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The Malibu Hillbillies and The unJam Singalong Circle
The Malibu Hillbillies and The unJam Singalong Circle
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What is the unJam Singalong Circle?

The unJam Singalong Circle is an underground network of people who all pretty much acknowledge that music and more specifically, the actual making of it, is a beneficial act to engage in repeatedly throughout life.

The group is ever changing and fresh each time we get together. And literally every one of the individuals who has tapped into this experience carries a particularly unique and inspiring gift, service, attitude, and perspective for anyone fortunate to connect with them in the world.

Who are The Malibu Hillbillies?

The Malibu Hillbillies are made up of Lucinda Monroe King and Colin James Martin who were brought together through seemingly divine intervention right at the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic.  In the tenderness of that unprecedented time, Lucinda and Colin put themselves into a creative lockdown and birthed a musical identity with the kind of energy that serves as a pillar for our collective humanity on the track toward reclaiming balance and harmony. 

In jest, they refer to themselves as The Beverley Hillbillies, reflecting both the city in which they found their genesis and the opposing ends of the spectrum of life from which they sink their individual roots.  Lucinda, or Peach, is more Beverley, while Colin, or Cash, is way more Hillbilly.  And between the two, there’s something good for just about anyone.