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Life Changes Show, February 19, 2024

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Life Changes Show
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Guests, Radio Icon, Creator of Mental Radio, Shadoe Stevens and, Spiritual Neo-Soul Singer, Songwriter, Moneá, Ep 777

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy

Guests, Radio Icon, Creator of Mental Radio, Shadoe Stevens and, Spiritual Neo-Soul Singer, Songwriter, Moneá

Featuring Interview Guest: Award-Winning Radio Icon, Radio / TV / Film Pioneer, Advertising Innovator, Renowned Writer, Acclaimed Artist, Creator of Mental Radio,…, 2023 Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, Shadoe Stevens; and Performance Guest, Spiritual Neo-Soul Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Moneá on Episode 777 of The LIFE CHANGES Show

Interview Guest: SHADOE STEVENS; and Performance Guest: MONEÁ

Guest, Shadoe Stevens

Guest Name
Shadoe Stevens
Guest Occupation
On-Air Personality, Director, Actor, Voice Over Artists, Comic, Announcer, Host
Guest Biography

He was the first program director of "World Famous" KROQ-FM. He created one of the first Alternative Rock formats in the country. As Vice President of Programming, he created a new music format that consisted of nothing but "cutting edge, exciting new music. As both PD and on-air personality, the "attitude" he developed, combined with this new musical "niche," resulted in astonishing acceptance in a very short time. Within 6 months it became a number one station. As a radio personality during this period, he won the Billboard Magazine Personality of the Year Award.

After leaving radio for the worlds of television and film, in 1988, he was offered the position of hosting American Top Forty. Casey Kasem left the show, and Shadoe became the new host for the next 6 years. During this time, it became the most successful and widely syndicated radio show in the world. It was broadcast in 120 countries to an estimated 1 billion listeners every week. His voice became one of the most recognizable voices in the world. At the same time, he appeared on Hollywood Squares, which for three years was a top 5 syndicated show. As a regular on the show, he became a household name. The show continued in successful syndication for another three years.

He starred in two network series for CBS, the Fred Silverman production "Loose Cannon," and for four years the Top 20 series "Dave's World" with Harry Anderson, Meshach Tayler, and DeLane Matthews.

He has frequently been a guest star on a wide range of hit TV series including: Beverly Hills 90210, Baywatch, The Larry Sanders Show, Caroline in the City, Clueless, Burke's Law, Fast Track, and Sonny Spoon (w/Mario Van Peebles).

As a voice-over artist, he has been the voice of Hollywood Squares, Comic Relief, the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and countless commercials. He is currently announcer for "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS.

Guest, Monea

Guest Name
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Neo-soul Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Guest Biography

Moneá (Pronounced Mo-Nay), a spiritual Neo-soul singer, songwriter, and producer from Virginia, stormed her way onto the scene in late 2021, and has been raising intrigue ever since.

After dropping her highly anticipated debut EP “777,” featuring standout single “Universe”, Moneá is taking her fans on a spiritual journey inspiring self-love, unity and self-worth. Her releases are in conjunction with the moon cycle, which is something that Moneá dives deep into a

In just under a year into her career, Moneá has been put on an Apple music curated R&B playlist, sold out her first show, and traveled to Europe for her first international performance. This 21 year old artist, who also plays piano, is rising to a point where the whole world will know her name soon.

Life Changes Show

Show Host

Come and join the conversation about what's going on and what we can do together about it, with it, and for it. We have the choice, we have the power. We can do magic if we just believe!

A show about the changes going on in us, to us, around us, and because of us. Therefore, it's technically a show about "Everything," only with a how to make it better, see it better, be better.

In the show, there is talk about, and with, people who have either been through major changes, are helping others with major changes, or people who are changing the world for the better in a major way.

The show is a one-hour talk show format with a monologue by the host, a 30 minute interview with a guest of note, capped by a "Producer's Wrap" segment, in which Filippo and Co-Host Mark Laisure, and sometimes surprise guests, bring it all home for the listeners in a sometimes humorous and sometimes touching, but always entertaining conversation.

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