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Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick on Oct 2nd 2017. This show was the first show in 5 weeks where Adena was able to answer your mailed in free questions. The first few minutes Adena Discussed what all of the recent past guests, although very different, had in common, and how they all added a piece to the puzzle of our lives. Adena reiterated that this had been her reason for starting Meta Mondays: so that no matter who you are where you are, or how you feel about your life, you can start right here,  to use any of our guests classes, views, books etc....

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick  welcomed Dr. Emil Faithe to the show on Sept 25th Monday 2017. More and More in my own readings I am asked about medical issues, and many of them touch on the exact issues Dr. Emil addressed on this airing. With his Education as a Dr. of Holistic Pharmacy - a medical Intuitive and as a Sensitive (s) Therapist, he was able to break wide open the many causes, issues, symptoms and basic mis information sensitives are and have been given for decades.

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick -  In this show Adena talks of her private memories of 9/11 , being a New Yorker, and how far the events of that day reached for her in her family. Afterward she did some free readings. 

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick

​Adena brings her popular show Meta Mondays back to BBSradio on Monday's 9 am PT. In this opening show she discusses the motivation for the show, and answers free reading questions emailed to her.