the planet especially in Mount Shasta California which is now exceeding 500 hurts it's gone above actually 528 Hertz in the 528 Hertz is an important number because that's the frequency of love I'll give you a demonstration this is a 528 Hertz tuning fork if you hit this tuning fork with one of these will Marine crystals
and love everywhere that's what I'm doing now everyone listening it's getting bathed in love this morning
is that beautiful if you'd like one of these just let me know they're just they're not very expensive just send me an email to out-of-this-world 1150 at where you can order one online website and out-of-this-world readings. Com you can also a schedule it a psychic reading there if you'd like him lots of other things there's so many exciting things to tell you about today show it's going to be incredibly interesting during the first half hour will be celebrating The Life and Times of President Kennedy for President Kennedy was assassinated of course on November 22nd 1963 in in Dallas Texas there's quite a bit I can tell you about that but what I'll be focusing on today or his future is our his messages for our beautiful bright future that's what he wants me to focus in on so I won't be talking too much about the assassination of its history now whatever happened happened but there are few things I can I can I can talk
not with that but I'll be giving his messages on a beautiful bright future for all of us the second part of this first hour
will be on Fukushima now if you if you listen to the to the mass media in the United States the they forgotten about it mean once the last time you heard anything about Fukushima in the u.s. news you just don't and I'm but it's still a problem and tepco the Tokyo Electric Power Company has over a million tons of radioactive water that they don't know what to do with well I know what to do with it and so does the Moto office in Tokyo as well you see dr. Emoto did experiments back when he was alive with love and Gratitude Crystals and we'll be going over those those that music is what what can be done now to help out focus gym in just a minute but he traded if you write love and gratitude on a glass of water you can on the molecular level you crazies beautiful water crystals
and experiment he took a bottle radioactive water from one of the nuclear plants in in in Japan and he just paste it one of these Water Crystals beautiful water crystals on this bottle and wrote the words love and gratitude well within 48 Hours guess what happened all the radiation was gone Disappear Completely gone
and the water became clean again so there was a series of articles in the guardian in England about the tepco not knowing what to do I can't believe how these these people it's a problem with him is that they think they're dimensionally anywhere on the third dimension your I guess they can't help it we're so some of us are stuck here in the third dimension but they need to go beyond their dimensions of the 4th and 5th Dimensions because that's where our that's where are our Solutions line and what dr. Emoto what he did he scientifically prove that you can get rid of radiation and he's holding tanks if you were to just put these right love and gratitude on the holding tanks and right and have these these pictures of this love and gratitude water of love love and Gratitude Crystals on holding tanks themselves very simple and it doesn't take a rocket scientist a scientist to figure it out and how much was it the other saying tepco's saying something like
well it's going to cost trillions of dollars to clean this up and the typical officials don't know what to do except maybe dump the radioactive water in the ocean I can't think of more and more in the insane idea let's just put a gun to her head inshore selves it's the same difference you put that radiation into the water is going to spread all over the Pacific as if solution that is if dilution is the solution to pollution but it's not and there are good valuable there are valuable things that people can do to to help with the
jump in the water and so that's going to be focusing in on my second part of this first hour are things people can do you clean up Fukushima and as soon as the contest Japan opens up I'm flying over there and I'm going to be I'm going to be helping and do Emmett and also start my own campaign to clean up this situation has got on too long it's been like 9 years now since the Fukushima happen on three at what they called Japanese call their 311 parts of 2011 and there's no excuse for it can be completely cleaned up within a matter of days using a doctor most technology and this same technology can be also used to clean up the radioactive storage facilities at Hanford our government the US government has spent trillions of dollars cleaning up Hanford with I mean all they do is manage it that's all that they say they can do but using doctor mobile technology that that entire Nest there could be cleaned up under 48 hours with the S Dr moadel Hess has proven I mean it's
and how much does it cost to put one of these love and Gratitude Crystals on a radioactive holding tank where the radiation disappears within 48 Hours how much $8 to dollars does it take billions of dollars that takes it takes the dedication to do it and anyway so that would be going into the the the second part of this first hour and then at 11 I'll be having a wonderful man that named dr. Jerry Clark dr. Pollock is one of the world's most famous water scientist and I'm so happy you'll be coming on today is he discovered a fourth phase of water there's more than just the solid liquid and gaseous a forms of water does also a fourth phase of water which he calls easy water which which he will he will talk about also today from 3 to 4 p.m. bring my Spanish language show I'll be having a wonderful scientist doctor dr. Libby said she was on my mind I mean show yesterday and I see I joined her so much she said she's a certified
it really helps people with lots of different things including any physical or spiritual condition but she'll be on today for the benefit of my my my Spanish audience so it'll be in Spanish and English I'd like to go ahead and start this this section of the program off with the John F Kennedy's inaugural speech and then we'll leave from there on his many messages on our beautiful bright future if you could please play that now Vice President Johnson
message to Justin
President Eisenhower
Vice President Nixon
President Truman
having surgery fellow citizens
we observe today
not a victory of party
but a celebration of freedom
embolizing and end
as well as a beginning
signifying renewal as well as change
Brian Swann before you and almighty God the same solemn oath
our forebears prescribed nearly a century and 3/4 days ago
the world is very different now
a man holds in his mortal hands
the power to abolish
all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life
and yet the same revolutionary beliefs
call which are for Beresford
hostility show around the globe
the belief that the Rights of Man
come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God
we dare not forget today that we are The Heirs of that first Revolution
let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike
that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans
born in this century
tempered by War
disciplined by a hard and Philippines
proud of our ancient Heritage and on willing to witness or permit
that's low on going
I'll go xiumin right
tell which this nation has always been committed and over which we are committed today at home and around the world
let every nation know
weather in Wichita Way Laurel
that we shall pay any price
bear any burden
support any friend told any phone joy joy the survival and the success of Liberty
this boy
cultural and spiritual origin Wikia we pledged loyalty of Faithful Friends
United there is little we cannot do in a host of Cooperative Ventures
for we dare not meet a Tahoe challenge at all instead of thunder
hello the new days can we welcome to the ranks of the free
We pledge our
that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away nearly to be replaced by a far more I am turning
we shall not always expect to find them supporting our view
but we can always hope to find them strongly supporting their own freedom and to remember that in the past
those who foolishly sought Power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside
what's another amazing speech I mean a lot of what he said than is actually apropos to today I think it applies today and I want to continue with the many messages that the President Kennedy gave me this morning in preparation for the show today he's an amazing man he doesn't want to focus too much on the assassination but rather look forward into the future so
he said in this this these are iMessages channeled with my friends you'll Tower wonderful psychic in Montana this morning so jail thank you so much for helping me with this part of the show but he said President Kennedy said that everything will work out and that cast out fear think because things will only get better course the American Media thrives off fear many of the call titians in this country still live off fear the throat that fear away because fear weakens your immune system makes you more susceptible to poor health and so you've got to maintain a positive attitude if you notice the angels are coming on in the show this morning this morning with me now and you can see this beautiful Angelic like hitting me now on my on my right side so he said that there's much more exposure to come and that this is the time of Truth we are shifting into a time of Truth and as you shift into the 5th Dimension where in the third but as for shifting into the 5th Dimension nothing
