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Mental Health 360
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with Dr. Susan J. Lindner and guests Kathy Tait and Daisy Papp

Mental Health 360 with Dr. Susan J. Lindner and guests Kathy Tait and Daisy Papp

Guest Name, Daisy Papp

Daisy Papp
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The world is changing rapidly, so is society. Clearly, change is inevitable. The only answer 'how' to succeed healthily as a species is LOVE. Love is the answer. The most written about, sung about, philozophized topic in human history is love. Let me share the "How To" with your audience. My podcast has listeners in 51 countries.

When love is taught in schools globally change in all our lives is possible within the shortest amount of time. Moral and integrity can be learned in easy to understand, fun ways. My clients around the world achieve results beyond their wildest dreams. So can you!

Excellence Coach, Founder of SelfRecoding®

Daisy Papp was born and raised in Germany, speaks 3 languages fluently and has spent a lifetime helping others. In fact, some state that Daisy is the world's best-kept secret!

Daisy is the founder of SelfRecoding®, the secret recipe for healing the past, clearing the present and generating a predictable future in the shortest amount of time. Daisy has extensive experience through years of extraordinary training in the fields of NLP, EFT, Energy Psychology, and other modalities from world-known psychologists, neuroscientists, and leaders in the coaching industry.

Daisy has a proven track recordd and has spent hundreds of hours conducting seminars and workshops. She has helped individuals, couples, world champions and Fortune 500 CEO's on all continents, showing an unrivaled commitment to her profession with more than 10 thousand hours of one-on-one sessions completed. Her three books have been sold in over 50 countries.

Daisy Papp now lives in the sunny Florida Keys and is bringing her expertise to the podcast Bald and Blonde, teaming up with the renowned "Baldwarrior', Kathi Tait from Australia. Together they are embracing the globe and helping millions of listeners change their lives through Mindset Evolution, the focus of the podcast.

Daisy was a signed artist with EMI Music as a singer/songwriter. Her music is aired on radio stations in Europe and the US, her visual art is exhibited in myseums around the United States and collected by art connoisseurs with private collections around the globe. Her podcast has listeners in 51 countries.

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Mental Health 360

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The need for mental health awareness and advocacy cannot be disputed.

Dr. Susan is a licensed, clinical psychologist, mental health coach, and wellness advocate with a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, an MBA in organizational leadership, and a master degree of social work. She has extensive training in Gestalt psychoanalysis and is a Level II practitioner of QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Dr. Susan is the author of, Reset Your Soul (February 2022,) a book written for those vested in optimizing their mental health and wellness.

Dr. Susan works within the framework of solution-focused, present-centered, and reality-based modalities. The blame game - pointing fingers and blaming others - are discounted and discouraged (strategies which serve no purpose other than to perpetuate already what is not working.) This inter-disciplinary approach can be extremely effective for those who, deep down, know that change is necessary to thrive - rather than simply, survive.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do you seem to run into the same patterns in life that hold you back?

  • Do you tend to meet or date the same kind of people?

  • Do you struggle financially?

  • Do you live with addictions? Compulsive habits?

  • Do you often attract negative people into your life?

  • Are you living with anxiety, depression, unresolved issues that detracts from your quality of life?

  • Do you simply feel that there is more to you and this world?

  • Do you crave the clarity and wisdom to give you that extra edge in life?

  • Are you satisfied with your life decisions?

  • How do you know if you are on the "right path?"

  • Are you content/satisfied?

  • What is your life purpose?

  • Do you continue to search for answers?

  • Has traditional psychotherapy failed your needs and expectations?


  • Mental health does not discriminate. It transcends our differences to our deepest core - our human"ness."

  • Impaired mental health deters our capacity to thrive. It impacts everyone - not only ourselves, but those whom we love and care for.

  • It is time that we – as a collective force – join together to support our own mental health and mental health initiatives that optimize and improve psychological health and well-being.


  • Let go of toxic emotions, behaviors and people that negatively impact health.

  • Reconcile differences and/or decide what no longer works.

  • Use resources and education to optimize empathy and understanding.

  • Seize the moment. Transcend to your highest potential.

  • Live the life you were born to live. 

  • Be the change.