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Out of This World Radio, February 8, 2021

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Out of This World Radio
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with Ted Mahr, Guests Ray Zukowski (Master Hynotherapist)
Master Hynotherapist Ray Zukowski, who has been practicing over 20 years. He teaches hypnotherapy at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Washington USA. He has been a speaker and teacher at major Expos, Dean of Education at a 2 year post secondary school, Manager of Engineering at Timex Watch Company and even had my own television program called "The Mind's Eye". I have been on a Metaphysical/Spiritual quest most of my life.
Ray says that hypnosis or dealing with the subconscious is the medicine of the future, and that we live in a world of delusion. We have come to accept so many untruths. He also says that the ETs are among us already all the time.
He says there are many dimensions that we are unaware of, and we need to look at the bigger picture. We are one world. We are all living on this tiny speck of a planet. We all need to live as one. What we are taught and accept becomes our beliefs. Our beliefs determine our perspective. Our perspectives determine our judgements, discriminations and attitudes in life. Change these and change your life.
The program will be in both German and in English. To listen, please go to and listen live from 12 noon to 2 pm Pacific Time, or 9 pm to 11 pm Central European Time. The show will be in both English and in German.

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The program focuses on out of this world information, including psychic phenomena, UFOs, metaphysics, and predictions for the coming years in the United States planet Earth, and beyond.  The purpose of my show is to make this world a much better and happier place! Thanks to the internet, we are one of the fastest growing psychic, UFO and metaphysical radio programs with listeners in over 200+ countries worldwide, with over 100,000+ listeners! 

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The purpose of this radio program is to raise consciousness and to bring love and light to our listening audience. 

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