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Life Changes Show, November 29, 2021

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Life Changes Show
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The Revelation – Love Is the Answer with William D Najger and musical guest The Malibu Hillbillies & the unJam Singalong

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy Lee Donahue

The Revelation – Love Is the Answer with William D Najger and musical guest The Malibu Hillbillies and the unJam Singalong Circle

This Episode Features Musical Guests, The Malibu Hillbillies and the unJam Singalong Circle; and Interview Guest, Mr. Eternal Youth, Messenger of Love, and Creator of Love Strong USA, William D Najger The LIFE CHANGES Show Ep661, Titled, “The Revelation – Love Is the Answer”


Guest, William D Najger

Guest Name
William D Najger
Guest Occupation
Human Potential Movement, script writer, messenger of Love
Guest Biography


William is living his life to the absolute fullest. He has journeyed around the globe in search of the true meaning to why we are here and the best methods available to increase human potential. The result is simple, LOVE. Love is the answer to all of life’s situations.

As the previous director of “The Center of Unlimited Possibilities”, the creator of “Eden Out Meals” and the producer of numerous conscious events, He’s been extremely active in the Human Potential Movement for over 25 years. He believes that the power of goodness through health, wisdom and action is the most powerful tool for solving any and all problems we face today. In other words, love is the ultimate way to save humanity help each person thrive.

He’s have been practicing a healthy lifestyle for over 36 years. He became an atheist and vegan after realizing the logic in being compassionate towards all life and believing in what is real a factual. It was important for me to replace God with goodness and have faith in the human potential to create heaven on earth. No matter who you are, when you are kind, caring and empathetic to others…good things happen.

William became a messenger of love when he was writing a movie screenplay about a modern day messiah of peace and love. The Revelation (www.The is a script he created to spread the message of Love. That by risking and sharing love with everyone, including your enemies we can overtime, create a world full of life, love and logic. Love makes sense. As he was pitching his screenplay he created a street performing character like Moses. He dressed up like the biblical Moses and hit the busy streets of Asheville NC holding signs promoting love and unity.

It was when Covid 19 hit America hard and the shutdown was in place that he started hanging love signs all over his home town. He has posted over 300 Love, Unity and Peace signs on telephone pole and as yard signs around Asheville. In the fall of 2021 he traveled across the U.S. to California hanging 150 more signs of Love.

The response has been very positive and over 100 people now have permanent signs in their front yards. William is launching a new non-profit called LOVE STRONG USA to spread love all around America on a mass scale. The goal is to get yard signs posted in front of millions of home across the U.S. He will be accepting donation and selling yard signs at affordable prices and creating a following called the Society Of Unconditional Love…S.O.U.L. The non-profit is in its initial stages and will be fully functioning in early 2022. As funding increases Love Strong USA will include t-shirts, bumper stickers and billboards all promoting the direct and simple message of Love. Most of the messaging will be 4 words or less. Such as, Love Wins, Choose Love, Got Love?, Be Kind, Kindness, Unity, Peace, Share Love, Give Love and Love is the Answer. All the signs are big, bold, colorful and easy to read. At some point we will hit a critical mass of positivity and a big shift will happen.

Guest, The Malibu Hillbillies and The unJam Singalong Circle

Guest Name
The Malibu Hillbillies and The unJam Singalong Circle
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Singer performers
Guest Biography


What is the unJam Singalong Circle?

The unJam Singalong Circle is an underground network of people who all pretty much acknowledge that music and more specifically, the actual making of it, is a beneficial act to engage in repeatedly throughout life.

The group is ever changing and fresh each time we get together. And literally every one of the individuals who has tapped into this experience carries a particularly unique and inspiring gift, service, attitude, and perspective for anyone fortunate to connect with them in the world.

Who are The Malibu Hillbillies?

The Malibu Hillbillies are made up of Lucinda Monroe King and Colin James Martin who were brought together through seemingly divine intervention right at the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic.  In the tenderness of that unprecedented time, Lucinda and Colin put themselves into a creative lockdown and birthed a musical identity with the kind of energy that serves as a pillar for our collective humanity on the track toward reclaiming balance and harmony. 

In jest, they refer to themselves as The Beverley Hillbillies, reflecting both the city in which they found their genesis and the opposing ends of the spectrum of life from which they sink their individual roots.  Lucinda, or Peach, is more Beverley, while Colin, or Cash, is way more Hillbilly.  And between the two, there’s something good for just about anyone. 

Life Changes Show

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Come and join the conversation about what's going on and what we can do together about it, with it, and for it. We have the choice, we have the power. We can do magic if we just believe!

A show about the changes going on in us, to us, around us, and because of us. Therefore, it's technically a show about "Everything," only with a how to make it better, see it better, be better.

In the show, there is talk about, and with, people who have either been through major changes, are helping others with major changes, or people who are changing the world for the better in a major way.

The show is a one-hour talk show format with a monologue by the host, a 30 minute interview with a guest of note, capped by a "Producer's Wrap" segment, in which Filippo and Co-Host Mark Laisure, and sometimes surprise guests, bring it all home for the listeners in a sometimes humorous and sometimes touching, but always entertaining conversation.

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