I'll be able to be hidden from anybody about anything because we will start to communicate telepathically you'll see this with the disclosure of many many amazing things in the next couple couple of months and as as my spirit friends have told me the on the other side the. From 2015 to 2030 is some of the most tumultuous and stressful years and Humanities time on this planet with 20/20 being the most stressful year and the six-month period from July of this year to December being a the most stressful time for all those years and of all that. Of time. These two months November and December 2020 are the times when we will have a lot of stressful events happening so and you know what is funny about 2 months ago I was talking to a Thomas Jefferson Albert Einstein George Washington and President Kennedy and they all told me that they would love to trade places with us it here and I said okay
I'll check here and I can't leave I should leave but them
but they said that they would all it's a it's a momentous time in human history and to watch all these changes on full and especially for our children our children have a fantastic and beautiful future ahead of them and we do too for that matter but in and things will get better it will happen he said and
many Arabs many are scared of what's to come don't be scared him in at embrace the future know that as Winston Churchill has said many times they only in the middle World War II the only thing you have to fear is fear itself because we it's a little bit like swimming for the first time if you've never swam before you may have a fear of the water but once you get in and start swimming it feels great it's the same thing with our future future now and President Kennedy told me this morning he wanted to share this message with you live not in fear but in hope for a better writer future
there was much help on the other side and we are getting we are completely surrounded by angels in the Angelic realm on this planet right now getting help we're also getting a tremendous amount of help from the galactic Alliance and I especially want to thank a lydian add know how Soros and his crew there are 2.5 million to the damn ships out yes that's correct 2.5 million shifts around the around planet Earth and you might want to ask yourself or how come it's not on CNN well because singing in probably doesn't look up in the sky but all you have to do is look up in the sky and you'll see the crap they're everywhere. They're everywhere and if you want to communicate with them they love it when you do that just bow your put your hand over your heart by your head slightly sending lots of love and light and you'll get an instance of telepathic communication what I like to do I like to have fun with the cruise up up there above the Earth and what I do is I asked him to move to move left and then right and then up and then down and it's always
a lot of fun in this especially fun to be with my friends sometimes you don't believe in UFOs or think I'm out of this world are crazy and they end at least then they start seeing that the ships move back and forth and they're saying which is which is which is which is amazing we are getting a lot of we are we are we are getting a lot of help he is most important message now is to stay strong and remember that your thoughts are powerful so think of creating a much better and brighter future and you will succeed in one of the questions that some that President Kennedy asked if you gave me about a month ago was that what kind of world do you want to want to create do you want to create a world that some happy heart happy and harmonious and and loving and kind or do you want to create one that's full of strife and anger and fighting most people want the first one they wanted a happy world where people treat each other with love and respect
and and true happiness can be found because that's the best of Destiny I think of this of this planet is to be is to be happy and the truth will reveal itself this is a time of Truth Susan Miller a wonderful astrologist from New York City was on my show on 6 years ago in April of 2014 in Seattle and she said she said that this was a time of Truth astrologically and this this time would last for thousands of years and so we are moving we are in the middle of a time of Truth Now
Annie will be simply impossible for anyone to hide anything from anyone that's why there's going to be his closer coming about all kinds of things coming up in this and the most exciting thing I think will be disclosed your about scientific advances which will truly as soon as you know there's been a secret space program on this planet for humans on this planet but that time is passing now and next year of the forecast I've seen our methods being a being used and in use by the end of next year with your announcement being next summer met bands are amazing things they can grow new limbs for people get rid of cancer when they ended in a very short time and have a lot of benefits for Humanity so that's the kind of future we have and as the old saying goes the darkest hour is is just before is always just before done well this is just before Dawn now I mean can you believe it here on the West Coast
some of our fabulous Democratic governor is out here have Outlaws band Christmas essentially and Thanksgiving they said well you can't have more than a couple people on in your home and they the only kin movie family members new sansar Newsom I guess his name is in California for the regulations and many quarts have have overturned the various ID accepted of the Washington Oregon and California Governor's out here but I want everyone to have a beautiful and happy Christmas and Thanksgiving and know that you're protected by angels and that this is a time of Celebration it's not time to be fearful that all there is this there was an article said to me by my friends saw in Korean Idaho and they it was a scientific article analyzing the recent so-called surge in concert bar in Corona virus
are on the west coast and this is the scientist for very good they went through it they were from England and they found guess what the cases that they they's legitly found were all from all the new testing that that's been done many of these test kits are actually from the People's Republic of China and guess what's in the chest and also to the second thing about these tests is that 80% of them are false positive in other words to 80% of the time the results are false so this is what are going around here Washington The Fabulous Democratic governor Washington Governor Jay Inslee has has kept saying that what we have to shut down the entire State again because of all these dramatic increase in cases according to other scientist in Europe there's been no increase in cases are really the only thing with which has had the number of cases increased so this is another excuse for them to to to increase the restrictions
many of these Governors and many politicians who hasn't been exactly honest with the people they serve will be out of office by January February of next year that's how fast these changes are coming my friend and them with that I want to just briefly tell you that there is a bright future ahead of us and I want everyone just to be be prepared for it so anyway but there is a book also I published a couple years ago called messages from the Masters it's messages from President Kennedy Nostradamus Albert Einstein and many other great spirit on our beautiful bright future if you want to copy just $20 and just send me an email or you can though my email address is out-of-this-world 1150 at or you can go to my website at out-of-this-world readings. Common in order it there the book includes
newspaper article from Christchurch New Zealand dated November 23rd 1963 and it was actually published was still alive and well it was definitely a lot of interesting things people don't realize what was going on the US Embassy release take an story about Oswell murdering JFK on November 22nd 1963 in Auckland New Zealand that's when they were told by LBJ the vice president to release the story to the US embassies around the world the problem in New Zealand is that December 22nd in New Zealand is actually November 21st in the United States a day early here because of the time change and so when this story was released by the US Embassy for publication in New Zealand John F Kennedy was still alive
this article and this evidence was part of Oliver Stone's movie JFK where Kevin Costner is filmed in the Auckland New Zealand airport getting ready to fly back to the United States on November 22nd or 23rd and it picks up this paper saying that Kennedy's been shot didn't realize that Kennedy is still alive but anyway it's an interesting article and if it'll come come with the book I'd like to go ahead and start the second part of the by the way President Kennedy and the first lady Jackie which is all of you a beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas don't Be fearful of of of of anything this holiday season enjoy yourselves the orders that for example that the governors of Washington Oregon and California have issued on the west coast of the United States I've looked and none of them have any valid legal Authority so just enjoy yourself have a good Christmas and Thanksgiving laugh and sing and don't worry about the about these
Tony and regulations coming down because many of these political leaders will be gone in a few months you'll be history anyway I'd like to know go ahead and start this second part of the show on Fukushima ashame of course happened and 311 which is the Japanese call at 3:11 and which is the happened in March of 2011 and allegedly a.m. AA earthquake that destroyed in earthquake hit Japan causing a tsunami wave of water to hit the fornix on the west coast of Japan where people don't realize this but one hour before the the salami hit these reactors the Safety Systems the cooling system for all four reactors were shut down by eight and Israeli company in charge of safety at Petco and so when the wind is this massive tsunami hit these for new through actors
