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The Metaphysical Hour, December 2, 2005

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The Metaphysical Hour
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with Dolores Cannon

The Metaphysical Hour with Dolores Cannon 

Date: December 2, 2005  

    * Introductory comments 
    * Dolores's trip to Dubai (2:00) 
    * Metaphysical information scarce in Dubai (3:44) 
    * Dolores's flight; night overflight of Iraq (7:10) 
    * Messages concerning travel come to Dolores through her clients (9:10) 
    * Everywhere you go you leave some of your energy (10:41) 
    * Dubai an amazing place (11:53) 
    * Generational change in resource use by ruling family of Dubai (13:44) 
    * Dubai "the city of gold" (15:40) 
    * Contrast between constructive and destructive uses of national wealth (17:22) 
    * Dubai a peaceful, safe, thriving place (20:30) 
    * Travels of Dolores, planned and past (22:09) 
    * Dolores's trip to Bulgaria, "rockstar" reception, award (25:43) 
    * Past life regression "against the law" in Bulgaria at that time (30:12) 
    * Dolores's past life at burning of Alexandria library (33:06) 
    * Regression of Bulgarian contact, Drago, finds him there also (35:00) 
    * Regression relieves Drago of long-standing chronic pain (38:57) 
    * Dolores's visit may have opened Bulgaria to past life regression (40:22) 
    * Dolores's trip to surprisingly thriving cities of Kiev and Moscow (42:20) 
    * Russian plan to organize natural and alternative healers worldwide (46:18) 
    * Comments on movie "What The Bleep" (50:17)

The Metaphysical Hour

Show Host

Julia Cannon carries on the work of her mother, Dolores Cannon, who authored 19 Books (so far) and was a Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. Dolores is widely acknowledged as a leading authority on Nostradamus and considered the World's Foremost Expert on his Prophecies. She passed to the next realm in Oct, 2014 and now continues to work and inspire from beyond the veil.

Dolores' powerful method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), was developed over the last 50 years as her technique to not only unlock the Lost Knowledge captured in her books but also to provide amazing and life changing physical, spiritual and emotional healing to her personal clients. Her method is still being taught by Julia and through a series of online classes that Dolores developed before her passing and is in use by over 5,000 practitioners around the globe today..

Julia, a renowned author in her own right (Soul Speak) continues to run the company's publishing, academy and media businesses in addition to bringing Dolores' vision of the Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies into reality.

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