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Reaching For The Gold, May 21, 2013

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MedCottage and Life Issues
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Guests, Rev. Ken Dupin and Roland Halpern

Rev. Ken Dupin was instrumental in developing the MedCottage.

These structures are tiny enough to be installed virtually anywhere. But despite their small size they can serve as an alternative to nursing home care because they are specially equipped to ensure the safety and medical well-being of an elderly resident, even those who are medically fragile.

Compassion and Choices has long been involved in helping people understand the options they have as regards end of life issues. It has worked to make people aware that they do not have to accept aggressive medical treatment. They can opt for palliative care which focuses upon pain reduction rather than searching for a cure. Roland Halpern serves as that organization’s Community Groups Representative.

Guest, Kenneth Dupin

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Kenneth Dupin
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Director of Operations and Performance of N2Care, Corporate Vision Planner, Transformed MEDCottage to a new medical product, Non-Profit Administrator, Ordained Minister
Guest Biography

Ken is the passion and vision of N2Care. He gives direction and leadership to the overall operations and performance of N2Care. He is the point man for the leadership team, implementing the strategic goals and objectives for the organization. He maintains and energizes corporate vision and planning and serves as the link to investors and the advisory board. In just three years he has charted a course and transformed the MEDCottage from an academic notion to a new medical product.

Ken has more than 25 years experience in non-profit administration, including organizational goals, capital procurement, financial oversight and membership development. His education credentials consist of a certificate of advanced studies from Temple University School of Business and Law in Tokyo, a master's degree concentrated in diplomatic studies, and a bachelor's degree in organization management. He also has background in biblical studies as an ordained minister and is presently completing a Ph.D.

Reaching For The Gold

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