there was no there was there that the Aldi the the electrical system shutdown and all of these reactors started melting because there was no cooling system because it's the Israeli company hats the safety systems that brings a lot of questions doesn't like it was all planned the second thing that scientists have discovered since that time is that it wasn't an earthquake off the Sea of Japan that caused the tsunami was actually an Israeli submarine it wasn't the Israeli government is actually a controlled by the horses that exploded the other the balm that caused the tsunami that hit hit Japan Japan is one of the world's most spiritual country but there were negative elements back then who wanted to destroy Japan and fortunately since that time the galactix have stepped in and they've cleaned up about 95% of the radiation across the Pacific
their plan was to have massive amounts of radiation coming to the west coast of the United States and wife is hell a worldwide but it didn't work I'll never forget the day is the spring of 2014 when I have my Radio Show in Seattle and our governor has been in office forever refuse to do any testing at all of the radiation off the west coast and so I might hired us a private firm to do testing of the water ocean water off the water off Seattle and all the scientist United States and Japan were predicting that huge water would be hitting the west coast of the United States and Canada Mexico during that spring approximately May of 2014 so what I did is that I went out and took these tests and I got the tests back from this Farm since our governor here refused to do any testing to protect the citizens of Washington and I came back all the radiation to Disappear Completely
the time Governor Brown was the governor of California so I wrote his office and I complained that our governor he refused to do anything to protect the citizens of Washington from the radiation so Governor Brown graciously agreed to do all the testing that my myself and my nonprofit group wanted he did it all for free and I want to thank of anagrams Jerry Brown for doing that he was a great man I know he has some problems later but I really want to thank him for helping us out back then he helped us when the other Governors would help us and it turned out that his test also show that the radiation was gone I'm his scientist had also been monitoring the radiation coming from Japan and on June 1st that end in mate late may they did their own testing in California and discovered that all the radiation off the California, Cosette also disappeared as well so on June 1st 2014 Governor Jerry Brown of California issued a press release saying saying that they didn't know how what happened but they were very happy that all this way to get radiation was gone
well what's interesting about the controls Us Media is that that story only ran with in California you didn't hear it in Oregon Washington in New York City anywhere around the world except within the borders of California but but you ask yourself of what happened what happened is that the galactic stepped in and and cleaned it up and so today that's why we don't have radiation on the west coast and that's why we're not dead of the galactic Susan who stepped in now there is a problem of the radioactive water in the holding tanks at Fukushima it's still there it's if nothing's done it'll be radioactive probably for the next 5 or 10 trillion years but there is a way to clean it up and that way is through prayer believe it or not and so what I'd like to do is to say this prayer and a Duncan. If you could if you could show that prayer if you could show that prayer picture first water we're sorry that would be great okay this is a very powerful prayer it's based upon the whole or no photo
in Hawaii and probably mispronouncing it but anyways close enough and it's in a Hawaiian it's a Hawaiian song for healing and it's actually has a very interesting history from a doctor named dr. Hugh Lim l i m
he was ahead of a psychiatric ward criminally insane ward in the in Honolulu in the state of Hawaii back about 15-20 years ago and he was familiar with with what the work of the Hawaiian Elders do in Hawaii and they always use this prayer call the hole on a portal for healing so he thought himself
he said to himself while I have some of the most hardened criminals in the world in Hawaii in the world in this facility in Honolulu and how do I help them so we decided to do an experiment he had all the inmates which is about 8200 people criminally insane insane by the courts I mean these people have committed murders robberies rapes you name it and the courts it said we don't know what to do with these people are all criminally nuts and we don't we can't leave mountains Society I'm so we're just going to concentrate them for the rest of their lives that's was basically what was happening so he did an experiment and what he did is not here he had each of the inmates say this say this the hole in a pond with says we're sorry please forgive us we love you and we thank you and he said it as well for all of his patients he had everybody say it everyday guess what happened within a year every single person was released from his criminally insane clinic and the facility was shut down and he was out of a job
that's a true story so doctor mehldau did the similar experiment in 2004 and I think it was 2000-2005 where he had a friend of his have a bottle of water on his desk in Los Angeles at his office and he he got about 500 people around to say this song is this prayer water we're sorry water please forgive us why do we love you and water we thank you directed to this glass water about eight to ten thousand miles away and people may say all this is crazy I didn't work well guess what happened he did before and after test of the of the of the molecules in the in this glass of water using electron microscope using strict scientific standards and found that
this this this prayer tree that has beautiful Water Crystals and this glass of water eight to ten thousand miles away from Tokyo in Los Angeles and it did work and I'll give you another example of that in just a minute and that he also took a during this time he also took a bottle of water from a radioactive water from a nuclear power plant in Japan and he used the same prayer plus he put on
these are all these what these lovely love and gratitude stickers this this isn't the crystal created when you write love and gratitude on a glass of water currents and be beautiful Crystal patterns
and he put that on top of this one next to this bottle of water that had full of radiation guess what happened within 48 hours already a she was done he was just amazed that was a lot of scientific reasons for that and I'll be talking about that with my good friend dr. Jerry Pilates that's one of the world's most famous water scientist would you be coming on in about 20-25 minutes and we'll discussing these bases for this another Phenomenon with water but I want to everyone now just say a prayer for Fukushima and what I want you to do is just to say water please and I want you to drink lots of love and light to focus Shima golden light yellow light is healing light I want you to say this three times the number 3 is special number 3 6 9 12 is something that's very important to Nikolai Tesla he's told me about it I'm also in contact with him on the other side so the number 3 has a very
is a very powerful spiritual number so what I want everyone around the world listening today to say this three times please direct all your love and energy to focus Shima and visualize clean water in the holding tanks and around Japan because this this has gone on too long I mean Living Years really I mean like they could have done this years ago but I'll go into this in just a minute but everyone I want everyone to say this water or sorry
water please forgive us
water we love you
water we thank you I want to do this twice more everyone around the world listings today we've got listings over a hundred countries and you know tens of thousands hundred thousand listeners so please say water we're sorry
water please forgive us
what are we love you and water we thank you
okay let's say it one more time my friends
Waterway sorry
water please forgive us
what are we love you
and water we thank you
I don't want you all to visualize lots of love and light around Japan especially around Fukushima especially around the holding tanks
and according to dr. Emoto scientific experiment
just like rain like this and sending lots of love and light to Fukushima and the holding tanks clean up the water
I want a credit criticized tepco too much because they're third-dimensional and they probably don't don't know about the higher dimensions
but we've probably done more to clean up water at Fukushima and tepco has in the last 10 years just now
cuz they're stuck in the third dimension and unfortunately they don't know what to do
but I just started a campaign today to clean up Fukushima as soon as the flights open up to Japan I'm going over there and I'll be leading prayer sessions over there to clean up the water plus there's lots of other things to do to help them help this help clean up this out this pollution is gone on far too long and we will and I'll tell you about those things in just a minute but any rate we can go whenever I wanted to stay focused in on that there are so many different things you can use to clean up water there's a fellow named doctor she go in Japan and probably people haven't heard about this but he uses what's called effective microorganisms em2 clean up radiation and heat for years now what he's been doing he's gone to to Fukushima the places around Fukushima around the reactor people living in the area
and is used what's called these effective microorganisms called EDM and what they do they actually eat the radiation from the 8th radiation in the store and amazing and he's been very successful and cleaning out anywhere between 180 to 100%
