Meta Mondays Continues, August 7, 2017

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick with Adena

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Meta Mondays Continues
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with Adena Bannick- why we do this.

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick

​Adena brings her popular show Meta Mondays back to BBSradio on Monday's 9 am PT. In this opening show she discusses the motivation for the show, and answers free reading questions emailed to her.    

Headlined, Meta Mondays, August 7, 2017

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August 7, 2017

Adena goes back to Monday's with Meta Mondays On BBSradio Station 1 9 am PT .

" i can't believe it has been three years that I have been on air. While normal life didn't go that fast, my shows did. I love growing up indigo, and I also love Mondays. I started Meta Mondays for one reason.

I am you. It's that simple. Most of my life I would peek out once in a while to gawk at people who seemed successful, confident, and at ease in their bodies. That was hardly the way I felt. While there was no doubt I was born with some strange abilities no one else had, it certainly didn't make me feel better. In fact, it only added to my feeling like a complete misfit . There wasn't one area in my life that worked as a kid. I was an alien. Even as I got older and things changed , I still remained apart from other people. I spent all of my time trying to find answers to questions about the world, life, spirits, angels etc.. things no one else did at that time, and no one wanted to hear about. I knew I was supposed to use those abilities I had only because I remembered being told that by "beings of colors" when I was young, but I had no idea what they meant, and I certainly didn't even know how I would or could.

I spent so many years in the dark. If only there had been the things available to me then, that there are now, I may have been spared 30 years of emotional pain.

However, I love who I turned out to be. I didn't turn out anything like I hoped. Quite the opposite. . In fact, I am almost exactly what I feared I'd be. " A real deep feeling person who gets hurt,opens up, gives and forgives ". 

No one knows more than we do. No psychic, no writer, no professional. Yes, we are trained, schooled, experienced , but inherent in our being is all we ever need.

Its intuition . We were born with it. Eons of ignoring it, have made those abilities go into hiding. But they are still there.  This is a show all about spirituality. We talk about all the topics in this wide field of Metaphysics because there are so many different ways to learn more about who we are, what our talents are, and what we may be drawn to.  I love to give free readings, and I answer email questions sent to me every 3rd Monday. You can always call in each week as well.  I will from time to time bring a guest in. When I do, it is someone I believe is outstanding in his or her field. This was never supposed to be a show that just interviews people, so if they are on Meta Monday's it is because I think they are someone who can teach us a lot. Lets start Mondays off with Meta and Coffee or tea. Love Adena " 


Meta Mondays

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick
Show Host: 
Adena Bannick

BBSRadio Host Adena Bannick of Growing up Indigo brings her top 2016-17 top 25 best spirituality podcasts (podcast chart, Player FM, Mix Cloud) back to Monday's on Meta Mondays 9 AM PT.

Adena is a Certified Psychic Medium(®) an advanced Angel Practitioner(®) and a Reiki Master.

Although I knew from very early on, that I had unusual abilities that other people didn't seem to have, and didn't respond well to, in me, I spent the first 25 years of my life in the dark, searching for answers, blind to the prophecies and miracles I had been give . I insisted it had all be a figment of my imagination. I believed whatever gifts I had, were now gone. I had squandered my life and I was of no use to anyone.

It took many years of doing intense emotional work, years of learning and finally accepting that my lifetime was about service to mankind before I opened up to the light and answers all around me.

I have been graced the last 18 years to have been able to work with people from all walks of life, from all over the globe, in many different capacities, and underneath it all, we come from the same place.

I started doing a Radio show for "us". For everyone and anyone, no matter where you are in experience or life. It is all part of our puzzle. Every piece of new knowledge or tool fits into the whole. No one knows more than you do. They may have more experience with confidence in believing and recognizing how to get guidance, but that is something we all have been born with. I do the show with topics from Angels to Zen for just that reason. At any time you can find yourself rapt or captured by something that helps, illuminates, and assists you in the search for your true North. Our guests are the best in their field and will inspire you. I will do Free Readings Every 3rd Monday. Just send me one question by email to first names please. I will edit personal information. Tune in to BBS anytime for music, topics and the best in internet radio. Love adena