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Life Changes Show, February 14, 2022

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Life Changes Show
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The Most Important Relationship There Is, with Prasad Paul Duffy and Musical Guest FREEDOM

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy Lee Donahue

The Most Important Relationship There Is – Ep672

This Episode Features Musical Guest Musician, Poet, Medicine, Freedom; and Interview Guest Author, Non-dual Spiritual Teacher and a Non-binary Playwright, Prasad, on The LIFE CHANGES Show Episode 672 Titled, “The Most Important Relationship There Is”

Guest: PRASAD; and Musical Guest: FREEDOM

Guest, Prasad Paul Duffy

Guest Name
Prasad Paul Duffy
Guest Occupation
Non-dual spiritual teacher and a non-binary playwright
Guest Biography


Prasad is a non-dual spiritual teacher and a non-binary playwright. A graduate of NYU Film and Drama School in 1981, Prasad wrote and directed ST. MARK’S PLACE, an immersive play about homeless people in 1985.

After that Prasad traveled to India, where they realized their true Self and dedicated their life to the awakening of humanity. To that end, Prasad moved to Los Angeles for a decade, writing screenplays and directing films. During that time Prasad founded the Source Spiritual Center in Venice Beach in 2013 and wrote and directed the musical, REVOLUTIONARY, a metaphysical drama about homeless youth fighting totalitarianism and awakening to the Fifth Dimension.

Prasad directed a second production of REVOLUTIONARY in 2019, Off-Off Broadway at Theater for the New City in New York. Most Recently Prasad wrote STROKES OF GENIUS a drama about the abstract artists, Elaine DeKooning, Lee Krasner, and Helen Frankenthaler, who fought for equal recognition alongside their more famous husbands in the 1951 Downtown New York art scene.

Guest, Freedom

Guest Name
Guest Occupation
Drummer, Guitarist, Music Writer, Performer
Guest Biography


A rare gem in a world of over-produced sound-bytes. 

Born and raised in Washington with the Grand Cascade mountains as his back yard, Freedom began as a drummer in Seattle and was soon writing his own songs. 

We could give you a typical bio, name drops, venues, etc. Let’s skip that part.

Freedom’s Music is Medicine.
Truly Undefinable.
Poetry of Substance,
Relevance, and Power.
Spirit Presence.
Soul Melody.
This Music is Timeless,
and Right on Time. 

There are 8 albums of Studio and Live performances, and many more on the way.

Medicine Music Spirit Revival. Wake Up and Live

Freedom is Good for the Soul.

Life Changes Show

Show Host

Come and join the conversation about what's going on and what we can do together about it, with it, and for it. We have the choice, we have the power. We can do magic if we just believe!

A show about the changes going on in us, to us, around us, and because of us. Therefore, it's technically a show about "Everything," only with a how to make it better, see it better, be better.

In the show, there is talk about, and with, people who have either been through major changes, are helping others with major changes, or people who are changing the world for the better in a major way.

The show is a one-hour talk show format with a monologue by the host, a 30 minute interview with a guest of note, capped by a "Producer's Wrap" segment, in which Filippo and Co-Host Mark Laisure, and sometimes surprise guests, bring it all home for the listeners in a sometimes humorous and sometimes touching, but always entertaining conversation.

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