the radiation of the test samples he's had around the soil in Fukushima e m dr. Higa has also used em2 clean up the river in Tokyo now they are there are people in in Tokyo Japan of all places catching salmon at certain times of the year because the water is coming so clean
that the house is it now sponsors a run of salmon all true stories it's just it's just amazing I mean I mean Siri we could use that for the Hudson River in New York City to could you imagine using am how how much how expensive would it be to take a handful of e m a couple dollars maybe throw it into the water I mean you have to do this overtime and keep at it but according to dr. Higa scientific results the water should be completely cleaned up and people make you could restore fish bronze medium drink the water and it's not that difficult but you have to think outside the box you got to go into the higher Dimensions you have to follow your spiritual path and as I've said before people have two minds that the electrical line between their ears which is third dimension and they also have what's called a heart my now I heart my name is something like two thousand times more powerful than any logical mind so if you always follow your heart by you never going to make a mistake and you're always be tied into what what you should do because you're tied into the truth
and as we talked about earlier this is a time of Truth and thinks that are true will become evident as being true and those that are false will be evident as being false until fall by the wayside this applies to government government leaders Incorporation
operations that that try to lie steal and cheat with people will be will be failing in the future believe me cuz this this planet doesn't will not tell Mother Earth is on a path to Ascension and the one thing that I remember the chairman of nestle Corporation in Switzerland last year said that water is a private right to be private and marketed and MP and by his company and people have to pay for it in other words if you're starving in the middle of a desert and a Nestle Nestle man comes up to you what you have to pay for the water it's not a public right I find this attitude completely ridiculous and totally criminal because water is God and God is water this is what dr. Emoto said and any company that would do that in a self-service fashion shouldn't be on the planet anymore and that kind of that kind of that kind of
attitude is no longer going to be fit into this planet and I predict that companies like Nestle will no longer exist with him year-and-a-half to two years because they have the vibrations will get so high that they won't be able to function anymore on the planet I have a lot of images to 2 to show you like to go ahead and start to planes explain some of these images and Dawn let's go ahead and do that we'll see what got this is the if we could turn that a little bit to maybe make it bigger I'm not sure how to make it bigger here we go is not yeah that's great okay perfect thank you my friends it's off to the side but this is the children's book that was that was offered by dr. Masaru Emoto and Mitch Call Me Hace the very capable and director of The Immortal peace Project 8 years ago
and this is the love and gratitude sticker that's been created when when doctor Moto wrote the words love and gratitude on a bottle of water
jobs on the molecular level the electron microscope level these beautiful water crystals appear in this what it looks like it's a beautiful book if you'd like a copy you can either write me or missed your call and tell key oh my my you can order it on my website at out-of-this-world readings., you can send me an email to out-of-this-world 1150 at or you can write to order the book it's a beautiful it's a beautiful book and it teaches young children and adults the power of their thoughts so I'm tossing things in the 5th Dimension as we Ascend into this higher Dimension this picture is focal become even more important what's going on with the next slide some of these may be a little out of order. Go ahead OK this one here is
okay this is what happened to the radioactive water that doctor or doctor Moto put these pussies love and gratitude Crystal pictures on this bottle of radioactive water within 48 Hours within 48 Hours of radiation was gone and they have this beautiful water crystals like this one here this is published in my book let's go on to the next slide please next picture. Okay this is this is the oldest backtracking little bit but this is the JFK article in the Christchurch Museum about Kennedy being shot this was dated November 23rd in New Zealand in the United States is November 22nd John F Kennedy was still alive when this was published next line please
welcome to the next slide now okay this is a fascinating picture that doctor model took of of radioactive water I feel like I'm back in college I love teaching a puppy for different colleges but this is so much fun this is in my book this is what the the radioactive water sample look like from from from this to this reactor in Japan that he did an experiment on the 1990s and it looks like amoebas it's very strange but this is the picture before of radiation I'm on the water the effect of radiation in water molecules and watch a microscope level before he put the 11th gratitude sticker and then he puts love and gratitude sticker on the
on this bottle of water and all of them turn these beautiful water diamonds and the radiations gone I mean do you really need a 5 trillion dollars to do that know you need this couple bucks to do that but that's the kind of effort I'd like to see done in Japan it'd be so simple to to drive out these love and gratitude stickers on the on the radio on the holding tanks holding millions of gallons of radiation and it would clean it up the Corning to dr. Emoto is a scientific studies how hard is that but that's one of the projects I'll be working on now starting next month with the Japanese government and tepco and I know it'll be successful there's other things you can do to you can also use shungite prayers our prayers are helping now and I'm also a music High vibration music can also help as well okay let's look at one more of slide
Catholic we've seen that before okay it's the same one it's the same one but anyway okay great thank you so much. You're such great people and I appreciate your help so much for showing that anyway
but there's lots of different ways to clean up water and for for manufacturing companies who use a lot of a lot of water in their processes the Emoji with technology could save them billions of dollars in cleanup costs think of it if you could if you could operate with the immortal office in Tokyo and use their technology they've also got how do machines that change the vibration of of people and things so that they can bacon clean up the radiation they can make clean water you could save yourself probably 90 to 95% in your production costs for those of you listening today near affiliated with the company in you're interested that's one of my next project next month to do is a worldwide project to use the emoji technology with the help of the immortal office in manufacturing it's about time we Implement I think these of these things
they have to help Humanity create a better and I'm in a much better planet and there's no reason why we can't can't do that
we are on the verge of a beautiful and am happy world and I I'm I'm very very pleased all the spirits are very happy with your with with Humanity's progress you know what Nostradamus has said he's he said that originally under an old timeline from the 1980s and 1990s we were we were not supposed to it to shift into the 5th Dimension until
until until the year 2038 well guess what it's now the year 2020 and we've shifted we are shifting into the 5th Dimension 18 years ahead of schedule and also the thing is is that Nostradamus also predicted a huge a third world war which war
would you be if you were starting starting a 19 in Spring of over the summer of 1993 in Boston Herzegovina
with many merican cities in European cities in Rebels from the nuclear war by the Year 2005 didn't happen and it didn't happen thanks to you everyone listening today because we all wanted a better world and we've been working all these years one of the people I want to give a big thank to is dr. Helen caldicott in Australia she's a beautiful lady and she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at least once maybe twice but she had a nuclear disarmament disarm them a campaign starting in the 1919 1980s I believe her her book was called Nikki or Madness but I've known dr. Caldecott since then into that time but she is she and many other light workers who started with nuclear you know trying to stop the spread of nuclear weapons back then wanting World Peace this is the this is the fruits of that now is that you know we're not going to have a nuclear war people have realized the insanity of War
and you have to also remember to that some BM
the galactic stepping have been been there to help us out and they will prevent any conflict from the golfing this planet in the any nuclear war people don't realize it but at least bit but the galactic Alliance has come in and stopped both Russian and American generals firing at each other during the cold one that in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s they came in and actually disabled where were one generally there on the American or the Russian side in front fence the press the launch button for a nuclear missile fired at the other country each time the galactix it came in and disabled the launch sequence so big it was impossible to fire we do have friends my my all of my fellow Americans according to President Kennedy now he's speaking through me we do have a lot of friends in high places and they are definitely helping us so don't be fear the only thing as far as Winston Churchill has said is the only thing you have to fear is fear itself and the fear itself is a paper and paper tiger
