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Spiritual Neo-soul Singer, Songwriter, and Producer
Guest Biography

Moneá (Pronounced Mo-Nay), a spiritual Neo-soul singer, songwriter, and producer from Virginia, stormed her way onto the scene in late 2021, and has been raising intrigue ever since.

After dropping her highly anticipated debut EP “777,” featuring standout single “Universe”, Moneá is taking her fans on a spiritual journey inspiring self-love, unity and self-worth. Her releases are in conjunction with the moon cycle, which is something that Moneá dives deep into a

In just under a year into her career, Moneá has been put on an Apple music curated R&B playlist, sold out her first show, and traveled to Europe for her first international performance. This 21 year old artist, who also plays piano, is rising to a point where the whole world will know her name soon.