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New Earth Journey, October 13, 2015

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New Earth Journey
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with Candace Craw-Goldman featuring Belle Dessa and the Great Plains Earth Institute

New Earth Journey with Candace Craw-Goldman will be speaking with Belle Dessa from the Great Plains Earth Institute located in the heartland of our country in Wichita Kansas. 

Great Plains Earth Institute is a non-profit grassroots education organization whose mission is Working Together To Care For Earth. GPEI’s discussion circles, community programs and special events inspire individuals to reawaken to Nature, reexamine their values and habits, and recommit themselves to protecting Earth. We hope to make a difference – one heart and one mind at a time.

In the 21st century, it is clear that we are facing a global environmental crisis of unprecendented scope. We believe that the root causes of these problems are psychological, spiritual, cultural and individual. The search for lasting solutions, then, must begin with each one of us examing our attitudes, values and intentions about the natural world and helping one another find the courage to change and grow.

We at GPEI are working to create a new vision of American society – one based on sustainable community, ecological health, and a sense of the sacredness of Creation. And we’re offering people the resources to help make that vision a reality.

Guest, Belle Dessa

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Belle Dessa
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Great Plains Earth Institute
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Belle Dessa represents Great Plains Earth Institute in Wichita, Kansas. GPEI is an environmental education program that seeks spiritually integrated solutions to ecological challenges through transformational experiences.

As a community catalyst and change agent, Great Plains Earth Institute provides innovative programs that empower individuals and groups to take care of Earth. Programs emphasize individual responsibility as well as the importance of a supportive community, offer action-oriented educational, spiritual and creative forums for rediscovering our interconnectedness to all living things, and provide access tools and resources for individual and cultural change.

New Earth Journey

My name is Candace Craw-Goldman.

As humanity awakens and evolves we see change in every aspect of our lives!  Let’s consciously manifest our desires and create communities that assist all of us in living the life of our dreams.

I have been practicing Dolores Cannon's method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis since 2008. I have learned so much from my teacher and my own hundreds of clients, and our Collective Consciousness over all of these years.

I am thrilled to host my own BBS radio show "New Earth Journey" every other Tuesday 7pm Central, where it is our goal to carry on the work inspired by Dolores Cannon, and all of the associated discoveries of expanded human consciousness into the New Golden Age, The NEW Earth.

Topics to include everything from time travel and multidimensional realities, dream interpretation, animal communication, medical intuitives and ETs to alternative health options, clean water, human rights, food freedom, and homeschooling. You'll hear conversations about cosmic waves, manifesting, law of attraction as well as more down to earth topics like bee-keeping, organic gardening and new ways to help raise our children. Well known experts in the field will be invited to participate but so too will the "regular" person with a special story or gift to share.

Although BBS Internet radio is available across the entire planet, I hope to focus especially on some local stories and personalities to my home state of Kansas.

I have a private QHHT Practice and Wellness Studio located near Wichita, Kansas in a small town called Augusta. I founded and currently manage Dolores Cannon's Online Worldwide Professional Support Forum for Practitioners of her Method and am honored to have several years of experience assisting Dolores Cannon teach and mentor others in the live QHHT classes and advanced programs.

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