him know that we have a beautiful bright future ahead of us all of us have all of us chose to be here at this time on this planet and we are we are entering into a new golden age if President Kennedy had lived back in 1963 we would now be experienced we would now have longevity at least 400 500 years they would be free energy people that the planet would he be a more peaceful on and it would be a very peaceful place right now and beat and we would also be exchanging ambassadors with other extraterrestrial civilizations right now but because it's the destiny of this planet to ascend into the higher Dimensions that we are now finally ascending now Mother Earth Gaia by the way is life she has a consciousness of her own and then and in September 2016
she said listen Humanity might have enough I'm going to go off and do my own thing and started sending and you're welcome to come with me but if you don't make it well next time I'll catch you this time she got tired of us waiting and if you look at it if you look at all the planets in the solar system all the planets in this solar system are starting to accept as well as just not Earth but it's other one as well but what's interesting is that part of me all eyes of the universe are on planet Earth right now and for those of you interested we just don't only have eight or nine planets in the solar system but we have actually 40 planets if you include planets in the higher dimensions for example there's another planet of Venus in the 5th Dimension Venus Aesthetics send a many Millennia ago and they are now in The 5th Dimension so we just because we don't see it in the third doesn't mean it doesn't exist but there's lots of other planets out there and we we play actually a very
part in this universe there's all kinds of Ley lines there's all kinds of time portals that go through this planet and that's why and it's in the planet itself is planet itself was was set up as an experiment between good and evil between negative and positive different we're all from somewhere else all of us here came from somewhere else in the universe and none of us actually are far from here but it was set up as an experiment and after this is all done said and done and we trade a planet in peace and Harmony all the Extraterrestrial races now currently watching this planet will be just amazed on how well we do because we are a we are destined to create a much better and happier plan and I want everyone to know that too because because
we are powerful spiritual beans and we are meant to create a much better and happier path your world in just a few minutes my good friend best of Jared polec of the University of Washington will be coming on he's written a book called the fourth phase of water and it's a fascinating book he's he's discover of the easy water the additional fourth phase of water works out before we go on to talk to my good friend I'll talk to Paula Cole be coming in in just a minute I wanted to tell everyone that some I'm still fundraising for the Hopi Indians the
Hopi Indians are a beautiful people they're actually from the Pleiades the they live in northeastern Arizona but because it is this fake virus plan tamuk their Their Food Supplies have been cut and many with many people starving and so I've been raising money for for them as well and and and also money to pay for clean water filters for up for them and there are beautiful people and if you'd like to donate to either clean water for the Hopi or food for the size for the Hopi 100% of all monies collected go right to the hoping you can find out more information on my product website at ww.w. Out-of-this-world readings., just click on miscellaneous and you'll see all the information there there is another there's a non-profit casted there's non-profit 501 c 3 organization run by Liam McLaughlin a wonderful man Foundation
and if you'd like to make a donation to them the money split directly to clean water filters for the healthy and the and the contribution is tax-deductible but that's all on my website I also want to thank for smart that child or something Natural Choice Network for Oliver wonderful help in the peace project all the families in the Hopi reservation or Elsa getting a doctor and photos and messages from water book and and anyway it's some it's it's a it's a fascinating time to be alive my friends and I'm so excited to have you all here today
how much going to the second part of my show is his doctor and he'll be talking about the fourth phase of water are you there
let's see if we can get him on
I don't know how to do this I'm here now I hope you yeah it's good to see you too Dad and that pardon me in advance if I need to stop for about 30 seconds because my cats when they're inside lights go out and when they're out they like to come in I may need I may need to interrupt for half a minute. Wait that's fine unless you lets you has not happened so far and I'm sure what's good Omens from you it won't happen ever actually I'm reading their minds Now Jerry and they're interested they want they want you to help them find some ice later today I don't know you probably got busy or busy but if you get time and want you to go out maybe Russell up some ice for the
I will certainly do that at your behest and that and there's delighted to help if you had any teriyaki sauce or barbecue sauce be great soy sauce just set it out for them late they all you know they they like to try it you know but anyway and Diet Coke over standard cat food it needs to be special until their wishes they're happy caps all that's great that's great well I've got you in another room I should I should have grabbed it but it's called the fourth phase of water and it's an absolute fascinating book and and and you told me the other day to Jerry that it's been both selling it's been it's been getting good good good press
well thank you thank you for the tea and various Man sound yeah well it exceeded any of my wildest expectations it was published in 2013 and I just placed an order it or my son I should say who runs the publishing company and does the artwork which has been described as brilliant some great great artist. We just put in an order for a another I think 4000-5000 books because people are really interested in the reviews have been the Amazon reviews a really remarkable sometimes I have to pinch myself but anyway that's not the reason for for this podcast up and I'm here and I'm happy to
tell you whatever I you know I I I can about whatever subjects about which I may know something man I'm happy to be here okay I'm so glad you could be here Jerry now one thing I want to mention the people is course your Institute for bencher science people could contribute to that for cutting-edge research and if you could give out their website I want to start off with that first before I forget the website is very easy to remember it's IV as an intravenous no just imagine getting shots Ivy science. Org
won't have much meaning without a little bit of backgrounds and and the background is is
let me start this way organization that's intended to create scientific revolution revolution is happening every month or every year something and I think the answer is no the answer is we have plenty of technological revolutions that was that make it possible for me to be speaking to you right now I am so many people have iPhones and Macs and PCs and whatever technological innovations are beyond words theater in changing the world
can you name can you name some examples in the past 30 years or 40 Years of Scientific Revolution succeeded in changing the world a couple of examples from many years ago that was you know where I'm 70 years old 65 years ago and then splitting of the atom it later
I'm not asking you critically test but you can respond if you like cuz I can't think of any and I think you know the answer something but I mean can you can you tell me what a Nobel Prize can you tell me how I can't and you know I have to I have to I hope you don't mind me making his comment Jerry but we have a lot of talented people here in the United States like yourself you do great work and in around the world but it seems as if it's funny ever since Watson and Crick in 54 and those kind of splitting at the End Avenue in the 40s many
there's been a lot of a lot of really profound scientific discoveries but you don't hear about them maybe they've gone to secret programs I don't know but you don't hear about them like you used to you know what I mean but this is where your Venture Institute for better science steps in to help people with their ideas cuz I think is a lot of ice good ideas out there that need to be brought to the surface and supported to make this world a better place and that's why your work is so important and what I like about you Jerry is you you look beyond the third dimension you're open to other ideas for other realities other dimensions and other ways of looking at things that have us a real scientific basis to help make this world a better place that's what I like about you you're not just straight jacket is one Viewpoint your opens to a new idea if that's what I like about you
Lions right now in it what I what I was speaking of it is basically just the preface because I wanted to highlight the fact that there is a problem so much money that goes into Research into fundamental research this largesse it's really difficult mostly incremental and it's hard to pinpoint a genuine Scientific Revolution to help them gain traction and we do it by by funding or run threshold the funding we're actually looking for a response to try to
to help with with this endeavor Grand Prix proposals that challenge mainstream points of view that are not working too many observations and evidence better we got more than 200 we were you them very sorry they picked out 15 or so proposals and out of that again better than any organization funding organization I know that we're looking for funds to help them gain Traction in and just one more maybe final points before we we turn onto
what does it mean subject of the discussion I think I have an idea.
But everybody around you knew that the Earth was flat because you just look outside as I can do that from my window and obviously Lake Washington you know I don't see what I see videos taken from satellites and seltzer that sure looks around it doesn't looks like starting from the west coast of the US and then fly on to Tokyo to DC and then back to the West Coast and you looking a house and you know you think well
if I can get from where I started going around the earth and getting back again if the Earth is flat. You kept the windows open or not the windows open and you couldn't find them until you take this evidence flying around the earth and the satellite can you go to any funding agency in you say Hey you know everybody thinks the Earth is just to give me some money so I can pursue this more actively
you go to the agency the funding agency him and the gatekeeper says it's revolutionary I better make sure that I'm the best reviewers possible to see who hires recruits that the most famous scientist to know what there is to know about the Flat Earth shape of the earth and of course they're not they're not too happy about the proposal because if you're right they're wrong. The wrong then there is steamed position at the top of scientific cast off
that their life's work is it is worthless and so you don't get your money and that's why that's why organizations I want to stress that even if even if somebody finds you then you won't get anywhere why won't you get anywhere because because you're going to get a little money and presumably he will yield additional results that speak in favor of round earth have more crap. What are you going to do you know you going to raise another so I can see no crackpot strategy for your radical round earth proposal
we're going to find another 10 or 12 groups around the world evidence to suggest that the Earth is round then shape of The Earth Society you know and admire and 11 other or 12 other groups who are recording the same same as I find out the latest about the modest depressions are projections from the flat-earth you know they're going to start and then before you know it there's a scientific revolution strategy again
science IV and I'll be very happy to talk to anybody who I get a lot of emails on the Flat Earth I'm getting them now and I think you may have opened up a big box here and you can answer them all thank you so much I think if you look at it to mention Ali perhaps from the 2nd Dimension there is a flat Earth because the second dimension is there's no depth and there's only like two measurements so that it could be right I'm not saying right or wrong I don't have all the answers
but some but anyway I can you know you asked about scientific discoveries before and I've always wondered the origin of a Happy Meal and how at McDonald's and how that came about but that wasn't I think I may be an important scientific discovery that hasn't been over an early look at sorry I was in my serious mode but you like to think out-of-the-box and so that's why I think we get a lot we get along so well because you think I'm a box and I think out-of-the-box to so it's fun to that that's what science is science not being straight jacket after looking for answers and a lot of different directions
the job of the scientist is figure out what's going on how do we explain it to go organizations and you have to abide by the rules of those organizations sometimes have agendas and if you comply with their agendas you do very well you can do very well if you don't sew and sew it we're really trying to change out in one reason for trying to change that is the world needs science truth and science really badly because we have so many problems to be solved in the world then and you know socio-political round
and we don't support technology we should work fundamental science but you know it's it's really rare that a scientific revolution doesn't bring with it new technologies that people would never ever have green house before that was scientific theory book by a famous cardiovascular physiology is Julius comroe who is the editor of a distinct distinguished journal and Science and therapy the weather to do with the cardiovascular system fundamentals of discoveries in physics and chemistry
radioactive tracers examples
in solving the world's problems one route and I think this is really important is supporting fundamental science which then eventually leads to do Technologies in touch solve the problems that were facing increasing by absolute scientific farming organizations to unconventional science
recital about yeah that's that's great that's why I'd like to bring in if you don't mind there's lots of things we could talk about but I'd love to bring you into work of dr. Emoto briefly you know he did his water crystal experiment swear he would write the words love and gratitude on a bottle of water and often they the water molecules fraternities beautiful Crystal patterns in the water itself the vibration literally would be raised by that and I mentioned during the first hour of experiment he did and I believe it was 1999 members of some of the late late 90s where he took a bottle of radioactive water from a nuclear reactor in Tokyo and just for fun he put these love and love and gratitude Crystal sticker on the bottle of water itself and then wrote Love and gratitude and and then 48 hours later he looked at the
the molecule electron microscope again and radiation apparently disappeared and there is beautiful crystals in the water itself
and so this brings in a lot of different subjects including water has memory a to it another one would be when you have water when there is much higher vibrational like a crystal like this water love and gratitude Crystal on the bottle itself does that somehow affect the water in itself there's a lot of things going on here but I wanted to mention that because it's a fascinating subject and I don't think I think they're hard time explaining that but I'd love your Viewpoint area and I thought about you knows there's there's ways to to measure that's so I do have
I am so sad about it that I can't I pressed it by saying I don't have a solution the head of time and I don't have all the answers but there are two clues that I can I can exchange which may have a bearing on it with radioactivity because there's a phenomenon radio don't understand radioactivity decay of radioactive decay everything runs out to be a short half-life for years or centuries and whatever cannot be influenced by anything
well it turns out it is influenced and under a scientific studies and Moscow University is generally taken the premier University in all of Russia and he's demonstrated he's demonstrated that if you look at the radioactivity that's comes from certain elements it occurs with a periodicity in other words it's not random at all there's a periodicity of 1 day 1 month and 1 year and he's been able to to demonstrate that so what does that mean
what's the weather Sterling reputation does careful work and in his results are simply amazing
we don't most of us don't know about those results and sometimes results coming from Russia are taken in the Westwood with a measure of skepticism among the best in the world they really know what they're doing and are more open-minded something is coming in that influence is the radioactive decay something from a far as I know I I haven't I haven't checked in with snow in the past seven or eight years in fact a 50k is not a random process it's influenced by external factors
like this
it's plausible that it could influence the radioactive decay and possibly even getting rid of the radio station that's coming in so influencing factors that could contribute to eliminating the radioactivity so now you you're going specifically to dr. Emoto and and his stuff which as you know I'm quite I'm certainly
well there are two two factors to to look into one of them is the antigen that you can that you can put in and the second is information which which actually is a kind of energy also that you could put in into the water and take a note so I don't forget about these two factors how do we understand about about about energy
discuss what we what we discovered in the past decade or so which is the basis of a space book that you open that you that you mentioned is is is getting what has become really popular back up talk about this so that we discover the forest days and days is one where the molecules are actually organized and somewhat like a crystal and this is not possible at this time of water equal force base water or easy for exclusion Zone
water in the water that sells your body so it is is not minor it's it's made of argue that just kind of water is absolutely popular view but nor is it a few that's completely ignored it's being shipped out increasingly by many people especially especially in the Outfield Orthodox so what is this this kind of of water
well it's lent when water reaches the surface so so here is a surface and never have water and you put a blob of material in the water than meets the surface ordinary liquid water transform into something and it has a hexagonal sheet life structure and then building from the first layer is a second layer and he's watching Star laboratory. Can be as much as a millimeter
is pretty major and the same thing happens inside yourselves because you have your surfaces of solids like proteins nucleic acids and their surfaces are just the right time that can promote is kind of transformation I'm so that's why I know it turns out that this water unlike H2O is not neutral it's typically negatively charged and that's why we've taken electrode inside the cell negative electrical potential is creating quite a battery because
Forte's Waters negative in the water be on because if you in the laboratory if you set up a system that has this easy water and the water be on dipstick to Alexa Rose is to provide free energy and yes that's where I was going
energy that can be provided by our body and I argue in the previous day's of water crystalline like that water is basically an energy Supply or for many of the features of cells so like a muscle cell for example its job is to contract comes from this battery life like talking about
and I should say also the building because the battery in your cell phone as you know that I have no cell phone specially with 5G, I want you seem so calm because the cell phone I mean it's nice to be available but my God it mean it's everywhere sleeping the driving in your shower in a phone rings I mean about your life that I can do without
is energy Supply that energy that energy can be released and so now I'm back to where I started about radioactivity impact and easy water fourth phase of water can supply that and and and therefore there is there some some Chance by exposing the night promotes a very rapidly and the transformation of what was once radioactive something that's no longer Radioactive
that's one side of the coin and the other is more interested in perhaps I have to stop because that what I want to argue is is possible that the information coming from easy for face that water could impact also the rate of radioactive decay you were referring to talk to me motel and kind of subtle
Energy Information that he could impart to the radioactivity and you know where I live it I can say a few words about about the possibility that first of all that easy water contains information and that that information could be imparted Erebus imparted to
attitude a radioactive substance conceivably it impact or even transform the radioactive radioactive again speculations so I don't want anybody to think that we have firm evidence about this kind of practice so let me start by saying standard computer memory drive here what's inside
well inside inside is a three-dimensional array of silicon-based transistors okay I'm not even sure it really that the semiconductor people understand fully what's going on but what's clear is that one of these days either I'd like to see you or one or on or off of whatever and and it's it's this distribution of these ones and zeros that stores the information
last ride so easy water grows in layers is a honeycomb can every hydrogen coming from the water is like a crystalline structure or occupy two different states then we have something that's very similar to this last time but five different states
oxidation states in the case of oxygen difference between -1 implication is that water or easy water has the capacity to store information
I mean not only store information but the information density
what's the temperature in the EZ water is so high because of the five different states instead of Tuesday to Natalie computer that I don't remember the exact numbers but it was something like them either 10 million or a hundred million times the information easy water has a huge capacity dr. Emoto followers
bypass many scientific groups you know it was admittedly memory of water and we we have a conference about each year it's moved to your icing come get your scientists come gather together we're more than two hundred or so and information in water done by scientists including the Nobel Prize for discovering HIV
and his evidence for store information storage in water is is amazing and it seems too many people that that is inconceivable that water can store information as nonsense but I must admit that these have been repeated Jacques benveniste who
briefly what he did because you know I think it's quite a bit in a sealed container ordinary water in steel Savannah said there's information coming from the DNA through the air to see this flask contains pure water and there's no possibility in any chemical containers and so he Cruz approves it because he knows the sequence of the DNA that's sitting in that person retainer
listen to water with all the chemicals that you need to make a reaction amazing amazing water nearby
he presented this I know he told me about some highly selective highly selective young post office are invited to come and rub shoulders with all the parts have to make presentations and some years back he was one of them he was laughed off the stage they simply couldn't couldn't believe that what he was the true
the experience of having coffee with it by University who knows that this nonsense I think you know what is easy water has the capacity to store information and there's water store information
go to the doctor Emoto and see information to water and in subtle ways because it's not clear what kind of physical nature of the information you know we energy and energy exist with that storm is I think the scientific community
if you if you do is dr. Emoto as other people with similar approaches in parts of subtle information that water will retain the information and therefore when you freeze the water crystals
that information will be reflected in the crystals and the reason for that again easy things can you get the ice melt the ice you start with if you go through the EZ Pass and then you go to ordinary ordinary water so it's possible that other related one that this sports store, and so now to radioactivity here's the speculation
if you if you got this kind of water when stored information this information is transmitted to Radioactive water experiments radioactivity or Sunday depending on the kind of information could spend stupidly have a positive effect on another words the evidence is clear for this possible
spring I'm planning on going over to Tokyo as soon as the flights open up again and I want to get try to get tepco in Japanese government support and and what the price work with worth of work with the office until tomorrow office and based upon a performance contract where we only get funding if it works measurably works so that's sing a loose I mean for them it's nothing to lose because the initial e we do our own we spend all of our way I spend all of my time and whatever money I can get on it and only if it works and then we won't be asking for a lot but be nice to have some support for the Moto office and Tokyo and the middle piece project for publishing books children's books that's how it would work it and because Dr moadel wanted this one of his ideas to go out I think to help people in a service to others way not to be given to some Corporation that'll make a lot of money off of but that's not the purpose of his work
because those corporations now is the planet that shit going higher and higher Dimensions those work that's the old way of doing business services self explain people and environment like Nestle they're going out it won't be around in a couple years but but anyway that's the kind of thing one thing I wanted to mention to you I get a lot of people on my shows Jerry and a couple years ago about three years ago I met a felony Matias de Stefano 3032 now but he has a vivid detailed memories Jerry of what life was like in Atlantis 15,000 years ago
and during the Atlantean times he said that they had water based computers
based upon something like easy water and also I should know I'm in touch with the two lotions beneath Mount Shasta
they have but I've been told they have a fake tan be on the water bass computers and they actually use Amino acid-based computers which are actually organic
and so that's what I know one of these days I'm going to go down in the in the Telos and try to learn more about that but but you are on the right they say you're on the right path and the easy water to understand easy water to create a water base computer with millions of times more storage than we have now is you're on the right path to do that kind of a confirmation a flash drive or something like it it's easier to think of a solid and it turns out it's possible to make easy water into a solid at room temperature of solid solid kind of water at room temperature if you think think about the implications
that's solid at room temperature and it was Naples Italy and he has several papers published papers on it and we recently confirmed the same as using other approaches what it means is that it is is that the idea of information storage based on DC water is made more plausible because it doesn't need to be a liquid it's actually it's actually a solid form a solid Crystal at first we weren't so sure about it so that's why we we tried to reproduce it ourselves and we can we can do it now and
I'm sure there is nothing I said it really isn't easy water a solid at room temperature without trying to yeah and when I have an idea I can bring the spirits to help you work on this Jerry but what I'd like to do is to do an experiment maybe in the spring with the holding tanks of the radiation at Fukushima to bring him easy water and with memory that you create high vibration water out of the holding tanks to get rid of the radiation make it so clean it's drinkable
and I think we could and you know I'm not asking for a lot of money I mean just cover your costs and my cost me to go to Tokyo but it's worth a try I mean the Japanese government is like a deer in the headlights right now they're just they don't know what to do what to do the only thing that's insane but there must there are better ways and using you know using an expanded idea of what water is me see water I think we could we could help the situation and I know the people Japan in Japanese going to be eternally grateful it's just got approached in the right way and work with the Moto office and I'd love your help to do it cuz
well I'll let you know I'm a handful of advice of course I don't know I don't know that the easy water floats to the work but there's a good chance that Japanese government sends us and they're worrying about it and if not always right so yeah it definitely worth the temperature when your laboratory
from how we started this conversation it's not so simple simple to I know some people who have done well in their lives who are happy to give back and really believe I've been extremely kind and thoughtful people get me one subjects about the science chemistry physics biochemistry
astrophysics 111 University of Science there's a book I read in college told them there was a book called of many difference of any different so many different viewpoints and dumb
I just asked my producer if we could run over time and he he he likes my Shuffle and he just sits your go-ahead so we don't I mean it I did my old station I like it kicking Debbie was fine in Seattle but it was hard wired up in a nice building they're very nice people but you know when we hit that time I had to be off the air cuz they've got other shows to do in commercials to run and everything but here are BBS or such wonderful people ducking Donna what they can so we can run over and stalking you know a few more minutes if you like and it's one area where it could be certainly above Help the People there's also
the other thing to would be Jerry would be like the radiation of Hanford as an example that's another boondoggle it's been there since World War II when they created the bombs which you know where we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and there must be other I know when the Ural Mountains in I've heard in in Russia to there's a lot of radiation there as well I guess from nuclear tests they did in the 50s 60s but there's places on the planet but do you need help with the radiation on a lot of governments don't know what to do I don't think they're scientists unfortunately while they're trained Jerry I think the problem is that they're trained in the and the hard Sciences of Third Dimension where they're only used to look at something a certain way
but that's what your work is important because it goes I'll be on there to help help you manage and that's why I think we have to look at the look beyond our three-dimensional reality find the answers we need to help plan it out and email definitely needs help getting increasingly obvious when Ruth could lead us to the promised land
inevitably and we don't even know we don't even know what we don't know what it boils down to. There are so many different Brown issues that we really don't understand at the clouds outside my window it's so as you know very well winter time is in Seattle mostly cloudy with scattered clouds and you never really asked the question what keeps them afloat for example so you know what are clouds made of water
and if you had words to take one of your long ladders that can climb up to the cloud levels and you feel the picture of water and you took the picture until today so that the water will pour out the water would come right down and someone says and we just think about it but we never asked the question and then another question is it coming dropless instead of one big pore
the essence of Sciences as Albertson Georgie the father of modern biochemistry Nobel laureates discoveries at Discovery is seeing what everybody else sees and thinking what nobody else has thought I found absolutely yeah so so this is what what is necessary and you know that the educational system in most places around the world is rising the fact that we think are nature's truth and what it should be is that is in my view and some other people is Raising consciousness
what does what does principles are in it's our job is science as well well
all the Sciences known and there's no possible explanation therefore it can't be correct fraud protection of observations that seems to have no obvious explanation in today's fast and we all learn those facts from from the time word kindergarten start the direction of whatever conversation you want but even even the structure of the atom is for me is stuck back tonight I got a book that's in progress. My next book which is about electrical charge and its role in nature
you know most of us learned that the atom has a nucleus and electrons around the nucleus discovered subatomic particles of which there are now like 60 or 70 or something and make things work actually begin to explain phenomena structure of the atom is found in the opposite direction and we have
so many so many subatomic particles that are put there make sure that this model actually works but think about it self example as we know it you got protons are sitting in the nucleus protons and neutrons and garden question. Proton sitting next to one another positive charge
anytime retail especially if they're close together the repulsive forces enormous right in the nucleus protons neutrons electrons or neutrons have Mental Health Campus basically always positive charges and some to invent something called the strong force
and the song Forest has is is designed for in order to preserve this correctness. So it's me we have to make sure everything is okay with whatever force is a kind of glue that holds it all together so it doesn't slow so you got a positive nucleus you got negative electrons and you know from what we learned attract one another
listen to the question how come Adam doesn't collapse into nothingness
the desert is 2 of half dozen different fundamental inconsistencies with something that we take for granted correct because it's in five generations since Niels Bohr looked up at the sky and said well the Adam probably has the same sure it runs into problems in other words in some Sade my Galactic friends say that this planetary is what is a microcosm of the why the universe
play could be very specific Civic injector the solar system it's as if I'm a student coming from a different hand it in this assignment and it came up with the structure that we've been talking about make it work to maintain the structure
once you understand then turns out to be simple Mother Nature and I have to watch the old Twilight Zone episodes I know what you're talkin about I have no TV and I don't I don't watch talking about those kind of fun to talk about where these these humans from planet Earth end up on this planet they think it's deserted and then one of them decide to discover a tiny little civilization where the humans are about this tall but they're all minutes right there just like them except a very tiny and then this another step below them that are also very nice I get the tire key and at the very end of the show
these Giants, they aren't like us tallest skyscrapers and they're seeing the other humans Who Came From Earth very tiny so it's of this tire but anyway it was kind of thought about that in the solar system example with the atoms but it's a miniature miniature different pictures of this idea of the atom promise. I think it was Carl Sagan who said somebody else demonstrate that is not right
never a right to philosophize haven't done signs for half a century and it's very simple philosophy nature nature operates on simple principles understand that it looks very complicated if you get down to the basic fundamental truth it boils down to is very pretty simple principles so that's what I turned science looks really complicated my colleagues would sometimes stand up there at the podium and say just how complicated by Geniuses to be able to understand all of this complexity
my friend Albert Einstein was working on the course was quantum mechanics and then a theory to explain everything and he's been working on it on the other side was signed with other scientists he says he's almost there now so I Theory to explain everything which is interesting. Maybe people who are maybe less we say it's highly mathematical
I don't know what I don't know if Mother Nature or wherever there is there is so low as that expertise in mathematics the universe in those terms. Maybe so I think one of the things science in society will realize there's other dimensions as we will shift into this higher Dimension the 4th and 5th Dimension and when we do that science will change and that's that's what I see happening now that's why you work so important because you're not afraid to go where no one has gone before like I'm Star Trek you're at you're not afraid to go into these other areas at all you know
generally accepted and experiments with radiation in the mmv you know the Water Crystals getting the radiation was gone perhaps that also this is another topic but they also this household has to do I can also be used as could be used in the area for Macbeth's well with their beds that a computer has Jerry where they reprogram your vibrations
and create new limbs new eyes a new heart they can grow and regenerate different things in your body and I've heard that they're supposed to come out next year or the year after that that there are actually part of the secret space program but people don't know about them but they're there and you can imagine what a fantastic gift that would be if that happens if that happened I would love to see it but it sounds even beyond my imagination by at subtle information that would be amazing
a lot of improvement right around here I hope so you know about you know about water memory but then he go beyond Watercourse into our bodies and his prized among so many people but among the academic community
it's sort of it nonsense and you know I got that fancy scientific Community is actually rather conservative and not what they're open to eat frozen in a positive way and then some Studies by one group in a scientific way
likely represented us a photography of the Frozen samples do it on a more scientific it would be great to provide the kind of evidence that the scientific Community could actually say put evaluate and say well yeah I mean they we don't understand it but it's been done and truly scientific we have to accept that this is this is what sound
and I've offered at 7 and I think there is a change underway it would be you know once this becomes mainstream than money will will will be put into it advances won't see blocked or do memes for being a psychic and but people usually change their mind after I tell him everything that's on their mind and I tell him things are going to happen and when your you know not all the time but if when I'm ninety 200% accurate then that tends to change their mind after a while so I may realize there's something to this you know I can't explain it the only thing I know is that I go in the meditation I go into higher Dimension I contact my angels which you physically can't see but there they are I feel them
and the truth is like a performance contract where you buy tangible results to me like people say what how did you know that when I talk to your angels that I have to explain going different dimensions and everything is it like your work I want to stretch at work and I didn't have an example of people you for trying to explain Jerry how what an atom is people if they can tangibly see it then how do they know you know what I mean it's the same thing it's like Generations but in your case has been around for more Generations if somehow somehow this kind of psychic information.
play turn into a scientific law
I realize that the acceptance of you giving me some advice and in the past society as I believe it was thousands of years ago
feeling in some way to to the scientist who are interested in taking repeat somehow in the laboratory or something that would be a really awesome of research in this area is able to deal with the universe as unusual
yeah well that's going to happen but the possibility of a rooster in the last 25 26 years that to me I mean I I was amazed when I first did a reading with my foster mother back in November of 94 Jerry and I walked into live and she told me everything that was on my mind and then she said well you got some questions to the answer to this is this this this this and I and I was speechless can I said oh my God
I talked to the other side and if you want I can teach you how to do that too and I said okay so I had some ability before but then she really expensive it after that so it's always important like in your work they recommend at a pay attention to your heart mind that gut instinct Instinct NSYNC him on different projects and people and places if you feel good about something for it and if not stay away from that that's basically the rule of thumb and then there's your logical mind is a good deal and if you don't feel right about it in your heart. I kind of go with the flow it's like jellyfish in the tides and she just found they also I'm not happy. I must depart I know you're probably very upset and there's no
my agenda and I I need the money in the health benefits yeah I think they'll be open to it it'll be like a performance contract I mean you no radiation cleaned up then we can go from there so amazing if you can do that if it's not coming from me it's from Doctor Moto from the other side he wants me to do what's I said okay if it's been going on too long it's almost almost 10 years now you know far too long for Japanese people have suffered from descendants time would they clean it up and kept owing Japanese government there well meaning they want to do the right thing but they just don't know any alternatives other than traditional
you got to think outside the box for this to work I totally hear you yeah it would be great to see you my friend

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